Library Stacks

Finley and Blake find a creative way to study in the back of the history section, and they get caught.

Warnings: dubious consent, librarian/student, Sir kink, age gap (early 20s to early 40s), public sex, camera sex, spanking, language like slut, inadvertent misgendering (“ladies”, “ma’am”)

The campus library is deserted on a Sunday afternoon. Most students at Brakebridge College go home on the weekends, but Finley and Blake have books and laptops spread out over a large wooden desk in the middle of the library. Finley has a sociology essay to write, and they’re pouring over their books for their notations and highlights from the class readings. Blake has a biology test to study for, and she’s failing this semester. Okay, not failing; she has a B. But that’s not good enough.

When Finley’s essay is half of the required word count, they yawn and stretch their neck. “How you doing over there, Blake?” they ask.

She sighs deeply. “I just truly don’t care about mitosis, Finley. And I also don’t care about meiosis, for that matter.”

“How can I help you care about mitosis and meiosis?” Finley asks. 

“You can’t,” Blake says dramatically, crossing her arms on the table and dropping her head down.

Finley and Blake have been hooking up for a few months now, ever since they met at their school’s tiny Gay-Straight Alliance fall dance. Blake was looking fine as hell in a blazer and button-up with her long black hair down, and Finley wore a black denim jacket and their blond hair in a ponytail. Blake approached Finley and promptly complimented their “they/them” pronoun pin on their jacket. They danced and exchanged numbers, and their texting turned to sexting before Finley came over to Blake’s apartment and made good on their promises.

Blake has always been a top-leaning switch, but Finley has been itching to fuck her. They’ve been sexting about it lately and Blake has been a tease, entertaining the idea over text but being too busy to fuck for the past couple of weeks. She’s been obsessed with studying, talking about how her grades are slipping because she has a B in both biology and French right now. 

“I have an idea,” Finley says, unable to hide their growing smirk.

“Yeah?” Blake mumbles into her crossed arms.

“Yeah,” Finley says, straightening their face. “Come with me to the stacks. Bring your notes.”

“Oh… kay,” Blake says suspiciously. She grabs her biology textbook and follows Finley into the back stacks, the history section.

Finley sets up their phone in the Europe 1800-1899 books, leaning it up and setting it to video record.

“What’s this?” Blake asks.

“This is your motivation to study,” Finley says. They motion for Blake to sit down on the floor next to them in front of the camera. “I’ll ask you questions, and give you rewards for every correct answer.” 

Rewards? Blake wonders.

Finley motions for Blake to give them her notes. “Okay… First, what is the difference between meiosis and mitosis?” 

“Mitosis is cell division for replication, meiosis is cell division for reproduction.”

“Good job,” Finley praises, and kisses her hard on the lips. Blake feels hot under the camera’s gaze, being kissed by her friend with benefits. “Okay, next question.” Finley moves on like nothing happened. “What is the first step of mitosis?” 

“Prophase, then metaphase, then anaphase, then telophase,” Blake declares. 

“Overachiever,” Finley says. “We’ll just have to give you an extra prize for that.” They lean to kiss Blake, but dodge her lips and reach for her neck instead, sucking on the point that always makes her whimper. She does and then remembers the camera and looks back at it, wide eyed. 

Finley sucks harder and Blake’s eyes flutter closed. Finley brings her hand to tangle in Blake’s long black hair and tugs, exposing her neck further and licking. Blake whimpers again, unable to help herself.

Finley pulls away, smirking. “Good girl,” they whisper in her ear. She catches her breath, breathing in the cold library air and the smell of the old books. 

“Okay,” they say, looking over the biology notes. “What are the steps of meiosis?”

“Okay, it’s prophase one, metaphase one, anaphase one, telophase one, then prophase two, metaphase two, anaphase two, and telophase two.” 

“Easy,” Finley says. “You got this.”

“Yeah, but there are other details to remember, like—” 

Finley interrupts her with a kiss, slipping their tongue in this time. They start unbuttoning Blake’s shirt, enough buttons to slip a hand inside her shirt and play with her nipples. She whimpers helplessly into Finley’s mouth. Finley plays with both nipples until pulling back and checking Blake’s notes for another question. “Hmm…” they hum. “At what phase are homologous chromosomes separated?”

“Anaphase one of meiosis,” Blake says. 

“Good girl,” Finley grins. They reach to unbutton the rest of Blake’s shirt, pulling it off her shoulders and tying her wrists behind her back with it. Blake whines, trying to pull on her new wrist restraints. Finley plays with her nipples again, now in full view of the camera. They lean in to kiss the same spot on her neck, sucking hard and probably leaving a hickey. It’s making Blake wet. 

Then Finley pulls away and leaves Blake topless and helpless, sitting on the floor. They look over the notes again and ask, “During which stage of meiosis do the sister chromatids begin to move toward the poles?”

“Anaphase two,” Blake replies. She licks her lips. 

“You’re gonna ace this test,” Finley says. 

They bend down to kiss Blake’s nipples, licking and sucking gently. Blake moans, “Oh.” 

“Shh,” Finley shushes her. “We don’t want to get caught.” Blake nods and swallows. 

Finley returns to sucking on her nipples, swirling her tongue in different patterns. Blake breathes hard. Finley brings a hand to rub Blake’s crotch through her jeans, and she suppresses a moan. 

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Finley asks in Blake’s ear. Blake nods with wide, desperate eyes.

They pull away, and scan the notes again. “During which stage of meiosis do tetrads line up at the equator?”

“Metaphase one,” Blake whimpers. 

“What’s the matter, Blake?” Finley teases. “Is something getting you hot and bothered?”

“No, not really,” Blake says sarcastically.

“Oh?” Finley challenges. “Not even this?” 

They rub Blake’s cunt over her jeans again, pulling a surprised moan from her mouth. “What’s that?” Finley asks. 

“Please,” Blake whimpers. “Please, Finley.”

“Please what?”

She closes her eyes and swallows. She opens them and stares Finley in the eye. “Please fuck me.”

“Mmm, good girl,” Finley hums. They unbutton Blake’s jeans and stick their hand down her pants, reaching for her pussy and finding it soaking wet. “Fuck,” they say. 

“Fuck,” Blake moans, covering her face with her hands. “Oh, fuck.”

“Let me see you, baby,” Finley coaxes, trying to gently remove her hands from her face. She pulls her hands down, and she’s blushing beet red. 

“Finley,” she moans, as Finley’s finger strokes up and down, playing with her clit and teasing her opening. 

“Shh, baby,” Finley shushes. “Try to be quiet.” 

She nods desperately and glances at the video of herself on the phone, looking flushed and needy. It makes her feel hot, knowing that everything is being recorded. “Fuck me,” she whispers, grinding her hips into Finley’s touch.

Finley slips their finger inside Blake’s pussy and puts a hand on Blake’s mouth, muffling Blake’s moaning. 

“That’s a good girl,” Finley murmurs in her ear, sliding their finger in and out. 

Blake nods, making eye contact with Finley. They stare at each other lustfully while Finley fucks her.

“Do you like that, baby?” Finley asks, removing their hand from Blake’s mouth.

“Yes, oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Shhh, baby,” Finley whispers.

“Ahem,” a voice says behind them, at the end of the row of books.

They freeze.

The librarian is standing at the end of the stacks. She’s a butch lesbian in her 40s or so, with graying cropped hair, suspenders, and a button-up tucked into slacks. Her arms are crossed and she looks unimpressed.

“Oh, fuck,” Finley says. They pull their fingers from Blake and rush to untie Blake’s shirt. 

“I’m so sorry,” Blake says, blushing furiously.

The librarian waits patiently for them to collect themselves, and then says, “Come with me.” 

She leads them to her office at the end of the library. She has a wide shelf packed with books filling one side of the room. A mahogany desk looms in the middle, with two leather guest chairs sitting at an angle. A nameplate on the desk reads, Sarah Waters. Sarah motions for them to sit, and sits herself in the large executive chair.

“What I just witnessed is conduct unbecoming of any student of Brakebridge College,” she says. “We have two options here today, ladies…”

Finley winces. “Not a lady.”

“Okay,” Sarah nods. “My apologies. We have two options here today, students. I can report this to the dean of the college, and quite possibly you will be suspended or expelled.”

Finley and Blake look at each other with wide eyes. 

“Or… We can resolve this between us, and keep it private.” Sarah folds her hands in front of her on the desk.

“That,” Finley hurriedly agrees. “We’d like to do that.”

“We’re very sorry,” Blake adds again. 

“In that case, I think there’s a punishment that we might all agree upon, and will teach you your lesson,” she says. She pulls out a ruler from her desk drawer. 

Finley and Blake swallow. What does that mean? they both wonder.

Sarah motions with the ruler for Blake to stand, and she does. “Bend over the desk.” 

Blake’s blood is rushing through her veins. She obeys, and her cunt can very much feel the denial of the orgasm she almost got two minutes ago. 

“Pull your pants down,” Sarah adds. Blake glances at Finley and licks her lips. She fumbles for her button and zipper and pulls her jeans down her ass. 

“Underwear, too.”

Blake slides down the band of her hipster boyshorts obediently. Her heart thuds in anticipation.

“Good,” Sarah says. She gently taps Blake’s ass with the ruler, getting a rhythm going. Then, without warning, she smacks Blake’s ass hard. Blake cries out in shock and pain. Sarah rubs her bare ass with her free hand, watching the red welt begin to appear. She continues this pattern, tapping gently and then smacking Blake with the ruler. 

After five smacks, Sarah puts the ruler down and feels up Blake’s ass. Blake moans quietly. 

“Did you like that?” Sarah asks. 

“Y-yes, ma’am,” Blake answers.

“Sir,” Sarah corrects.

“Yes, Sir,” Blake repeats. 

Sarah looks at Finley, who is sitting glued to their chair, captivated by the performance that just happened. She curls two fingers, motioning for Finley to stand up.

“Your turn,” Sarah says, grabbing the ruler again. She slaps Blake’s red ass and tells her to sit back down.

Sarah twirls the ruler in the air, instructing Finley to turn around and bend over the desk. They obey, pulling their pants and boxers down their ass. They’re wet, and they can feel it as they peel their boxers off their pussy. 

“Count them,” Sarah instructs, as she smacks Finley’s ass hard without any gentle taps as a warning. 

“Fuck!” Finley yells. “One.”

“Language,” Sarah admonishes. 

“Sorry, Sir,” Finley apologizes, feeling hot for calling her ‘Sir.’ 

Sarah smacks them again and again, and Finley cries out, “Two! Three! Four!” 

Sarah rubs the ruler gently up and down Finley’s ass, letting the smooth cool metal soothe their ass, before hitting them one final time.

“Five!” Finley cries.

Sarah puts the ruler back down and grabs Finley’s ass with firm hands, squeezing and rubbing. “Did you like that?” she asks again.

“Yes, Sir,” Finley replies obediently. 

“Do you want more?”

Finley is a painslut, and Blake knows how much they like to be hit. “Yes, Sir,” they whimper.

“Good boy,” Sarah says.

“Oh,” Finley blurts without thinking. 

“Do you like being called a good boy?” Sarah asks, a smile in her voice. 

“Mmm,” Finley whines. “Yes.” 

“Yes, Sir,” Sarah corrects.

“Yes, Sir,” Finley repeats. 

Sarah hits their ass with the ruler, pulling a cry from their mouth. 

“Count!” Sarah instructs.

“Six!” Finley cries. “Seven! Eight!” The blows keep coming, their ass turning redder and redder under Sarah’s hand. “Nine! Fuck. Oh, shit. Sorry, Sir. Um. Sorry,” Finley stammers. 

“That’s a bad boy,” Sarah says. She bends down over Finley, rubbing her crotch against their ass, and leans to their ear to whisper, “Bad boys get punished.” 

Finley’s pussy is throbbing and wet. “Please, Sir,” they beg.

“Begging is good,” she says arrogantly. She taps the ruler on their ass again, smacking a tenth time.

“Ten!” Finley calls out. 

“How much more can your ass take, boy?” Sarah asks, patting them gently with her hand.

“Please, Sir. I can, um, take as much as you want to give me, Sir,” Finley begs. 

Sarah almost growls. She leaves to grab a large book from her bookshelf. Using both hands, she smacks each ass cheek with dull, hard thuds, too fast for Finley to count. 

“Ugh,” Finley moans. They grip the edges of the desk, taking the hard spankings. 

Sarah puts the book down and grips their ass, squeezing and kneading, muttering “Fuck” to herself and biting her lip like she’s holding herself back from something. 

Blake is sitting in her chair, having a hard time resisting the urge to touch herself. She was so, so close to cumming earlier, and her clit is rubbing against her underwear just right, and she’s grinding on her hand a little bit in the chair now. Ms. Waters seems to be occupied right now anyway. She won’t notice. 

Sarah rains down smacks on Finley’s ass with her bare hands now, relishing in the cries that escape their mouth. She smirks. The sadist in her is coming out. 

Sarah glances over to Blake to see her grinding on her hand in between her legs. She stops spanking Finley. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Sarah asks, and Blake’s eyes open wide like a deer in headlights. 

“I, um, I’m sorry, Sir,” she stammers. 

“You’d better be,” Sarah says, sounding angry. “Take off your clothes and sit back down, and don’t touch yourself.”

Blake gulps, a blush coloring her skin. She obeys, slowly undressing while she watches Finley continue to get spanked. She sits back down in the chair and Finley is panting and moaning under the blows. 

“Please, Sir,” Finley grunts. 

“What, boy?” Sarah hits them again. 

“Please. That’s… that’s all I can take.” 

Sarah hums. “Then what’s next, boy? What do you want next?” She glances at Blake to make sure that she still isn’t touching herself. 

“Oh, God,” Finley says. They’re so wet, desperate to be fucked after that good spanking, the way they always are. “I don’t, um, want to be inappropriate, Sir.” 

“Speak your mind, boy,” Sarah instructs.

Finley swallows. “I, um, want… to be… um, fingered, Sir.” Their face burns. “It’s just that uh, being spanked, it… turns me on.” Their cheeks and ears are as red as the book cover. 

“Is that so, boy?” Sarah strokes her finger up Finley’s pussy and nearly moans along with them. “You’re so wet,” she says, sounding a little surprised. 

“Fuck,” Finley squeaks. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Sarah’s finger strokes up and down their slit, teasing their clit with slow, gentle circles. “Oh fuck, Sir,” Finley pants.

“You’re a naughty boy,” Sarah says. She slips her middle finger into Finley’s hole, curling inward. Finley moans “Ohhhh!” and looks over to Blake, who’s naked and rubbing her own clit back and forth. She’s whimpering and not being very subtle about it. 

Sarah ignores Blake’s misbehavior, focused on fucking Finley. She slips another finger inside them.

“Oh, God,” Finley moans, pushing their hips back onto Sarah’s hand. 

“Fuck, you’re so desperate for it,” Sarah says. She fingers them slowly, teasingly. 

“Yes, Sir, I am, Sir,” Finley pants. “God, please fuck me harder, Sir.” Heat licks through their body. 

Sarah feels hot under her collar. She fingers Finley harder and faster, until the only sound in the room is their moans and the sound of her slick fingers fucking in and out of their pussy. 

“Fuck, Sir, please, oh God, Sir,” Finley starts to stammer.

“What, boy?” Sarah asks. 

“Please, fuck—” They break off. “Please, fuck me… I’m so close. Please fuck me until I cum.”

Sarah growls, fucking Finley harder and stroking their clit with her thumb. 

“Oh, fuck, oh God, oh fuck, fuck, fuuuuck!” Finley moans, clenching and trembling around Sarah’s fingers as they cum fast and hard. 

Blake is moaning, rutting on her fingers in the chair as her orgasm overtakes her body, and she shudders and cries out. They both come down from their orgasms at the same time, panting and fighting to catch their breath. 

“You dirty little slut,” Sarah says to Blake. “I told you to behave yourself. Now it’s time for you to get punished.” 

Blake swallows, her face burning in embarrassment and pleasure. 

Sarah pulls her fingers from Finley’s cunt and licks them clean, enjoying the tangy, salty taste of them. She slaps Finley’s ass and tells them that they’ve been a good boy. “Now, where’s your phone?” she asks. 

Finley stands up, pulling up their pants and searching through their backpack, pulling out their iPhone. 

“Unlock it, please,” Sarah instructs. Finley types in their PIN. Sarah pulls up the camera and sets it to record. “This is your punishment,” she tells Blake. “You wanted to be on video, here you go.” She looks at Finley. “Spank her.”

Finley obeys, bending Blake’s naked body over the desk and smacking her ass with their hand. 

“Harder,” Sarah orders. 

“Yes, Sir,” Finley agrees. They spank Blake much harder, enough to bring up a hand-shaped red welt on Blake’s ass. Finley’s hand stings a little. 

“Good boy,” she praises from behind the camera. 

Finley spanks Blake’s ass until both cheeks are red and warm. They play with her ass teasingly, spreading her ass cheeks apart and letting them bounce back together. 

“Is that enough punishment, Sir?” Finley asks. 

“Yes, boy. Now I want you to feel her pussy and tell me how wet she got.” 

Finley obeys, spreading Blake’s lips and stroking her slit, moaning, “Oh fuck, Sir, she’s so wet.”

“Fuck her pussy and make her cum like a needy little slut,” Sarah instructs, adjusting the camera to film Blake’s blushing, flustered face while Finley fingerfucks her, recording all of her facial expressions and moans. 

“Oh, God,” Blake moans. “Fuck.” She’s so wildly turned on at everything about this situation. Fucking in public. Getting caught. Being spanked. The camera on her, making her skin feel 10 degrees hotter. 

“Do you like that, Blake?” Finley asks, feeling bold in front of the camera.. “Do you like my fingers in your wet cunt?” 

“Ohhhh,” Blake answers. “Ohh.” 

Sarah can’t resist slipping two fingers in Blake’s open mouth, making her suck on them. 

“They said,” Sarah says patronizingly, “Do you like that?” 

Blake can’t answer with the fingers in her mouth, and it makes her feel like a dumb, speechless slut. 

Finley brings their other hand around to play with Blake’s clit. They bring her close to the edge and her helpless whimpers are muffled by Sarah’s fingers. Sarah pulls her fingers from Blake’s mouth and spreads her spit around her lips, calling her a good girl.

“Fuck,” Blake moans. “Yes, Sir. I’m a good girl.”

Sarah groans, feeling her own clit hard and aching in her pants. 

“Oh God,” Blake whines. “Oh God. I’m so close. I’m so— I’m so—” 

Blake’s second orgasm hits her hard, the waves of pleasure pounding through her body, her mouth opening to let out a cry. Sarah carefully records her blushing face as she cums. She gasps and moans as the aftershocks buzz through her. 

“What a little slut,” Sarah says.

“Is that true, Blake?” Finley asks. “Are you a slut?”

She whimpers and nods. 

“Say it,” Finley says.

She looks at the camera lens. “I’m a slut.”

“Are you a slut for butch cock?” Sarah asks, tilting her head and stroking her crotch. 

“Uh,” Blake says. She clears her throat. “Um. Yeah.”

“Do you want to suck my cock, Blake?” Sarah asks. 

Blake nods eagerly, straightening up and getting to her knees in front of her. Sarah continues recording on the phone as Blake undoes her belt, her button, her zipper, pulling out the hard black strap-on that she likes to pack with sometimes. Blake licks her lips eagerly, reaching to take Sarah in her mouth, but Sarah stops her, telling her to wait and beg for it. 

She gulps. “Please, Sir, can I suck your cock?” Blake asks obediently. 

“Yes, baby, you can suck my cock.” 

Blake looks up at the camera and then takes the strap in her mouth, licking and sucking like a good girl. Finley watches in the background, drooling a little at the sight of a naked Blake on her knees. Blake can feel her cunt dripping wetness, and she reaches down to touch herself. 

“Fucking hell,” Sarah swears, losing her composure. “You little slut. You’re desperate for it, aren’t you? You just need a good, hard fucking, don’t you?” 

Blake whimpers around Sarah’s cock, unable to answer. Her fingers rub her wet folds, teasing up to her clit. She slips a finger inside herself easily and moans. Another finger slides in, and she starts rocking on her fingers desperately while continuing to suck down Sarah’s cock.

“Fuck,” Finley swears, tempted to touch themself now. 

“Jesus Christ,” Sarah says. She reaches for Blake’s hair and tugs her away from her strap. “You dirty little cockslut. You want this cock in your pussy, huh?”

Blake nods eagerly. “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. Fuck.” She continues to ride her fingers, moaning.

“Stop that, you fucking slut, and clean off your fingers,” Sarah orders. 

A blush breaks out over Blake’s body at being bossed around like this. She obeys, licking her wetness off of her fingers and tasting herself. She feels so dirty performing for the camera. 

Sarah hands the phone to Finley, telling them to continue recording. They nod. 

“Bend over the desk,” Sarah instructs Blake. She obeys, getting up from her knees and bending at the hips, letting her ass wiggle. Sarah’s gentle hands reach her hips, squeezing.

Sarah strokes her silicone cock and brings the tip to Blake’s wet slit, rubbing it up and down, teasing her. She waits patiently for the begging to come, and it does.

“Please, Sir,” Blake moans. “Fuck me, please. Please fuck me with your cock, Sir.”

“Good girl,” Sarah says, bringing her hand around to play with Blake’s clit. She gasps and ruts into her touch. Sarah presses her cock into Blake’s tight opening and sinks into her wet pussy, pulling desperate whining and moaning from Blake’s mouth. 

“God, you’re such a slut for it,” Sarah groans, fucking into her. 

“Yes, Sir,” Blake pants. “Oh fuck, Sir. Fuck yes, Sir.” 

Finley films Blake’s face as she gets fucked, her eyes closing and mouth opening in pleasure. She grips onto the edge of the desk, knuckles turning white. 

Sarah is grunting, losing herself to her own pleasure as she pounds into Blake hard. Blake screams. The friction of Sarah’s strap against her clit is sending sparks of electricity through her core and she’s chasing the feeling, losing herself to it, hearing nothing but Blake’s moaning and the sound of her cock pounding wet pussy. She grinds her clit into the base of the strap until she’s cumming on it, grunting and gasping.

Finley stands frozen, red light blinking on the phone. Their mouth is dry, their eyes glazing over, as they watch Sarah fall apart, chasing her own pleasure.

“Fuck,” Sarah mutters when she’s done.

Fuck, indeed, Finley thinks.

Sarah reaches down to stroke Blake’s sensitive clit, making her jump. “Oh fuck,” Blake gasps. “Please, Sir.”

“Please what, girl?” Sarah demands.

“Ohh, please… please play with my clit like that. Please make me cum on your cock, Sir. I want to be a good slut for you, Sir.”

Sarah growls, pleased. She continues rubbing Blake’s clit and fucking her needy pussy, making her moan like a slut. Blake is helpless and desperate for it now, thinking of nothing but having another delicious, perfect orgasm. She feels so slutty under Finley’s and the camera’s gaze, surrendering to pleasure for her audience.

“Do you like that, slut? Do you want to cum on Sir’s cock?” Sarah says, fucking her hard. 

Blake moans, “Ohh, fuck, Sir. Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. Oh God.” Hot coals of pleasure are burning inside her, sparking. She lets go, letting the fire take over her body. She cums with a scream, her eyes shutting and her mouth opening wide as the embers burn. She shakes and trembles as Sarah fucks her through the orgasm and the aftershocks.

“Jesus Christ,” Finley swears from behind the camera. “That was fucking hot.” They turn the camera off, slipping the phone into their pocket. 

“Good girl,” Sarah says. She slips her cock out of her and slaps Blake’s ass. 

“Fuck,” Blake whimpers. She’s panting, still bent over the desk. She pushes herself up and looks at Finley with dark eyes, licking her lips. Finley leans in and kisses her hard, grabbing her face and slipping their tongue in her mouth. Blake moans into their mouth. 

Eventually they pull apart, and Sarah has tucked her cock back in her pants and straightened herself up. “I trust you’ve both learned your lessons, and that this will stay between us?” she asks, returning to her serious demeanor. 

“Yes, Sir,” they both say at the same time. A smirk tugs at the corner of Sarah’s mouth.

“Good. Get dressed. Meet me at the book checkout.” 

Sarah turns around and leaves the office. Blake picks up her clothes, discarded on the floor next to the chair. She slowly slips her clothes back on while Finley buttons up. 

“Holy fuck,” Blake whispers.

“Right?” Finley whispers back. They kiss again, and grab their bags. 

Sarah is waiting for them at the checkout with a book. The cover is a blue-toned photograph of two butches embracing, one of them with a tattoo on their arm that says “Daddy’s Boy.” The title is Set in Stone: Butch-on-Butch Erotica

“This is due back in a week,” Sarah says, handing it to Finley. “Don’t be late.”

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