I am currently closed for commissions. You may email me to request a spot on the waitlist.

I charge for commissions at the following prices:

  • 4 cents per first 500 words
  • 2 cents per next 500 words
  • 1.5 cent per word after 1,000 words
    • 500 words = $20
    • 1,000 words = $30
    • 2,000 words = $45
    • 3,000 words = $60

Payment includes a written outline that we create collaboratively, a first draft of the requested length, and a second draft with revisions, if desired.

You choose things like the characters’ names, pronouns, identities, and personalities; the plot/situation; the kind of sex the characters have; and any details you want included.

I will write anything queer! Lesbian, gay, bi, pan, and queer characters; transgender, gender non-conforming, and butch characters; BDSM and kink; vanilla; threesomes and moresomes; and much more! Just ask.

I will not write: characters under 18, non-con, piss, scat, furries, bestiality, or incest.

My process:

  1. You email me (le*************@gm***.com) or DM me on instagram (@butch4butches) with your proposal. Include the approximate word count and the erotic scenario you’re imagining.
  2. I approve your proposal and give you a time estimate based on the word count.
  3. You pay half upfront and half upon completion.
  4. I retain the full creative rights to my work.
  5. I may publish the piece online upon completion. You can be credited as a collaborator or not, if you wish.
  6. If the commission is a gift or a surprise, I can refrain from publishing until it’s ready.

Questions? Interested? Email me (le*************@gm***.com) or DM me on instagram (@butch4butches).