Sparring Match

A butch and femme trans lesbian couple spar in their home gym and clean up in the shower.

Warnings: language like Mistress and slut


Sam dodges and strikes, finding a rhythm with Lilly, sparring in their small home gym on a sunny Sunday afternoon. They like to work out together. It gets their blood flowing, it’s an excuse to shower together afterwards, and Sam loves the way Lilly looks getting sweaty in her tight yoga pants and sports bra. Their boxing matches are the most fun, in Sam’s opinion, but that might be because she always wins.

Sam ducks to avoid a punch from Lilly and sticks her leg out while she goes down, knocking Lilly off balance and onto her ass. Sam pins her to the navy floor mat with her body, grabbing her wrists when she tries to resist and pinning those down too.

“Nice try,” Sam grins, their faces inches apart.

Lilly grunts and whines, tired of losing yet again, but enjoying being pinned by her hot girlfriend.

“What’s the matter?” Sam teases. She brushes their lips together, meeting not in a kiss but in a hot tease that leaves Lilly wanting more.

“Baby,” she whines again. She’s growing hard in her yoga pants and no longer cares that she lost the match.

“Baby, what?” Sam mocks.

“Please,” she pouts.

“Please, whaaat? ” Sam asks, relishing in the teasing. She dips her head down again for another tease of a kiss.

Lilly whimpers and licks her lips. “Please.” She looks up at Sam with big, pleading eyes. “Please kiss me.”

Samantha grins arrogantly. “Good girl,” she whispers in Lilly’s ear, making her shiver. Being called a good girl makes Lilly melt like a puddle in her hands. She loves it.

Sam finally kisses her like she’s begging for, their lips meeting softly before Sam sneaks out a gentle tongue to graze Lilly’s lips in the way that she loves. Lilly moans into the kiss, tangling her fingers in Sam’s short, curly brown hair, tugging gently to beg for more.

Sam kisses her harder, grinding their hips together as she keeps her wrists pinned to the floor mat. She loves the way Lilly’s body gives into her, surrendering. Lilly moans into the kiss as the grinding grows more frantic, her hard clit throbbing between them in her pants.

“Fuck, baby,” she begs, looking down between them to her bulge.

“What’s wrong?” Sam mocks, stroking her wet tip through her yoga pants. Lilly gasps in a raspy voice at this, surprised by the pleasure.

“Ugh,” Lilly moans. “Uh. Pl-please,” she says unintelligibly.

Sam brings her mouth to Lilly’s neck, licking and sucking on her pulse point, distracting her further. “Please what?” Sam asks tortuously.

Lilly’s eyes flutter closed, because it turns her on to be made to beg for what she wants, and because she needs to close her eyes to concentrate to even figure out what she wants.

“Please suck my nipples and keep touching me?” she asks tentatively.

“Good girl,” Sam praises. She pulls her sports bra off, bringing her eager mouth to Lilly’s sensitive nipple, gently licking and tracing her tongue in circles. She sucks the lightest bit, kissing her nipple and bringing her attention to the other one, repeating herself, enjoying the way Lilly wriggles in pleasure.

She teases Lilly’s tip again, running her fingers along the waistband of the yoga pants teasingly. “Do you want these off, baby?” she asks with a smile.

Lilly nods.

“Use your words, baby,” Sam says with love.

“Yes,” Lilly gasps.

She pulls Lilly’s yoga pants down her thighs slowly, Lilly’s clit bobbing out with cum leaking out of the tip.

Sam teases her thighs with her hands, scratching and rubbing gently up and down.

“What do you want, baby?” she asks.

“Finger me,” she pants, ready to answer this time.

Sam gently strokes her fingers up higher, reaching that perfect spot at the underside of her pelvis and gently probing the soft skin. She finds it easily; they know each other’s bodies well now. Lilly has been on estrogen for a while now, and has the perky tits to show for it, but hasn’t had the chance for bottom surgery yet. She loves being muffed, loves the deep pleasurable sensations that rock through her body when Sam’s fingers reach into her.

“Do you like that?” Sam asks, her voice turning husky.

“Yes,” Lilly whimpers.

“Good girl,” Sam praises.

Lilly melts under her hands. She loves being called a good girl. She moans and whimpers and begs like the good girl she is more than happy to be for Sam.

Just as Lilly is about to beg for “more, more, more” — Sam stops, pulls her hands away, and says, “Let’s take this to the shower, baby.”

Lilly whines, desperate for more stimulation, not caring about taking a shower right now.

Sam raises an eyebrow and ignores her whining, picking her up bridal style and carrying her sexy, half naked body down the hallway to their master bedroom shower. Sam puts Lilly down gently on the soft, grey bath mat.

“You were a good girl today, baby,” Sam murmurs in her ear while slowly taking off her sports bra. “You lost, of course,” she laughs, “And you’ll have to be punished for that. But you were a good loser, so there will be rewards too.”

Sam squats down to pull off Lilly’s tight yoga pants all the way, and now she stands in front of her naked, hard and wet and wanting. Sam leans in close to her, their lips almost brushing, and she reaches behind Lilly to turn on the shower. She pulls away, teasingly.

Sam turns her back to Lilly and starts to take off her own clothes, her sports bra and basketball shorts, making sure to bend down seductively when taking them off. She feels Lilly’s lustful eyes on her body, looking her up and down with heavy desire. Sam turns and smirks at Lilly.

“Like what you see?” Sam teases.

Lilly coughs and nods frantically. “Yes.”

“Then let’s get you cleaned up.”

The shower is warm and inviting. Lilly tries to kiss Sam the moment they’re under the stream of water, but Sam pulls away, tsking at her and saying that they need to get cleaned up first. Sam’s lip is twitching in a grin as she says this, and she is clearing relishing in the tease. Lilly is still rock hard from being fingered and her girldick is throbbing. She groans.

Sam lathers up her hands with body wash and starts rubbing Lilly’s tight shoulders, telling her to relax. She makes her way down her arms, then her back, and around to her chest and stomach. Lilly tries to ignore the pleasure of Sam’s hands on her tits. Then Sam’s hands are kneading her ass, probably giving it a lot more attention than it needs. Then she washes her legs, even her feet, an act that is more intimate than Lilly expected it to feel.

Sam motions for Lilly to spin around to rinse off, and she obeys. Sam washes herself too, and then, finally, she kisses Lilly. Slowly and softly, with droplets of water spraying on their faces as their tongues slide across each other and slip into each other’s mouth. Lilly moans into the kiss, and Sam grips her harder in response, one hand on her hip and one hand in her long, red hair.

Sam’s hand on Lilly’s hip begins to wander, reaching closer to her cock and letting her thumb slowly slide across the tip. Lilly’s hips jerk. She gasps into the kiss. Sam’s hand is more determined now, teasing the tip in a steady rhythm and gently stroking up and down, alternating motions with a touch more firmness each time.

Lilly is moaning and squirming now, ready to cum but trying to hold it off.

“I love how you look when I play with your clit,” Sam whispers in Lilly’s ear.

“Please. Fuck. Uh-” Lilly stammers.

“Do you want to cum for me, babe?” Sam asks, stroking harder.

“Yes – ugh – yes please,” Lilly begs. “Please let me cum.”

“You know how to beg for it. Good girl,” Sam praises.

Then the orgasm comes, powerful and strong, and Lilly squirts all over Sam’s hand and their stomachs. She cries out as the pleasure hits her, letting her moan show how good it feels.

“Fuck baby, fuck, fuck,” Lilly pants, overcome.

Sam strokes her hair and kisses her, whispering, “That’s my girl.”

Lilly kisses her back, the water pouring over them both.

Sam cleans her up gently, trailing her fingers along her collarbone and leaving soft kisses along her shoulder.

“Do you want to go to bed with me?” she whispers in Lilly’s ear. Lilly shivers. She nods.

Sam reaches around her to turn off the water, their bodies pressed close. She grabs two towels and hands one to Lilly, who is now shivering from the hot water being shut off. They dry off and Sam wraps Lilly in a warm hug.

“Cold, baby?” Sam asks sweetly.

“Not anymore,” Lilly smiles into her shoulder.

Sam surprises her by picking her up bridal style and carrying her to bed, gently laying her down and kissing her forehead. She gets on top of Lilly and spreads her thighs open with her knees, pinning down Lilly’s wrists and leaning down to whisper in her ear, “I have some surprises for you tonight.”

Lilly’s eyes flutter closed. “Yeah?” she whispers back.

“Yeah,” Sam replies, her voice growing husky as she imagines the things she wants to do to her. For her. “I’m going to tie you up…” Lilly swallows. She loves to be tied up. “And blindfold you…” Her heart is beating faster. “And do whatever I want with your hot little body.” She blushes, a hot blush that covers her face and spreads to her ears and down her chest. “Do you want that, love?” Sam asks. Lilly whimpers, nodding. She searches for her voice.

“Yes,” Lilly says. “I want that.”

“I’m gonna take good care of you, baby,” Sam promises, trailing kisses down her neck and shoulder.

“Mhmm,” Lilly replies, distracted.

Sam’s hands wander down Lilly’s body, grazing her soft breasts, her stomach, squeezing her hips. She gets distracted too, mesmerized by her soft skin under her hands. Her hands wander of their own accord, getting lost.

Sam remembers her goals for the evening and she stands up, taking her warm hands off Lilly’s body. She misses them already. Sam grabs the sex toy bag from the closet and pulls out two pairs of black leather cuffs with soft red fur on the inside, and a black silk blindfold. Gently and wordlessly, she takes Lilly’s wrists and ankles and buckles the cuffs. Lilly feels her blush travel down her body at the feeling of wearing the warm cuffs.

Sam guides her to lie on her back, spreading her arms and legs. She attaches the bed restraints to each cuff, pinning Lilly down spread eagle. She licks her lips and leans back, looking at her masterpiece.

“You’re beautiful,” Sam says, sounding enchanted. She twirls the blindfold between her fingers, smirking at Lilly. “Are you ready?” she asks, referencing the blindfold.


Sam smiles. Before tying the blindfold, she says, “Let’s use red, yellow, green tonight. What do you think?”

Lilly nods. “Yeah. Sounds good.”

Sam climbs on top of Lilly and kisses her long and slow and sweet. They sigh into the kiss, melting into each other.

“I love you,” Sam breathes.

“I love you so much,” Lilly says.

They smile and gaze into each other’s eyes, taking in the last moment before Sam ties the blindfold around her and Lilly’s world goes dark.

“That’s a good girl,” Sam says, her voice dropping lower in the way it does when she’s talking dirty. “Tonight, you’re going to call me Mistress.”

A jolt of electricity sparks through Lilly’s body. “Yes, Mistress,” she says obediently.

Sam smirks.

She sits back and ponders Lilly’s body and how she wants to tease and please her. She reaches for the sex toy bag and pulls out a remote control vibrator meant to tease her clit. It’s a new toy, her surprise for Lilly. She sets it aside.

Sam leans down to put her mouth on Lilly’s collarbone, kissing softly and trailing her lips across it. She kisses up to her neck, kissing and sucking on Lilly’s pulse point, pulling an “Oh” from her lips.

Sam loves Lilly’s sounds. Every little moan and whimper is music to her ears. Her goal is always to make her be as vocal as possible, to hear her pleasure loud and clear.

Sam trails her lips lower, down to Lilly’s chest, where she softly kisses her nipples. She slips her tongue out, gently licking in slow strokes and circles. She doesn’t suck or nibble. Lilly is too sensitive for that. But her gentle movements start to drive Lilly wild, and she whimpers and and wriggles under her touch.

She kisses further down Lilly’s body, her soft stomach, her smooth hips, her inner thighs. She ignores Lilly’s clit, wanting to tease her.

“Please,” Lilly whispers.

“Please what?” Sam smirks.

“Please, Mistress.”

“Good girl,” Sam praises her for calling her by her honorific. “But please what? 

“Please, uh,” she pauses. “Please, just, touch me.”

Sam strokes her hands up and down Lilly’s thighs. “That’s not very specific, baby,” she points out.

“I just, uh,” Lilly struggles. “Can you… touch… my clit, please?” she squeaks.

“That’s better.”

Sam reaches for the toy, a vibrator that wraps around her shaft and comes with a remote control. She takes the toy and wraps it around Lilly’s girldick, turning it on the lowest setting and kneeling on the bed, watching Lilly jerk her hips and pull on her restraints, panting and whimpering.

“Oh my god,” Lilly moans. “Oh my god. Mistress. Oh. Please. Oh.”

Sam can feel herself growing wet, her clit beginning to throb.

“What’s your color, baby?”

“Green!” Lilly cries out. “Fuck. More. Please.”

“Begging for it like a good little slut,” Sam says. “But I don’t think so. You haven’t earned it yet.”

Lilly loves it when Sam sweetly calls her a slut. It makes her feel dirty in the best way.

“Please, Mistress,” Lilly begs. “I’ll do anything. Please.”

“Anything?” Sam asks wickedly.

Lilly nods, whimpering, her hips jerking in the air in a desperate attempt for more friction on her clit.

“Call yourself a pathetic little bitch and beg for my butch strap in your pussy,” Sam says in a low voice.

A fire burns through Lilly’s body at this command.

“Jesus Christ,” Lilly whimpers, overwhelmed by how turned on it makes her. “Fuck.”

“Was that okay?” Sam asks, worried.

“Yes,” Lilly laughs. “Fuck. Please, Mistress. I’m a pathetic little bitch for your butch strap. Please fuck me.”

Sam groans, melting at her obedient words. She turns up the vibrator on the remote while reaching for her strap and harness. The strap-on is a cute turquoise-blue blend with a soft curve, a nice medium size. She buckles herself into her black leather harness while listening to the beautiful cacophony of Lilly’s moans, thanking her Mistress.

Sam reaches for the lube from the sex toy bag and squeezes a healthy amount over her fingers, lubing up her strap and then fingering Lilly’s tight hole, going slow and gentle.

“How does that feel, baby?” Sam asks.

Lilly answers with incoherent moaning, saying good and yeah and please and ohhh .

Gradually, Sam stretches out her tight hole and adds more lube, teasing her hole with her strap.

“Do you want this, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilly pants. “Please, Mistress. Please fuck me with your butch strap. Oh god.”

Slowly, oh so slowly, Sam sinks into Lilly’s cunt. She watches her turquoise strap disappear into Lilly and closes her eyes, listening to Lilly cry out, “Oohhhhh!” as she fills her. Sam stays still but has a hand on the remote control and starts playing with the buttons, experimenting with the variety of settings. Sam gets wet listening to Lilly respond to every setting. She moans loudly, begging for more.

Sam starts to move her hips slightly, letting the strap slip in and out of Lilly while the vibrator cycles through its patterns.

“Fuck!” Lilly cries. “Please, Mistress. Fuck me, fuck me, Mistress. God. That feels so good. Please. Keep fucking me. Please fuck me.”

Lilly is pulling on her restraints now, wriggling and grinding her hips as much as she can.

“God, you’re such a good little slut,” Sam praises. “Do you like that? Do you like getting fucked by butch strap like a sweet little femme slut?”

“God, yes,” Lilly moans. “I’m yours. I’m your little femme slut. Please, Mistress. Please. Please. Please.”

“Please what, baby?” Sam says, continuing to fuck her.

“Please make me cum, Mistress. God. Please. I’m so close. Please can I cum?”

“Hmmm,” Sam ponders, not giving her an answer.

“Please, Mistress, fuck, I’ll do anything,” she begs.

“Tell me what a needy little slut you are and how good my strap feels, and maybe I’ll think about letting you cum,” Sam replies wickedly.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. Please, I’m such a needy little slut and I need to cum so bad with your strap in my pussy, Mistress. Your strap feels so good, Mistress, I can’t help it. I’m so close.”

“Mmm, that’s a good girl,” Sam praises. “Such a desperate little slut. If you need to cum that badly, you can, slut.”

“Fuck,” Lilly moans. That’s all it takes for her orgasm to pulse through her clit and body, a scream pulled from her throat as she shakes and trembles underneath Sam. She watches the beautiful sight unravel beneath her, a privilege to watch her come undone.

“Good girl,” Sam whispers in Lilly’s ear when she’s come down from her orgasm. She whimpers in response, delighted to be her good girl.

Sam kisses her softly, letting their tongues explore each other. Then she pulls off the blindfold and looks deeply into Lilly’s eyes.

“I love you,” she says.

Lilly smiles, melting. “I love you too.”

Sam undoes Lilly’s restraints, taking off the cuffs and gently rubbing her wrists and ankles. She reaches for a glass of water on the nightstand and encourages Lilly to drink. They settle into the bed under the covers, Sam spooning Lilly. She holds her close, cherishing the gift Lilly just gave her.

“Thank you,” she whispers, after Lilly has fallen asleep.

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