Use Me

“You,” I pant. “I want you.”

“I want you to be more specific than that,” they say in a low voice next to my ear. “I know you can be.”

Warnings: Drinking, language like Daddy, sir, and slut, fingering, oral, spanking, strap-ons


We’re sitting on their couch, comfortably close, and we’re looking at each other, drinks in hand. I can feel the heat simmering between us, helpless to hide my desires.

“So what is it,” they ask, “that you most want?” They’re wearing a black button-up with the sleeves rolled up.

“Um, I don’t know,” I stammer. “You’ve read my stuff. You know. Exhibitionism. Being fucked by a group of butches.”

They nod, waiting patiently for me to continue.

“I guess I want the vulnerability of it. The giving into desire so deeply that it doesn’t matter how many times or how many people fuck me, I give myself to all of it.”

They take a sip of their drink – a beer, which I can’t stand.

“Do you have any other desires you want to give into?” they ask in their sweet, husky voice. I melt. Sparks fly inside me.

“Maybe,” I whisper.

We stare at each other, and I can barely breathe. I swallow involuntarily, surprised by my throat closing.

“Is there anything you want to tell me, Lane?”

I swallow again, on purpose this time, trying to gather myself.

“I…” I start, trailing off. I glance at their lips, and are they leaning in closer to me? They smell like beer and cologne and it’s distracting me. “I, uh…”

“Yes?” they ask, patiently. Their arm is around the back of the sofa, next to me, and they’re so close I could kiss them.

I take a sip of my chardonnay. Wine always turns me on, gets my blood flowing to just the right places. I think about this, and take another, longer drink.

I set my glass down and look them in the eyes, feeling bold.

“I want you.”

They look at me heavy with desire and I can feel the sparks fly inside me again. Their hand reaches for my face and they lean in closer, brushing our lips together softly, gently asking for permission for more. I kiss them back harder and they accept my permission, gripping my face with both hands and slipping their tongue out to tease my lips, making me whimper. I respond with my own tongue, exploring, moaning into their mouth. They taste like beer, and I love it.

They pull back, looking me in the eyes. “What do you want?” they breathe.

They go in for my neck, kissing and licking and sucking, and I stuff my hand in their hair and grip down hard.

“Fuck,” I say. “Fuck, Taylor.”

“I asked a question,” they say insistently, returning to kissing my neck.

“You,” I pant. “I want you.”

“I want you to be more specific than that,” they say in a low voice next to my ear. “I know you can be.”

I whimper. “I want to climb in your lap and ride your fingers and be a good slut for you,” I blurt out.

“Ohh,” they growl. “Now that’s a good boy. Fuck.”

They pull me into their lap and keep kissing my neck, probably leaving a hickey that I’ll remember for days. I grind on them, feeling wet and desperate already. My jeans are tight and offer a delicious friction against their lap.

“Do you want me to call you Daddy, or sir?” I ask, looking into their eyes and breathing hard. They slip a hand between us and rub my cunt through my jeans, making me moan, “Oh, oh, oh.”

“The boy can choose,” they answer. God .

“Fuck, Daddy,” I blurt, not planning to, but evidently choosing for myself.

“Good boy,” they praise, reaching for my button and zipper and slipping their hand into my pants to rub me through my underwear. My moaning pitches higher and I start to jerk on their fingers, planting my hands firmly on their shoulders and grinding.

“Fuck,” they mutter, looking up and down at my body with lust and depravity.

“Please,” I beg. It feels so good. “Uh. Oh. Oh. Please. Please, Daddy. Please fuck me.”

They growl and slip their hand into my underwear, reaching my wet opening and stroking me. “Ohhh!” I cry out. I’m so sensitive already. I’m panting fuck over and over, jerking my hips quickly back and forth in a frantic rhythm, thinking of nothing but the pleasure coiling inside me.

“You desperate little slut,” they say in awe. “Just like I imagined.”

My body lights on fire when they say this. They imagined me. At first I’m speechless, but then I throw my head back and say, “Yes, fuck, I’m a slut for you. Daddy. Sir. Oh, fuck.”

“Do you want my fingers inside you, baby?” they ask, mouth open in awe of me.

“Yes. Fuck. Fuck me.” I grind harder, desperate to feel them inside me, desperate to be fucked. “Please.”

“Good boy,” they grunt as they sink a finger into my wet cunt. I moan louder for them, so sweetly, praising them and thanking them for how good it feels.

I dig my hands into their hair and pull their head back to look at me while I ride them, breathing hard. “Please,” I say.

“Please what?” they ask with curiosity.

“Please don’t stop,” I whimper.

“Tell me what else you want tonight, boy,” they instruct, pumping their thick middle finger in and out of me. I’m tight, and they’re taking it slow.

“Fuck,” I shudder. “I, uh, want, your cock, sir,” I say slowly, pausing at every word. I know that’s not specific enough. I struggle to put into words what I want. I just want them , however they want me.

“Is that all?” they ask, curling their finger inside me and tearing a low moan from my throat.

“Fuck,” I gasp. “No. I want… I want you to use me however you want, Daddy. Do whatever you want with me. I’m yours.”

They grin in a devilish way while their finger reaches inside me and strokes flames of pleasure up my body. “Good boy,” they praise. “Daddy will take good care of you.”

I melt, a whimper escaping from my mouth. “Yes, Daddy,” I pant. “Fuck me, Daddy. God. Fuck. You feel so good fucking me. Please, Daddy.”

Their finger curls again and I moan for them, loud, deep, like a slut.

“More,” I beg. “More fingers.”

They growl in pleasure, pulling their finger out of my pussy and sinking two fingers back in, and I reward them with my loudest moan yet, my pussy clenching on their fingers.

I’m still mostly dressed, and I feel this suddenly. I grind my hips on their fingers and start to unbutton my shirt, revealing that I’m wearing nothing underneath, and they look at my small tits hungrily.

“Fuck,” they say, gazing at my chest. “You’re perfect.”

I blush at this, looking at their hungry face and hoping that they’re thinking about sucking my nipples, because fuck, I want that. I tug on their hair and pull their gaze to my eyes.

“Do you…” I start to say, and then their fingers in my cunt feel really good suddenly, and I can’t finish. “Do you want to kiss them?” I finish asking.

They nod, dipping their head to lick and gently suck at my sensitive nipple. “Fuck,” I whimper. “Taylor. Oh fuck, that’s so good. Yeah. Like that. Please. Fuck.”

They hum on my nipple and the vibrations shoot straight to my clit and I moan for them. Their fingers are fucking and stretching me open, and my hips are rocking into their hand to match their rhythm. “Fuck me, Taylor.”

“Lane,” they growl. Hearing my name in their deep, husky voice makes a blush stretch out across my face and chest.

I dig my hands into their hair, clinging desperately, panting and grunting as I ride their fingers like a good slut the way I promised. They grunt as I tug on their hair, looking up at me with dark, lustful eyes.

“You’re such a delicious little slut,” they tell me.

“God,” I say. “Fuck.”

“Good boy,” they say, fucking me a little faster, and my desperate whimpers and moans grow louder.

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree, “Your good boy.”

“Fuck,” they grunt, using their hips to fuck their fingers up into me harder, like their fingers are their cock, and I practically cum right there.

“Oh, God,” I gasp. “Fuck me, Daddy. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. God, Taylor. Fuck. Please.”

“Please what?” they challenge me, fucking me harder. It drives me wild.

“Please, please… Please fuck me til I cum on your fingers like a needy little slut.”

“Good boy,” they say. “God, you’re such a fucking slut.”

The way they say it, with a husky, deep tenor in their voice, makes me want to melt in their arms.

“Yes, Daddy. Your slut. Fuck. Fuck your fingers feel so good in my tight little cunt. Do you like fucking me?” My question is punctuated with a loud moan.

“Fuck,” they groan. “Fuck yes. God, your tight little cunt takes my fingers so well. I can’t wait to get my cock in you, you dirty slut. Do you want to cum for me, baby?”

I moan and tremble, nodding and gasping, unable to answer with words as my orgasm overtakes my body and I pulse and clench on their fingers. I scream for them, showing them how loud I can be. I’m panting as I come down from my high, clinging to their shoulders.

“God, you’re such a good little slut,” they praise me.

They pull their fingers from my cunt and slip them in their mouth, groaning at the taste. “Fuck, I can’t wait to eat your pussy,” they promise. My mouth goes dry at the sight of them sucking off their fingers, and I kiss them hard, slipping my tongue in their mouth and tasting myself. I moan.

My cunt is throbbing and dripping and ready to be fucked again. I want their mouth, their fingers, their cock.

I kiss their neck, bringing my mouth to their ear. “Do you want to fuck my pussy, Daddy?” I whisper.

I feel their hands on my hip grip tighter

“Fuck, you dirty little slut,” they swear. “Desperate for it again already?”

I nod, pulling their fingers to my mouth to suck on them too. They groan.

I’m straddling them, and they pick me up and carry me to the bed like that, and God, it makes me hot to be carried effortlessly. They toss me on the bed and tug my pants off, my boxers too, leaving me naked and waiting.

They look at me hungrily, like they’re a hunter and I’m the prey they just caught. I’m burning under their gaze.

“I’m going to eat your pussy and you’re going to cum on my face and scream like a slut again, got it?” they say bossily, and I nod helplessly.

“Use your words, boy,” they growl.

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree eagerly.

They kneel on the bed, forcing my legs open and dipping their head in between my thighs.

Their tongue reaches out to slide up my slit and circle around my clit, and I let out an appreciative moan for them. My whole body twitches as they tease my clit. I shake and tremble and gasp under the sensations, my legs clasped around their back and my hands in their hair. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I start repeating, already high on the pleasure. “God, Taylor.”

They moan in response, the vibrations shaking through my whole body. Their hot mouth on my cunt is making me more wet, and I can feel how easy it will be for me to cum soon.

Their tongue starts to tease my clit up and down with steady pressure, in the way I like most, and I start crying out, “Ohhh, oh, oh, oh.” They stay here, repeating the motions until the pleasure is building and building inside me.

“God, fuck me Taylor. Fuck me just like that. Jesus Christ. Fuck me,” I babble, filling the air with dirty talk to encourage them until my breath catches in my throat and I gasp. The pleasure overtakes me, stronger than my last orgasm, ripping a scream from my throat as I cum over and over again on Taylor’s face. My hands tighten in their hair, gripping hard like it’s the only thing that can anchor me to earth right now. They groan.

As the waves of pleasure slowly subside, I release my grip on their hair and relax back into the bed, winded. I breathe hard. They grin at me from between my legs, calling me a good boy and a good slut and good little toy.

Without giving me a break, they slip two thick fingers inside my wet cunt and I cry out in surprise and pleasure.

“Fuck,” they groan. “You’re so wet.”

“Mmm,” I whimper.

“God, I’m gonna get this tight little cunt ready for my cock.”

I throb and clench at this. “Yes, Daddy, oh God, please, fuck me with your cock, Daddy,” I moan.

They slip a third finger inside me and I cry out for them. I rock on their fingers as they fuck me open, moaning and panting, desperate to be fucked. They fill me, reaching farther inside me, stretching me open, and I try to breathe. I grip the bedsheets in my hands, my knuckles turning white.

“Relax,” they say, slowing their strokes, pushing my shoulders back down to the bed. I release my clenched hands and try to do as they say.

“Ohh,” I moan. “Oh. Daddy. Please. Fuck.”

“Good boy,” they coo. “Taking my fingers like a good slut.”

I arch into their touch at that, saying, “Yes Daddy, your good slut.” They tell me to relax again, tell me to sit back and take it, not move. God, it makes me hot. It’s so hard not to tense up my body in response to the pleasure, but I try to stay relaxed.

My pussy is taking their fingers harder and deeper now, and my moaning is pitching to match, deeper, faster, louder.

“God, you’re so loud,” they say. I laugh and it turns into a moan.

“I told you I was loud,” I retort.

“I love it,” they say in a husky voice. They add a fourth finger and my moan comes out strangled. My tight pussy is rarely wet enough to take this many fingers, but God, they did it.

“Fuck,” I squeak. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh God. Ohhh, God. OH GOD.” My moans grow louder and louder like I might cum. Then they pull their fingers out of me and stuff them in my mouth, and I groan around them, licking them up.

“Good boy,” they praise when they pull their fingers from my mouth. “Now suck my cock.”

They’re still fully dressed, in all black, button-up, jeans, and belt. I reach for the belt, slowly undoing the loop, the buckle. I look up at them while I do this, and their eyes are heavy and dark with lust. I undo the button on their jeans, unzip the zipper. I grasp them through their black boxer briefs and they’re hard packing.

I reach in and pull their cock out, and it’s a simple beige piece with a smooth shaft and a small head. I lick it from base to tip, taking the tip in my mouth and sucking. I glance up at them, and they’re licking their lips and watching me intently. I take more of the cock in my mouth, getting it wet with my spit. I hum and suck, up and down, until they grasp my hair and guide my mouth themself. My body lights on fire when they control me like this.

“That’s a good cocksucker,” Taylor praises me. I blush.

They pull my mouth off their cock and shove me back down to the bed. “Now you’re gonna take it in your cunt like a good boy, and you’re gonna cum on my cock when I tell you to,” they order.

I whimper. Nod. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

I obey.

They spank me, hard. Both cheeks. I think I’m in for the spanking of my life when they stop at two spanks and rub my ass cheeks and call me a good boy, and I feel their tip teasing my slit. My arms and knees almost buckle at the sensation.

“Please, Daddy,” I beg.

“Please what, boy?”

“Please fuck me.”

They’re eager. They sink into me and groan. They fill me, and I feel their hips meet my ass.

“Fuck,” I whimper.

They growl, pulling out of me and sinking back in, making both of us moan.

“God,” I groan. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy, Daddy. Fuck. Fuck me with your butch cock.”

They fuck me harder, splitting me open on their cock. I can’t hold myself up any longer and I fall to my elbows, changing the angle of their cock in a way that feels delicious.

“God, your cunt takes my cock so well,” Taylor grunts.

I moan, “Yes, Daddy,” and take their cock.

They reach down and spread my wetness around my clit, pulling a gasp from my mouth. I’m sensitive and the sensations are powerful already, making me twitch hard.

“God,” I grunt. “Fuck.”

“Do you like that, boy?” they ask. God, I love how they call me boy .

“Yes, Daddy. Oh God. It feels so good. Please don’t stop,” I beg, being a good boy like I promised.

They continue teasing my clit in slow, intentional motions, mimicking the up and down gestures that worked so well for me earlier with their tongue. It’s working again now, and I can feel the sensations coiling inside me, tighter and tighter.

“Please, Daddy,” I gasp. “Please make me cum. Oh God.”

“You want to cum, boy?” they grunt, fucking their cock into me harder.

I moan “Ohhh,” unable to answer.

“What’s the matter, boy? Can’t use your words?” Our bodies slam together in a hot mess, their strokes becoming faster and more fervent.

“Fuck,” I gasp, trying to say something, anything. “Please.”

“Ask for it, boy,” they order.

“Please let me cum, Daddy!” I blurt out. “God. Fuck. Please.”

“Good boy.” They rub my clit with a firm hand and it’s just the perfect amount of friction, exactly what I need.

“Please, Daddy. Please. Do I have permission?”

“No,” they say firmly, not stopping their movements.

“Please,” I whine, pathetically. “Please, Daddy. Please. I need to cum.”

“Oh, you need to cum?” they challenge.

“Please,” I say helplessly. “I’m so close. I can’t -”

“You can’t what, boy? Can’t help it?” they mock me.

Their thick cock is fucking me hard and their fingers are stroking my clit, and I’m so, desperately close that I’m moaning and gasping into it, at a loss for words, just needing that perfect, sweet release.

My pussy starts to clench on their cock and I feel it coming, it’s so close, I’m so close. “Please!” I beg.

“ No ,” they say sternly. It makes me so hot I feel the blush break out all over my skin. My orgasm is coming now, there’s no stopping it. I try to hold it off anyway but it’s hopeless. It just prolongs it. “I, ah, uhh…” I gasp as the pulsing waves release through my trembling body, slow and powerful. They fuck me through it all, not once stopping the movement of their cock and fingers. The aftershocks twitch through me and I whimper, spent.

They leave their cock inside me, resting there while I catch my breath.

“You didn’t have permission, boy,” they say dangerously. There’s a threat in their tone.

“Please, Daddy,” I beg. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Bad boys get punished,” they growl.

They spank me, hard, their cock still inside me. They beat my ass but don’t move their cock, staying still, cockwarming me. I’m wet and ready to be fucked again, but they’re not moving. I cry out, “Please!” but it’s hopeless. I have to endure whatever the punishment is.

My ass is sore and sensitive now, buzzing with pain and heat. They continue spanking me, making me count each one. I yell out the numbers obediently. When I count to ten, I beg, “Please, Daddy.”

“Please what?” they ask.

“It hurts. Please.”

“Okay then,” they say. “Ten more.”

I count them.

When I yell out “Ten!” again, they tell me I’m a good boy.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I squeak. My ass is on fire.

“You wanna get fucked by this cock, boy?” they say, barely jerking their hips into me.

“God, fuck yes, please Daddy,” I beg. “Please, please, please.”

“What a pathetic, slutty little boy,” they mock. “So desperate for it.”

“Yes, Daddy, fuck, I’m a slut for your cock, sir,” I moan.

They slowly pull out of me by an inch and sink back in, and the pleasure lights my body on fire. I moan dirty things repeatedly, babbling, thanking them for fucking me and begging for more. I’m drunk on the pleasure of being filled, being fucked by a thick cock.

They flip me over onto my back, and the contact of my hot, beaten ass on the sheets makes me arch my back and squeal in protest. “Shhh,” they coo, stroking my hair and fucking their hips into mine. I relax into the pain and pleasure of my sore ass on the bed, the strokes of their cock matching the sparks of pain that light up my backside. “God,” I groan. “Fuck. Fuck.” I cling to them, gripping their hair with one hand and holding the back of their neck with the other.

They’re panting and groaning now too, fucking me hard, giving into the sensation of the base of their cock rubbing their clit. I watch their face with rapt attention, mesmerized. The pleasure takes over their soft features, their eyes closing and mouth opening as their hips jerk in rhythm.

“Fuck my pussy, Daddy,” I beg, feeling flames of heat stroke up my belly as I say it. It makes me so hot to call Taylor Daddy, knowing that it makes them hot too.

They growl, spurred on to fuck me harder. My soft, wet cunt takes their hard cock. The sounds of sex rise up between us: the wetness of my pussy getting fucked, our grunts and moans and breathing, my desperate begging.

“You’re such a dirty little slut,” they tell me while they fuck me. “Do you want to cum on Daddy’s cock?” they ask.

“Yes, Daddy,” I pant desperately. “Please, sir. Fuck. Please make me cum.”

They put their thumb in my mouth and make me suck on it, and I moan. After I get it wet, they lower it to my clit and rub steadily up and down, and it hits the spot perfectly, it’s exactly what I need and want. “Ohhh, fuck yes, fuck me like that, Daddy, sir, please, god that’s perfect, yes, yes, yes, yes…” I moan yes repeatedly, grinding my hips into their touch.

They’re grunting and stuttering with the rhythm of our hips, and blood rushes to my skin at the thought of them cumming inside me. I want that.

“Please, Daddy,” I beg. “Please cum inside me. Make me your slut.”

They groan at this and fuck me faster, reaching a frantic pace of hips and fingers. I’m moaning uncontrollably now, so fucked out that I spit out whatever words slip into my mind. I tell them how good it feels, tell them not to stop, tell them I’m so close.

“God, you fuckable little slut. Cum for me. Cum on Daddy’s cock, boy.”

“Fuck, Daddy. Please, please, please,” I beg. I can feel the pleasure build between my legs, feel the addictive sensations on my clit that heighten and grow with every stroke of their fingers. “Please, Daddy, oh my god. Fuck, fuck, fuuu-” my voice catches on the last syllable and a scream bursts from my throat as I clench around their cock. The waves of pleasure crash over my body and I moan and whimper through every pulse and aftershock.

“Fuck,” they groan at the sight underneath them. They continue fucking me through my orgasm, eager to get to theirs. It takes over their face first, and then their body freezes up and they tremble. They’re silent while they cum inside me, and it’s sexy as hell, watching the vulnerability of it. They pant when they come down from the high, collapsing on top of me and breathing hard into the crook of my neck.

“Fuck,” they say again. “Jesus Christ.” They pull up their head and look me in the eyes, kissing me hard and slow with their cock still inside me. They start to pull out, and I say no and cling to them, holding them close. They say okay and hold me in return, cradling me.

After a long moment of our bodies united, I let them go, and they slowly pull out of me and get cleaned up, slipping their cock back into their pants and climbing into bed with me. They hold me close, and I’m naked while they are fully dressed again, but I don’t mind. They’re a stone butch and I get it.

They clean me up one last time with their mouth, and it’s slow and intimate, with low moaning and whimpering sounds coming from my lips. “God,” I say. “Taylor.” And this time, their name is on my lips when I cum for them, my thighs clenching tightly around their head, trapping them. They lick me up, not stopping as my orgasm comes and comes. “Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…” I whimper through every wave.

“Lane,” they whisper in a husky voice when I’m done cumming in their mouth. They kiss me, the taste of me sweet and salty on their lips. I moan at the delicious, slutty taste of kissing someone who just ate me out.

Kissing them makes me want them again, even though my pussy is well and truly fucked out and throbbing. They wrap me up in another safe hug and pull the blankets over us. We fall asleep together in each other’s arms. Just like I imagined.

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