Camping Trip

After the Halloween party, Charlie and her friends go on a camping trip.

Sequel to Halloween Party and Poker Game.

Warnings: Daddy kink, Sir kink, strap-ons, bondage, rope, public sex (in the woods/camping), flogging, spanking, camera sex, consumption of alcohol, bottoming for the first time, fisting

Chapter 1 of 3

After the Halloween party, the gang stays the night in Charlie’s tiny Toronto apartment. Zeke and Lou fall asleep on the couch together, half naked in their Captain Morgan and Gomez Addams costumes. Cal and Parker – Freddie Mercury and a werewolf – sleep together in Charlie’s guest bedroom. Max, dressed as Spike from Buffy, falls asleep in their fangs in Charlie’s bed, and Charlie shoves them aside to crawl into bed herself. 

Everyone wakes in the morning spooning their partner. Lou startles awake, panicking. 

“It’s fine, Lou!” Zeke insists, trying to motion for him to sit back down on the couch. 

“It’s not fine, Zeke,” Lou hisses. “This,” – he motions in between them – “was not part of the plan.” 

Parker wakes slowly from his slumber to find Cal wrapped in his strong, hairy werewolf arms. She’s snoring gently, her long blond hair tossed across the pillow and into his face. He smiles to himself, and his heart feels a weird little flutter. He extracts himself slowly from Cal, careful not to wake her, and creeps into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. 

Charlie wakes up with her head nuzzled in Max’s chest. Their bleach blond hair falls onto their forehead, creased in a frown, even in their sleep. What are they dreaming about? Charlie wonders. She rests her head back down on Max’s chest and pretends to be asleep. Her heart is racing, being this close to Max with her big, giant, fumbling, awkward crush on them. She can’t believe they slept together. In both senses of the word. 

“Mm,” Max mumbles. “Charlie?” 

“Yeah?” Charlie asks, breathless. 

“Mornin’,” they murmur. 

“Morning,” Charlie smiles.

Everyone wakes up for the day, and in a slightly hungover stupor, half dressed in their Halloween costumes, they sit around the dining table drinking coffee. 

As the caffeine perks them up, the conversation grows louder around the mahogany table. They make small talk about the cold weather, returning to work tomorrow, and what bar to hit up next Friday. 

Parker clears his throat. “So. Charlie. That was hot last night.” 

Charlie looks at him with wide eyes, a blush rising to her freckled cheeks.

“Thanks, Parker,” Charlie says. Her pussy throbs beneath the table, fucked out from last night’s strap-ons. 

“So this is like a thing, now, right guys?” Max says. “We’re friends who fuck?”

“I mean,” Lou says. “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…”

Cal laughs. “It’s a fuck!”

“I guess we are,” Parker agrees. “If that’s what everyone wants?”

There are murmurs of agreement around the table. Charlie nods and swallows. 

“I’m changing the name of the group chat, y’all,” Max declares. 

Charlie pulls out her phone and the group chat now reads “Butch Bods 🔥🍑🍆” and Max has sent a nude photo to the chat, a full body selfie with their grinning face. 

“Jesus, Max,” Cal says. Charlie and Zeke react 🔥 to it.

“So it’s that kind of group chat,” Charlie says. 

Max winks at her. 

“What do we, like, wanna do… next?” Zeke asks, looking around the table with curiosity. Their eyes catch Lou’s, and his face burns up.

Charlie lays her hands on the table and looks around at the group. “My pussy cannot take any more fucking right now,” she says seriously. 

The gang busts up laughing.

“No, not today,” Zeke says. “But like, what’s next?”

The group considers and sips their coffee. 

“Public play party?” Cal asks.

“Damn,” Zeke says. Charlie blushes. She’s never been to a play party before, but the idea of being in public in front of strangers… Wow. It’s an idea, and it’s getting her hot.

“Cherry Bomb is doing a New Year’s party at The Round. It’d be fun to go out dancing,” Max says. 

“I like dancing,” Charlie chimes in. She likes dancing, but she also likes grinding and making out on the dancefloor, and rolling in with her group of hot butch friends and making out with them is a major power move, especially to ring in the new year. 

“We should go on a camping trip!” Lou says excitedly. 

Charlie’s eyes bug out of her head. “We should not go on a camping trip. It’s November! We live in Canada! Hello.” 

“If we go this weekend, it won’t be too cold. It’ll be our last chance before next spring. Please?” Lou cajoles. 

“I like camping,” Parker says.

“Me too,” Max adds.

“Lou has a point that it’s not that cold if we go soon,” Cal points out.

Charlie groans. She’s lost this argument. “Only if someone brings an air mattress,” she pouts. 

Lou grins. He has plenty of camping supplies. 

The gang is going camping. 

Later in the week, Charlie messages the group chat with the audio clip of her orgasm that she played during truth or dare. 

The group messages back with hot face emojis and eggplant emojis.

Parker sends a picture of him hard packing in his jeans. Charlie feels hot at the sight of his crotch, thinking about sucking him off, thinking about her big crush on the rugby hottie – now that she thinks about it, she’s kind of crushing on all of her friends. That’s… not good. 

Cal sends a picture of her bed scattered with sex toys next to her duffel bag, with the caption: “Packing for the weekend.” Charlie’s imagination runs wild with the image of her paddles, floggers, dildos, vibrators, lube, rope… How much of that is being packed? How’s it going to be used, and… on who? 

Charlie waits for a picture or comment from Max, but none comes. Ugh, damn them and her big stupid crush on them. 

“I hate this!” Charlie whines as they climb the hike to get to their camping spot. Parker and Cal lead in the front, Zeke, Lou, and Max follow behind, and Charlie brings up the rear, bitching and moaning from the back. Eventually, Max takes pity on her and waits for her to catch up. 

“We can’t exactly have an orgy at the campsite, Charlie. If you want to get fucked, we have to hike,” Max says. 

“Whatever, Max. That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.” 

“Oh, you’ll be happy about it…” Parker murmurs to Cal, and they burst out laughing. 

“I’ll be what?” Charlie demands, not hearing all of it. 

Parker clears his throat. “You’ll be happy about it when we’re fucking your slutty little brains out, Charlie.” 

Heat rushes to Charlie’s face and she sputters and huffs.

They make the hike in less than an hour and set up camp. It’s afternoon, and it’s going to be dark by six o’clock. Parker and Max collect firewood and start a fire while Lou and Zeke set up tents and Cal and Charlie blow up Charlie’s precious air mattress. Cal teases Charlie for it, but she doesn’t care. If she’s going to be forced to camp in the woods, she’s not going to sleep on the ground. 

By nightfall, they’re all sitting around the campfire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. They eat eagerly, and then pass around beers and a joint, and Parker has a goddamn cigarette again. Charlie hates the smell, but tolerates it for Parker because she knows it’s a stress relief for him. 

“So Charlie?” Max says. 

“Yeah?” Charlie perks up.

“Whose cock was best?”

Charlie nearly spits out her cider.

“Well, Max,” Charlie begins. “That’s hard to say.”

“Why is it hard to say?” Parker interrupts.

“Because I sucked everyone’s cock, but… not everyone fucked my pussy,” Charlie explains, trying not to blush. 

He nods thoughtfully, contemplating. “So, in order to give a fair answer, you’d need to take everyone’s cock in your pussy, too?” 

Charlie swallows, seeing where this is going. “I, um, I guess,” she says.

“I see,” he says with a smile, taking a sip of his drink. 

The tension crackles in the air between them, along with the fire.

“Anyone want a hot dog?” Parker asks, offering a freshly roasted sausage on a spear. 

“I do!” Max says. 

The conversation moves on to other things. Cal starts telling a story about the time she missed a flight and wound up having hot anonymous airport sex in the executive lounge with a short-haired femme. 

Charlie feels oddly a little envious listening to this story, and she wonders if it’s because it’s about a femme. Or would she be jealous if it’d been about a butch? She’s also jealous of the public fantasy, which she’s always wanted to try but has never had the opportunity. 

“How many of us have fucked in public?” Parker asks, looking around the fire. 

Max nods. Lou shakes his head. Zeke says, “Hell yeah.” 

“Charlie?” Parker asks.

“No,” she shakes her head. 

“Oh, but you’re such a slut,” Parker teases. “We’ll have to fix that for you.” He winks. 

Charlie gulps her drink. A buzz settles in her veins easily, given how little she’s eaten today. She’s feeling tipsy and horny, anticipating what’s in store for her tonight. 

“Should we play Never Have I Ever?” Zeke suggests, following Parker’s lead. 

“Sure,” Max says.

“Yeah,” Lou agrees.

This should be good. 

“Okay, so everyone put up a hand and put down one finger for everything you’ve done, and take a drink,” Zeke instructs. “I’ll go first,” they offer. “Never have I ever sucked five cocks in one night.” They grin at Charlie. 

“Fuck you, Zeke,” Charlie says, putting her thumb down and taking a long drink of her cider. 

Parker is next. “Never have I ever…” he says, “been fucked by a vampire and a werewolf.”

“Fuck you too, Parker,” Charlie says, flipping him off and taking another drink. She holds back up three fingers. 

Max is up next. 

“Max…” Charlie says threateningly. “Don’t be a dick, Max.”

Max contemplates, dramatically stroking their chin. “Never have I ever… been topped.”

“Oh come on!” Charlie yells, putting down another finger and taking a drink. Then she pauses. Max has never been topped? What? Zeke, Parker, Cal and Lou all put a finger down. 

The game moves on to Cal. “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping,” she says.

Thank God, Charlie thinks. She hasn’t done that. She leaves her peace sign in the air.

It’s Lou’s turn. “Never have I ever been caught masturbating,” Lou says. Again, Charlie hasn’t. 

Zeke and Parker both put a finger down and drink.

“Oh shit!” Charlie yells. “Tell the story!” 

They both laugh and motion to the other to go first. 

“Okay, fine,” Parker says. “It was my parents when I was a teenager. It was humiliating and awful, yadda yadda.”

Charlie winces. Yikes. 

Zeke takes a deep breath and then decides to take another drink before telling their story. “I was masturbating when my partner came home early from work. I was worried she was going to be jealous or something, but she just smiled and ‘helped’ me.” 

“Hot,” Cal says, sipping her beer. 

“Agreed,” Charlie says. 

“Charlie, your turn,” Parker says. 

She looks around the campfire and contemplates. “Never have I ever… filmed myself having sex.” 

She watches as Parker’s and Cal’s fingers go down. She licks her lips. She’s always wanted to be filmed, loving the thrill of the risk of it and the thought of being watched. 

“Let’s hear the stories,” Charlie says. 

“It was a threesome with me and another butch co-domming a bottom,” Cal says casually, taking a sip of her beer. 

Cal is always the kinky top with hot experiences and mysterious stories. Charlie’s heart is racing at the thought, dying to know more. Dying to watch the video. 

“It was just me and my partner at the time. We deleted it when we broke up,” Parker shrugs. 

“Very responsible,” Lou nods.

“What about you, Cal? Where’s that video?” Charlie asks, trying to sound casual. 

“It’s secure,” Cal says. 


The game has circled back to Zeke, and they’re pondering. 

“Never have I ever had a one night stand,” Zeke says. 

“Really?” Max says, doubtfully, putting their finger down, along with Lou, Cal, and Parker. 

“Really,” Zeke says. “They always come back for more.” They wink. 

Charlie puts her finger down too, remembering the delightfully hot rugby butch at the dyke bar who didn’t come back around for an encore, as much as she was hoping for it.

Parker says confidently, “Never have I ever begged for Cal’s cock.”

“Fuck you, Parker,” Charlie says. Cal laughs. 

Charlie puts down her last finger and drinks. She holds up her fist, asking the group, “What does this mean? I lose?” 

“And you have to take off a piece of clothing,” Max says jokingly. Charlie has been shivering, wearing multiple layers, a hoodie, and a sherpa lined denim jacket and wrapped in a blanket next to the fire. 

“Ha ha,” Charlie deadpans. 

“Let’s say… Losers have to send a nude to the group chat,” Zeke suggests.

“Fuck yeah,” Max agrees. 

“Oh, you wanna see me naked, Max?” Charlie says. 

“I mean, yeah,” they say, smirking.

Charlie bits her lip, contemplating which nude to send to the group. Everyone pulls out their phones, waiting. She chooses one of her ass in a jockstrap, looking perky. 

“Damn, Charlie,” Parker says. 

“‘Damn,’ is right,” Zeke agrees.

“Shit,” Max says.

“You got an ass, girl!” Cal says. 

Charlie giggles, feeling flattered and a little embarrassed. 

“You wearing those tonight, by any chance?” Max asks. 

Charlie laughs. “You wish. Long johns,” she jokes. She’s wearing boxer briefs.

The game continues. Charlie is out, Parker is currently losing, and Max is winning. 

Max says, “Never have I ever watched Magic Mike.”

Parker puts his last finger down and groans. “Fuck off, Max. It’s a cinematic masterpiece.” 

“Whatever you say, dude! I’m never gonna watch it.” 

Parker scrolls through his phone for a sext and sends a dick pic to the group chat. It’s the same hard black silicone piece Charlie sucked last weekend. She licks her lips, losing herself in the memories of the Halloween party. 

Parker returns to cooking hot dogs for the group and Charlie eats one eagerly, calming her stomach from drinking without having eaten anything all afternoon. She drinks some water too and feels better. 

Cal is up and she says, “Never have I ever gone commando.” She quirks an eyebrow at Max, who puts a finger down, along with Lou and Zeke. 

It’s Lou’s turn next. “Never have I ever… worn lingerie,” he says. 

Cal puts a finger down and drinks. 

“Cal,” Charlie says. “Where are the pictures?” 

Cal smirks at her and winks, lifting her beer can in the air to toast to Charlie. 

Zeke is up next. They hum and haw, unable to think of anything. “Never have I ever… hmmm… Been fucked by a pirate.” They look at Lou, who they fucked last weekend while dressed as Captain Morgan. 

Lou puts a finger down with a scowl. “Fuck you, Zeke.”

“You wish,” Zeke shoots back. 

It’s Max’s turn. “Never have I ever thrown up from drinking.”

“Oh, what the fuck!” Cal yells, lowering her last finger along with Lou. They’re both out. Zeke lowers a finger and has one left. It’s between Zeke and Max.

Cal and Lou text their nudes to the group chat. Cal sends a simple topless selfie of her in front of a mirror. Lou sends a video of him stroking his strap. Charlie’s mouth goes dry looking at her phone. 

“Okay,” Zeke says, taking their turn. “Never have I ever dressed as a vampire.” 

Max rolls their eyes and lowers a finger. They have two fingers left. 

“Never have I ever… had sex in a bathroom?” Max guesses at what might get Zeke out of the game. 

Zeke shakes their head, leaving their pointer finger up. 

Zeke says, “Never have I ever sent a sext to the wrong person.”

Max groans and lowers a finger, not wanting to remember the time they accidentally texted their sister a bossy Dom message meant for their sub. Everyone knows the story. 

Now they’re tied. 

“Never have I ever…” Max says, contemplating. “Been to a kink party.”

“Ugh!” Zeke yells. They lose. Max is the winner. They raise their arms in triumph. 

“So what does Max win?” Charlie asks Zeke.

Zeke, the de facto leader of the game, is pouting now and doesn’t want to offer anything to Max. 

“I’d say Max can name their prize,” Parker says.

“Zeke, don’t forget to send your sext,” Charlie reminds them, feeling eager to see what it is. 

Zeke scrolls through their phone for a minute while Max contemplates their prize for winning. Zeke sends a full body nude with their cock on and Charlie mutters, “Fuck,” while staring at her phone, captivated.

“Distracted?” Cal teases. 

Charlie looks up from her phone, blushing, but a smile creeps across her face. 

“Charlie is my prize,” Max declares.

“Me?” Charlie squeaks.

“You’re a hot little slut and I want to watch you get on your knees in the dirt and suck my cock,” they say, their voice unwavering with confidence, eyes dark with lust. Cal and Parker shoot each other a smirk. Zeke whistles.

“You know, I’m not the only bottom,” Charlie says, remembering that everyone has bottomed at some point except for Max. 

“Yeah, but you’re the sluttiest bottom,” Max smiles. 

“Fuck you,” Charlie says, but she blushes despite the cold air. 

“And I want someone to film it for the group chat,” Max adds. The thought sets Charlie’s body on fire and she suddenly isn’t cold anymore, slowly pulling the blanket off. 

“Max,” she says weakly. She wants that so badly. 

Max’s hand is on their crotch, their legs spread wide.

“Do you want that, Charlie?” Max asks.

Slowly, Charlie nods. It feels like the moment Max seduced her during the poker game. Something about their voice makes her mesmerized and desperate to please.

Cal pulls out her phone and hits record.

“Are you going to suck Max’s cock, Charlie?” she asks from behind the camera. 

Charlie looks at her, stunned. Her heart pounds. She nods at the camera and stands up, walking across the campfire circle to the log that Max is sitting on. They lean back, rubbing their strap through their jeans. 

Charlie drops to her knees, glancing back at the camera, which has followed her over to Max. Cal smiles, and the others begin saying encouraging things to her. 

“Suck their cock, Charlie.” “Such a good slut.” “Do you want their cock, baby?” 

Charlie throbs in her pants, feeling a blush breaking out all over her body under the gaze of the camera. She unbuttons and unzips Max’s jeans, pulling their strap out. It’s a red smooth piece with a tip. She looks up at Max and watches their face while bringing her tongue to the tip of their cock. She licks up and down and sucks on it. 

“Fuck,” Max says. They bring their hand to Charlie’s hair, tugging on it gently, but keeping her face still exposed to the camera. 

Charlie glides her tongue all the way down the cock to the base and back up. She sucks on the tip and then slides the rest of the cock into her mouth, blushing at the praise she gets from the group. 

“Such a good cocksucker.” “You’re so hot, Charlie.” “Charlie, you’re such a good little slut.”

She massages Max’s inner thighs while she bobs up and down on their strap. They groan, muttering about how good it feels. 

Charlie grabs the base of Max’s cock and makes sure that the friction rubs against their clit. They start to stutter, “F-fuck. Fuck, Charlie.” 

Charlie moans in response, muffled by Max’s strap filling her mouth. She feels her clit hard in her jeans, feeling hot. She almost wants to take her jacket off. 

“God, you’re such a slut, Charlie. Moaning for Max’s cock like a good little whore,” Parker says. 

She whimpers at this dirty talk and reaches to rub her throbbing clit through her jeans.

“Fucking Christ, Charlie, you dirty little slut. Are you so needy for it you can’t wait? Jesus Christ,” Parker swears. He’s touching himself through his jeans now too, heart beating fast. 

“Fuck,” Max says. They’re gripping hard to Charlie’s hair now, guiding her head up and down their cock. She’s drooling on it.

“God, Charlie,” Cal says from behind the camera. 

“Do you like that cock in your mouth?” Zeke asks. 

“Do you need your slutty little cunt fucked, Charlie?” Lou says.

Charlie’s heart is pounding out of her chest. She rubs her clit harder. Max is grunting and jerking their hips a little now, fucking up into Charlie’s face. 

“Fuck,” Max groans. “Fuck. Fuck.”

Charlie stops touching herself, bringing her hands back to massage Max’s thigh and grind the base of the strap into Max’s clit, making them gasp and grunt. She moans on Max’s cock, not able to help it. 

“God, you like that?” Parker says, to both of them. 

Max grinds and bucks harder into Charlie’s face, losing control. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” they whimper as their body goes still and then starts to shake and tremble. Max yells out “Fuck!” and grips Charlie’s hair hard. Charlie takes the facefucking, drool dripping down her chin.

As Max comes down, Charlie pulls her mouth off their strap, wiping her face and looking at the camera with wide eyes, still on her knees. 

“Did you like sucking that cock, Charlie?” Cal asks from behind the camera. 

Charlie nods, looking up at her. Cal slips two fingers into Charlie’s mouth, and her eyes flutter closed. 

“Such a good cocksucker,” Zeke praises.

“Yes, she’s a good slut,” Parker agrees. “But she acted like a brat today on the hike, and I think she should be punished for it. What do you think, Charlie?” 

She opens her eyes, blushing at Parker while Cal pulls her fingers from her mouth. 

“I don’t think I was that bratty,” she lies, blushing harder. 

“Oh, the brat denies it,” Parker says, amused. “Sounds to me like you really want to get punished tonight.”

Charlie feels hot, breathing hard and feeling the throbbing return to her clit. She tries to hide it.

“I don’t deserve to get punished,” she says, feeling bold, wanting nothing but punishment. 

“Zeke, take the phone,” Cal says. She retreats to her tent and Charlie stands up, dusting off her knees. Cal comes back with a loop of rope.

“Charlie…” Cal purrs. “It’s time for your punishment.” She tugs Charlie by the collar of her denim jacket, pulling her over to a tree, one small enough for Charlie to wrap her arms around. Cal takes the rope and skillfully ties Charlie’s wrists together. She examines her handiwork and decides it’s secure enough, and she tugs down Charlie’s jeans and boxer briefs to expose her bare ass to the cold air. 

Parker stands behind Charlie and whips his flogger in the air, letting it snap. If they were all wearing leather jackets, it could be a Tom of Finland drawing.

A thrill runs through Charlie. This is exactly what she wants. 

“Please –” she starts to say. 

The sound hits her ears before the sting of the flogger burns her skin. She cries out, “Oh!” 

“Please what?” Parker mocks. 

“Fuck,” Charlie pants. 

“Please fuck you?” Parker mocks. “Now, now, Charlie…” He presses his chest against her back, rubbing her bare ass with the crotch of his jeans. He murmurs in her ear, “That’s for later.”

It makes her wet. 

He pulls away and flogs her tight, bare ass again, pulling a cry from her mouth. He hits her again and again, telling her she was a brat and this is what she deserves.

Her perky, round ass grows pink from the cold, red from the beatings. 

Zeke films the scene, and Lou and Max and Cal watch with rapt attention, watching Charlie’s ass jiggle and bounce as she gets slapped by the black leather flogger. 

Parker digs through Cal’s toy bag for another toy to hit Charlie with. He finds a red leather paddle that says “SLUT” in black letters. Perfect, he thinks. He lifts up the paddle to her face to show her his newest toy. 

“This is a paddle that says ‘SLUT’ just like you are. Do you want me to beat your ass with it? Your answers are ‘Yes, Sir’ and ‘No, Sir.’” 

Charlie clears her throat and swallows.

“Yes, Sir.” 

Parker smirks to himself. “Good boy,” he whispers in her ear. 

He makes her count the spanks this time, telling her to call him Sir every time.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” Charlie says, becoming obedient and pliable under the bondage, the domination, his sadistic hands. “One! Sir. Two, Sir. Three, Sir.”

He hits her hard. The paddle marks the word “SLUT” into Charlie’s ass just like Parker hoped it would. 

 “Four, Sir!” Charlie calls out. 

He hits her again and again, until she’s calling out “Ten, Sir!” and “Fifteen, Sir.” and “Twenty… Sir…” 

He stops there, grasping her round, juicy ass and telling her what a naughty little brat she is, how she deserved all those spanks, but she’s such a good boy for taking them all. He checks her color, and she’s green. 

“What do you want, boy? Do you want more spanks on this dirty ass of yours? Do you want us to fill you up with our cocks, like a dirty slut?” he murmurs deeply in her ear, shooting fire through her body. 

“Fuck,” Charlie moans. “Yes.”

He spanks her with his bare hand and she yelps. “Which one, boy?” 

“Fuck me,” she begs. The rough bark of the tree rubs against her wrists and face. 

“Mmm,” Parker hums in Charlie’s ear. “Good boy.” He slides a finger along her slit, groaning at how wet she is. “Fuck, you little slut,” he mutters. “You’re so wet for it.”

She whimpers. 

“You want my cock in your wet little pussy, Charlie? Hmm?” Parker asks, louder for the group to hear. 

“Yes, Sir!” she cries. 

Parker pulls his black silicone strap-on out of his jeans and grabs the bottle of lube from Cal’s toy bag. He lubes up, and Zeke dutifully films it for the camera. 

“Are you ready to be fucked, boy?” Parker asks, pressing the tip of his cock against Charlie’s wet opening.

“Unh,” Charlie moans, trying to fuck her hips backwards onto Parker’s strap. “Yes, Sir,” she pants desperately.

He teases her, rubbing her clit with his cock and pressing into her pussy again. 

“Please, Sir. Fuck. Fuck me with your butch cock, Sir.” 

“Hmm,” Parker contemplates. “That’s some good begging, but I don’t think it’s good enough.” 

“God,” Charlie curses. “Please. Fuck. Please. I need it.”

“You need it?” Parker asks, sounding delighted. “Now that sounds like something a needy and pathetic slut would say.”

He fills Charlie slowly, enjoying the low, long moan that comes out of her throat. 

“Do you like that butch cock inside you, Charlie? Do you like having your pussy fucked by a group of butches?”

She whimpers, her face pressed to the tree. 

“Answer me, Charlie,” Parker threatens, grabbing onto her jaw and fucking up into her pussy. 

“Yes!” she moans, and the sound comes out strangled.

“God, you’re such a slut for it,” Parker says. 

“Yes, Sir. God, I’m a slut. Fuck me. Fuck me.” 

Parker grips Charlie’s hips and fucks her hard against the tree, and the gang watches with mouths agape. 

“Do you want another cock inside you, you little slut?” Parker asks.

Charlie whimpers. “Yes… Yes, Sir.” 

“Max,” Parker barks. He slides his cock from Charlie’s pussy and slaps her sore, red ass one more time. She squeals. 

Max pulls out their red strap-on, lubing it up for the camera. 

“Do you want this cock, Charlie?” Max growls, reaching down to stroke her clit teasingly. She gasps.

“Yes, fuck – Please – Fuck.” 

She tugs on her wrist restraints, scratching her arms against the tree. 

“God,” Max moans. They fuck her hard, until she’s screaming. 

Everyone takes a turn fucking Charlie’s pussy while she’s tied up to the tree. 

Lou calls Charlie a pathetic little cockslut, kissing her neck and choking her lightly. 

Zeke tells her what a slutty little pussy she has, and tugs on her hair. 

Cal groans as she fucks her, telling her what a hot little ass she has and what a brat she was today. 

“Yes, Daddy,” Charlie agrees, so fucked out on butch cock that she’ll say yes to anything. “I was such a brat today. Please just fuck me. Please make me cum, Daddy.” 

“Fuck,” Cal curses, grinding her hips into Charlie’s pussy and reaching around to stroke Charlie’s clit, making her gasp and grunt. 

“God, fuck, please, fuck, right there,” Charlie gasps. “Right there. Fuck me like that.” 

Cal fucks her just like that, bringing a desperate, needy Charlie to the edge of an earth-shaking orgasm. Charlie cries out, screaming into the dark night, pulling on her wrist restraints. Her legs tremble. 

In Charlie’s ear, Cal murmurs, “Good boy.” 

She melts.

Cal pulls her cock out of Charlie and walks around the other side of the tree to untie her hands. Charlie rubs her sore wrists and then pulls up her boxer briefs and jeans, buttoning up. The camera is still rolling, Zeke smiling behind it. 

Charlie looks up at the camera and beams, sticking her hands in her pockets and laughing in giddiness. 

“Did you like that, Charlie?” Zeke asks. 

Charlie blushes, looking down at the ground for a moment. 

“Yeah,” she says, looking back up at Zeke. “I liked it.” 

The recording stops there.


“You were so good at cumming for me earlier, Max,” Charlie whispers in their ear. They’re lying in the tent on Charlie’s air mattress, bundled up under warm blankets. They’ve been making out and they’re both shirtless. She trails a finger up and down Max’s naked torso. “It was hot.”

“Thank you,” Max says, smirking, stroking a gentle finger up and down Charlie’s arm.

“I’m, uh, curious about your ‘Never Have I Ever’ confession, I have to admit…” Charlie begins. 


“Are you a stone top, or…?” she trails off, jaw working. She swallows.

Max pauses, taking a breath. They look up at the top of the tent, breaking eye contact with Charlie.

“All my partners have been bottoms. I’ve just, never had the chance,” Max says.

“I see,” Charlie says, gazing down at their chest, twin top surgery scars, nipples sitting above them, and Charlie has the sudden urge to kiss their chest. “How do you feel about your chest being touched?” 

Max smiles. “I like it. My, uh, scars are really sensitive actually. In a good way. I like when they’re licked.” 

“Hmm…” Charlie hums in delight at this piece of information. “May I?” 

Max nods slowly, eyes looking heavy with lust. 

Charlie dips her head and starts with the scars, gently stroking her tongue along the two pink lines. 

“Ohhh,” Max moans and squirms. Charlie pins their hips and licks harder, relishing in Max’s moans and ragged breathing. She reaches to lick and suck their nipples, lavishing each with generous attention. Their hard pink nubs slide between Charlie’s soft lips. “God, Charlie,” Max says. 

Charlie grins up at Max for a moment and lets her tongue softly flutter over Max’s sensitive nipples before returning to their scars, licking with a flat, hard tongue. 

“Fuck,” Max pants. 

Charlie lifts her head and catches Max’s eye. She raises her body up and murmurs in Max’s ear, “Do you want me to top you, Max?” 

Max is captivated by this new side of Charlie, and feeling hot and bothered at the thought of watching Charlie top. Of being topped by Charlie. They nod slowly, licking their lips. 

Charlie’s clit is throbbing in her jeans. She’s thinking about eating Max’s pussy after she sucked their cock earlier, making them cum in her mouth again. 

Charlie’s hand reaches for Max’s crotch, rubbing the hard cock that Max is still packing with. She unbuttons and unzips their jeans, tugging them down their thighs. Max’s hard red cock bobs out, and she begins kissing their thighs, spreading their legs open and licking the soft, sensitive skin that the harness doesn’t cover. They’re commando again, aside from the harness and strap. 

Max breathes hard, watching Charlie’s head bob between their legs. The sensations are turning them on in a way that thrills them and scares them a little. They’ve wanted this for a long time, but no one has ever wanted to give it to them. It’s vulnerable, and Max trusts Charlie, and wouldn’t want anyone else to top them for the first time. 

Charlie is rubbing Max through the strap and harness, and they jerk their hips. 

“Do you want this off?” Charlie asks.

Max swallows and nods.

She unbuckles the leather harness, tugging it down their legs. Their hair is still bleached from their Spike Halloween costume, but the hair between their legs is dark brown. It reaches up to their belly button in a happy trail, and the sight of Max’s naked body makes Charlie’s heart pound harder in her chest. 

Charlie kisses Max hard, tugging her hands in their bleached hair and slipping her tongue in their mouth. They moan together, losing themselves in the kiss, long and slow. 

“God, Max,” Charlie says, her eyes focused on their face. Something tugs on a string in her heart. 

Max kisses her again, pulling her in close. Their naked chests press together and Charlie’s hands start to wander, exploring Max’s hot naked body, touching their thighs and hips and stomach and reaching back down to tease the soft skin of their inner thigh and make them tremble. Max pulls away from the kiss. 

“I’m so wet,” Max whispers. 

“Fuck,” Charlie curses. “God. Do you want me to finger you? Eat you out?” 

“Both,” Max answers. They swallow and lick their lips. 

Charlie kisses Max boldly and murmurs in their ear, “I’m gonna make you cum on my face again.” 

Charlie’s mouth dips south, reaching for Max’s neck, then their chest, sucking and licking their nipples, then sliding a tongue along their scars again. Max gasps. 

“Fuck, Charlie,” they moan, gripping a hand in Charlie’s short brown hair. 

Charlie moans in response, kissing lower down Max’s chest and stomach. She gives special attention to Max’s hips and inner thighs, looking up at Max who’s breathing hard with an open mouth. 

Max’s clit peeks out from between the brown hair, prominent from a year of microdosing on T. 

“Do you want me to suck your cock, Max?” Charlie asks with a smirk.

“Fuck,” Max curses, their hard clit throbbing in need. “Yes.” 

Charlie smiles and spreads them open, licking up their wet slit and tasting their saltiness. She sucks their enlarged clit in her mouth, enjoying the way Max’s breathing has gone raspy and desperate. 

“Charlie…” they moan. “Fuck, Charlie, fuck.” 

She goes slow, enjoying it, savoring it. She goes slow even when Max whimpers, even when they beg for more. She loves hearing it, though. She’s practically drunk on the begging. She moans into Max’s cunt, lapping at their wet hole and dragging her tongue up and down their clit, softly sucking their clit into her mouth. 

“Ahh–” Max gasps. “That… feels… really good… Charlie.” 

Charlie hums and brings a finger to tease their wet hole. 

“Do you want me to fingerfuck you, Max?”

She returns to licking their clit and teasing their hole while waiting for an answer. 

“Mm… Ungh. I uh… Yeah. Fuck yes. I want that.”

“Good boy,” Charlie praises.

“Ohhh,” Max moans in response. 

“Do you like that? Being called a good boy?” she asks.

Max moans again. “Yeah. Yeah. I do.” 

“Say it in a full sentence,” Charlie demands.

Max’s face burns. “… I like being called a good boy.”

“That’s it,” she praises. Her middle finger sinks slowly into Max’s wet hole, making them clench and moan. “That’s a good fucking boy.” She returns to licking and sucking their clit, curling her finger inside them, losing herself in the sounds falling from Max’s mouth. 

“That’s… so… good…” Max moans, hands clenched in the blanket on the air mattress. “Fuck, Charlie. Keep fucking me like that. Christ.” 

She pulls her mouth off them to ask, “Do you want another finger?”

“Mmmm,” they moan. “Yeah. Yes.”

She happily obliges, pulling out her middle finger and adding in her ring finger, which slides into their wet hole so easily. 

“Fucking hell, Max… Jesus… You’re so wet and you’re fucking clenching around me.” 

Max swallows. “You, um… made me. Wet.” 

Charlie grins with a wicked glint in her eye. “I made you wet, boy?” 

“Y-yes, Charlie.” 

“Call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Daddy.’ Boy’s choice.” 

Max makes a choked whimpering sound, their hips grinding into Charlie’s fingers. 

“Yes, Sir,” Max says. 

Fire shoots through Charlie like a strike of lightning at the obedient word Sir. Max’s voice sounds strained, almost embarrassed. It drives her wild. 

“Oh, that’s a good boy,” Charlie praises. “That’s a very good boy. I want you to cum on my face, Max. You have permission. Cum on my face and scream out for me. You also have permission to tug on my hair and claw my back if you want to.” Charlie winks. Max melts. 

With a hand on Max’s hip, Charlie dips her head down to their cunt and concentrates her tongue on Max’s hard, aching clit. 

With her permission, Max buries their hands in Charlie’s hair, tugging on the short brown strands. Charlie groans and licks harder, pulling desperate gasps and moans from Max’s mouth. 

“Fuck, Charlie, fuck, Charlie, fuck, Charlie… Fuck…!” Max gasps. 

Charlie curls her fingers inside Max, reaching into them for that spot of pleasure and ache and desire. She finds it and presses hard, fluttering her fingers against it, making Max go from quiet gasps to deep moans.

“Fuck me, Charlie…!” Max moans, loud enough for the camp to hear. 

“That’s it, Max, moan for me, just like that,” Charlie says, returning to sucking off Max’s throbbing clit.

“Charlie – I mean – Sir, uh, Sir, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that. Oh my God. You’re gonna make me cum –” 

Max breaks off, gasping for air, tightening their grip in Charlie’s hair and grinding desperately against her face. The noises that fall from their mouth are heavenly and drive Charlie wild. She moans into them, the vibrations bringing them even closer to that delicious edge. 

“Oh, Sir, oh God, oh Charlie, fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck…” they moan. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…” 

Charlie tastes their cum in her mouth, lapping it up eagerly and continuing to fuck Max through their first and second orgasms. It’s not until Max gasps, “Okay, okay,” and pushes Charlie’s head that she pulls away, cleaning up her hand and looking up at Max from between their legs with a lustful gaze. 

“Jesus, Charlie…”

“Did you like that, Max?” 

“Did I like that? Fucking Christ, Charlie.” (Charlie laughs.) “I loved it.” 

“Mmm,” Charlie hums in satisfaction. “Good.” 

Max sighs and relaxes back into the air mattress. Charlie plops down beside them. The air is chilly, and she wraps the blanket around them both. They curl up together, Charlie the big spoon and Max the little, and share their body warmth. Max feels relaxed and safe, their body still buzzing with pleasure. 

“Thank you,” they mumble. 

Charlie smiles to herself. “Anytime, Max…” 

“Fuck me, Charlie…!” a moan rings out from the red tent. 

Zeke, Lou, Parker, and Cal are sitting around the campfire, looking at each other. A blush tinges Lou’s cheeks. 

“Is that…?” Lou starts to ask. 

“It must be Max,” Cal concludes. 

“Wow,” Zeke adds. 

“Good for Max,” Parker says. 

“Good for Charlie,” Cal adds.

“That’s hot,” Zeke says. 

Lou’s face is red. 

“What’s the matter, Lou?” Parker teases. “Want to get some too? You can always fuck your boyfriend.” 

Lou’s face grows redder somehow. He looks at Zeke with wide eyes, and quickly glances away.

“Why don’t you fuck your boyfriend, Parker?” Lou shoots back.

Parker laughs. “Who, Cal?” He looks at Cal, and back to Lou. “We’re both tops.” He shrugs. “It’d never work.” 

“Both of you have bottomed before,” Zeke points out. Damn you, Parker thinks. 

“Exactly,” Lou eagerly adds. 

“You both already fucked last weekend. Why not fuck some more?” Parker deflects. 

“So what?” Lou says defensively. “What do you care?” 

“Because you two have needed to fuck for ages!” Parker yells.

“And even though you’ve already fucked, you’re still in denial about it,” Cal adds. 

“Fuck you both,” Lou says, storming off to the blue tent, dramatically unzipping and zipping it back up. Parker and Cal try to contain their laughter.

“Well, fuck!” Zeke says. “Thanks, guys. Real smooth.”

“Sorry, dude,” Parker says, wincing. “Try talking to him?” 

“I guess.” Zeke throws their arms up, walking over to the blue tent.

“Shit,” Parker laughs. Parker and Cal giggle drunkenly together, their beer cans clinking as they lean into each other. Parker grabs his hand around Cal’s neck, holding her steady as they laugh and laugh. 

Finally, when the laughter grows quiet, they’re left with their foreheads pressed together, Parker’s hand on Cal’s neck. 

“Shit,” Parker says again, in a deeper tone. 

“Parker…” Cal starts to say. Then she stops, having no idea what to say or do next, but she doesn’t pull away.

“Cal…” Parker begins. “I, uh… Do you…?” 

“Yeah,” Cal breathes, giving him permission. 



Parker closes the distance and their lips meet, soft at first, tentative, exploring. Sparks fly in Parker’s chest and he doesn’t understand why, but it spurs him on to kiss Cal harder. His grip on her neck becomes firm and insistent. There’s nothing but the chirping of the crickets, the crackling of the fire, the cold hard log beneath them, and the warm mouth moving against his. 

“Mmm,” Cal hums against his mouth. 

Parker growls into the kiss, letting his tongue slip out and softly tease Cal’s lips. She mirrors him, their tongues brushing, and it sets off a jolt of electricity in both of them. Without realizing it, Parker squeezes the beer can he’s still holding, hearing it crinkle, and he breaks the kiss to put it down on the ground, taking Cal’s beer and doing the same. With free hands and a smoldering gaze, he returns to kissing Cal with a hunger that he can’t explain, slipping his hands in her long blond hair. 

Cal fists a hand in his Carhartt jacket, her other hand stroking Parker’s jaw. Their tongues find a soft, slow rhythm that melts Cal’s insides like molten metal ready to be poured into a mold. She moans without meaning to; he moans back, his hands gripping harder in her hair. Parker’s teeth gently nip at her lips and she groans. She pulls back from him, swallowing hard.

“Do you want to… uh, take this to the tent?” she asks. “Wrestle for top?” 

He laughs generously. “Yeah, let’s.” 



“Lou… What’s up?” 

A huffy Lou is pouting in the sleeping bag as Zeke enters the tent. 


Zeke sighs.

“It’s not nothing. What’s up?”

Lou heaves a big breath but says nothing. Zeke waits patiently, sitting down on the other sleeping bag with crossed legs.

Lou is on his side, facing away from Zeke. He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the top of the tent, avoiding Zeke’s gaze. 

“I’m just tired of everyone making such a big deal about us sleeping together. I don’t get it! Everyone’s fucking everyone, what’s the big deal about us two?” 

“I think… They’re just teasing us.” 

“Well I’m sick of it!” 

“You’re not… usually so sensitive about their teasing, Lou. Is there–”

“No!” Lou rushes to say, cheeks burning. 

“Okay, okay. Sheesh.” 

“Look, I just, I don’t normally bottom, okay?” 


“And I’ve never bottomed in front of other people, and I’ve never bottomed for someone I had feelings for–” Lou cuts off suddenly, looking shocked and curling up in the sleeping bag, facing away from Zeke again. “ShitIdidn’tmeantosaythat.” 

Zeke reaches out for Lou, but thinks twice and pulls their hand back. 

“Lou…” they start to say. “It’s okay.” Shit. How does Zeke make him feel better right now? “Look, it’s no big deal. Feelings happen, right? And –”

“Oh, God,” Lou moans. “You don’t like me back. Christ. This is humiliating. Please, just go.”

“No, wait, Lou–”


“Lou, what I’m trying to say is that I like you too.” 

“…What?” Lou croaks.

“I… also have feelings for you.” 

Lou isn’t breathing anymore. 



“Yeah. I, um… I like you, Lou. And I liked fucking you. But I’ve also been fantasizing about getting fucked by you, and I’m up for either or both tonight, so…”

“So…” Lou says, processing, the gears in his head turning slowly. 

“So, do you want to fuck me, Lou?” 

Oh God. Lou clears his throat and swallows. “Uh…” he says, finally glancing at Zeke. “Yeah. Yes.”

“Then unzip your sleeping bag and kiss me, Daddy,” Zeke says, starting to pull off their clothes. 

Parker and Cal wrestle for top in the tent. Parker is stronger than Cal from all the rugby, but Cal is slippery and fast and Parker can’t seem to pin her down. They’re wrestling on the equally slippery sleeping bags, and Cal slides out from underneath Parker like they’re oil wrestling or something. The thought has Parker imagining Cal in a tight sports bra and shorts, covered in oil, and his brain goes blank for a moment when Cal pins him down to the ground. 

“Loser bottoms,” she says in a gruff, deep voice in Parker’s ear. It makes the blood rush to his skin, to his core, to his hard dick and throbbing cunt. 

“Fuck,” he groans. 

“Say it, Parker. ‘Fuck me, Cal.’”

Parker’s eyes burn like hot coals.

“…Fuck me, Cal,” he mumbles. 

“Are you always this easy, Parker?” Cal says with an arrogant smirk. “Desperate for my cock, huh?” 

“Fuck you, Cal,” he spits. “I’ve seen you eyeing my packer all night.” 

“Oh, is that what you think happened?” she says. She reaches her hand down to grab his packer and grind it against his dick. “This packer?” 

Parker’s breath stutters and stops for a moment as his dick rubs against the base of the strap-on. “Fuck–” he gasps. 

“Yeah, I want you to keep this on while I fuck you, Parker. Jerk your cock for me while I’m inside you.” 

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Parker groans.

“God, you’re such a needy little slut for it, aren’t you?” 

Parker doesn’t reply, but his jaw clenches and his cheeks burn. 

“Now, you’re gonna pay for what you just said. ‘Fuck you, Cal’? You think you can say that to me and get away with it, boy?” Cal spits boy like it’s an insult. “Call me Daddy… and apologize.”

Parker grits his teeth, saying nothing. 

She leans her head down to his ear. “Do it now… or else I won’t let you cum.” 

“Fuck,” Parker whispers, almost to himself. “I’m, uh… I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Cal laughs meanly. “Pathetic. So needy.” 

Parker can feel his breathing speed up, his heart pound, his body thrum with heat and desire. He’s usually on the giving end of humiliation and degradation like this; receiving it is making him hot. 

He tries to catch Cal’s mouth in a kiss, but she pulls away.

“Kiss me?” he asks.

“Oh, baby boy wants a kiss. No. The correct way to ask is with ‘please’ and ‘Daddy’. Try again.”

“… Please kiss me, Daddy?”

“Good boy. That’s better. The answer is still no. I’m feeling mean tonight, and I don’t want to give you what you want. At least, not yet.” 

“Kiss me, Daddy,” Zeke says, pulling off their clothes, starting with their jacket. 

“Fuck,” Lou pants. He wrestles his way out of the sleeping bag. “Let me do that.” 

“Oh, Daddy,” Zeke teases. 

“Call me Sir,” Lou says, reaching for Zeke’s hoodie. He pulls it over their head, pulling their t-shirt along with it and revealing their small chest.

“Yes, Sir,” Zeke says, still teasingly. 

Lou reaches for the back of Zeke’s head, pulling them in for a hot kiss, one that’s all possession and need and fire; flames lick up Zeke’s neck and face. 

“Fuck,” Zeke pants when Lou breaks from the kiss to take off his jacket and sweater. Zeke tugs him back in for a kiss by his belt loops, and he feels it in his dick. 

Zeke toys with the hem of Lou’s t-shirt and mumbles in the kiss, “Can I take this off?” 

Lou nods and whispers, “Yeah.” He’s wearing a beige binder underneath. “This stays on,” he adds.

“Are you comfortable with me touching your chest at all, or no?”

“No… and thanks for asking.”

“Of course.” 

Zeke smiles at Lou in a warm way that buzzes down to Lou’s fingertips and toes. 

Lou can’t help but shove them to the ground and pin them with his body. 

“God, you’re so fucking… delicious,” he says. “I could… devour you.” 

Zeke whimpers at that. “Please, yes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir…” 

“Good boy,” Lou grins. 

“Fuck,” Zeke moans. “Call me that again.” 

“Oh, you like that, boy? You like being called a good boy?” Lou’s voice drops on the last two words, murmuring them in Zeke’s ear. 

Zeke squirms, writing underneath Lou. 

“Answer me, boy,” Lou says threateningly.

“Yes, Sir,” Zeke rushes to say.

“Good fucking boy,” Lou mutters, taking his hand and rubbing Zeke’s packer through their jeans. Zeke’s hips jerk and they moan appreciatively, eager for more. “Tell me how you wanna get fucked, boy.” 

Parker whines in frustration at being denied a kiss. He’s pinned to the ground and feeling hot and bothered underneath Cal, who’s turned into a mean top, making him beg just to deny him. 

“Now, take your clothes off, boy. I want to see your cock.” 

Cal gets off him and Parker obediently strips his clothes off, naked except for his black silicone strap-on. He lies back down on the sleeping bag, cock bobbing in the air. 

“That’s a good slut. Now jerk it off,” she says in a stern, deep voice. 

Parker’s eyes glaze over and go dark. He reaches down, compelled by Cal’s stern order, and begins to stroke his cock. 

“That’s it,” Cal praises. “That’s a good boy. I’m just gonna reach down and tease your thighs open, see how wet you are from jerking off for me.” 

The base of the strap-on is rubbing against Parker’s T dick in a thrilling, addictive friction. He’s holding his breath to keep back his moans. 

Cal spreads his legs and teases her fingers along the sensitive inside of his thighs. 

“Do you want me to touch your wet hole, boy?” Cal asks. 

“Mmm, yeah,” Parker moans.

“Ask for it nicely,” Cal demands. 

“Yes, please, Daddy.”

Cal tsks. “No, not good enough. In a full sentence, baby.” 

“…Please touch my wet hole, Daddy.” 

Parker’s face burns, but he’s still jerking his cock and rutting his hips against the base of it. 

“Good boy,” Cal says sweetly. She strokes a finger along Parker’s wet opening and nearly moans at how wet he is. “Jesus fucking Christ, Parker, you’re so fucking wet, you filthy fucking fucktoy. Is that all it takes, huh? Putting on a little show for Daddy and it’s a fucking waterfall?” 

Parker grunts, jerking harder, hips grinding faster. “It just… feels… so… good…” he pants. 

Cal’s finger traces his wet opening in circles, teasing. “Do you want me to slip a finger in this easy little hole, baby?” 

Parker nods eagerly. “Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy.”

“Mmm, begging for it like a good boy. Good toys get fucked.” 

Cal sinks her middle finger into Parker’s eager hole, curling expertly and pulling desperate moans from his throat as he continues to jerk himself off. 

“God, boy, are you gonna cum like this before I even get my cock in you?” 

Parker moans. “No… Please fuck me with your cock before I cum.” 

“And how do you address me, boy?”

“Daddy. Please fuck me with your cock, Daddy.” 

Good boy. Take off my belt for me.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Parker eagerly undoes Cal’s belt, and with her permission, her button and zipper on her jeans. He pulls out her packer, the same teal curved piece that had Charlie moaning Daddy at poker night. 

Cal reaches for the lube – a bottle was left in every tent – and squeezes it up and down her cock, stroking herself to spread the lube around. 

“You want this dyke dick, baby?” she asks arrogantly. 

“Mmm, yes, Daddy,” Parker says. “Fuck me with your dick while I jerk off.”

“I didn’t hear a please.” 

“Please, Daddy, please fuck me with your cock, please, please, please…” 

Cal laughs meanly. “So fucking desperate for it. I’ll fuck you with my cock, prettyboy, but I want to hear you thank me for it.” 

Cal slips her cock in between Parker’s thighs, pressing it against his opening. He hasn’t stopped jerking his cock and moaning about it. The sleeping bag slides against the floor of the tent as his hips grind into his hand. 

“Beg for this butch cock, boy.” 

“Fuck,” Parker moans. “Please fuck me with your butch cock, Daddy. I want it. I need it. I, uh, need your cock in me, Daddy. Please.” 

“You need it? So pathetic… But since you asked nicely…” Cal grins and guides her cock into Parker’s hole and eases in.

He moans like he’s a goddamn porn star. Cal feels it in her gut. She sinks all the way inside him, leaning back to watch him jerk his cock for her like an obedient little toy. 

“Mmm, thank you Daddy. Fuck. I’m close, ohh, Daddy, I’m close already, fuck. Please fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Cal growls and grinds her hips into Parker’s, fucking him hard and slow. “You little slut. Close already, huh? You’d better beg for it real nice and pretty then. I’m not in the mood to be generous tonight.”

“Tell me how you wanna get fucked, boy.” 

Zeke swallows, heart hammering. “I, uh… Want your fingers, Sir.” 

“I didn’t hear a ‘please,’” Lou says, sounding dissatisfied.

“Please, Sir, I want your fingers,” Zeke corrects. 

“Better. Take your pants off, boy.” 

Zeke rushes to obey and fumbles with the button on their jeans, struggling in the cold air with their freezing fingers. 

“Need some help, boy?” Lou teases.

Zeke grunts and finally gets the button open, unzipping the fly and shimmying the jeans down their legs and off. Zeke’s harness is the underwear style that covers everything, so they pull that down too, exposing the tuft of dark hair that lies between their legs. Lou gazes at Zeke’s body with desire and a hint of depravity. 

“You’re so fucking hot,” Lou says in awe. 

You’re so fucking hot,” Zeke repeats with a whine, their body writhing underneath Lou’s. 

“What do you want, boy?”

“I want you…” Zeke pauses, swallowing. “…to finger my cunt.” 

Lou growls, reaching for Zeke’s arms to pin them above their head. He brings his lips to Zeke’s neck, jawline, ear. He murmurs, “Beg for it… you dirty little slut.” 

A whine escapes Zeke’s mouth before they can help it. 

“Please, Sir… Please fuck me. Please fuck my cunt. Please finger me, Sir.”

“God, is that all you’ve got?” Lou says with mock disgust. 

Please, Sir… I need it. I need your fingers in my slutty butch cunt, Sir. I’m a pathetic, needy little slut and I want your fingers in me so badly…” 

“How badly?”

“I’ll do whatever you ask, Sir. Anything.” 

Lou laughs. 

Good boy, Zeke.” 

Lou keeps Zeke’s arms pinned with one hand and lets the other wander down their body, teasing their small tits, brushing their round belly, reaching down into their curls to find their wet slit and stroke it. 

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” 

“There you go, boy. I almost had to punish you for forgetting your manners,” Lou says, circling their wet opening. 

Zeke whines. “Please, Sir.” 

Lou brings their finger up to Zeke’s ‘big dyke clit,’ as they like to call it, stroking rhythmically. 

“Please what?”

Zeke gasps and whines more. “Please fuck my cunt, Sir.” 

“Good start. Keep begging.” 

Lou alternates teasing Zeke’s entrance and clit and Zeke aches for him to slip his fingers inside their cunt, but he doesn’t. 

“Please, Sir. Please, I’m such a needy little whore for you, I just, I need… I –  I need your fingers inside my wet cunt, Sir. My cunt needs it.”

“Oh you need it? Poor thing,” Lou mocks. 

“Please, Sir, I’ll do whatever you want. I just need your fingers inside me.” 

Lou chuckles. “Oh, you sweet, sweet little slut… So desperate for it. I like it. I’ll reward it, this time.”

Lou slowly, slowly sinks his middle and ring finger into Zeke’s waiting cunt, relishing in the way their cunt stretches and relaxes for him. 

“Fuck –” Zeke gasps. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” 

“Close already, huh? You’d better beg for it real nice and pretty then. I’m not in the mood to be generous tonight.”

“Ugh,” Parker groans. “Fuck.” 

“That doesn’t sound like begging,” Cal says sternly.

“Please!” Parker rushes to say. “Pleasepleaseplease, please can I cum, Daddy? Please, I’m so close and I need to cum so badly, I’ve been hard all day…” 

“All day, huh? Slutty little boytoy. Who you been hard for, huh?” Cal fucks into him harder as she asks this. 

“You, Daddy. You,” Parker gasps. 

“That’s right,” Cal says, punctuated by a thrust of her hips. “That’s fucking right, Parker. Who have you thought about fucking you all day, boytoy?”

“You, Daddy…” Parker moans. 

“Who’s your fucking Daddy, boy?” Cal demands. 

“You are, Daddy!” Parker cries. 

Beg to cum, boy.” 

“Please, Daddy, please let me cum. I’ll do whatever you want, Daddy, whatever you want… I want to cum all over your cock like a filthy little slut, Daddy.” 

Parker’s hand on his cock grows jerky and desperate. 

“Better… I’m almost convinced,” Cal says. “Do it more.”

“Please, Daddy. Oh my God, please please please, fuck, please– Please let me cum, Daddy, please let me cum. Please, can I cum, Daddy?” 

“Hmm,” Cal hums, considering. She doesn’t stop fucking Parker as he jerks his cock and moans at the friction on his T dick. His mouth is wide in pleasure, his eyes closed, face flushed red, and he’s never looked better. “Cum for me, Parker. Cum for me like a good boy, like a filthy little slut. Cum all over this dyke dick like you’ve been dreaming about.”

Parker’s been holding back, afraid of tipping over the edge without permission, and now he focuses his efforts on rubbing the base of the cock against him. Panting, desperate, he whimpers, “Please, please, please…” more to himself than to Cal.

The friction on his T dick grows in a deliciously addictive way. He chases the feeling, jerking his cock harder and faster, panting, moaning, getting so, so close – until the pleasure peaks and explodes like a dying star, all consuming. Parker cries out a long, low moan, letting everybody in the camp know that he came. 

“Fuck,” Parker pants. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Cal laughs. “You like that, baby?” 

Parker groans. “Don’t call me that unless you mean it.” 

“And what if I do? Mean it?” 

A spark lights in Parker’s gut. He growls and flips Cal over onto the sleeping bag, gently pinning her wrists above her head. He stares at her, eyes dark with desire, and bends down to kiss her, hard at first, then softening to a slow rhythmic kiss. They lose themselves in it. 

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” 

“Good… fucking… boy…” Lou says, punctuating each word with a slow stroke of his fingers. “Jesus, you’re so fucking wet, boy.” 

“Mmm,” Zeke whines. “You made me wet.” 

“Good,” Lou growls. 

“Please, Sir, can I have another finger, please?”

“Asking for it like a good boy…” Lou muses. “Good boys get what they ask for.” He pulls out his two fingers from Zeke’s cunt and adds a third, pulling a generous moan from their mouth. 

“God, Sir, fuck. Oh my God. Your fingers feel so fucking good in my cunt. Please fuck me.” 

Lou pumps his fingers in and out of Zeke slowly, achingly so. Zeke moans and whines. 

“More, please, Sir.” 

“More as in another finger?” Lou asks, “Or harder?” 

“Both,” Zeke whines, trying to grind their hips into Lou’s hand. 

“Fuck,” Lou curses, curling his fingers inside Zeke’s pulsing cunt. “God, I can feel you throbbing.”

Zeke replies with a strangled moan for more

“Jesus, okay, we get it, you’re a needy little slut for it,” Lou laughs. “Hang on. God, you’re fucking dripping down my hand.” 

Lou pulls out three fingers and slips back in with four, fucking Zeke long and slow, going deeper with every thrust. 

“God, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, Sir, fuuuuck,” Zeke moans. 

“Do you like that, baby?” Lou asks.

A spark of fire lights inside Zeke’s chest.

“Yes, Sir. Oh, fuck. Yes, Sir!”

“Say, ‘I like how you fuck me, Sir.’”

The fire grows stronger, licking down Zeke’s body.

“I like how you fuck me, Sir.” 

Lou growls, fucking Zeke faster. They moan and grip the sleeping bag beneath them, knuckles going pale with the effort. 

“God, Sir, fuck– Sir. Please. I want–” Zeke moans helplessly.

“What do you want, boy?” Lou demands.

“I want more,” Zeke whimpers. 

“More than this, boy? I’m already fucking you with four fingers. You want my whole fist inside you?”

Another whimper. “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. I just– need– more–” Zeke gasps. 

“You little slut,” Lou murmurs in a low voice. “Asking for Sir’s entire fucking hand inside you. Jesus Christ.” 

“Yes, Sir. Your little slut.”

Lou adds his thumb and slides easily back inside Zeke’s wet, waiting cunt up to his knuckles.

“Fuck–” Lou swears. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, your wet cunt takes me so well. You fucking slut. Ready to take my whole fucking hand in your cunt. Do you want that, baby? You want me to slip inside you?”

‘Baby’ sets off more fireworks inside Zeke. They nod eagerly, gasping, “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. Fuck. Please, please, please.” 

Lou slowly pumps his fingers in and out of Zeke’s throbbing cunt, going a little bit deeper each time, stretching out their hole with the widest part of his hand. 

Zeke is moaning with abandon now, and Lou is breathless with awe. Zeke’s cunt is fluttering and pulsing around Lou’s hand.

“Oh my God,” they both say when Lou’s hand slips all the way inside. 

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” Zeke gasps. 

“Shh,” Lou says. “Relax. It’s okay. I’ve got you.” 

Zeke takes a deep breath and relaxes back into the sleeping bag, letting Lou stroke his fist inside their cunt. They’re moaning louder than ever now, loud enough for everyone to hear. 

“God, you feel so fucking good around my hand, Zeke.”

A moan.

“I want to make you cum like this, baby.” 

A louder moan. 

“Do you want to cum for me, boy?”

Another moan.

Answer me.”

“Yes, Sir. I want to cum for you. Please.”

“Better… Now do it. Cum for me, baby.” 

“Ohh, Sir. Fuck. I want to cum. Please touch my clit, Sir. I’m so hard. Oh my God.”

Lou smirks and brings his thumb to his mouth to get it wet, gently stroking Zeke’s big dyke clit.

“Fuck yes–” Zeke gasps. “Fuck yes, yes, yes… Keep… fucking me… Like that…” 

Zeke loses themself to the sensation, building and building, cresting fast and exploding like fireworks in their core, a yell ripping from their throat as they cum hard. Their cunt throbs and pulses around Lou’s hand as they continue cumming, continue moaning. 

“Fuck yes, baby, cum for me like that, you’re so fucking hot, babe. God. Cum for me.”

A deep hunger and longing strikes inside Zeke’s chest at ‘baby’ and ‘babe.’ Something like a desire to be called that again, and again, and again. Their orgasm fades out to aftershocks while they moan softly. 

“Jesus Christ, Lou,” Zeke giggles. “That was…” they trail off. 

“What?” Lou asks.

“…Amazing. You’re amazing.”

In the morning, Charlie wakes up to the smell of the campfire and something cooking. She’s wrapped in Max’s arms, her head on their chest. She feels a sense of peace and a sense of panic at the same time, wanting to flee and also wanting very badly to stay in this moment forever. 

Parker is cooking a breakfast skillet for the gang – ham, eggs, potatoes, cheese – while Cal watches groggily from a log, sipping an instant coffee. 

“Sleepy?” Parker teases. 

“Shut up, boy, and make my breakfast,” Cal huffs. 

Zeke and Lou sleep curled up in each other, waking slowly to the morning sunshine. 

“Good morning,” Zeke smiles.

“Good morning, baby,” Lou says. 

Warmth floods Zeke’s body in a blush. They kiss softly, slowly, with a tenderness that Zeke never imagined from Lou. 

Gradually, everyone disentangles from each other and finds their way to the campfire to warm up and grab a paper plate of breakfast from Parker.

“Good morning, lovebirds,” Cal says, looking at Zeke and Lou.

Lou blushes deeply in the cold Canadian morning air. 

“Good morning yourself, loverboy,” Zeke retorts. “How’d everybody sleep?” 

“I feel like I’m almost 30 and just slept on the ground,” Cal deadpans, shooting a look at Charlie.

Charlie has the decency to look a little ashamed for being spoiled with her air mattress. 

“Too bad,” Max shrugs. “Shoulda fucked Charlie instead of Parker last night then.” 

Parker sputters. “Who says she fucked me?” 

“Your face,” Zeke laughs. “How was it, ‘boy’?”

Parker blushes red and the whole group busts up laughing. 

“How ‘bout you, Zeke? Who fucked who last night, hmm?” Charlie challenges. 

Zeke’s jaw twitches and Charlie howls. “I knew it! How was bottoming, babe?” 

Zeke’s cheeks darken and their eyes narrow. 

“We all heard last night who bottomed for you, Charlie…” Cal says with a teasing tone, raising an eyebrow at Max. 

“How was it, Max?” Parker asks in a kind, meaningful tone, remembering that Max had never bottomed before. 

Max can’t hide the smile that creeps across their face.

“It was good. It was, uh, really good.” 

“Fuck yeah, dude,” Parker says with a grin. Everyone claps Max on the back, congratulating them. Charlie stands by with a blushing smile on her face while Cal ruffles Max’s hair and Zeke says, “Welcome to the club, big boy.” 

They sit down to breakfast around the campfire with grins on their faces, laughing and teasing each other and making plans for the holidays. For once, Charlie enjoys camping. 

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. Such a beautiful and immensely hot piece!! I love following the characters and look forward to seeing what you write next 💕

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