Butch Cocksuckers

My roommates won’t stop arguing with each other, and I find a way to make them shut up.

Warnings: language like slut, good boy, oral sex


It’s two months into the COVID pandemic lockdown and my roommates won’t shut the fuck up. They’ve been bickering since day 3, every since Ryan complained about Casey’s mess in the kitchen. “Am I going to have to live in this filth for months, Casey?” “Stop being such a fucking neat freak, Ryan!”

They never really got along as roommates, but the tension of lockdown has made it worse day by day. Our other roommates are gone for the weekend, and I’ve decided that these two need to share a common goal. Something to bring them together, or at least make them compete against each other and get the god damned tension out.

We sit down to beers and Netflix on Friday night, Sam and Alex having already left for camping with friends at Mt. Rainier.

“What do y’all wanna watch?” I ask.

“I don’t care,” Casey shrugs.

“Of course you don’t,” Ryan replies, rolling her eyes.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Casey demands.

“You know what it’s supposed to mean –” she says right as I say, “Suck my fucking cock, both of you.”

Ryan looks outraged but flounders for words, while Casey laughs and says “She’d like that.”

“What?” she screeches. “You’re so dirty, I bet you’d like to deepthroat him,” she challenges, but her face goes red as she says it.

“You wish you could,” Casey retorts. “You’d probably choke.”

“No I wouldn’t!” she says, going redder.

“Bet you won’t prove it,” they challenge. Ryan swallows and makes eye contact with me. “Listen -” I start, about to say that it’s a joke and she doesn’t have to do anything, when she says, “Fine. You’re on.”

“What?” “Really?” we both ask.

“Yeah,” she says, with more confidence, her cheeks still flushed. “I’ll prove what I can do if they do too,” she says, glancing at Casey. “And you decide who’s better.”

I lick my lips and feel my clit grow hard beneath my cock that I’m packing with. I glance to Casey with a question in my gaze, and they nod.

“Who goes first?” Casey asks.

I stroke my cock through my jeans and say, “Together.” Both their jaws clench, but they don’t argue. I watch them both get to their knees in front of me while I continue stroking my cock, their hands beginning to trail up my body. Casey’s hand travels up to my neck and I dip my head to catch their fingers in my mouth, sucking. Their mouth drops open but they resist letting out a moan.

I release their fingers and watch Ryan and Casey unbutton my jeans, unzip, pull out my cock and stroke it together.

“Yeah,” I say, my voice growing deeper as the pressure rubs my clit, but I manage to hold my voice steady. “Good boys.”

Ryan responds to this more than Casey does, which surprises me. She licks her lips and draws her mouth to the tip of my cock, looking at me with dark eyes. It makes me draw my hand up to her short hair to grip a little, and my other hand follows up to do the same with Casey’s. Ryan starts to lick my cock and – fuck – her mouth looks delicious doing it. I guide Casey to join her with a gentle hand and they lick from the base to the tip.

“Fuck,” I swear, as I watch them work together, tongues meeting. Ryan sucks on the tip, and it’s the kind of cock that’s hollow from the base to the tip, so I feel the suction on my clit. I groan. That encourages her, evidently, as she sucks harder and my grip tightens in her hair.

Casey starts looking a little jealous. Ryan releases my cock and Casey takes their turn, taking more of me into their mouth and moaning for effect. The vibrations are good and I push their head down a little farther on my cock until I feel resistance. “Good boy,” I praise.

They pause. “Good slut,” they say, and take my cock in their mouth again.

“That’s a good little slut,” I praise. “Sucking my cock so well.” I lift Ryan’s chin and look her in the eyes. “My good little cocksuckers.” She licks her lips and looks eagerly at Casey on my cock.

“Do you want a turn, baby?” I ask, and she nods. “First I want to watch you kiss and undress each other.” My cock is throbbing at the thought.

They look at each other and lean in slowly, unsure of each other. But their lips meet with a spark and they moan and pull at each other’s clothes, getting naked piece by piece, until they’re groping at each other’s bodies, mouths pressed together, fighting for dominance. Half of me wants to sit back and watch them fuck, and half of me wants their attention back on my hard cock.

“You’re not done yet,” I interrupt them. “You still have to suck my cock.” I take off my pants and my strap and spread my legs, smiling at their eager faces. Their hands tease my open thighs and they kiss each other right in front of my cock, making me watch and wait. I let them tease, enjoying the show.

They finally bring their tongues to my cock where it peaks out from beneath my hairs, the slightest bit enlarged from microdosing on T. It’s aching and throbbing and the slightest touch of a tongue on the tip makes me jerk up. They both hold my hips down and slide their wet tongues over my cock, and I moan from the flames of pleasure it sends up my body.

They get into a pattern of alternating between sucking my cock and teasing my cunt, switching back and forth seamlessly. Finally working together as a team.

My arms are stretched out gripping the back of the couch while they make my legs shake. As much as I want to be the stoic, silent butch right now, they’re pulling grunts and “fuck”s from my throat.

“You slutty cocksuckers,” I say. “Fuck, you were made for sucking my cock.”

Casey moans in response while their tongue teases my wet opening.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum on your faces and then spank you red for being such dirty sluts,” I growl. This encourages the both of them, and Ryan sucks harder on my cock while Casey’s tongue dips inside of my cunt, and I’m so close, so, so close.

“Fuck yes,” I moan, “Suck my cock like a good boy, Ryan, fuck me, fuck -” and that’s all it takes. My orgasm is loud and long and leaves me with aftershocks. “Fuck,” I laugh in pleasure.

Ryan and Casey are naked on their knees in front of me, bodies flushed, faces wet, looking so, so, fuckable. The only question is what to do with them. My good little cocksuckers.

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