Halloween Party

“Don’t tease her, Max,” Parker says, fiddling with my bandana. “After all, she’s flagging for fisting, not Daddies.”

Sequel to Poker Game.

Warnings: Group sex, exhibitionism, Daddy kink, fingering, oral sex, strap-ons, double penetration (oral and vaginal)


It’s Halloween. My apartment is decorated in orange and black and purple streamers and fake spider webs. Spooky sound effects play over my bluetooth speaker, howling and evil laughter and eerie violin music. My dining table is covered in bottles of liquor and mixers, with a bowl of candy in the middle, just for me. No one else likes candy that much, but it made me dance with joy when Parker brought the bag for me. He’s dressed as a werewolf and wearing fake hair and a tight blank tank top that shows off his muscles. Lou is dressed as Gomez Addams, with a striped suit and a mustache. He’s always in a damn suit. Cal is Freddie Mercury at his Live Aid performance, with a white tank top, light blue jeans, and a black studded belt. She looks good. Really good. Zeke is looking like a sexy pirate as Captain Morgan, and they keep making the pose. And Max… Max bleached their curly hair and is dressed as Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who they know I have a crush on.

I’m dressed as a cowboy in a full get-up, with cowboy boots, assless chaps, a button-up Western shirt, a red bandana around my neck, and a cowboy hat. Zeke calls me “cowboy” and tugs on my bandana and it makes my ears warm. Max calls me “Daddy” and it makes my whole body flush. The last time we had a party together, it turned into strip poker and ended with me taking Cal’s cock and calling her Daddy, by accident, in front of the group.

“Don’t tease her, Max,” Parker says, fiddling with my bandana. “After all, she’s flagging for fisting, not Daddies.”

I flush again. I’ve never fisted, or been fisted, but technically, with the bandana around my neck, I’m flagging as a switch for it. I’ve always been curious about it. I’m probably as red as the bandana.

I try to laugh it off. “Whatever, Parker.”

I grab a drink from the table, another White Claw. What can I say? I know what I like.

“Got your pussy drink?” Max asks, winking at me.

“Fuck off.” I roll my eyes.

“Whatever you say, cowboy,” Max says, playfully bumping arms with me as they walk by.

“Okay, Spike,” I try to spit back, but it doesn’t sound like an insult. It just sounds like the Spike costume is making me flustered, because it is. They look so hot with bleached hair and a leather jacket, fake sharp canines making their flashy white grin even sexier. It makes me think about them biting my neck, my knees going weak, their strong arms holding me up while they suck hard… Okay. Shit.

Sharing Max’s supernatural costume theme, Parker is a hot, muscular werewolf, pouring himself a whiskey at the table.

“Werewolves drink whiskey?” I ask.

“Cowboys drink White Claw?” he retorts.

I laugh. “That’s fair.”

He has fake hair on his face, chest, arms, and hands, and my eyes run over his rugby muscles under the black tank. I take a sip of my drink, feeling thirsty. I’m not usually attracted to hair this much, but God, it looks good on him.

He smiles at me. “Something catch your eye?”

I must have been more obvious in my checking out than I’d hoped. “No,” I clear my throat. “Great costume, man.”

He tips his head back and howls, to hoots and cheers from the others in the living room. He smiles and winks at me. “Thanks, cowboy,” he says, slapping my shoulder. Being called “cowboy” is making me feel hot and bothered the way being called “Daddy” or “good boy” does.

I walk over to the couch and sit down with Lou, Cal, and Zeke.

“Hey cowboy,” they greet me, and I feel hot.

“Hey,” I say. “What are we talking about?”

“To be honest,” Zeke says, “We were talking about your last party.” I flush.

“It was fun,” Cal says casually. I look at her and remember riding her cock and calling her Daddy with my hands tied behind my back by a white velvet bandana, the flag for voyeurs and exhibitionists.

“Yeah,” I agree, pretending to be casual. “Fun.”

“It was a good poker game,” Lou adds.

I was the first one naked in strip poker, offered up for sexual favors as my bet for hands.

“Mhmm,” I squeak, sipping my drink.

“You’re a very good host,” Zeke adds.

“Thank you,” I say, growing redder. I didn’t think it would be this hard to play it cool around my friends after our last party.

“What game should we play tonight?” Lou asks.

“Never have I ever?” Cal suggests.

“Spin the bottle?” Zeke says with an eyebrow waggle.

“How ‘bout truth or dare?” Parker walks into the room and joins the conversation.

None of these are good ideas. Shit. My heart is hammering and my palms are sweaty, thinking about the direction this could go.

“I like truth or dare,” Max adds, joining the living room too. My sofa and chairs sit the six of us. I look around the room to our ridiculous ensemble of costumes and smile to myself.

“Sure,” Lou says, his thin Gomez mustache twitching up into a smirk.

“Zeke?” Parker asks, arching a hairy eyebrow.

“Aye, matey,” Zeke winks.

“I’m down,” Cal chimes in. She leans back and stretches her arms behind her head so that her Freddie Mercury white tank top stretches across her chest, and I notice that she’s not wearing a bra.

Christ. I’m fucked.

“Charlie?” Parker asks, waving his hand at me. I blink and clear my head.

“Yeah,” I say for the sake of agreeing. “Why not.”

“Great. Well, as the host, why don’t you start us off?”

Oh God . I cough and clear my throat.

“Okay. Truth.” I take a drink.

“What’s your favorite card game?” Max asks with a smirk.

I blush, thinking of strip poker. “Uno,” I answer.

“Not poker?” Zeke jokes. My blush deepens.

“Next?” I ask, not answering their question, looking at Max and Zeke on either side of me.

“I’ll go,” Max says. “Dare.”

“Let us do body shots off of you, Spike,” Parker teases.

Max shrugs. “Sure.”

Parker grabs tequila, lime slices, and salt from the dining table and brings it over to the living room. Max lies down on the coffee table and lifts their black t-shirt, showing their flat chest, scars, and toned abs. I swallow without meaning to.

Everyone takes their turn licking Max’s abs and sprinkling salt on them, pouring tequila into their belly button, licking it up and taking a bite of lime to finish it off.

When it’s my turn, I try to stay focused on swallowing the shot without coughing. I try not to get distracted by Max’s hot body or gaze on me. I prepare the body shot on their six pack, lick the salt, suck up the tequila, bite the lime, and wince. Max winks at me from the table, fangs glinting.

Next up is Cal, in her tight white tank top and studded black belt, who chooses truth.

“Do you always pack a teal dick?” Lou asks.

“No, not always,” she grins. A non-specific answer. She could pack other dicks, or not pack at all.

Next is Parker’s turn, the hairy werewolf. He picks dare.

“Guess who’s wearing boxers or briefs,” Zeke suggests.

“Hmm, good one.” Parker considers, peering at each of us around the room. He starts with Lou. “Boxers.” Zeke. “Briefs.” Me. “Boyshorts.” Dammit. He’s right. Max. “Boxers.” Cal. “Boxer briefs. How’d I do?”

A chorus of agreement rises up from the group, acquiescing. Then Max shrugs and says, “Nope. Commando.” They wink at Parker and spread their legs, leaning back in their chair. We burst up laughing and Zeke calls Max a slut. I blush thinking about Max’s pants and what’s not underneath them.

Lou’s turn is next, looking dapper in his striped suit and mustache. He chooses truth.

“What’s something you’re embarrassed to admit?” Cal asks, sipping her beer.

He ponders for a moment, wincing when he thinks of something but knowing he has to say it out loud. “I jerk off thinking about the poker game.”

Not “I’ve jerked off.” I jerk off . As in, repeatedly. I could faint. I start to imagine him jerking off, and my mouth goes dry.

There are some chuckles around the room and I think I hear Parker mutter under his breath, “You’re not the only one.” But between him sitting across from me and the Halloween sound effects playing in the background, I can’t be sure what he said.

Now it’s Zeke’s turn, the sexy pirate. They choose dare.

“Demonstrate your best oral sex move on the nearest object,” Max dares.

“What’s the nearest object?” Zeke asks, looking around. Parker passes them his empty beer bottle from the table. “Here,” he laughs.

Zeke shrugs, and goes for it. Their performance is something to watch. They swirl their tongue around the lip of the brown bottle, slipping their tongue inside the opening repeatedly, then wrapping their mouth around the neck of the bottle and swallowing, pumping it in and out of their mouth, adding moans for effect.

It makes me wet.

When they finish, they pull the bottle from their mouth with a pop and quirk their eyebrow at me.

I swallow as everyone turns to me. “Truth,” I say, still not ready to receive a dare.

“Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about someone here, and if so, please share details.” Parker sounds like he was ready with this one.

Jesus fucking Christ. 

“Uhm,” I clear my throat. “I, um, have …” I trail off, looking around the room. The truth is there are multiple fantasies, and multiple people I’ve fantasized about. There were a few fantasies before the poker game, fantasies about Max and Cal, but since the poker game, I’ve been curious about Parker and Zeke and Lou too, fantasizing about the group of the five of them together, fantasizing about every possible group sex scenario that could come to mind. I’ve even searched for lesbian orgy porn, which was cringingly mainstream porn made for heterosexual men, of course, barely scratching the butch4butch itch, but enough to spark ideas.

I lock eyes with Cal and pick an answer impulsively. “I’ve thought about taking Cal’s cock again but with someone else’s cock in my mouth too.” I flush red and sip my drink for something to do. Thinking about this is turning me on. I realize that I casually referenced taking Cal’s cock again and reminded everyone of, you know, the last time.

“An acceptable answer,” Parker says, regarding me. Max whistles and Zeke whoops, but then a charged silence falls between us, and Cal is looking at me intently. I can’t breathe well right now, but I’m trying not to be obvious about breathing hard, so I’m feeling lightheaded. Or maybe I’m feeling lightheaded for other reasons.

Max is next. They choose dare.

“Okay,” Lou chimes in. “Everyone closes their eyes and Max kisses three people: one person they’re most attracted to, one person who they think is most attracted to them, and one person they want to get to know better.”

Max shrugs. “Easy.”

I close my eyes with the group. I hear the quiet sounds of a kiss, then another. Then I feel warm lips on mine, brushing gently, a soft tongue sneaking out to graze my lips. I almost whimper. Which one of the three was I?

Cal is next. She picks truth.

“What was your best hookup? Share the details,” Max says.

She ponders for a moment. “Probably my first time with another top. It was very high tension, fighting for dominance, top4top sort of sex.”

“Who topped?” I ask.

“I’ll never tell,” she says mischievously. I groan. Either answer is hot, honestly, but I just want to know. Still, I don’t push.

The game moves onto Parker, who chooses a dare.

Zeke says, “You should… put an ice cube in your mouth and suck on someone’s neck for 60 seconds.”

“Whose?” Parker asks.

Zeke shrugs. “You pick.”

Parker looks at me with dark, lustful eyes. “Charlie?” I nod slowly. He goes to the kitchen and returns with an ice cube in his hand and sits down next to me on the couch. He puts it in his mouth and puts his lips to my neck, and I squeak at the sensation of cold on my neck. Then I relax and say “ Oh ” and let the shivers run over my body. I can feel his tongue tracing around the ice cube, teasing my skin.

The ice cube shrinks and eventually he swallows it and says “oops” but keeps his attention on my neck, licking and sucking until the timer goes off, and it makes me whimper.

Next is Lou’s turn. “Dare,” he declares.

“Drink a disgusting concoction from the kitchen,” Zeke suggests, laughing.

“Oh come on!” Lou protests.

“A dare is a dare,” Parker shrugs.

Zeke gets up to make it, crushing up candy corn and mixing in tequila, pumpkin juice, sriracha, pickle juice, and a small spoonful of garlic.

“Gnarly,” Max laughs.

“Gross,” Lou pouts.

“What’s the matter, Gomez?” Cal teases.

He takes it all in one swig, defiantly, retching when he’s done. He rinses his mouth with water and goes back to drinking his Manhattan.

Next is Zeke’s turn, and they pick truth like a chicken, knowing that Lou would have gotten revenge with a worse dare.

“Name the person in the room you hate the most and the person you want to fuck, but don’t specify who,” Cal says.

Zeke ponders, taking a sip of their drink. “Lou,” they answer. The air is tense with silence while we wait for them to name a second person and they don’t.

Lou sputters on his Manhattan and I stifle a laugh, but the game moves on. I imagine them hatefucking later on the couch, aggressively tugging at each other and mocking each other, and I realize I’m getting distracted. I clear my throat.

“Charlie, your turn,” Parker announces in his deep voice.

“Dare,” I say, feeling more bold this time.

“Pick the sexiest thing on your phone and show it to us,” Cal dares.

I remember back to my most recent binge of sexting with an out of town cutie from Lex. One of my favorite things was to audio record myself masturbating and send her my orgasms.

I pull up an audio recording of me fucking myself: “Oh, fuck, fuck me, Daddy, fuck my pussy, Daddy, fuuuuck,” I moan. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhhhh…”

Everyone is staring at me as the audio trails off to little “oh”s and “mm”s. Honestly, I’m not above admitting that my moans turn me on. They’re kind of hot, and I’m remembering that particularly good orgasm I gave myself. I’m throbbing now, and my mouth is dry. I’m looking around the room and wondering if everyone else is feeling the same way.

“Jesus Christ,” Parker says. I smile. I can’t help it.

It’s Max’s turn. Fuck, they look so good dressed as Spike. “Dare,” they say.

“Make Charlie moan,” Parker practically growls. Crap.

Max comes up behind me on the couch, making sure everyone still has a good view of me as they run their hands down my chest, leaning down to kiss my neck. I whimper. They squeeze and tease my tits through my shirt and I breathe hard. Clearly looking for a louder response, they rub my cunt through my jeans. I moan. “Oh,” I say, surprised, turned on. “Oh. Oh. Oh fuck, Max. Max. Fuck. Please. Fuck.”

“Fuck,” Parker curses, clenching his hairy fists.

Max kisses and sucks on my neck, leaving a hickey, while they rub at my cunt and I curse and moan for them. “Fuck me, Max,” I blurt out, unintentionally. Shit.

“Oh, fuck,” they murmur in my ear. “You wanna get fucked, baby?”

Oh, God. “Fuck. I mean. Fuck. Shit. Yes. Max. Fuck me.”

“What do you think, fellas?” Max asks. “Should we fuck her?” I’m so wet, and my cunt is clenching at the thought of getting fucked by anyone and everyone.

“Oh yes,” Parker agrees, looking at me with a mix of desire and possession, like all he wants is to take me right now.

“Fuck,” Zeke says.

“Holy shit,” Lou pants.

Cal is staring at me in lust, stroking her crotch like she’s packing something… again. I could cream myself in my jeans right there.

Everyone gets up to come closer to me and Max pins me to the couch by the shoulders. They crowd around, reaching out to touch my body and start undressing me. I’m desperately turned on, not knowing who to look at while everyone crowds closer, feeling helpless in the hottest way.

Someone calls me cowboy and I curse, “Fuck.” My hat is pulled off. My snap off buttons are easily unsnapping, my shirt is ripped open by Parker. I look at him in shock as his thick, rough hands come up to caress my soft chest.

My boots are being pulled off and soon I’m face down on the couch and the assless chaps are being tugged off, followed by my jeans. I’m in front of all my friends in my boxers and I’m throbbing and wet, so ready to be fucked by their fingers and tongues and cocks.

“Do you want these off, Charlie?” Parker asks, and it’s driving me wild that he’s taking the lead on fucking me.

“Yes,” I pant, trying to breathe. Then I’m naked, again. All my friends’ eyes on me, again.

“Your safe word is ‘red,’” Parker says. “Yellow and green. You familiar?”

I nod, eagerly, sitting back down. I feel naked and exposed, but safe. I’m pinned again by Max, and my friends slip the cowboy boots back on me, put the cowboy hat back on my head, leaving the red bandana wrapped around my neck.

“Are you ready to ride us, cowboy?” Cal asks me, stroking her packer through her light blue Freddie Mercury jeans. I feel my wet pussy dripping, I’m so turned on by being dressed back up in half of my costume and called cowboy.

“Jesus Christ,” I whimper. “Yes. Fuck, yes.”

Cal sits down in the chair across from me and pulls her packer out of her jeans, the same teal curved piece that fucked me so well at the last party, that got me calling her Daddy. Fuck. My cunt is ready for her cock.

Someone pulls out lube and tosses it to her, and I realize that this was planned for. They expected to fuck me tonight, and brought supplies. Cal drizzles the lube down her cock and I watch it, mesmerized. She strokes herself and my mouth goes dry.

“Come on, cowboy. Show me how well you ride,” she invites. My pussy clenches.

Max releases me from their hold, inviting me to go over to Cal. I do, climbing slowly into her lap, watching her cock with careful anticipation. Her tits look delicious under her tight white tank top, and I’m distracted looking down at them. She’s half undressed, her light blue jeans and studded black belt half undone with her cock sticking out. I lower myself to her, running the tip of the strap along my slit and whimpering. I sink myself onto her cock, moaning with abandon as she fills me. I’ve thought about this feeling every day for weeks since the party, the feeling of her delicious cock filling my pussy. Finally feeling it again, I let my pleasure out in loud moans.

“Fuck, Cal, fuck, your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy,” I grunt out while I ride her.

“Fuck yes,” she says, gripping my hips while I ride her. “Fuck yourself on my cock, cowboy.”

God, “cowboy” is really doing it for me tonight. I’m already close to cumming, desperate for it.

“Please, Cal, fuck. Fuck,” I start to stutter. “Please can I cum. Please, please can I cum on your big butch cock,” I pant.

“Yes,” she grunts, gripping my hips harder and fucking up into me, clearly getting some pleasure herself out of fucking me in front of all our costumed friends.

I hold my cowboy hat steady and grind harder onto her cock, let my clit get friction, and I cum while she fucks into me, yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as the shocks of pleasure rush through me, sparking and pulsing. “Fuck,” I groan, spent. I feel hot with everyone’s eyes on me.

“Jesus,” Lou mutters.

“Holy shit,” Max agrees.

“That was hot,” Cal praises. I kiss her hard, reaching a hand into her long blonde hair to grip onto.

When we finish kissing, I look around the room, blushing. I lock eyes with Parker, who’s rubbing a bulge in his pants. I swallow, looking down. He smiles at me, beckoning me over with two hairy, curled fingers.

I obey, standing and walking to him. He motions for me to get on my knees and my mouth goes dry, understanding. I do. I reach for his button on his jeans, his zipper. I pull out a hard black silicone piece from his pants, and I swallow.

Parker brings his hand to my chin, lifting my eyes to his. He’s wearing fake sideburns and thick eyebrows for his werewolf costume, emphasizing his handsome features. “Suck my cock, Charlie,” he says. I nod obediently. He takes my hat off and puts it on himself, saying, “I want to see you sucking me off, boy.”

I bring the tip of his cock to my lips, licking and teasing with my tongue, well aware of the eyes watching my every move. I lick from the base of the cock to the tip and suck, moaning for effect and looking up at Parker to make eye contact. He’s looking at me mouth agape.

“What a good little cocksucker,” Parker praises.

I can feel the cum dripping down my inner thighs from riding Cal’s cock and I feel so dirty.

“Who wants to fuck our cowboy’s cunt, hmm?” Parker asks the room. Oh my God. 

Someone stands up behind me, but I don’t know who. I hear the rustling of their jeans, a zipper being pulled down. I continue sucking Parker’s cock dutifully, desperate to know who’s behind me but not daring to ask.

I feel fingers on my wet pussy and I moan, muffled by Parker’s cock. “You’re so wet,” I hear Max say. Fuck.

They start fingering me and I moan louder around the strap, my eyes fluttering closed.

“Do you like that?” Parker asks me, and I whimper and try to nod with his cock in my mouth.

“Do you want my cock, cowboy?” Max asks me from behind.

I pull Parker’s cock from my mouth and eagerly answer, “Yes, Max.”

“Call me Spike,” they say. God dammit. It’s so embarrassing how much I like it.

“Are we gonna fuck the house down, Spike?” I joke, referencing the episode that Spike and Buffy break a house apart with their fighting and fucking.

“Funny,” they say, teasing my wet opening with the tip of their strap. I twitch and my knees tremble.

“Do you have a nickname, too, werewolf?” I say to Parker in a mocking tone, feeling a little bratty.

“You can call me Daddy,” he shoots back with a smirk. Fuck. I walked right into that one.

“Beg for my cock, Charlie,” Max says arrogantly, using my name because they still can. They’re teasing my slit and rubbing my clit with their strap.

“Fuck, please. Please… Spike. Please fuck me with your cock.”

Max complies, slowly stretching out my tight wet cunt with their strap as I moan and pant, my knees starting to hurt on the hardwood floor.

“Keep sucking my cock, cowboy,” Parker reminds me, tipping my cowboy hat on his head. He tugs on the bandana around my neck and it makes me blush.

This is the fantasy I shared, getting double penetrated, coming to life. I take Parker’s cock in my mouth as Max’s fills me further. I let Max set the pace of fucking and adjust my throat to match it, relaxing as Parker’s cock fucks the back of my throat. I moan, the sound muffled, feeling like such a slut with my holes filled.

“That’s a good boy,” Max praises, “Taking our cocks like a good little toy.”

Toy hits me right in the clit, making me throb. Feeling like a sex toy, like a thing to be used, makes me feel so objectified and hot.

We must be quite a sight. Me, in my red bandana and cowboy boots, split open by two cocks, getting spitroasted by a vampire and a werewolf wearing my cowboy hat.

“That’s right,” Parker agrees. “You’re a good little cockslut.”

“I agree,” Cal chimes in. “You’re very good at sucking butch cock. In fact, I bet you could suck all of our butch cocks.”

Christ, I’m getting wetter. Is she actually suggesting-? Are they all packing? Did they plan this too?

I glance over to Zeke and Lou, or Captain Morgan and Gomez Addams, who are smirking at me and sitting in a way that they may or may not have bulges in their pants.

I take my mouth off of Parker’s cock to gulp for air. Max takes the opportunity to fuck me harder, gripping my hips and making me scream. They slow down, pulling moans from my throat now, and I look over and see Zeke and Lou pulling their cocks out of their pants.

“Oh my God,” I blurt.

“That’s right, slut,” Max says smugly, their cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

I whimper. It’s exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I’ve fantasized about since the poker game.

Max starts playing with my clit and tells me to answer them.

“Yes!” I cry out.

My arms are trembling under the attention they’re giving my clit. Parker stands up, slipping his cock back in his pants, and Lou sits down in his spot. I’m panting under Max’s fingers and cock. Lou’s cock is in my face now, a thick beige veiny piece that would normally be too much for me, but I currently can’t wait to get in my mouth.

I reach for his cock and he swats my hand away, tells me to beg for it. I look up to him in his striped suit and thin mustache, and try not to smile at his costume.

“Please,” I say obediently. “Please can I suck your cock?”

“Good boy,” he says. “Are all cowboys this slutty? Or is it just you?”

Max continues fucking me with their cock and rubbing my clit with their fingers. “I, uh,” I stutter, distracted by Max’s movements.

“Aw, such a cute little slut you can’t even talk,” Lou teases, reaching for my chin and raising my head to meet his eyes. “Now suck my cock, slut.” My eyes glaze over in pleasure at being called a slut and getting ordered around.

Lou’s cock presses against my lips and I open up, taking him in. I moan at the delicious feeling of being filled, feeling like a toy.

Max is fucking me slowly, torturously, teasing my clit softly and making me whimper on Lou’s cock. I want to beg to cum but I decide it’s better not to ask, better to let this pleasure build slowly, better to be the good boy filled with cocks who can’t talk.

I look up at Lou and his eyes are closed, his fists clenched as he slowly, barely bucks up into my mouth. I bring a hand up to the base of his cock to grind it harder against his clit and he groans, the sound music to my ears. I suck his cock to a chorus of praises from the group: “What a good little cocksucker.” “Charlie is such a slut.” “She sucks cock so well.” I’m lost in a haze of heady desire as my mouth and cunt are fucked by butch cock.

Lou is starting to stutter, “Shit- shit- shit-” and I bob up and down, grinding the strap as hard as I can, feeling hot and determined. I make him cum and I flush with gratification as he yells out, “Fuck!” and shakes underneath me. I almost gag as he bucks up into the sensations, but I swallow it down.

He comes down from the high and smiles at me dizzily, calls me a good slut with a slutty little mouth. I let his cock go from my mouth.

“Did you like that, Daddy?” I ask with a heavy voice.

“Fuck yes,” he says through gritted teeth.

Max continues working on my clit and slowly fucking my pussy, and it has my knees weak and I give fully into the pleasure of his cock in my cunt. I moan, “Max” and remember that I’m supposed to call them Spike. Fuck. “Spike,” I add. “Please. Please.”

“Please what?” they ask.

“Please fuck me harder,” I plead. “Please make me cum.”

They growl, but don’t change their pace. “What do we think, boys? Should we let her cum?”

“No,” says Parker. “She hasn’t sucked all our cocks yet.” I whimper.

“I agree,” says Cal, sitting arrogantly with her legs spread and her teal dick sitting erect in her lap.

I look at Zeke, who’s been patiently waiting and watching. “Can I suck your cock, Captain?” And wow, Captain does it for me too, and my face gets hot.

They lick their lips and nod slowly, taking their seat in the chair. Their fluffy white shirt is unbuttoned low and revealing their warm brown skin across their chest. Max is fucking me even slower now, and it’s torture.

I bring my hand to their brown cock, guiding it to my lips and licking slowly and softly. I make eye contact, watching their mouth open in desire and pleasure. I take their cock in my mouth, swallowing it down fully, and moaning when the hilt hits my lips. I close my eyes, lost to the sensations of my cunt and clit being slowly teased, my mouth filled with cock, being watched by lustful eyes around the room. I try to fuck myself backwards onto Max’s cock, but they stop me with a hand on my hip, their other hand continuing to slowly tease my clit in circles.

I’m shaking under Max’s attentions, desperate to cum and barely able to hold myself up.

I suck on Zeke’s strap, grabbing the base and grinding to see if Zeke likes the sensation on their clit, and they do, judging by how their mouth pops open and eyes flutter closed. I keep that pace, sucking up and down on the strap and moaning like a slut. I look out of the corner of my eye to Parker and Lou watching me with lustful faces. I feel the blood rushing through my hot body, throbbing in my clit.

I focus on trying to make Zeke cum, and holding off my own orgasm.

“What a good cockslut,” Parker calls me, and it makes me whimper from the jolt of pleasure that runs up my body.

The others chime in to agree, calling me a cocksucker and a slut and a good little boy toy and heat rushes to my face and chest. I know I must be red.

I moan on Zeke’s cock in response, watching them slowly unravel. Their hips are starting to jerk and they’re gritting their teeth. My eyes flutter closed and I lose myself to the dual pleasure of being filled, letting Max’s thrusts set the pace for how I get fucked.

“Do you want to cum, baby?” someone asks me, and I moan around Zeke’s cock.

“What a cute little slut,” Parker responds. “She wants to cum.”

I do, so badly. Max has been teasing my clit while they fuck my cunt, but it’s not enough to make me cum until they really try.

I suck Zeke’s strap harder, rubbing the base up and down on their clit, relishing in the way they grunt and groan under my touch. My face is so warm, I can feel a throbbing in my cheeks along with my clit.

Zeke jerks their hips, fucking up into my throat, and I groan too, my eyes watering. They stutter, “F-fu-fuck, fuck, fuck,” as they come unraveled, gasping and grinding into me. I hum, letting their strap fall from my lips, and can’t hold back the smirk on my face from making another butch cum with my mouth.

“Please,” I moan to no one, to everyone. “Can I cum now?”

“No,” Cal orders. “You still haven’t sucked me off.” God dammit.

“Please,” I say weakly, Max’s cock still inside of me.

“Fair is fair,” Cal shrugs.

She takes Zeke’s seat and I lean in, tasting my own salty sweetness left on her cock from when I rode her.

“Good boy,” she says, tugging her hand in my hair and guiding my head up and down her cock. I moan in agreement, yes, I’m a good boy , and suck her strap, letting her fuck my throat.

Max fucks me faster now, and I moan on Cal’s teal silicone strap.

“You’re a good little cocksucker, aren’t you, Charlie?” she asks, tugging my head down her cock. “Just a nice set of holes to be filled with butch cock.”

This makes my pussy even more wet as Max fucks my swollen cunt. I relax into being fucked, being used, let Max and Cal take over the rhythm and use my holes. They praise me for it, call me a good slut, take good care of me as I give into the pleasure and let them use my body. I’m feeling messy and slutty and desperate. Max’s fingers on my clit have pleasure tightening in my belly and I clench my thighs, trying to hold it off. It doesn’t work.

I moan on Cal’s cock, wanting to say something like, “Wait.” Because if Max doesn’t stop, I’m going to cum soon.

“Do you want to cum, cowboy?” Max teases, rubbing my clit harder.

I moan louder, and my legs shake.

“Oh, I think she wants to cum,” Max says in a mocking voice.

Cal’s hands tighten in my hair as she calls me a cockslut. Her movements of my head up and down her cock become more aggressive, and she starts to jerk up into my face and stutter “Yes, fuck yes.” It’s the hardest I’ve been fucked yet, and I feel like such a good little toy.

“Do you like being such a slut for butch cock, cowboy?” Max asks me, and I answer with louder moans around Cal’s strap. “Do you want to cum on this butch cock like a pathetic little slut?” I do. God, I do.

I try to nod with Cal’s cock in my mouth, feeling desperate.

“Aww, what a needy little slut,” Max coos. “So stuffed full of butch cock like a good slutty boy toy.”

Their fingers rub my clit in circles and I feel the sensations building, growing slowly stroke by stroke, my body tensing up. I try to keep sucking Cal’s cock, but I’m distracted, my focus now on grinding my hips into Max’s hand. I let Cal’s strap out of my mouth and start to pant, “Please, please, please, please, please…”

“Fuck,” I hear Parker mutter, and I had forgotten he was even there.

“Fuck,” Max agrees. “Such a good, desperate little slut. You can’t help it, can you, cowboy?” The heat is spreading across my body, lighting me on fire. I’m so close. I want to cum so badly, it’s all I can think about.

“Please, Daddy,” I start to repeat, “Please Daddy, fuck, please, yes, yes, yes…” I can feel my pussy starting to clench around their strap inside me. Closer. Closer. “Please.” So close. It’s all I want, I’m moaning like a porn star for it, coaxing it out of myself with every please .

“God, cum for me like a dirty slut,” Max orders.

I’m there, I’m right at the edge. I enjoy it, holding on for one more blissful moment before I let go and let the pleasure explode inside me, screaming out with every wave. It’s long and powerful, making my thighs lock together, trapping Max’s hand. I let the pleasure wash through me, let it out of my throat with my moans.

“That’s a good slut,” Max praises, and the room murmurs in agreement. Everyone coos at me that I was so good at taking their butch cock, so good for cumming. I feel alight with praise and attention, dirty and wet and fucked out and thrumming with the pleasure of my long orgasm.

Max pulls out of me and I whimper at the feeling. They tug at my hips and give me a little spank. “Nice ridin’, cowboy,” they say sarcastically. My face gets redder.

I’m on the floor on my hands and knees still, in my bandana and boots, wondering what’s next.

I look up to the couch to see Zeke and Lou roughly making out, pulling at each other’s hair and clothes and grunting. Lou’s fake mustache is smudged and Zeke tugs at his black and white striped suit while Lou starts playing with the buttons of their fluffy white shirt. I smile and stand up, watching them with Max, Cal, and Parker. We’re amused, and I think we’re all collectively waiting for them to notice that we’re watching them now.

Zeke pulls at Lou’s tie and he groans into Zeke’s mouth, tugging at Zeke’s hair in response. He pulls Zeke away from the kiss and they part from each other panting, looking over to us in embarrassment.

“Please,” I say, feeling bold. “Don’t stop on our accounts.”

Lou stares at me like a deer in the headlights, but Zeke takes the opportunity to go in for his neck, kissing him there and sucking. Lou’s eyes fluttered closed and he lets them. They give into each other, surrendering. I smirk, happy to see them finally going for it.

“Well, cowboy,” Cal says, turning to me. “What do ya say we get you cleaned up?” She looks me up and down, appreciating my body. My skin grows warm again. I look at her with my mouth open, and slowly nod.

Parker comes up behind me, with strong warm hands on my shoulders. He guides me to the couch and sits me down, pinning me. Max and Cal follow, looking at me with hungry eyes. I have the full attention of a werewolf, a vampire, and Freddie Mercury. Parker paws at my chest with his hairy hands, kisses my neck, and twists my nipples. I cry out, feeling my wetness pool between my legs again. I squeeze my thighs together, and Cal puts her hands on my knees, gently separating them.

She starts kissing my thighs as Max stoops to kiss my nipples. Parker’s hands trail up to my hair and neck, choking me and tugging on my hair while lips graze my nipples and inner thighs. The sensations overlap as they all tease me and Cal’s mouth moves closer to my pussy.

She spreads my legs wider, licking and sucking at the sensitive skin of my inner thigh, so close she’s teasing the skin where my hair stops. She switches back and forth between each side, watching me from between my legs. I’m staring back at her, mesmerized, waiting for her to touch me properly.

“Please,” I ask her.

“Please what?” Parker murmurs in my ear.

“Please,” I whimper. “Please eat my pussy.” I love having to beg for it.

“Good boy,” Max praises, leaning in to kiss me while Cal’s tongue reaches my wet slit, both their lips meeting both of mine.

I moan into Max’s mouth as Cal’s tongue works up and down, reaching my clit and slowly stroking. I kiss Max hard, enjoying the dual sensation of Cal’s and Max’s mouths on me. Max sucks on my bottom lip and I feel the tips of their sharp, fake canines.

I pull away from the kiss to gasp when Cal hits the right spot. “Yes, Cal, fuck, oh my god, fuck yes, fuck yes,” I start moaning.

“You dirty boy,” Max growls in my ear. “You’re such a slut for it…”

I look at them and nod, agreeing that I’m such a slut.

“Do you want to cum for us, boy slut?” Parker teases. I’m so close already.

“Yes,” I gasp. “Oh, fuck yes, please, please please please…” I trail off, repeating please as my orgasm builds and peaks, and I scream out “Ohhh!” as it hits me with full force. I reach out to grab onto Cal’s long hair as it rocks me, my body shaking as I twitch on Cal’s face. “God…” I groan.

“Such a good little slut,” Parker coos. “Did you like that, cowboy?” Max smirks. “Fuck you taste so good,” Cal says.

I moan in response to all of them. I glance over to the other end of the couch and Zeke is fucking Lou with their strap, and it’s so hot I could cum all over again.

The spooky sound effects play in the background, a scream and a cackle.

“God,” I say again, to no one, to everyone.

“Happy Halloween,” Max grins.

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