Bus Ride

Two trans femmes clock each other on the bus and go home together.

Warnings: public play (groping and making out), oral/blowjob, anal, strap-ons, language like Goddess, babygirl, slut, kitten


I just finished my art class at Seattle Central College and I’m taking the 11 home when I spot you. You’re sitting across from me in the back of the bus, rocking bright pink hair with shaved sides, wearing an old black t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, showing off your broad shoulders and sexy tattoos. You glance up at me, as if you felt my gaze. Our eyes lock and you smile, saying, “Hi.”

“Um, hi,” I say. I suspected you were trans femme, but your voice confirms it, and I’m guessing that my voice just did the same for you. “I’m Jade. What’s your name?”

“Rosemary,” you answer. “She/they.”

“She/her.” I smile behind my mask. 

You stand up and plop down next to me, grinning broadly and looping an arm around my shoulder. 

“So Jade…” you say in a husky voice. “What are you reading?” 

I feel the blood rush to my face as I show you the cover of my book. 

“The Ethical Slut, huh?” you say. “Would you say you’re a slut, Jade?” 

I gulp, feeling my blood rush to other places too. “Yes,” I say, determined not to let my voice shake.

“Are you the kind of slut who likes to… play in public?” you ask with a raised eyebrow and a lustful gaze, looking down at my body like I’m wearing lingerie and not sweatpants.

I swallow, my throat dry. “Um. Yeah. I am.” I feel hot. “I really am.”

“That’s good…” you smirk. “Can I touch you, Jade?” 

“Yes,” I whisper. 

I feel your hand on my thigh, reaching higher and higher, your other hand playing with my hair and guiding my face to yours.

You glance at my mask and take a breath in. “Can I kiss you, Jade?” 

I nod, speechless, as you pull down my mask and let our lips meet. Your hand grips my inner thigh and I feel my girldick growing hard from your hot touch.

Soon, your hand is groping me over my sweatpants and I’m whimpering into your mouth, letting your tongue slip out and graze over my lips. I open my mouth and the kiss grows hotter, more desperate, your hand grinding against me and making me hard.

You pull away from the kiss, leaving me gasping, and murmur in my ear, “Do you like that, baby?”

“Yeah, I do,” I whisper eagerly. “Fuck, I do.” I’m throbbing under your hand, and before I can think about the bus driver or the old woman at the front of the bus or the cameras, I shove your hand beneath my pants and pull you in for another kiss. 

“Madison and 22nd,” a robotic voice calls over the intercom.

I pull away. “Oh fuck, that’s my stop.” I tug on the wire behind me and pull your hand out of my pants, holding onto it and tugging you down the stairs with me. “Come on,” I say. “Come home with me.”

I tug you down the sidewalks of my neighborhood, giggling with you about how slutty and risky and dumb that was.

We come to my apartment door and my hands tremble as I take out my key and slip it in the lock. Your hands on my hips and lips on my neck aren’t helping me focus. I finally get the damn door open and you press me against the wall, leg between mine, grabbing my wrists and pressing them above my head.

You kiss me hard and long, pulling whimpers and moans from me, eventually letting go of my wrists to explore my body and slowly strip me. Soon I’m naked and you’re not, and the power dynamic of it is so hot that I feel my girldick throb.

You look at me with lustful eyes and then slowly drop to your knees, never breaking eye contact. You take my girldick in your mouth gently, stroking up and down and softly sucking the tip. I moan and shove a hand into your pink hair, gripping hard as you please me with your mouth. 

“Fuck – okay, that’s enough or I’m gonna cum,” I say, pulling you off of me. You grin wickedly and stand up to kiss me hard. 

“You’re so fucking hot,” you say, grabbing my hand and asking where the bedroom is. I lead you there, and you pick me up and throw me onto the bed. You ask where the toys are and I point to the closet, and soon you’re strapped into a purple dildo, holding a vibrator and lubing your strap up. 

“Put on a show for me, baby,” you instruct. 

I do, stroking myself under your hot gaze. 

“Play with your nipples a bit, maybe tug on ‘em a little,” you say. “Yeah, just like that. Really make them nice and pink and hard for me, kitten. Good girl.” 

I whimper and jerk my hips, whimpering, “Please.” 

“Please what?” 

“Please fuck me with your strap, Goddess.” 

Goddess, huh? You must really want it, babygirl. But first, I found a couple of things in the toy bag that piqued my interest…”

You pull out a collar and rope, and I swallow. You wave them at me and slowly, methodically tie a pentagram harness on my chest, frog tie my legs, and tie my wrists in front of my chest. I lie on my back with my legs spread, my girldick hard and throbbing. You lock the black leather collar around my neck, and then nudge my ass with your lubed up fingers. 

“Beg for it, slut.” The order sends a wave of heat through me.

“Please, Goddess, please.” 

“You can do better than that, baby,” you say with a grin.

Please, Goddess, fuck, please, please, please fuck me. Please finger me. Please stretch my ass out for your strap, baby, please.”

That’s better, kitten. That’s what I like to hear. Keep talking, baby. I want to hear your slutty begging.”

You slowly sink your finger into my ass and I moan and clench, trying to breathe.

“Relax,” you murmur, stroking my girldick with your other hand. I’m gasping at the pleasure of it, your thumb brushing over my sensitive tip, your finger sinking further into me. I obey you, relaxing into my bondage, and go silent, distracted by the sensations. “I said, keep talking, baby.”

“P-please, Goddess,” I whine.

“Please what, kitten?”

“Please, more, fuck me more,” I beg, jerking my hips into your touch. 

“Such a good slut,” you praise me. I beam. 

“Thank you, Goddess,” I say, glowing. 

You pull your finger out of me, lube up more, and slip two fingers inside me.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, thank you, love. Fuck, thank you,” I babble. 

“Fuck yes, baby.”

We keep going until you’re fucking me with three fingers up to the third knuckle and I’m screaming loud enough for my neighbors to judge me. I don’t care. I beg for your strap.

“Please, Goddess, please fuck me with your strap. Fuck me with your girldick, babe, please. Please. I need it.” 

“God, you’re so fucking hot,” you moan, reaching for the lube and stroking it up and down your strap. You look so sexy, fully dressed in your punk outfit, wearing a leather harness and strap-on.

“You’re so hot,” I moan back. “Fuck me.”

You wipe off your hands and reach for my throat, choking me a little. You twist my nipples with your spare hand. 

“God,” I groan in pain and pleasure. “Fuck.”

“Beg for my strap, baby,” you tell me.

“Fuck me, please, please, Goddess, please, please fuck my ass open with your strap, I’m such a desperate little slut for it, I want it.” 

“Good girl.”

You slowly sink into me and choke me. When you’re all the way inside me, you lube up your hand and reach for my girldick, stroking. 

“Oh my god,” I moan. “Rosemary. Fuck. Please.”

“Do you like that, baby? Do you want to cum?” you say, a mocking tone to your voice.

“Yes, Goddess, please, fuck! Please let me cum.”

“So desperate for it already. You’re gonna have to beg for it if you want it that badly.” 

“Please, I’m so close already. Please can I cum, Goddess? Please will you let me cum? I’ll do whatever you want, baby, whatever you say…” 

I’m overwhelmed with pleasure, your strap filling me up and my hard girldick aching.

“God, that’s it. You fucking slut. Cum for me. Cum for me as many times as you want, babygirl.”

Christ. Your permission brings me right to the edge, and I moan and gasp as I pulse with pleasure and my orgasm hits me hard. I cum all over my stomach, screaming for you. You keep fucking me, stroking my girldick, and I cum again in short spurts. 

“Please cum inside me, Goddess,” I beg. “Please. Please.”

“Fuck!” you moan, the strap grinding against your clit in just the perfect way. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck…” 

Your orgasm is slow but powerful, and I watch the pleasure overtake your beautiful face. You fuck hard into me, and we moan together as you cum inside me. You collapse onto me, panting, brushing my hair from my face and kissing me softly.

“Fuck, babe,” I breathe as you pull away from our kiss. You slowly pull your strap out of me and shimmy out of the harness. You lie next to me and pull me in for more kisses, slipping your tongue in my mouth and making me whimper. 

“Mmm,” you moan into me. You pull away and look me in the eyes. 

“I’m glad I took the bus today,” you grin. 

I laugh and pull you back into me, kissing you hard. 

Yeah. I’m glad you took the bus too. 

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