Butch Bros

Two butch buds hang out and have a good time on the couch.

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, fingering, couch sex


I’m sitting on my friend Cameron’s couch, talking about some butch shit, pretending like I’m not thinking about my hands on their chest or my lips on their neck — like I haven’t spent our entire conversation wanting to climb in their lap and shut them up.

It’s late and they have work in the morning, and that’s my cue to leave. But fuck if I can’t help myself from at least trying on my way out the door.

“Hey -” I say, pulling my jacket on, standing tall. I’m barely an inch taller than Cameron but I take it. I look them up and down. “Do me a favor. Stop being so hot.”

“Oh?” they ask, laughing. “Am I?”

“Yes,” I say, pretending to be serious. “It’s very inconvenient for me and I’d like you to stop.”

They smirk and stare at me intensely, saying nothing. My heart is hammering but I hold their stare, lick my lips. Just as I’m about to panic and bail, I feel their hands on my lower back, drawing me closer. I lean in, letting our lips slowly brush, giving them one more chance to pull away… and then I tug my hands in their hair and whimper into their mouth, far too early in a kiss to be whimpering, and their hands grip me harder and we stumble back to the couch.

They look up at me, and their dark, heavy gaze while I climb into their lap – fuck, it makes me wet. I trail my fingers up their neck and into their hair, scratching their scalp in the way that makes butches helplessly close their eyes and drop their heads back. “Fuck,” they whisper.

I kiss them hard and let my hips grind down into their lap. “Fuck,” I reply. They grip my hips and encourage my grinding, and the increased friction sends moans shaking out of my throat. “Fuuck,” I say again, slower and deeper. They’re watching me grind on them and it makes my skin hot. “Fuuuck,” I moan. “Cameron.” They look up at me expectantly, so I say, “Kiss me.”

But rather than kiss me, Cameron throws me down on the couch, tugs me closer by my hips, and pins me down with their body. Then they kiss me. When I reach up, they grab my wrists and pin them down too. I moan. I kiss back harder and press my body up into theirs. They grind hard into me and I feel my wet boxers slide across my hard clit. “Fuck -” I break the kiss and gasp. “I’m so wet. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

They bring their lips to my ear and murmur, “Such a dirty boy….” and the words dirty boy make me lose control. “Fuck. Please. Yes daddy. I’m your dirty boy. I’m your dirty little slut. Fuck me. Please. Please fuck me.”

“Ohh…” they smile. “That’s a good boy. Tell daddy how you need to be fucked.”

“Please.” I pull on my wrists but their grip holds firm. “Fuck. Mmm. Please finger me.”

“Good boy,” they praise again. They keep my wrists pinned with one hand while the other trails down my body, pulling my shirt up and exposing my tits, rubbing my cunt through my jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, pulling my boxers halfway down my thighs, swearing when they feel how wet I am for the first time, swearing louder when they hear the real moaning start. Their fingers are in my cunt and I’m half undressed and all I can do is buck my hips into their fingers and beg for more, more, more, yes, yes, please, fuck, please daddy, fuck me, fuck me.

Cameron whispers that their roommates are home, to try to be quiet. I don’t care. “Fuck me harder, daddy,” I moan louder in response. They shake their head. “Bratty little slut,” they grin, fingering me harder. “Spank me about it,” I challenge. They let go of my wrists and flip me over, smacking my ass while they continue to finger me. I cry out and try to muffle my moans in the couch cushion, but if their roommate is on the other side of this wall, it’s probably not helping much.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Cameron praises, slowing their fingers and curling into my g spot. They bend down and murmur in my ear, “Do you like being spanked, naughty boy?” I nod eagerly, gasping when I feel their thumb start rubbing my clit. “Yes daddy,” I moan, and I start repeating it when their hand finds a rhythm: yes daddy, yes daddy, yes daddy…

“‘Fuck my pussy, daddy’,” they instruct me to say. I obey, repeating it instead, gasping, grinding on their fingers, desperate for more. I hear them muttering “fuck” under their breath as they pump their fingers in and out of me. When they hit just the right spot, I cry out – “Oh fuck yes, right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me daddy!”

They moan in response. “Are you ready to cum, baby? Do you want to cum on daddy’s fingers like a good boy?”

“Fuck! Please. Yes. Please daddy. Please can I cum?”

“Such a good little slut,” they praise, spanking me again. “Cum for daddy.” They spank me and rub my clit and g spot until my moans become screams and I’m crying “oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh, daddy” and shaking on their fingers, and their roommate is definitely either pissed off or turned on.

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