Jesse and their friends film some amateur porn in a parking lot, and get caught.

Warnings: public sex, car sex, camera sex, threesome, foursome, interrupted sex, getting caught, strap-on sex, blowjob, oral sex, fingering, masturbation, language like Sir and slut


My cargo pants are shoved down to my boots, my black t-shirt hiked up past my hard brown nipples. I’m shoved against the window of the truck, Ryan’s hot mouth on my wet cunt. Whimpers slip past my lips, though I’m trying to stay quiet. I look at the phone in Alex’s hand, filming everything. I pull my hand over my mouth and glance around us, looking outside the truck windows to see if anyone is around. 

The parking lot behind Home Depot is deserted at midnight. It’s just the three of us. 

I bite my bottom lip and moan, “Fuck, Ryan.” 

“Fuck, Jesse,” Alex replies on Ryan’s behalf, since their mouth is a little preoccupied at the moment. 

I look up at the camera again, my mouth open in pleasure. I grind on Ryan’s face and the added friction feels like fire lapping up my body.

Alex’s free hand slips down their pants. Electricity shoots through me. 

“Fuuuuck, Alex… God, that’s so fucking hot. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I’m leaning against the driver’s side door, grasping for purchase around the steering wheel. My elbow shoots out and hits the horn, setting it off. “Oh fuck!” I yelp. 

“It’s okay,” Alex says. “No one’s around.”

“Right,” I agree, feeling nervous. Then Ryan’s tongue starts lapping hard at my clit. My hips jerk, and a strangled cry escapes my mouth. All I can think about is riding Ryan’s face and keeping my moans quiet. Oh, and the camera on me; I can’t forget about that. It makes me feel so fucking hot and slutty to be filmed, exposed. 

Alex struggles to keep filming me while they touch themself. “Fuck,” they mutter. 

Ryan moans into my pussy and I moan back, shoving a hand in their hair and tugging hard. I’m lost in the pleasure, concentrating on Ryan’s face working magic between my legs. 

“Yeah, baby. Fuck yeah. Eat my pussy like that. Fuck.” 

“Can I help you?” a stranger’s voice asks. 

I freeze, snapping my head up. 

A broad-shouldered woman with cropped gray hair and a Carhartt jacket is standing next to Alex, holding her hand out for the phone. Alex is frozen, looking at her dumbly. Ryan has stopped eating me out, looking over their shoulder in fear. 

“Um,” Alex says, still holding the camera up, the red dot on the screen blinking.

“Your friends are enjoying themselves. Don’t you want to join them?” she says. A beat passes. “Let me help you.”

My heart is racing wildly. Who is this butch behind Home Depot and what is happening? My stomach feels like it’s going to jump out of my throat. Before I can think too hard about it, Ryan’s mouth is back on my cunt and pleasure is shooting up my spine. The bastard.

I don’t know where to look—the camera or the butch. Then the camera is in the butch’s hand, and I’m staring at them both. 

“That’s it,” she says in a smooth voice, talking to Alex but looking directly at me. I feel like I’m on fire. I must be as red as the blinking light on the camera.

“What’s your name?” she asks, still looking at me. 

I flush hotter somehow, and I squeak out, “Jesse.”

“Do you like that, Jesse? Do you like when your friend eats out your pussy in public while a stranger films you?”

A whimper escapes my throat before I can control it. Ryan’s tongue is flicking hard against my clit, and I’m already close to cumming from all the teasing. I’m looking at the camera with wide, pleading eyes.

“Yes,” I pant. “Yes, I like it.”

“Fuck,” Alex says, their hand down their pants, working furiously. 

“Alex,” I moan. “Fuck Ryan for me.” 

Alex glances at the camera, then at me, and nods. “Ryan?” they ask. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Ryan pulls their face from my cunt, looking up at me. Their eyes are brown and their gaze is hot. “Yes,” they reply, quickly unbuttoning their pants and tugging them down their thighs. 

As Ryan returns to my cunt, Alex pulls down Ryan’s boxers and reaches for their T-dick. Ryan moans into my pussy. Their tongue is skillful and generous, and I throw my head back in a deep moan when they lick my clit in concentrated strokes in just the way I like. 

“Fuck, Ryan, if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum,” I moan. 

They keep doing it. I look at the camera, at the hot older butch staring at me. She’s smirking arrogantly, and I hate how handsome it makes her look. 

“Do you want to cum, Jesse?” she asks. A jolt shoots through me. My pleasure is building and I can’t hold it off much longer.

“Yesss,” I moan. “Yes, I want to cum. Fuck.”

I’m panting, desperate. Sweat is beading on my forehead. 

“Cum for the camera like a good little exhibitionist, Jesse. We all want to see it.”

Oh God. I’m so close, and the butch’s smoldering gaze is making my skin grow hot.

“Oh fuck,” I whimper. I reach for Ryan’s head and grip their hair hard, grinding my cunt against their face. “I’m so close, I’m so close, oh God, I’m… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I fall apart, screaming out, trembling, riding my orgasm to its peak in the driver’s seat of Ryan’s pickup truck. 

“That’s a good slut,” I hear the butch mutter from behind the camera. I shiver.

Ryan looks up at me from between my legs, chin slick with my wetness. Alex continues stroking their cock, and I watch their face transformed by the pleasure, mouth open, eyes fluttering closed. “Fuck,” Ryan curses loudly. “Fuck, Alex, fuck.”

“You like that?” Alex says, looking at me. I stare back, entranced, still dizzy from the rush of my orgasm. “You like when I stroke your dick, Ryan?”

“Ugh,” Ryan grunts. “Fuck, dude. Yes, I like it. Fuck.”

“Yeah, bro?” Alex says. “You’re both sluts.”

Ryan moans at that. I almost moan, too. I’m still half-naked and disheveled, and I’m thinking about touching myself for the camera. I realize I’m looking at the phone again, and the butch behind it. She’s so sexy—handsome in that rugged way. I stare at her thick fingers, and I find myself imagining them inside me, curling, coaxing moan after moan out of my slutty mouth. 

“See something you like, Jesse?” she asks me.

Oh God. I cough and swallow. 

“Um, I… um…” I stammer. “Just… uh… thinking about… getting fingered…” My hand rests on my bare thigh. 

“Is that so?” she says, with a note of interest in her voice. “Maybe you should finger yourself, then.” 

I whimper involuntarily, nodding eagerly, grateful for the suggestion. My hand slips up higher, spreading my wet lips, and I let my eyes close while I slowly play with myself. “Oh God,” I moan. “I’m so wet.”

“Jesse…” Alex says in a husky voice, watching me while they play with Ryan. 

“What?” I croak. My middle finger is stroking my wetness up to my clit lazily. I swallow. I shiver.

“Fuck yourself for us, Jesse.” Alex’s voice is deep, commanding. 

I nod, looking back at the camera while I sink a finger into my soft, wet pussy. My eyes flutter closed and I struggle to keep them open. 

Ryan is moaning louder now, their hands clenched in front of them. “Oh fuck, Alex… I’m gonna cum,” they say. “I’m gonna cum. Fuck. Keep fucking me. Keep stroking my cock. Jesus fuck…” 

A shuddering gasp overtakes their face and body and Ryan cums hard for us. I feel my cunt clench around my finger and I want more, so I add a second finger.

“God, someone fuck me,” I say, licking my lips. “Who brought a cock? I need… to get… fucked…” I moan as I curl my fingers inside me, hitting that perfect spot.

Alex is licking their hand clean and watching me with lust. Ryan is panting and trying to collect themself. The mysterious butch is the one who answers me.

“Is that an invitation?” she asks. Her spare hand reaches down to her crotch, stroking. 

My mouth goes dry. “Um,” I whimper. “Yeah. Yes.” 

“Hold this, boy,” she says, handing the camera back to Alex. They take it, stepping back and getting her in the frame as she unbuttons her jeans and pulls out a thick black veiny strap-on. 

“Is this what you want, Jesse? Do you want my cock?”

I finger myself harder and nod eagerly. “Fuck yes. Yes, I want your cock. Please fuck me with it.”

The butch growls, stroking herself. “You little slut, Jesse. Taking any old butch’s cock outside of this Home Depot?”

“Ugh,” I moan. “Yeah. I’m a slut. Call me your slut.” 

“That’s a good slut,” she praises. “Good sluts like to suck cock, don’t they, Jesse?”

I nod eagerly, pulling my fingers from my wet cunt and sucking them clean while I stare at her. “What’s your name?” I ask. 

“You can call me Sir,” she says. “Now, Jesse, do you want to get on your knees and suck Sir’s cock?”

I swallow. The answer is God, yes, I do. I glance at the camera in Alex’s hand, at Ryan now standing next to them with their hand down Alex’s pants, and damn if Alex isn’t trying their best to keep the camera still.

“Yes, Sir.”

I start to pull up my pants, pull down my shirt, but Sir says no and tells me to get naked, actually. Heat rushes through my body, and I obey, taking off the shirt and shuffling out of my boots to pull down my pants and boxers. I put my boots back on and hop down from the truck. 

Standing, I’m the same height as her. I look into her eyes and they’re green and dark with lust. She looks my naked body up and down with a smirk. “On your knees, Jesse,” she says. 

I glance from her green eyes to her black cock and begin to lower myself to the rough asphalt of the Home Depot parking lot. It hurts, but I’m a big boy; I can take it. I bring my hands to the thighs of her jeans and lick the cock from base to tip, swirling my tongue around the tip and sucking it in my mouth as far as I can take it.

That’s a good boy, Jesse. Fuck. Where’d you learn how to suck cock?” 

I moan in response, as if I can answer any other way. I feel so hot and degraded, and I’m getting wet. I feel it dripping down my pussy lips and I reach down to play with myself, and Sir notices.

“God, you little fucking slut. Touching yourself already. You just can’t help it, can you? You need to get fucked hard, don’t you?”

I rub myself furiously, moaning around Sir’s cock, and I pull it from my mouth and answer, blushing: “Yes, Sir. Please fuck me hard.”

She growls. “On your feet. Bend over.” She motions to the truck’s seat. I stand and wince at the raw skin of my knees. I place my hands on the soft leather seat and brace myself. She kicks my feet apart and strokes my wet cunt, moaning with me.

“Fuck, Jesse, you’re so wet. Jesus Christ.”

“Yes, Sir. You made me wet. Fuck. Please fuck me.” 

“Jesus, Jesse,” Ryan says. Alex laughs. 

“Shut up,” I shoot back, my ears turning red. I feel the tip of Sir’s cock tease my opening, and I freeze, waiting in anticipation.

“Do you want this cock, Jesse?”

“Yes,” I whimper.

“Beg for it, then.”

I moan. “Please, Sir… Please fuck me. God, I need it. I need your cock. I’m such a pathetic little slut for it. Please fuck me with your thick butch cock, Sir.”

“God, Jesse,” she says. “That’s some good begging.” 

I feel her cock slowly press into me, and I let out a low, appreciative moan. 

“Thank me for it,” she growls, filling me up and fucking me slowly.

“Ohh,” I moan involuntarily, grasping at the worn leather seats for purchase. “Fuck… Thank you, Sir.” 

“God, are you such a dirty little slut that you just open up for any butch’s cock? Hmm?” 

The humiliating words make my skin flush hot. “Uh,” I moan. “Um…”

“Say it.”

I swallow. She fucks in and out of me, steady like a practiced butch top. “I’m a dirty slut,” I say, face red. “I’m a dirty slut who’ll take any butch’s cock.” 

That’s a good boy,” she praises. 

“Oh!” I cry out. I feel myself clench around the strap inside me. “Oh fuck…”

“Do you like that, Jesse? Do you like being called a good boy?” she asks. 

“Oh God,” I moan. “Mmhmm. Yeah. Yes.”

“Yes, Sir,” she instructs. 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“Good. Boy,” she says, with two hard thrusts into me. 

I gasp, gripping hard onto the seat and spreading my legs wider. “Thank you, Sir,” I pant. 

“God, Jesse, you’re such a slut,” Alex says. 

“Fuck you, Alex,” I spit, but I blush til my ears turn red. 

“They’re not wrong,” Ryan chimes in. 

“Fuck… you… too… Ryan…” I moan between Sir’s thrusts. 

“Tell me you’re a slut, Jesse. Admit it,” Sir says.

God dammit. The demand makes my skin flush hotter.

“I’m a… I’m a slut, Sir,” I admit, my cheeks and ears burning red. 

Ryan and Alex laugh and Sir tells them to shut up, that they’re sluts too. 

“God, your pussy feels so good on my cock,” Sir says, gripping my hips harder and grunting with effort. 

I feel electricity spark in my core and I moan out. It’s all too much—the public display, the gaze of the camera, the jeering of my friends, the thick cock inside of me. I want to cum again, but I need attention on my clit for that to happen.

“Please, Sir,” I start to beg in my prettiest tone. “Please, can you touch my clit? Please make me cum, Sir…”

“Touch your own clit, you little slut. Make yourself cum, since you’re so pathetic and desperate for it.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” 

She laughs and fucks me harder, making me cry out. I can’t see what Ryan and Alex are doing, but I can hear them both moaning, and it’s turning me on. I reach between my legs and find my clit throbbing and ready for attention. I stroke myself softly, gasping. I’m already close. 

“Oh, fuck, Sir,” I moan. “Do I need to have permission to cum, Sir?” I ask, like a good, obedient boy. 

“Yes,” she growls. “Of course you do, you little slut.” 

“Can I cum, please, Sir?”

“Not until you beg for it properly, little toy.” 

“Oh, God,” I moan, stroking myself closer and closer to that delicious edge. “Please, Sir. Please. Please, please, please…” 

“Better. Keep going.” 

“Please, Sir. I’m such a needy little slut for it. I can’t help myself. I need it. I need to cum. I’m a desperate slut for you, Sir. Please, can I cum?”

“Not yet,” she warns. 

“Pleeeease,” I whine. “I’m getting close. I’m so close. All because of you. Please let me cum, Sir.” 

“Wait,” she orders. “I’m going to cum first, do you hear me, boy? Hold it off until I say so.” 

I whimper and whine. “Yes, Sir.” 

She fucks hard into me, pulling deep throaty moans from my mouth. 

“Fuck me, Sir,” I start to chant. “Fuck me.” 

She growls and grunts. Ryan and Alex are moaning louder now, getting frantic, and I wish I could see what they’re doing. I glance over my shoulder and catch a glimpse of Ryan on their knees, eating out Alex while Alex struggles to film Sir fucking me. I could almost cum from the sight of it. 

Sir is grunting louder now, her hips firm in their rhythm. 

“Oh, fuck, Sir, please cum inside me. Make me your slut. Cum inside me with your thick butch cock, Sir.” I return my finger to my clit, stroking softly to bring myself back to the edge again. “Please, Sir, please, I want to cum so badly, please cum inside me.”

“Oh God,” she groans, her hips stuttering as she grinds into me, riding out her slow, steady orgasm. 

“Ohh, fuck me! Keep fucking me, please, Sir!” I rub my clit hard and let my belly tighten in that familiar way. She obeys, returning to her pace and fucking me hard while I clench around her cock and moan. “Oh, God, oh fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m gonna—I’m gonna—” 

I cum hard, screaming out into the night, thinking briefly that someone might come looking for us after the noise, but deciding that I don’t care. I keep stroking my clit until the waves of pleasure stop crashing over me and I surface for air. 

“God, that’s a good fucking slut,” she says. 

The video cuts off there.

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