Sir plays with his kitten while he’s away for the week.

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Warnings: Edging, orgasm control, orgasm denial, post-orgasm torture, overstimulation, use of safeword that is planned and consented to by both parties

Word count: 7,345

Sir is away for a week and I’ve been ordered not to cum until he gets back. It’s day five, and I’m dying.

I’m lying in bed I make the mistake of scrolling through Tumblr on my phone and finding porn gif after porn gif, and erotic posts about being bent over the kitchen counter and fucked senseless while the food burns on the stove. A post about pillow humping and how pathetic and desperate it is has me eyeing my pillow next to me.

I’m in a tight white tank top and boxer briefs, wearing the double venus necklace that also serves as my day collar. I set up my tripod and phone and position myself on top of the pillow, hitting record.

I grind on the pillow and pleasure trembles through my body until I’m panting and moaning, and text the video to Sir.

Me: “Please, Sir, can I cum, please?” [Video attachment]

Sir: “What a pathetic little kitten, begging to cum already. No.”

A minute passes, just enough time for me to whine and pout while thinking of a response. My phone buzzes again.

Sir: “But…I would like to see more.”

A fire lights in my belly at the word more.

I record myself humping the pillow more fervently, whining and begging.

“Please, Sir, please let me cum. I need it so badly. Please, I’ll be so good for you. I’ll do whatever you say.”

I watch the video once before I send it, blushing at myself.

Me: “Please, Sir.” [Video attachment]

Sir: “You NEED it, do you pet? You’ll do WHATEVER I say? Go grab the clothespins.”

Fuck. I hate the clothespins.

Sir: “Start with your nipples, just like we’ve played with. You can do it, kitten. When you have them in place, send me a photo.”

Start? What the fuck have I done

I fumble for the toy bag in the closet, pulling out the handful of clothespins from the bottom where they might as well be gathering dust. I bite my lip. Fuck.

Positioning myself back on the pillow, I pull up my tank top and leave it tucked above my chest. I set up a timed 10 second shot, pinch my nipples with a pair of clothespins at the 5 second mark, wince, and then pout for the camera. My clit throbs in a horrible, aching way.

Me: 🥺 [Photo attachment]

Sir: “Good kitten. Keep the clothespins where they are and get the wand. Let me know when you’re close. You may not cum.”

I groan, reaching underneath my bed to find my wand vibrator. The sensation of the clothespins is distracting, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get myself to the edge, but Sir doesn’t seem to be in the mood for disobedience. I position the wand over my clit, close my eyes, and imagine Sir’s hands gripping my hips as I ride the wand.

I hit record on the camera when it starts to feel especially good.

“Oh, fuck, Sir,” I moan. “Oh, please, Sir. Please. Please… It feels so good. I’ve been so good. I’ve been such a good pet for you. Please let me cum. Oh, God. I’m so close. I’m so- I’m so close. Mmm.”

Finally, I pull the wand away when I’m too close. I look up at the camera, seeing my sweaty, panting face looking back at me.

“Please, Sir,” I say to my mirror image. I end the recording.

Me: “Please, Sir. I’ll be a good pet for you. 🥺” [Video attachment]

Sir: “Not yet, kitten. I’m not done with the clothespins.”

Sir: “Put another clothespin on your tongue. I want to see a pathetic slut like you drooling for me.”

Oh God. My nipples ache. I’m dying to rip the clothespins off of them, but I don’t dare.

Sir seems to be in the mood to make me suffer, and I love feeling like his dirty toy. I rack my brain for ideas of how to turn him on, how to satiate his sadist brain. I grab my largest dildo, the one that’s hard for me to take, that makes me whine in pain and pleasure. With the clothespin on my tongue, I record myself drooling onto the toy for him.

Me: 🤤 [Video attachment]

Sir: “Oh fuck, kitten. I love the way you drool on my cock. I want to see you fuck your desperate pussy with it.”

Exactly what I wanted. I grin.

Sir: “Leave the clothespins in place.”

My cunt throbs and aches. I feel so slutty and used right now. I hit record again and bring the toy to my opening, whimpering at the size of it, already stretching me open.

“Fuck, Sir… God… It’s so big…” I try to say, struggling to take it all in my pussy. The words come out muffled, barely intelligible. I drool a little on my tank top in the process, feeling like a toy for my Sir’s pleasure. Performing for the camera makes my skin flush hot. My nipples harden and I cry out, the pleasure of feeling so used finally overtaking the pain of my tortured nipples and my stretched cunt. I moan as I start to slowly fuck myself with the dildo, feeling every inch.

Drool trails down my chest as I gradually fuck myself harder and harder with the toy. My moans grow deeper and louder as I desperately grind on the cock. I get carried away, fucking myself hard and playing with my clit, bringing myself close to the edge easily. I keep myself there, achingly, not letting the pleasure push any further.

Me: “Please, Sir, please let me cum on your cock like a good little slut.” [Video attachment]

Sir: “Did I say you could touch your clit, little fucktoy?”

My stomach drops.

Sir: “Put a clothespin on your clit. I want a photo now.”

Jesus Christ. My hands fumble, searching for the pile of clothespins on my nightstand. My whole body tenses in anticipation, but I can hear Sir’s tone in my head. Now. I squeeze my eyes shut, positioning the clothespin right where Sir wants it. I howl in pain as it snaps shut around my hardened clit, pussy clenching around the toy still inside me. I snap a photo, trying to disguise my wince.

I pull it off desperately as soon as the photo is taken, sending it to Sir. He’ll never know, I tell myself.

Me: 🥺🥺🥺 [Photo attachment]

Sir: “Good kitten. I know it hurts. It looks like we’ll have to play with more clothespins when I get back.”

That sounds like a terrible idea. Which means it’s almost definitely going to happen.

Sir: “You have two choices. You may either fuck yourself with my cock with the clothespin on your clit or you may take it off and edge yourself three times with the vibrator. What’s your choice?”

Me: “Do I get to cum after either choice?”

Sir: “Fewer questions, more decisions. Either way, take the clothespin off your tongue. I want to hear you beg.”

Me: “I want to edge myself, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Sir: “Okay, pet. Beg me to cum each time.”

Me: “Yes, Sir.”

Sir: “Good kitten. I want to see how desperate you are.”

With the thick dildo still inside of me, I reach for the wand toy and bring it to my clit, hitting record.

“Fuck,” I moan. “Fuck, fuck, fuck… Sir, please let me cum. I’ve been waiting for days. My pussy is throbbing. I need it so badly. Please, please, please….”

I fuck myself with the cock, holding the wand firmly to my clit and moaning like a good little slut for Sir.

“Oh, God, oh God, oh God…” I feel my pussy start to clench and I realize I’m too close and I pull the vibe away.

“Please, Sir,” I say to the camera.

Me: “Please. 🥺” [Video attachment]

Sir: “Mmm, you’re a tempting little toy. That’s one.”

Damnit. Two more to go. I take a deep breath to steady myself, sweat beading up against my hairline. I must have brought myself to the edge five times today already. I let out a breath and hit record again.

I fuck myself hard on the cock, moaning loud for Sir in the way he likes.

“Fuck, Sir, your cock is so big. It feels so good in my pussy. Please fuck me. Please….” I reach for the wand again, bringing the powerful vibrations to my sensitive nub. I clench on the thick dildo the moment the toy touches my clit. “Oh, God,” I moan. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, Sir, I need to cum so bad. Please. Please, please please please…” I trail off into pleases until the words become mumbled.

I’m so close. Just ten more seconds. He’d never know. My eyes trail to the camera. Fuck. He’d absolutely know. And I’m a shitty liar. I remove the wand from my clit with a whimper, hoping the pathetic sounds of my desperation will get me permission to cum next time.

Me: “Pleeeeaaase, please, please, please 🥺” [Video attachment]

Sir: “That’s two. You can do it, kitten.”

Fuck. I’m still so close. I can feel my clit throbbing. I ache.

I’m already on the edge when the wand touches my clit. My hips buck against the toy as I fuck myself with deep, hard strokes of the dildo. My eyes look directly into the camera, biting my lip as I let out a guttural moan.

“Please Sir, I’ve been so good for you. I’ll be so good for you, I’ll make you cum so hard when you get back, use my face, use my cunt, fuck…please Sir I’m such a desperate slut, so desperate for your cock, oh —“ my voice trails off into unintelligible moans. I’m right on the precipice and I pull the vibe away at the very last second.

“Fuuuuck,” I moan. “Please, Sir. Please. Please.”

Me: “Please, Sir. Please. I’ll do anything you want. Please let me cum. 🥺” [Video attachment]

Sir: [Photo attachment]

I stare at my phone. There are no words, just a photo. I click on the attachment to find an image of Sir’s hand, coated in their juices. I moan, imagining swirling my tongue around their fingers. My hard clit pulses at the sight.

Sir: “Not tonight kitten. Get some sleep. You’re such a good boi.”

My heart drops. Damnit. Fuck. I thought I had a chance, if I begged nicely enough. Fuck. My clit is throbbing so hard it feels like a second heartbeat. What if I… just came anyway? He’d never know…

Sir: “I know what you’re thinking. You’re a terrible liar, I will absolutely know. Don’t, or you’ll find out my latest punishment idea. Be a good kitten and you’ll get rewarded. The choice is yours.”


I take a cold shower. One more day until he gets back.

Me: Good morning, Sir.

Sir: Good morning, kitten. How are your nipples feeling this morning?

Me: 🥺 Sore.

Sir: Good. I’m proud of you for taking it. Let’s see how much you can take when I get home.

Me: 🥺🥺🥺 Sir, please… Anything else.

Sir: Anything? … Give me an idea, pet. What are you willing to give?

Me: Tie me up. Spank me. Edge me. Fuck me with the cock that’s too big.

Sir: All of the above. I’ve missed you. I want to give you bruises.

Me: 🥺 Yes, Sir.

Me: What else… are you gonna do with me, Sir?

Sir: You’re impatient. But you’ve been good. Maybe I can give you a taste…

Sir: When you pick me up, no underwear. I want to be able to feel your wetness through your jeans. You’ll be lucky if I don’t bend you over the trunk of the car and spank you first…

Me: Yes, Sir. Whatever you say.

Sir: You keep saying “whatever I say.” Whatever I say might be having you kneel on rice, little kitten. You’re very good, but a sadist’s mind can be a terrifying playground.

Me: I just want to be a good pet for you, Sir.

Sir: You are. A good pet is expected to have limits, my dear. Now tell me, how does it feel when you take my cock in that tight wet cunt of yours?

Me: Yes, Sir. It feels so good, Sir. Your thick butch cock stretching me out makes me feel like a slutty little toy. I love it when you use my cunt. Are you going to fuck me with your cock, Sir?

Sir: I am going to use your slutty cunt, pet. You’re going to get down on all fours and I’m going to use the big cock. I’m going to fuck you from behind. I’m going to grab your hips and pull them into me, so you can’t get away from me. How does that sound?

Me: Fuck, Sir, I want that so badly. I want your cock in me, stretching me open and filling me up. Use me. Fuck me ‘til I’m screaming and the neighbors make a noise complaint.

Sir: You’re getting me wet, pet. If you keep this up I’m going to gag you with my boxers. I’m going to use you just how I like it.

Me: Do you promise? 🥺

Sir: Do I promise to use my toy for my pleasure? Do I promise to take what I want from you and leave you spent? Do I promise to fuck you until you beg me to stop? Absolutely.

Me: You’re making me wet. 🥺 Please come home and fuck me.

Sir: If we make it home first…I have half a mind to pull your pants down the moment I see you at the airport. I don’t care who sees…I wish I could put my toy on display like that. But I’ll have to wait until we get home. Once you’ve been fucked maybe I’ll give you a proper spanking.

Me: Please, Sir. I just want your hands on me. However you want them. Spank me, choke me, pull my hair, fuck me, make me cum…

Sir: Who says you’ll get to cum?

Me: Please Sir. 🥺 I’ll beg so nicely for it… I’ll be your good little kitten.

Sir: You begged me so nicely for it last night. How many days has it been, kitten?

Me: It’s day six.

Sir: Maybe I’ll force you to cum six times, one for each day I’ve missed your pretty little cunt. Give you what you’ve begged for until you beg me to stop. Do you think you can take it?

Me: Fuck, Sir. Fuck. I don’t know. I just know I want to cum so badly. Please.

Sir: You’ll get what you want, little pet. But I’m going to use your face and your cunt until I’m satisfied. This isn’t about what you want.

Me: Yes, Sir. Use me. I’m yours.

Sir: Yes you are, my good pet. Tell me which one you’ve missed more, my cock or my cunt.

Me: I miss your cock, Sir. I’m just so desperate to be fucked like a little slut with it.

Sir: I love the way you drooled on my cock last night. You’re so desperate for it. I wish you’d recorded yourself sucking it clean.

Me: Like this? [Video recording]

Sir: Exactly like that. It feels so good to fuck your face, kitten. Tell me how you’re going to get me off after all this time without you.

Me: Yes, Sir. Fuck my face, Sir. I’m going to get on my knees for you and suck your big butch cock, get it nice and wet for my pussy so you can fuck me with it. I want you to cum inside me, Sir. Cum inside me before I’m allowed to cum.

Sir: You want to watch me cum before you’re allowed to, huh my slutty pet? I can’t wait to cum inside you and make you listen to me moan, make you desperate for my permission. It feels so good to stretch you out and fuck you nice and deep…you’re such a good kitten for making me cum so hard. Are you wet again, kitten?

Me: Yes, Sir… You made me wet. 🥺 What should I do?

Sir: Go get some ice cubes and a towel. Grab the wand and my cock. When you’re kneeling on the floor for me with the things I’ve asked, send me a photo.

Me: Yes, Sir. [Photo attached]

Sir: Good kitten. Put the ice on your nipples until they’re hard. I wish I could use my teeth instead…

Me: Yes, Sir. Fuck it hurts. They’re hard for you. [Photo attached]

Sir: Good pet. Hold the base of my cock against the floor. I want you to fill yourself with it. Take a video. I want to see every inch.

Me: God, Sir… Your cock is so big. I can’t wait for you to fuck me senseless with it. Fuck me. [Video attached]

Sir: Very good kitten. I want you to fuck yourself slowly. Take the whole cock. I want you to feel it tomorrow.

Me: Fuck, my cunt is so ready for you, Sir. My pussy is aching for you. Please, Sir, can I fuck myself harder? [Video attached]

Sir: No, pet. Slowly. Tomorrow I’ll fuck you hard. But today you’re taking my cock inch by inch. When you’re ready you can hold the wand to your clit.

Me: Thank you, Sir. Can I cum, Sir? Please? I’m already so close…

Sir: Keep fucking yourself. You may not cum.

Me: Please, Sir. I’ll be so good for you. I’ll do whatever you say. Please let me cum tonight. [Video attached]

Sir: Keep fucking yourself. You may not cum yet. You have permission to stop only if you’re about to cum. Then start again. I’m setting a timer.

Me: How long? 🥺

Sir: 20 minutes

Me: I don’t know if I can last that long, Sir. 🥺

Sir: If you cum without permission you will regret it tomorrow. Make your choice.

Me: …Yes, Sir.

Me: [20 minute video attachment]

Sir: Very good, pet. I’m proud of you for holding out. I got off watching you. Do you like knowing I just came watching you edge yourself?

Me: Thank you, Sir. Yes, Sir. 🥵

Sir: Good pet. You can cum tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how desperate you are for me.

Me: Thank you, Sir. I can’t wait to see you.

Sir: I can’t wait to see you either, kitten. Let’s see how long you make it tomorrow before you’re begging me to cum.

Me: Goodnight, Sir.

Sir: Good night, kitten. You were a very good pet today.

Me: Thank you, Sir. 😌

I arrive at JFK early to find parking and wait for Sir in the baggage claim area. It’s a Saturday, and the airport is packed with people. I’ve left my underwear at home, just like he asked. I wonder if anyone notices. My core aches at the sensation of being naked underneath my jeans, and I get lost in my imagination while I wait for Sir.

I’m just starting to fantasize about the orgasm I’m hoping for tonight when I finally spot him on the escalator, apparently missing the memo that wearing that much leather will get you a pat down from security. I swear he did that just for me. I stand up, feeling my clit rub against the rough fabric of my jeans.

I’m about to wave when he spots me, nodding in that butch way. He greets me with a hug and I sink into his embrace. I missed him.

“I missed you so much, Sir,” I breathe into his ear. He holds me tight in his strong arms and I relax into him, feeling his soft warm leather jacket under my palms.

He plucks a kiss on my forehead as he lets me go, hand snaking around my waist. The buzzer on the baggage carousel sounds and I watch for his bag, determined to be a good submissive and carry it for him out to my car.

I recognize his duffel bag, worn leather with a kink pride flag luggage tag on it. I smile to myself at my Sir’s pride, grabbing the duffel and hiking it over my shoulders.

“Good kitten,” he murmurs in my ear. It sparks a fire in me that’s been burning all week.

“Thank you Sir,” I whisper. Hearing his voice in my ear sends a wave of pleasure through my whole body. I grab his hand. “I…uhh…have to go to the bathroom before we get home.” I wonder if he’ll call my bluff.

I pull him through the throngs of people, feeling his hand tighten around mine as we pass one, then two bathrooms before we reach the farthest corner of baggage claim. The crowds have thinned, and we’re alone as I pull him along with me into the largest stall, locking the door behind us and dropping the bag on the floor.

He smirks. “Oh? Just a quick stop before we head home?” He teases. His hands trail from my jawline down my neck before gently pushing me against the wall, body pressing against mine.

“Please, Sir…” I breathe. I slip my hands under his leather jacket, feeling the hard muscle of his torso.

“Please what?”

His voice is low, a hum I can feel resonate through my body.

“Please fuck me, Sir. Please make me cum. God, please make me cum.”

“So desperate for it… You can’t even wait.”

I whimper and nod, gripping onto his black t-shirt. His hands travel to my hips, holding my body against the wall for a moment before resting one hand over my aching cunt. I try to rock myself against his hand, and he laughs and calls me a slut. I moan into his shoulder, barely stifling the sound in the echoey bathroom. His fingers slowly slide between the waistband of my jeans and my hips, swiftly unbuttoning my jeans.

“No underwear. Good pet,” he growls in my ear. His fingers find my clit and I let out a moan. His hand clamps over my mouth.

He runs his finger over my wet opening and strokes my clit in quick, tight circles that have me shaking. I’m helpless under his touch, just trying to contain my sounds. His eyes meet mine, and it feels like a dare. Daring me to moan. Daring me to cum.

He slips a finger inside me and my eyes flutter closed.

“Look at me while I’m fucking you,” he growls in my ear. I whimper under his hand. I obey. His eyes make me feel exposed, and I grind my hips into his hand, trying to take more of him inside me. His thumb finds my clit and I let out a stifled moan. Fuck, I’m so close already.

I just need him to keep going, keep fucking me, right there, just like that, just like that… I’m panting against his hand, hips thrusting into his touch. I let out a whine, eyes searching his for permission.

He removes his hand from my mouth. “Is there something you’d like to ask, kitten?” His voice is low in my ear.

“Please, please, please -“ I stammer. I’m so close I can barely form the words.

The door swings open and someone walks into the bathroom, opening a stall.

Sir’s hand clasps back over my mouth. My stomach drops and we both freeze. His body is pressed against mine, barely breathing shallow breaths. His fingers are still in my cunt, and I throb around him.

I hear the toilet flush, then water running in the sink. The hand dryer whirs to life and finally the footsteps recede into silence.

“Please, Sir -” I start to whisper.

“No,” he says coldly, and pulls his fingers from me, stuffing them in my mouth and making me clean them off. “You can wait.”

Wait?” I whine, but he’s already grabbed his duffel bag from the floor, slinging the strap over his shoulder. He grabs my hand.

“Let’s go.”

We’re almost home. I’ve been pouting for the past half hour, trying to budge Sir’s steady hand from its place on my upper thigh. I’ve begged. I’ve bargained. And still every plea is met with “not yet, kitten,” in increasingly stern tones.

Finally I pull my car into my parking space at our apartment, unbuckling my seatbelt. I turn to Sir and surprise him with a kiss, shifting in the driver’s seat. His hand grips my jaw.

“I said you can wait, kitten.” His voice drops into that low tone that tells me I’m in trouble. I follow him inside.

“Please, Sir…” I start to say. “I’ve waited so long, all week. I’ve been so good for you.”

He drops his bag on the kitchen tiles. “You want me to fuck you right here, over the counter, don’t you? You desperate little slut.”

I pant. “Yes Sir, I’m your desperate slut, I want you here, now…”

“No. Go to the bedroom and get in position. Be ready for me.”

I flush hot and nod, rushing to obey.

‘In position’ means knees on the floor, stripped.

Sir walks in five minutes later to see me kneeling, naked, hands resting behind my back. I’m eager to look up at him, but I keep my eyes and face downcast. I can hear him rummaging through the closet where we keep our toy bag. His hands feel strong as they grip my arms together behind my back, tying a length of rope around my wrists. He continues wrapping the rope, binding my chest and pinning my arms behind my back. The rope moves agonizingly slowly across my skin. Sir runs his hands over the lines across my chest, humming gently. He’s teasing me.

“Please, Sir…” I breathe.

“Hmm?” he questions, and I’m sure he knows exactly what I want.

“Please touch me,” I ask.

“I am touching you,” he smirks.

“Please…” I want to groan. “Please fuck me, Sir.”

His hands are forceful against my back as he pushes me forward, grabbing the rope so I don’t fall face first and lowering me gently to his favorite spanking position. My cheek rests against the carpet, ass in the air. His hands explore my hip bones, trailing the curve of my side before resting one on my left ass cheek. I tense in anticipation.

His hands start slowly, delivering soft smacks to my ass. A gentle spanking always makes me suspicious – I have never known Sir to stop before I’m panting and drooling. My ass starts to feel warm and I moan as the strikes grow in intensity.

I missed this. Him.

“Thank me for it, kitten,” he orders.

“Uh,” I moan. “Thank you, Sir.”

One of his hands finds my hair and yanks. I moan as his other hand smacks my ass harder. I’m panting between each strike.

“Thank me again,” he commands.

“Thank you…Sir.” My voice is faint. I can barely make out the words between my own gasps and moans.

His hand releases my hair and I can feel both of his hands trail down the sides of my body, nails digging in. His fingers slide along my wet opening and I gasp, bucking my hips against his hand. He takes it away, chuckling.

“Control yourself, kitten,” he says in that low, serious tone.

“P-please, Sir. God. Please fuck me,” I beg. “I need it.”

“You need it, kitten?” he teases. I respond with a moan.

His finger finds my cunt again, making slow circles around my clit. I moan, shifting my hips, trying to take his finger inside me, make it circle faster, anything, but Sir is slow and deliberate.

“Fuck, Sir. God. Fuck,” I curse.

“So vulgar,” he mocks. His fingers remain steady on my clit.

“God, that’s so good,” I moan. “I love your fingers on my clit, Sir.”

Sir’s finger circling my clit is sending electricity shaking through me, making my legs twitch and tremble. I’m moaning, desperate for more. He slips two fingers inside me and I let out a gasp. He thrusts his fingers inside me again, pulling them out agonizingly slowly. I don’t know how much more I can take.

“Ohh, please fuck me, Sir,” I beg. “Please fuck me, please fuck me…” My hips grind back into his fingers and I let out a moan, unable to form the words to beg more. To my surprise, he allows it.

“You like that, kitten? You want more of my fingers?” He lets out a groan, and for a moment I wonder if he’s done torturing me.

My brain is scrambled. His fingers feel so good, and he’s letting me brazenly fuck myself. Somehow I find the words. “Please, Sir, please can I cum,” I whisper.

He removes his fingers and I whine at their absence. “No,” he says, voice stern.

I can feel tears of desperation well up in my eyes.

“Please, Sir,” I beg, one more time.

He delivers a sharp smack to my ass and I yelp. “I said no.” His tone is almost as sharp as his spank.

In one swift motion, he yanks the rope around my chest and raises me to my kneeling position. I whimper, and he shoves his fingers in my mouth, still wet from my cunt. I taste myself and moan, sucking and cleaning him off. I wish it was his cock in my mouth, in my cunt. The thought sends electricity up my spine.

Sir’s hands trace the lines of the rope, finding the knot in the back where he finished the tie. His hands feel so sure, so confident as he pulls the rope from my chest, keeping the tension so I can feel every twist slide against my body. He pulls carefully, slowly, the rope softly caressing the scars below my nipples. That area is always sensitive, and his gentle touch pulls a light moan from my lips. I can almost hear his smirk as he follows the imprints in my skin with his thumb. Somehow the top wraps of rope are even slower to leave my chest, my body alight with the friction of rope against skin. When the rope is gone, he wraps his arms around me, chin resting on my shoulder. He rubs some of the marks left over from the rope, and I moan from the aching pleasure of it.

“Get on the bed and show me that pretty little cunt of yours,” he growls in my ear.

God. His commanding voice makes me clench.

“Yes, Sir,” I say, my skin feeling hot.

I stand and crawl onto the bed, carefully swaying my hips and showing off my ass. I spread my legs to reveal my wet pussy.

I turn my head and watch his eyes travel from my face to my cunt. He licks his lips, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants to reveal his cock, the big one that’s hard for me to take but feels so good inside me. I’m so wet already. He positions the tip against my opening and I moan, starting to push my hips slowly back into him when his hand on my ass stops me.

“You’re going to be such a good kitten for me, aren’t you?” he asks.

“Yes Sir,” I moan.

“And a good kitten knows that Sir always cums first.”

I pout. “Yes, Sir.”

“Be a good kitten for me, baby,” he says.

He sinks his big cock into me slowly, stretching me out in a hot aching way that leaves me panting.

“Fuck, Sir. Jesus – fucking Christ.”

“So vulgar,” he chuckles.

Just when I think it’s too much and I can’t take anymore, I feel his hips meet mine and I’m full of him.

“Oh my God…” I whimper.

Then he doesn’t move. That’s it. He just stays there, perfectly still, cockwarming me.

“Please – Sir –” I choke out.

“Do you want something?” he laughs.

My entire body is on fire and for a moment, I’m incredulous. I want to brat. I want to taunt him, the way he’s taunted me this whole week. But I’ve promised him I’ll be good. Maybe if I say it sweetly enough…

“You know what I want, Sir,” I whimper, turning my head to give him my poutiest eyes. Maybe I’ll get away with it.

He scoffs. “With that attitude, clearly you want to be punished.”

Oh shit.

“W-what’s my punishment, Sir?” I ask in a wavering voice.

“You’ll see,” he replies. “No need to ruin the surprise.”

I fucking hate his patience.

His hands grip my hips as he slowly draws back out of me. He pulls me back onto his cock and I moan, putting thoughts of my punishment aside. He finds a slow, steady rhythm.

“Fuck, I love the way you fill me up, Sir,” I pant.

“You take my cock so well, kitten,” he praises.

“Thank you, Sir.”

His thrusts become faster, and I can hear his low moaning as the base of the cock presses against his clit. He runs his nails down my back, over my sides. His moans, his voice, the way he is using my cunt to get himself off before I get to cum…it’s all becoming too much. My moans join his as my mind shuts off, feeling nothing but him inside me, hands gripping the sheets.

I can’t cum without clit stimulation, so all I can do is moan helplessly and take his cock. His thumb finds my clit, as if on cue, and I whimper. He really is trying to torture me.

“Don’t you dare cum, kitten,” he growls.

It’s too late. I can’t take it anymore. I have seven days of pent up sexting plus a ruined orgasm in the airport bathroom. I don’t even mean for it to happen.

It comes out as a half-muffled whimper and an obvious trembling of my body. My legs are shaking and I clasp a hand over my mouth, suddenly terrified by what I’ve done.

I’ve never disobeyed Sir directly before.

He lets out a groan and continues to fuck me. Maybe he didn’t notice? My cunt is so sensitive but I can’t risk letting him know. I bite down on my hand as his cock pounds into me, his moans getting louder and louder until he’s finished with me. He slides out of my dripping pussy and I whine, wondering if I’ve gotten away with it.

“You little slut,” he says in a voice that sounds like praise, I think.

“Yes, Sir,” I say obediently. “Your slut.”

“Yes, you are my slut.” He grins at me. “My little slut deserves to cum. Come here.”

He grabs me by the hips and brings my pussy to his face, cleaning me up greedily. I’m still so sensitive from cumming, but it feels so good, and I’m quickly falling apart in depraved moans and “oh fuck”s and “oh God”s. My hand is gripped hard in his short, cropped hair, desperate for something to hold onto.

“God, Sir. Fuck. Fuck me. Your mouth… Oh my God. Please, Sir.”

“Please what, kitten?”

“Please let me cum, Sir. Ohh. Please let me cum.”

“Again?” He asks. “So greedy. Yes kitten, you may cum. For the rest of the night, you have permission to cum.”

He knows. Fuck. I know this is a trap. Double fuck. But right now his tongue feels so good on my clit that all I can do is moan, my thighs clamping around his face. My back arches and I let out a scream, gasping for breath.

When my body stops shaking, I find his eyes. His face is serious, but not angry. Sir has always told me he doesn’t believe in bringing anger into our dynamic.

“You disobeyed me, kitten,” he says softly.

I avert my eyes, nodding. “I’m sorry Sir,” I whisper. “I couldn’t take it. You felt so good…”

He puts a finger to my lips.

“I’m going to punish you, kitten. Maybe this way you’ll learn self-control.”

He explains the parameters. He’s going to force me to cum, using the vibrator against my clit and letting me pick from our other toys. His plan was six times after the bratting, but since I came without permission, he wants to make me use my safeword. He might even leave me there, helpless, but he’ll be there within seconds of me withdrawing my consent.

“Do you agree to that, kitten? I want to punish you until you can’t take it anymore. ‘No’ won’t help you. In fact, I expect I’ll probably hear you say no many times. Are you sure that you agree to this?”

A nervous thrill runs through me. I want to push myself to my limit, find out how many times I can really cum.

My safeword is red. I imagine myself reaching the point of needing to use it. I’ve never called it before. I’m scared, but I trust him. A part of me wants to show him I can do it. A bigger part of me thinks being helpless and pushed to the limit is incredibly hot. I want to be fucked out until I’m a desperate, babbling mess.

I look him in the eye. “Yes, Sir.”

“What other toys do you want, kitten?” he asks me in a deep tone.

“Um. The, um…” I stammer. “The dildo, the violet shimmery one…”

It’s my favorite one to start with. A nice medium size and soft, flexible shape. He places it on the bed next to my thigh and motions for me to lie on my back.

I take a breath to steady myself as Sir buckles his leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, clipping each limb to the eye bolts I drilled into our bed frame on one of my handy dyke days. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now as I lie spread out on the bed, I wonder if I’ve created my own demise. His eyes meet mine before he plants a kiss on my forehead. I hear the hum of the vibrator and tense in pleasure and anticipation as he holds it to my clit.

I can’t help the whimper in my throat when the vibrations touch me.

“Let it out, kitten,” he says huskily. “Tell me how good it feels.”

“Oh, fuck,” I moan, tensing against my restraints. “Oh, fuck, Sir. Oh fuck. Oh God it feels so gooooood.”

“Do you want to get fucked like a good little slut for me?”

My cunt clenches when he says this, as if suddenly aware of how empty it is.

“God, fuck me, Sir. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me like a slut, please. Please, please please please…”

He presses the dildo against my opening and I moan as it slides into my wet, still sensitive cunt. He draws it back out, fucking me rhythmically until I’m right at the edge again.

“Oh please Sir, can I – “ I start.

He chuckles. “Oh now you’re asking permission. Yes, my sweet little slut. You can cum as much as you want.”

I’m cumming again. “Oh God, oh fuck, oh, oh, ohhhhh!” I cry out. My back is arched against the bed as I pull against the restraints. I’m so sensitive but Sir doesn’t move. The vibrator buzzes away against my clit and my cunt is still clenching around the dildo. My body is on fire and I’m completely helpless.

“Good kitten,” Sir whispers in my ear, gloating. “Keep cumming for me.”

“Oh God, oh fuck,” I whimper.

My hips are jerking wildly, trying to escape the vibrator, but only finding overstimulation.

“Ahh–” I cry. “Fuck, Sir.” My breathing is fast, my body struggling to make sense of the intensity of sensations on my worn out cunt. Sir keeps steadily thrusting the dildo in and out of me. My muscles clench as my exhausted body starts to cum, again. This time, my moans are wilder, louder. Tears prick the corners of my eyes.

The vibrator still buzzes against my sensitive clit as I struggle against the cuffs. I’m panting and yelping, body unable to come down from its last orgasm.

Sir pushes a strand of sweat-drenched hair from my eyes. “What’s your color, kitten?” he asks.

I do a quick body scan. I’m overwhelmed but I want to take more. “Green, Sir,” I whisper, which turns into a moan as my body relaxes just enough for the fucking to feel good again.

Good kitten,” he praises. “Take it.”

“Yes, Sir,” I pant.

He fucks me harder with the dildo and it makes me scream. The next orgasm comes quickly and I can feel the soreness building in my thighs, my ass, my back. I can’t hold back the tears this time. Sir wipes them away with his thumb, kissing my cheek.

“Is that all you’ve got, kitten?” he asks gently.

I struggle to catch my breath. “Still…green…Sir,” I say between gasps.

Sir shoves the dildo inside me and I shriek, searching for him with my eyes as I feel his weight lift from the bed. He returns with a length of rope, which he loops around my leg, fastening the vibrator to my thigh, still positioned right against my clit. I shift my hips, testing what I was already sure of – the vibrator isn’t going anywhere.

Sir rises from the bed again, placing my phone on the tripod I used to send him dirty videos this week. He opens up FaceTime and dials himself, crossing to the doorway. I whimper. “Please —“

“Don’t go anywhere, kitten,” he says with an amused wink before leaving the room.

Oh God. The buzzing of the vibrator against my clit is beginning to feel dull and numb. I shift restlessly in my bonds. An aching orgasm builds inside me and spreads through my tired body. I look at the camera and whine. “Please…”

I don’t know how long I stay there. I lose count of my dull, weak orgasms, growing less pleasurable and more painful every time.

Eventually, I start to beg.

“Please, Sir, please… Fuck. I can’t take any more. It’s too much. It hurts. Please.”

My whole body is overstimulated. I can barely see, yet the room is too bright. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. I’m surprised when I feel Sir’s nails dragging down my sides. He must have come in sometime while I was drowning in my own moans.

“Please…no more Sir, please —“ I beg.

“No more?” he asks, one eyebrow raised.

I moan wordlessly as yet another dull orgasm rips through me. I can barely catch my breath. He watches me jerk and moan, waiting.

My body hurts. My throat is sore from moans that border on screaming. My muscles ache from tensing against my restraints. My cunt feels simultaneously fucked out and totally numb. Tears stream down my face.

“Red, Sir,” I whisper.

In an instant, the vibrator is turned off and untied from my leg. The dildo lands on the floor next to the bed and I almost laugh. My wrists and ankles are freed and Sir envelopes me, holding my head to his chest. He kisses my hair, rubbing my back gently.

“Good kitten. Very, very good kitten,” he praises over and over in my ear.

I sniffle and nuzzle into his touch. My body still buzzes and tingles with the vibrations of the toy, but I feel relief and comfort now. My breathing is rushed but starting to slow. He holds me so tight, and I feel safe in his arms.

Eventually, we disentangle and he takes off my wrist and ankle cuffs and rubs the skin underneath, where it’s a little red and raw. He gets me a glass of water and asks if I want a snack, wrapping me in my favorite cozy blanket.

He kisses my forehead. “I missed you, kitten. It’s good to be home.”

As he wraps me in his arms, I think, Yeah. It’s good to be home.

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