New Year’s

Charlie and her friends go to a kink party for New Year’s Eve.

Sequel to Poker Game, Halloween Party, and Camping Trip.

Warnings: group sex, kink party, public sex, edging, countdowns, alcohol and weed consumption, spanking, Daddy and Sir kink

November passes and the snow begins to pile up in Toronto. Christmas and Hanukkah come and go, and the city is blanketed in white. It’s New Year’s Eve, and Charlie is in her tiny two bedroom apartment getting ready for a kink party with her friends. With no fucking clue what to wear, she settles for all black: a button-up in a traditional handkerchief pattern, a chain necklace, jeans, and shiny Solovairs. She pulls on a leather jacket too, and her Canada Goose jacket over all of it.

The gang is meeting her at Thirst at 9:00pm. It’s 8:15. She doesn’t want to be late, but she also doesn’t want to be early and be at her first kink party all alone, looking like a lost baby deer. She paces around the front hallway of her apartment, pulling out her phone to check the group chat, still named “Butch Bods 🔥🍑🍆”.

Max: Running on gay time, gonna be late.

Lou: We’ll be there at 9:00

Zeke: You know my baby’s always punctual

Cal: also running late

Charlie checks the Uber estimate and it’s putting her ETA at 8:54pm now, so she calls the ride.

Charlie: see u butches at 9

Charlie arrives at an inconspicuous front door that opens to a hallway with a coat rack. She takes off her Canada Goose jacket and hangs it up, filling out a nametag to read “CHARLIE SHE/HER” and placing it on her leather jacket. She checks her phone. 8:59. Perfect.

She opens the next set of doors and steps into a new world. Hot queer people of every style are wearing everything from lingerie to harnesses to full leather outfits. Half naked bottoms are getting flogged in the corners by skilled Doms who know how to hit. Nearly naked bartenders are serving drinks to a long line of guests.

Charlie shoves her hands into her jean pockets and starts to peer around the room for Zeke and Lou when she spies Parker on the other side of the crowd, wearing a leather bulldog harness over a tight black t-shirt and looking every part the hot, muscular rugby player that he is.

She slowly makes her way across the party, where Parker is standing watching a demo bootblack. She nudges him in the arm, saying, “Hey, hottie.”

He turns and smiles. “Hey, Daddy,” he says with a wink, using her nickname from the strip poker game. It always gets her flustered.

“Shuddup,” Charlie says, blushing. She’s crushing hard on Parker and she loves getting fucked by his black silicone cock, which she has been three times now – once at the Halloween party, once at the camping trip, and once when Parker came over to fix a leak in her bathroom sink and he came hard packing. That last one sparked some major crush feelings in Charlie that she didn’t need to experience. If she’s not careful, this friend group is going to turn into a six-person polycule. What’s a six-sided shape? A hexagon. This friend group is going to become a hexagon.

“How you feeling about tonight?” he asks, ducking down to speak in her ear over the murmur of the crowd and the light R&B music playing in the background.

“Good,” she says automatically, instinctively – but she pauses and thinks about it, and it’s true. She does feel good. She feels eager and wide awake, her blood thrumming through her veins as she anticipates the group scene they have planned with the gang.

“Good,” Parker says, winking. God, he’s so handsome. His warm brown eyes and the sharp outline of his fresh fade… She’s getting lost in thought about it when Zeke and Lou show up in her peripheral vision and she shakes herself out of it.

“Dudes!” Lou says, opening their arms wide and embracing Charlie in a hug.

“So good to see you, bro,” she says.

“My man,” Parker says, patting Lou on the shoulder.

They swap, Charlie greeting Zeke and Parker saying hi to Lou.

“How ya feeling, Daddy?” Zeke asks teasingly. Charlie blushes hard, hoping it’s not obvious under the low lighting of the kink party.

“I’m feeling good, Peach,” Charlie says cheekily. She swats Zeke on the ass, where they have a tattoo of a peach.

“Excited for your scene, baby boy?” Lou says with a smirk.

“Yup,” Charlie says, keeping her confidence. Yes, a part of her is nervous, but she loves and trusts her friends and she knows that tonight is going to be everything she’s ever dreamed of and more.

“Let’s get Daddy a drink,” Parker says, clapping Charlie on the back. She beams.

They wait in the inordinately long line at the bar, but when they get there, it turns out that the drinks are free, so she can’t complain. Charlie orders the Stone Butch Blues, a cocktail with Bombay Sapphire gin, blueberry liqueur, blueberry syrup, and classic LaCroix. It’s delicious and suits her taste just fine. Max would call it a pussy drink.

They take their drinks outside to the patio, where a joint is being passed around with a sub, who blows hot smoke in the mouths of the guests. The sub is naked and it’s every fantasy that Charlie has ever had.

“Are you interested in a hit off my toy?” their Dom asks, noticing the way that Charlie is eyeing the sub. The Dom and the sub are both hot and androgynous – maybe butch? But maybe not.

“Um, y-yeah, thanks,” Charlie stammers. She takes a seat in a free chair and the naked sub comes over to her, smiling demurely and straddling her lap. The sub takes a hit and leans into Charlie’s mouth, and Charlie inhales the smoke from them. Their lips are warm and soft, and the smoke is smooth in her lungs. Charlie almost brushes her hands against the sub’s naked skin of their waist, but she thinks better of it and clenches her hands in fists. The sub smiles and winks at Charlie, climbing off her lap to continue making their way around the patio crowd.

Charlie is blushing furiously as she sips her drink. Her friends grin and wink at her, nudging her and making her blush more.

They make small talk with the other guests, asking how their night is going, if they checked out any of the performances, what they’re looking for tonight.

Charlie shares, when asked, that she is going to bottom for a scene with Parker, Zeke, and Lou. She can’t help the redness that reaches her cheeks and ears, or the blood that rushes to other parts of her. The other guests respond with enthusiasm, congratulating her and wishing her a happy new year. Charlie’s eyes continue to drift off to the naked sub, who is now kneeling at their Dom’s feet, the joint evidently finished.

“Finally! Found you guys.”

Charlie perks up at Max’s voice behind her. She turns around to see the shit eating grin on their face, matched by Cal’s smirk.

“Dudes!” Parker yells.

“Hey Fox,” Cal teases. Parker got the nickname Fox from his rugby team, a flirty nickname calling him a silver fox minus the silver: his hair is black.

“Hey Rocky,” Parker replies. Cal picked up boxing recently, a new way to work out, with the side effect of making her even hotter. Max gave her the nickname and it stuck.

Things have been tense between Parker and Cal since the camping trip in November. Cal topped Parker and it unlocked desires in Parker that he wasn’t ready to face. He’d never called a dyke Daddy before and it, uh, really did it for him. He’s been aching to get fucked again, but he’s too much of a fucking top to admit it, so he’s kept the fantasy to shower jerkoff sessions. Cal has no idea. He hopes.

Max greets Zeke and Lou, who are cuddled up on a chair together acting like a full ass dyke couple, and then Max winks at Charlie. Her heart flutters and she manages to smile back at Max without spitting out her drink. God, she’s so hopeless.

“So we have some time to kill before we get started… What would you like to do, Charlie?” Cal asks.

“Well… First, I’d like another drink,” she announces, swirling the last of her Stone Butch Blues and grinning at Cal and Parker. “And I’d like to hit that pen of yours,” she adds, pointing at Max, who most definitely has a weed pen in their pocket. “And… we can head upstairs and be voyeurs for a bit.” She says this last part with a smirk, looking from Cal and Parker to Max to Zeke and Lou.

They grin back at her.

“Whatever you want, babe,” Cal says smoothly.

Cal and Max head to the bar to get drinks for the gang. Max leaves their pen with Charlie, putting a delighted grin on her freckled face.

Parker sits next to Charlie and makes small talk with her about Christmas at home with family and New Year’s resolutions. Charlie hums and haws and decides that this year, she wants to have more… orgasms.

“Well,” Parker chuckles, eyes darkening, “You’re starting off the new year right, then.”

“Maybe so,” Charlie agrees.

Charlie takes a puff of the weed pen and passes the pen to Zeke, who salutes her with it before taking their own inhale. Lou sits in Zeke’s lap, playing with their hair.

“You’re a couple a’ dykes,” Charlie says, pointing at them and squinting.

“Yup,” Zeke says. “Sure am,” Lou agrees.

“Charlie, you’re a dyke,” Parker says.

“What’s your point?” Charlie retorts.

“My point is, that you’re going to be on your hands and knees taking all of our cocks tonight, like a desperate little dyke. So be careful who you go calling ‘dyke.’”

Charlie’s mouth goes dry and she swallows. “Whatever, Parker. You’re hard just thinking about it,” she says, projecting, her hard clit throbbing in her jeans.

Parker raises his drink and winks at Charlie.

“Just thinking about what?” Cal chirps, back with Max and drinks for the crew.

“Parker is thinking about fucking Charlie tonight,” Zeke says.

“Oh, is that so?” Cal chuckles, handing a Stone Butch Blues to Charlie and a purple drink to Zeke.

“We’re all thinking about fucking Charlie,” Max says, locking eyes with Charlie, their green eyes dark with lust. Charlie can’t breathe for a second, staring back at Max, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Max and Charlie have been hanging out together in secret since the camping trip. Mostly fucking on Charlie’s couch. Charlie’s falling for them in the worst way, but she’s keeping that to herself for now.

“I’m very fuckable,” Charlie quips, swirling the straw in her drink.

“She’s very fuckable,” Parker agrees.

Charlie sips her Stone Butch Blues and breaks eye contact with Max. The buzz of her second drink begins to flow through her body, warming her skin. The throbbing between her legs hasn’t slowed, and she glances between her lustful friends and the naked sub, who is now standing with their Dom to leave the patio. Charlie tries not to stare at their bare ass as they walk away. Charlie is so, so curious about whatever it is they’re about to do.

As more seats open up on the patio, the gang sits and relaxes, sipping their drinks and making chit chat with the other guests. The weed pen gets passed around and Charlie takes a long draw, trying to relax her nerves. She coughs, because of course she does, and Max laughs and calls her a pussy.

She lifts up a middle finger and continues to cough into her fist.

Parker is chatting with a couple of older dykes wearing leather gear and looking comfortable and relaxed with each other. Max talks with a wide-eyed newbie who’s just mentioned that this is their first kink party.

“Oh, me too,” Charlie says with a friendly smile. “You’re not alone.”

The newbie looks relieved and smiles back. “Thanks. What’s your name? I’m Niya.”

“Charlie. Nice to meet you, Niya.”

“Pronouns?” Niya asks.

“Oh, she/her,” Charlie says.

“They/them,” Max adds.

“She/her,” Niya replies with a nod.

Charlie gives a small smile and returns to her drink, sipping as Max asks if Niya knows anyone here. Charlie turns to Zeke and Lou on her other side, the lovebirds who are still cuddling in the same chair.

“How you doing, hottie?” Lou asks.

“I’m good,” Charlie beams. The buzz of her high combined with the good vibes of the party have her feeling on cloud nine. She’s excited for the new year, but she’s especially excited for midnight. “What’s the time?”

Zeke checks their phone and replies, “Ten.”

“We’re getting started at 11, right?”

“Yep. Getting eager, hot stuff?” Zeke winks.

“Just… thinking about how to spend the next hour, that’s all.”

When everyone has finished drinking and chatting and smoking, twenty minutes have passed.

“Wanna head upstairs, Daddy?” Cal asks, teasing Charlie with her nickname.

“Sure, Rocky.” Charlie smirks.

The group says goodbye to Niya and the older leatherdyke couple, along with a few other acquaintances they met tonight.

“Lead the way, hottie,” Parker tells Charlie, so she walks upstairs and the group follows. The music is louder now than on the patio, the bass of the R&B pounding through Charlie’s body. She grips the handrail for balance and pulls herself to the top of the stairs, where a crowd is surrounding a performance of a Dom and sub: the same androgynous hottie from earlier who got in her lap and shotgunned her a hit. The sub is collared and leashed now, getting pounded by the Dom’s dick. They’re moaning and begging for “more, more, more,” and it lights a fire inside Charlie.

The crowd is too big for any seats to be open, so the gang stands and watches in awe as the sub takes it and takes it. Charlie can feel herself getting wet. She swallows. Everyone else is clearly feeling the same way.

When the sub is finally allowed to cum, after a lot of denial and begging, Charlie is dying to cum, too. The sub cries out in hot moans from the pleasure of their orgasm as a crowd of at least fifteen people watch. Charlie squeezes her legs together, her clit hard and pulsing.

The Dom offers some aftercare, rubbing the sub’s body and whispering something in their ear. Charlie surreptitiously checks the time and it’s 10:45. The couple starts cleaning up the station they were using, a punishment bench of wood and soft leather. Charlie is eyeing it, considering.

“It’s a little before 11, but do you want to get set up here?” Cal asks in Charlie’s ear. It’s their chance to claim the spot, and the bench. Charlie nods. It’ll mean she gets teased for longer, but… maybe that’s a good thing.

The couple leaves and the gang pounces on the spot. Charlie catches the eye of the sub and smiles. They look dazed and pleased, and they smile and wave back.

“Alright, boy, you know the plan,” Parker says to Charlie, taking charge. Her friends surround her and start taking off her clothes, working her boots off her feet and her jacket off her shoulders, unbuttoning her black shirt with the handkerchief print – flagging black. When her pants and boyshorts are off, the shiny Solovairs go back on.

When Cal suggested in their negotiations that Charlie wear nothing but her boots, Charlie had no idea just how hot it would immediately make her.

“Kneel for us, boy,” Parker orders. Charlie does. Max brings out a black leather collar with an O-ring. “You’ve been such a good boy for us, baby. You’ve been obedient, submissive, and slutty, and we couldn’t ask for a better sub or a better friend.”

Charlie wasn’t expecting a speech when they talked about collaring her. She’s about to start tearing up.

“Thank you, Sir,” she manages to say in a steady voice.

“Do you want to be a good boy for us tonight?” Parker asks.

“Yes, Sir,” she says eagerly.


Parker nods to Max, who wraps the collar around Charlie’s neck and adjusts the buckle until two fingers can slip underneath it.

“Does that feel good, boy?” Max asks.

Charlie is breathless and wet.

“Yes, Sir,” she answers.

A lock appears from Max’s pocket and they slip it into her collar buckle.

The click of the lock unravels something inside Charlie, something dark and heavy with desire. This is real now. This thing that began with a silly strip poker game is real. She’s their sub. She belongs to them for the next hour. They own her. They’re in charge of her pain and pleasure.

Charlie’s eyes flutter closed. Parker lifts her chin and softly says, “Look at me, boy.”

She opens her eyes, locking her gaze with Parker’s brown eyes and swallowing involuntarily.

“That’s it, boy. Now give us your wrists.”

Charlie holds her hands out in front of her and Max brings leather cuffs to wrap around her wrists. They’re soft on the inside, some fuzzy red material, and they feel worn from use. Charlie guesses that they belong to Cal.

In a collar, cuffs, and boots, Charlie kneels and awaits instruction.

“Stand,” Parker orders. She does. “Kneel on the bench.”

Charlie climbs onto the punishment bench and kneels down. Max clips her wrist cuffs to the bench and she’s vulnerable and exposed while a crowd of a dozen hot queer people watch her.

Then hands are on her skin – some soft, some rough – touching her bare back, her ass, her thighs, teasing and squeezing, until Parker announces to Charlie and the crowd, “You’ve been a bad boy. Haven’t you, baby? With your filthy mind, and your slutty butch pussy. You’re probably already wet, aren’t you? You deserve to be spanked for it, and you’ll get 23 spanks for the new year.”

“Yes, Sir,” Charlie says.

Parker starts off the spanks, two on each cheek. Charlie counts them and finishes with, “Thank you, Sir.”

Max, who seems to be acting as Parker’s assistant Dom tonight, spanks her next.

“Five, six, seven, eight. Thank you, Sir.”

Cal, Zeke, and Lou all spank her twice on each asscheek with their bare hands. By the twentieth spank, Charlie’s voice is a little tight and her thighs are quivering.

“What’s your color, baby?” Parker asks, caressing and squeezing her ass.

“Green,” Charlie pants.

“Good boy.”

Parker spanks her hard three more times. Her ass is red and hot under his hand, welting in the shape of handprints. She counts up to twenty-three and thanks Sir for hitting her.

“Did you like that, boy?” Cal asks, standing in front of Charlie’s face and crouching down so they’re at eye level with each other.

Charlie nods, whining. “Yes, Daddy. Yes, I liked it.”

“How much did you like it, boy?” Parker asks.

“I, um–” Charlie starts to stammer a reply.

“Enough to make you wet, boy?”

She whimpers. “Yeah. Yes. Yes, it made me wet, Sir.”

“Well maybe we should find out just how wet, hmm?”

Charlie moans. “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

“But first… We’re gonna play a little game,” Max says, dangling a blindfold from their finger. Charlie shivers and swallows.

“That’s right, boy. You like games, don’t you?” Parker teases.

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. We’re going to blindfold you, and you guess who’s fingering you. If you get it right, you get to clean off their fingers and they’ll stand aside. If you get it wrong, you get your ass paddled and we try again. What do you think, baby boy? Do you want that?”

Her body goes weak and she suppresses a whimper.

“Yes, Sir. Please. I want that.”

Good boy.”

Max ties the blindfold around Charlie’s eyes and she lets her head drop, relaxing her neck. Fingers tease up and down her thighs and she shivers and wiggles her ass.

A smack on her ass with someone’s hand startles her. “Stay still. Fucking slut,” Parker says.

“Yes, Sir,” she agrees.

Hands continue to tease her backside until one particular hand reaches in between her legs and slides a single finger up her wet slit. She moans – an aching, desperate sound. She’s trying so hard not to move, but at least she can be as loud as she wants. The finger sinks into her and she moans louder, starts swearing and begging: “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, please, Daddy, please, Sir, oh God that feels so good…”

“Cute begging, boy,” Parker says, “but we need a guess.”

“Um, ah… Max?” Charlie guesses. Then she winces. Why did she guess Max first? She’s so obvious.


A paddle hisses in the air as a swing comes down on her ass, making her squeal. Another strike on her other cheek. The finger hasn’t stopped in her cunt. It feels so fucking wrong and so fucking good to be spanked and fingered together.

“Oh, Sir, please fuck me…”

“You get one more guess before we reset. Who’s fingering you, boy?” Parker demands.

“Uh… You? You are, Sir?” Charlie guesses.

“Better. Good boy.”

Parker takes his fingers out of Charlie’s dripping cunt and brings them to her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks her taste off of Parker’s fingers, whimpering.

“Such a good fucking slut,” Parker whispers to her. “What’s your color, boy?”

“Green,” Charlie whispers back.

“Good boy.”

Parker stands at the head of the bench, playing with Charlie’s short brown hair while someone else sinks a finger into Charlie’s wet pussy.

“Oh God,” she moans. “Oh fuck.” The finger fucks in and out of her while Parker grips her hair and asks in her ear, “Who’s fucking you, baby?”

“Umm… Zeke?”


A paddle comes down hard on her right asscheek, then her left. She cries out in pain and pleasure as the finger inside her curls into her favorite spot.

“Oh my God, keep fucking me, please,” Charlie begs.

Someone smacks her ass with their hand.

“This isn’t about your pleasure, baby boy. This is about the game. Now, who’s fucking you? You have ten seconds to guess.”

“Um, fuck… Cal?”

“Wrong again, boy.”

The paddle hurts more this time, hits harder, stings for longer.

“Fuck!” Charlie pants.

“We’re resetting now, boy. Anyone could be fucking you. Now take a guess, and be quick about it.”

The finger inside her reaches that perfect spot right away, and she wonders again if it’s Max.

“Oh God… Max?” she guesses.

“Good boy, plaything. Nice job,” Parker praises. Max pulls their finger out of Charlie’s pulsing pussy and brings it to her mouth, where she eagerly sucks it clean.

“Filthy little slut,” Max praises, loud enough for the crowd to hear. Redness rushes to her cheeks and ears.

“Thank you, Sir,” Charlie replies, loud and firm.

“Now, who’s –” Parker asks as he grips her hair “– fucking you, baby?”

A moan escapes Charlie as another finger enters her dripping pussy.

“God, fuck. Is it Cal?”


The two smacks hit her ass with a loud sound followed by a strangled cry from Charlie’s throat.

“Is it Lou?”

“Wrong. God, you’re awful at this game, baby boy,” Parker chuckles.

Two more hits. Charlie’s ass is nice and sore now. It just keeps making her wetter and wetter. Another finger fucks her open.


“Um… Ah, Cal?” Charlie guesses again.

“…Lucky guess,” Parker replies.

Cal slips her finger from Charlie’s cunt and brings it to Charlie’s waiting mouth. She moans as she licks it clean.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Charlie says, wishing she wasn’t blindfolded so she could look into Cal’s eyes.

“Good boy,” she replies, caressing Charlie’s jaw.

“Keep guessing, boy,” Parker instructs Charlie as a finger penetrates her.

“God. Zeke?”

“Wrong,” Parker laughs. “A fifty-fifty chance and you still can’t get it right?”

Charlie whimpers. The paddle is merciless, beating her red ass hard once, twice.

“No second guesses this time. We’re restarting. Who’s fucking you?”

“Um. Ah. Zeke?”

“Still wrong.”

“Fuck!” Charlie yells as the paddle hits her again and again.

“Guess again.”

“Lou?” Charlie whines.

“Nope. Bad boy, can’t even tell who’s fucking you. You’d think you’d have learned by now.”

“Sir–” Charlie whines again.

The smacks rain down, and Charlie squeals and moans.

A finger fucks her and she feels tight and clenched around it.

“Who’s fucking you, boy?” Parker asks.


“No,” Parker laughs. “So bad at this! Come on, boy.”

The smack that hits her right cheek stings and burns, and then again on her left.

“Oh!” she cries out, her hands clenching in their bonds.

The finger inside her stops fucking her and starts again.

“Guess who’s fucking you, you dumb slut,” Parker orders. It’s so hot. It makes her wet pussy clench to be called a dumb slut.

“Please, uh– Oh God, please…” Charlie moans. “Is it, uh, Lou?”

Finally, boy. Jesus. I thought you’d never get it right. Good job, boy. Lick him clean.”

Wet fingers are shoved into Charlie’s mouth and she groans as Zeke sinks their fingers into her cunt, fucking her harder than anyone else has yet. She’s moaning as she cleans off Lou’s fingers, and then the blindfold is taken off and she opens her eyes to a crowd that’s doubled in size.

She blushes furiously, mouth agape as she takes Zeke’s fingers in her cunt. They add another one, curling two fingers inside her, then three.

“Oh my God,” Charlie moans. “Oh my God, Daddy, please fuck me. Please fuck me like that.”

“Nice begging, boytoy. Keep doing it,” Parker orders.

“Yeah, we like it,” Max adds, bringing their hand to Charlie’s throat and gently squeezing.

“Please, Sir, please choke me like that while Daddy fucks my pussy. Please, Daddy, please fuck me… Please fuck me,” Charlie begs.

Good boy,” Parker murmurs in Charlie’s ear.

“Do you want to take our cocks, boy?” Max asks, loud enough for the crowd.

“Oh God,” Charlie chokes out. “Yeah, Sir. Please, Sir. I want your cocks in me so fucking badly. I’ve been wet all night thinking about it. All day, too. Please fuck me, Sir.”

Max laughs and strokes Charlie’s hair with their free hand. The gesture makes her swallow – nervous, giddy, buzzing.

“Good fucking boy, Charlie,” Max growls in her ear, for only her to hear. It makes her ache and throb.

“Jesus, Charlie, you’re so fucking wet,” Zeke says from behind her, three fingers and three knuckles deep.

“Oh, did that make you wet, boy?” Max asks with a wicked grin.

“Ohhh,” Charlie is moaning, over and over.

“Do you like it when I call you a good boy?” Max says.

“Yeah,” Charlie whimpers. “Yeah, I like it.”

“Are you forgetting something?”

“I like it, Sir.”

“Good boy.”

Charlie moans again, clenching on Zeke’s thick fingers.

“Please, Daddy, please – fuck me harder, Daddy, more, more, more…” she begs.

“God, you’re such a fucking slut,” Lou says.

“Yeah,” Cal agrees. “Are you a needy little cockslut, boy?”

Charlie nods eagerly. “Yeah, Daddy, I am.”

“You want our cocks in you, babe?” Max asks.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. God, I want to be fucked. Please.”

“Come on, you can do better than that,” Parker says. “I know you can beg better than that for all these nice people,” he adds, motioning to the crowd of at least twenty people who are watching her get fucked.

“Please, Sir, God… Please spitroast me with all your cocks, Sir. I want it so badly. I’m a pathetic, needy little cockslut and I want all of your cocks in me, please. Please.”

“Better, boytoy…” Parker says. “What do we think,” Parker asks, raising his voice, turning to the crowd, “does this pathetic slut deserve our cocks? Show of thumbs up or down.”

Oh my God, Charlie thinks. Her cunt clenches at the crowd’s obvious attention on her, their interaction with the scene. She looks up and sees a few thumbs up, a few down and sideways.

“Hmm, mixed results,” Parker announces. “Sounds like you need to beg more, boy.”

“Sir, fuck – Please, Sir, God, please fuck me, please spitroast me, please split me open on your cocks and make me your pathetic little cumslut, I need it, I need to be used and abused by you. I’m just a set of holes for your butch cock.”

“That’s right, slut. You’re nothing but a set of holes to be filled. Let’s find out how much butch cock you can take, you little toy,” Parker growls.

Charlie feels so degraded, so used, so, so turned on and wet from all this dirty talk from the sexy, muscular rugby player.

Zeke pulls their fingers from Charlie’s needy cunt and brings them to her mouth. She eagerly cleans them off, moaning on Zeke’s hand.

“Such a pathetic slut…” Zeke says admiringly.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Charlie replies.

They fuck her in order of the size of their straps, starting with Cal’s little teal piece. She lubes it up and brings it to Charlie’s entrance, gripping her hip with her free hand and slipping inside so easily.

“Fuck… Boytoy. You’re such a fucking slut. So easy. Your hole was made for my cock, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, Daddy. Oh, yes, Daddy. Made for you. Yours. Please. Please.”

“Please what, baby boy?” Parker mocks.

“Please fuck me, Daddy!”

“Cute begging, boy. I like it. But I want to hear it muffled. Someone shut her up,” Cal says.

Charlie opens her mouth in a moan as Cal fucks into her, and Lou slips his beige veiny cock out of his pants and into Charlie’s mouth. Her moans come out muffled and smothered, and Cal fucks her hard, once.

Parker checks his watch and does some math, putting a timer on for Cal. “You have three minutes, Daddy,” Parker says to Cal, winking. She nods.

Cal fucks slowly and methodically.

Charlie pulls Lou’s cock from her mouth and begs for more, practically sobs for it.

But Cal goes slow. Achingly slow. But she never speeds up, not in the whole three minutes she has to fuck Charlie.

Charlie moans and whines on Lou’s cock, wanting so much more stimulation than she’s getting. The denial makes her so wet that she can feel her pussy dripping.

Charlie looks up from the bench she’s strapped to and gazes back at the crowd, feeling her blood rush through her veins in excitement at all the pairs of eyes looking back at her. Niya stands in her silk black dress and she winks at Charlie, making her blush. Charlie’s gaze travels through the crowd and she gets lost in her thoughts, in the thrill of exposure, when the timer goes off.

Lou is called to action for his turn, and he pulls his cock from Charlie’s wet, pink mouth. Charlie whimpers when Cal’s cock leaves her aching cunt. She clenches and throbs on nothing, but the cock is quickly replaced with Lou’s lubed up beige strap, slightly bigger than Cal’s.

“Yes, Lou, fuck yes, please fuck me, God,” Charlie begs.

Lou growls, fucking hard into her, picking a faster pace than Cal’s, and pulling eager moans from her throat.

“Yes, Lou, thank you, Sir, please fuck me like that, please –”

Charlie’s moans are interrupted by Cal’s cock in her mouth, salty and tasting like herself.

“Yeah? You like that, boytoy? You like having both your holes filled up with butch cock while a bunch of dykes and queers watch you and get off, huh?”

“Mmhmm,” Charlie replies, muffled.

Cal laughs, meanly, just mean enough that it turns Charlie on.

“Yeah? You like it? Then suck my cock like the slut you are.”

Yes, Daddy, Charlie thinks, drunk on pleasure and attention and the thrill of exhibitionism.

“Fuck,” Lou swears. “God, Charlie, you’re so fucking wet. Do you like this or something? What kind of sick freak likes being gangbanged by a bunch of butches in public?”

Charlie’s moans pitch louder in response. I do, she thinks. I like it.

“Just – pretty – boy – fuck – toys –” Lou grunts, punctuating every word with a thrust of his hips.

“And you’re a prettyboy fucktoy, aren’t you, Charlie?” Max asks, bending down to eye level with Charlie and playing with her short brown hair while Lou and Cal fuck her silly. She looks at Max, drool dribbling down her chin, and nods around Cal’s cock.

Max laughs lightly and ruffles her hair.

“Yeah, baby, we know.”

Baby lights a fire inside Charlie, and a blush creeps up her neck and chest. She’s crushing so hard on Max and can’t admit it. “Baby” is just sparking more feelings inside her that she doesn’t know how to deal with. It’s also making her wet.

“Move over, Lou. It’s my turn,” Max says. They pull their red silicone cock out of their jeans and lube up. Cal pulls her cock from Charlie’s mouth and stands aside for Lou to take his turn with a blowjob.

Lou and Max make eye contact and nod with each other, filling Charlie up at the same time.

“Ohhh–” Charlie starts to moan aloud, until it’s muffled by Lou’s cock in her throat.

Max fucks her in that way that’s become familiar – their hips hit a certain pace and angle from the back that they’ve mastered, and it drives her crazy. Lou’s cock slides in and out of her mouth and drool dribbles down her chin.

Charlie’s eyes flutter closed as the pleasure becomes overwhelming. She loses herself in it; she lets go of where she is and gives into the sensations: of being filled, of being fucked, of being used.

Feeling Max inside her, knowing it’s their cock bringing her pleasure, makes her skin hot and blushy. She loves the way their strap hits the perfect spot inside her, and her appreciative moans make themselves known regardless of Lou’s strap muffling her.

The last time Max fucked her like this, she was bent over the couch in her Toronto apartment, begging to cum and probably pissing off her neighbors. Max had come over supposedly to watch Love is Blind and eat pizza, but their hard packer said otherwise. Charlie’s hands wandered over to Max’s lap as soon as she spotted the bulge, and the rest was history.

Before Charlie can reminisce any further, the moment is over, and Zeke is swapping places with Max. Lou’s cock slips out of Charlie’s mouth.

“Hey there, prettyboy,” Max says, sounding smug. “Time to clean me up.”

Max brings their red silicone strap to Charlie’s mouth, nudging her lips open and guiding their cock into her warm, wet, waiting mouth.

She tastes herself, feels Zeke’s cock split her open, feels the audience’s eyes on her, hears the thudding bass of the music downstairs and the murmurs of the crowd.

“Do you like that, you fucking slut?” Zeke asks from behind her. “You like Max’s cock in your throat?”

“Mmf,” Charlie whimpers, unable to answer.

The gang laughs at her and calls her names like slut and whore and prettyboy fucktoy.

Her skin burns in embarrassment and arousal. The dungeon is cold, but she feels hot, like she could burst into flames from the attention and pleasure.

Max’s hand tangles in Charlie’s short brown hair and she hums. Their cock is slick with cum and spit and Charlie looks up at Max’s face to see it twisted in pleasure. A warmth grows in her gut and spreads to her chest, and she ignores the way her heart aches.

Before she can spend too long watching Max’s mouth drop open and eyes squeeze shut, this round of fucking is over. Parker takes over from behind Charlie, lubing up, and Zeke nudges Max aside and shoves their big dick in Charlie’s mouth.

Parker has the biggest cock of the group, surprise surprise. They saved him for last. He stretches out Charlie’s soft, wet cunt, going slow and gentle, and hitting the perfect spot inside of her, rocking against her.

Charlie’s moans are audible even with Zeke’s brown dick sliding further into her throat. When Zeke’s strap is clean, they pull out of her mouth while Parker continues to slowly, teasingly fuck her.

Cal comes over holding a wand vibrator and dangling a ball gag on her finger.

“Hey cutie…” she says flirtatiously. “This is for you.”

Charlie is trying to contain her moans, and her breath is coming out in huffs and whimpers.

“Yeah? Thank you, Daddy…” Charlie replies.

“Let’s see… We have… ten minutes until midnight. We’re going to edge you stupid.” Cal smiles. “Do you want that, baby? You filthy little slut?”

Charlie whines and it’s way more pathetic than she means it to be. She nods.

“You’re going to hold back until everyone starts counting down. You cum at midnight or not at all, understand?”

Charlie nods again frantically.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy,” Cal says.

Charlie glows under her praise.

Cal leans down to whisper so no one else can hear, “What’s your color?”

“Green,” Charlie whispers.

She brings the ball gag to Charlie’s mouth and hooks the silver buckle into the soft black leather behind her head.

Cal stands up. “Good boy,” she says in a loud, clear voice.

Then she turns the vibrator on and smirks, bringing it to Charlie’s swollen, aching clit. Charlie shrieks behind the ball gag and her whole body trembles, her wrists tugging against their bonds.

Parker starts fucking her deeper and harder and her shrieks turn to deep moans.

Without a dick in her throat, she has a full view of the audience, and Charlie looks up to see a hot butch with a mullet and tattoo sleeves watching her intently. She freezes and flushes all over. A smile grows on the mysterious butch’s face, and they wink at her. She moans and her eyes flutter closed as she relishes in the attention of these hot queer anonymous strangers.

Her eyes shoot open when a hand wraps around her throat. It’s Max, cock returned to jeans, choking her and calling her a good boy in her ear.

She’s close, and getting closer with every dirty word that Max murmurs to her.

She motions “stop” with her hand to Cal. The toy turns off, and a pitiful whine escapes Charlie’s throat.

“Aww, what’s the matter?” Cal mocks. “Do you wanna cum?”

Charlie eagerly whimpers and nods. She wonders how many minutes passed.

“Too bad. Not yet.”

Drool collects on the ball gag and begins to drip down Charlie’s neck. Max leans down and licks along the ball gag where Charlie’s lips meet the silicone. It’s so hot that Charlie can feel how much wetter it makes her, with Parker’s cock still in her cunt as he continues to fuck her in slow strokes.

The vibe switches back on and buzzes pleasure through Charlie’s clit again.

She’s aching to cum, so ready for it, it’s all her mind can focus on. Everything else – the audience, the dungeon, her dignity – fades away.

“Please, please let me cum,” Charlie tries to moan into her gag, but it comes out a muffled mess.

Cal laughs meanly. “What was that, my cute little toy?”

Charlie blushes.

“Oh, don’t get shy on me now, baby. Repeat yourself.”

Charlie obeys, mumbling into her gag like a dumb little slut, knowing that she can never form the words.

Cal’s laugh gets meaner, and Max, Parker, Zeke, and Lou join in mocking Charlie.

“You want it that bad, huh, baby?” “Are you a needy slut for it, Charlie?” “What was that, bro? We can’t hear you.”

Charlie’s blush is furious beneath her freckles. The more embarrassed she gets, the more turned on she becomes.

Max – still choking Charlie – brings a hand up to gently play with her hair. They whisper in her ear, “You’re doing so good, babe.”

Babe gives Charlie feelings in her gut that she isn’t ready to deal with. Shit.

Instead, she focuses on her impending orgasm that’s approaching with a growing speed. She waves to Cal, and regrettably the pleasure disappears, replaced with a throbbing ache.

Before she has the chance to catch her breath, the vibe is back on her, bringing her to the edge again and again. She’s whimpering, shaking, clenching her fists, moaning and crying out beneath the gag.

Then the crowd begins to chant:


She’s so close.


She doesn’t think she can make it.


Oh God.


She tries to wave Cal off, but she doesn’t relent.


Fuck. She’s gonna cum.


Max is undoing the buckle of her gag and she’s so close.


She’s helpless to the impending wave of pleasure.


The buzzing is starting in her toes and creeping up her body.


She can’t stop it.


She’s cumming. Max pulls off the gag.

“Happy new year!”

Her pleasure explodes like New Year’s fireworks inside her and she lets go, her scream ripping out of her throat. Parker doesn’t stop fucking her until she’s done screaming and moaning and Cal has pulled the vibe away.

“Fuck,” Charlie pants. “Fuck… Fuck.”

The gang chuckles.

“Did you like that? Did you like cumming for us?” Max asks.

“Yeah I did…” Charlie says dreamily. She sighs, then adds, “I can cum again… I can cum a lot of times, actually. It’s one of my superpowers.” She throws Max a wink, looking a little cumdrunk.

“What? Greedy little slut wants to cum again already?” Cal says wryly.

“Nice try, cumslut,” Parker says, slapping her ass as he tucks away his dick. “We’ve overstayed our welcome on this equipment already. It’s someone else’s turn.”

“But wouldn’t it be hot if we made you walk around this party naked for the rest of the night? In nothing but your Solovairs, your cuffs, and your collar…” Cal muses.

Charlie’s cunt throbs painfully at this thought. She wants that. She would really, really like that. Her blush creeps down her bare chest.

“Aww, embarrassed?” Zeke mocks.

“I think she likes that idea,” Lou chimes in.

Charlie swallows involuntarily, her throat constricting on itself.

“Mmm, that settles it. Naked and aching for more, it is,” Cal says, sounding smug.

“We could lead you around on a leash, if you want,” Parker offers.

Charlie’s blush deepens.

“N-no, collar is fine,” Charlie manages to say.

Lou sprays the punishment bench with cleaner and wipes it down with a paper towel while the crowd slowly disperses.

Someone hangs around, though.

Someone with a mullet and tattoos.

They eye Charlie and seem to find their resolve and walk forward to approach her.

“Hi there,” they say, and their pink tongue darts out to lick their lips. “I’m Eli. Great scene.”

Charlie’s gaze drops to her boots, then back to the stranger’s eyes. “Thank you, Eli,” Charlie says.

“If you want to play more tonight… I’ll be downstairs.”

With a smile and a wave, Eli is gone down the stairs, and Charlie is left blinking at thin air.

Max and Cal nudge Charlie with their elbows, teasing her for landing another butch already.

And yes, Eli is hot. And yes, Charlie does want to play with them later tonight.

But Charlie has her eye on a particular butch right now. A butch with curly dark hair and green eyes and a penchant for being so sarcastic that their nickname is Salt. A butch who bent her over the table in strip poker and fingered her into submission. A butch who dressed up as Spike for Halloween just to fluster Charlie and who named the group chat “Butch Bods 🔥🍑🍆”. A butch who – with such vulnerability and sweetness – bottomed for Charlie for the first time in their life. A butch who won’t stop calling her babe.



Charlie is falling for Max.

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