Kink Party

Scarlet and Astrid go to a Los Angeles kink party with certain expectations, and then they find each other.

Chapter 1 of 3

Warnings: kink parties, public sex, spanking, kink, BDSM, language like Daddy and slut


A beautiful woman, just turned 40 years old, gets ready for her evening in front of the bathroom mirror. Scarlet stands in black stilettos and lingerie: a sheer red bra, panties, corset, red tights, and a garter belt. She’s bending over the sink, applying lipstick, and the hot red color complements her warm dark brown skin. Her winged bronze eyeliner brings out her deep piercing brown eyes, and she smiles nervously to herself.

Tonight is her first kink party. She has the right to be a little nervous.

She tosses her long black curls over her shoulder and struts from the bathroom over to her bed, reaching for her black trenchcoat. She puts the coat on over her lingerie, her heart pounding between her legs at the thought of leaving the house in nothing but this. She swallows.

In her purse, she places a black leather mask, a piece she ordered online that covers her eyes and forehead. She’s a well established therapist in Los Angeles, specializing in trauma and grief, and she’s a leader in her field. She can’t show her face at a kink party, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy herself at one.

Her kink experience is limited, admittedly. She’s enjoyed kink a lot in theory, researching kink and following kink educators on social media, watching kinky porn and fucking herself generously, even sexting with hotties off of Lex and sharing her kinky fantasies. But she’s yet to have a real life Dom to submit to. She craves domination, wanting a hot butch Daddy to take her over and control her, boss her around, tell her exactly what to do to please them.

Scarlet hopes she finds one tonight.

Astrid buttons up their black shirt, leaving two buttons open, and tucks the shirt into their black jeans and leather belt. They pull their black leather chest harness on over their shoulders, awkwardly straining to adjust the metal buckles. Bulldog harnesses are hard to put on alone, but Astrid just moved to Los Angeles three months ago from London to a studio apartment and doesn’t have a roommate to help them, so they’re on their own.

They fasten their harness, straightening up in front of their full length mirror, ready for BOUNDLESS: A Kink Party. Astrid built a good reputation for themself as a Dom top in the London kink scene, especially as an impact top. They’re ready to establish the same reputation here in LA, feeling sadistic and itching to hear the sound of floggers on skin tonight. They’re ready to find a hot femme sub to get on her knees and suck their cock, fuck her into submission ‘til she’s screaming and drawing the attention of everyone at the party. Astrid bites their lip, checking themself out in the mirror.

I look good, they think, tucking their thumbs into their belt. Ready to top.

Astrid can’t resist browsing the little pop-up sex shop at BOUNDLESS and buying a set of black and red paddles that say BUTCH and DADDY. They stash their new toys in their toy bag, emerging from the coat check, and their eyes instantly fall on a mysterious femme in a masquerade mask, bouncy curls, and red lipstick at the front entrance checking in.

Astrid watches as she takes off her coat, revealing long legs in stiletto heels, an expanse of smooth, dark brown skin barely covered by her sexy, sheer red lingerie, which includes a corset and thigh-high stockings in a garter belt. Astrid’s heart stops. They lick their lips. They’re captivated, watching this mysterious sexy woman with a beautiful body, who is now walking towards them – oh my God – she’s walking towards the coat check, obviously, and Astrid collects themself. They step aside politely for the femme, smiling.

When she comes back out, Astrid shoots their shot.

“Hi there,” they purr. “I love your mask. How are you doing tonight?”

The femme blushes and bites her lip, looking down to the floor shyly. “I’m well, thank you. And yourself?”

“Better now,” Astrid beams. “Can I ask what you’re looking for tonight?”

“I’m, ah,” the femme says, “I’m looking for a Dom tonight. And yourself?” she repeats nervously.

“I’m looking for a sub,” Astrid says, standing taller, lowering their shoulders. “How about that,” they add with a smirk, catching the femme’s beautiful brown eyes hiding behind the leather mask.

The femme clasps her hands in front of herself, which presses her breasts together. Her lingerie is quite sheer. Astrid tries to focus.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” Astrid asks. They stick their hands in their pockets.


“Scarlet,” Astrid repeats with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” They’re about to share their own name when, out of the corner of their eye, Astrid sees their new friend Ryan. I didn’t know he would be at this party. How fun. Distracted, they say, “Listen, I just saw a friend of mine, but catch me later? I’d love to talk more about negotiating a scene.”

“Yes,” Scarlet says with a shy smile. “I’d like that.”

Astrid gives Scarlet a confident grin and a wink, and strides over to Ryan to say hi.

* * *

Scarlet is dizzy from the attention of an attractive butch Dom. She wanders away in a daze to watch the demo tops. There’s bootblacking, electricity, needle play, impact play, rope, suspension – everything you could imagine at this party. Scarlet finds herself drawn to the impact scene in the corner, where a femme in fishnets and a corset is getting their beautiful ass beaten by a flogger. The androgynous impact top skillfully twirls two floggers in their hands simultaneously. The bottom is crying out in hot moans that sound straight out of the porn Scarlet has been watching since her divorce, and it sends electricity to her core, lighting her up.

Scarlet watches this androgynous top for a while, cycling through another two bottoms, when the demo top comes over to Scarlet and asks if she’s interested.

“No, no,” Scarlet says shyly, shaking her head. “I can’t handle the pain of impact play. I’m just here to be a voyeur.” She giggles nervously.

“I can always teach you how to impact top,” the demo top offers.

Scarlet considers. She certainly hadn’t thought of that. Before she can back out, she says, “Okay,” and smiles at the androgynous hottie. Another interested impact bottom comes along, and the demo top asks if they’re willing to bottom for a newbie who’s learning. They say yes. They’re a cute baby butch: dimples, warm brown eyes, and short black hair in a close crop, dressed in a white tank top, black boyshorts, and black Docs.

They position themself on the St. Andrew’s cross, ready to be beaten by Scarlet.

The demo top instructs her in the basics of flogging, explaining how to hold her wrist, how to snap the flogger, where and where not to hit someone with it.

Scarlet experiments with it, hitting the baby butch’s ass gently a few times.

“How was that?” she asks hesitantly.

“You can hit me harder,” they encourage.

Scarlet grows more confident, hitting them harder and more precisely, trying different angles and approaches to the hits. She tries a figure eight pattern, letting her wrist slide into the smooth movements. Then she tries spinning the flogger and finds that it’s harder than it looked when the demo top was doing it. The demo top gives her tips and she tries again.

Scarlet feels powerful, and a thrill runs through her body as she hits this willing, desperate bottom who is crying out for her with desperation. She never imagined enjoying impact topping or domination like this. Her nipples are hard under her lacy, nearly transparent bra. She feels a throbbing forming in her cunt and feels high on adrenaline and arousal.

* * *

Astrid greets Ryan with a hug, asks what they’re up to tonight (rope topping and suspension, of course), and says goodbye to wander the kink party, coming upon an impact scene that’s drawing a large crowd. They scooch closer to the action, eyes widening when they see the shy, submissive Scarlet from earlier striking a butch bottom with a black leather flogger. Astrid never saw this kind of thing in the UK kink scene – that is, a butch bottoming for a femme. They swallow hard, feeling hot in places they didn’t expect, watching this scene unfold. They imagine being the butch bottom, taking the beating, and their mouth goes dry. They cough and swallow. Swallow again. Jesus Christ.

Astrid’s clit is hard and aching in their jeans. They are suddenly imagining being underneath Scarlet, watching her sexy body and mysterious face behind the mask, Scarlet teasing Astrid with the end of a leather crop. Astrid is panting at the fantasy, and they bring themself back to the hot reality in front of them: Scarlet’s sweet ass jiggling with every strike of the flogger, and a butch’s deep moan in response. A strike, and a moan. Strike, moan.

Astrid’s face is hot and suddenly they’re looking around themself a little self consciously and wondering if everyone else is feeling this hot right now. They watch as the demo top walks over to Scarlet with a paddle to replace the flogger, explaining the paddle to her and giving a demonstration before handing it back to her.

Scarlet takes the paddle and whacks the butch bottom hard, making them cry out, “Oh fuck!” Astrid feels their pussy clench. Oh fuck , Astrid thinks too.

“Count them,” Scarlet orders.

“One,” the bottom replies obediently.

“Two!” they yell.

“Three!” they cry out.

“Four…” they moan.

Scarlet puts the paddle down and whispers something in the sub’s ear, grabbing their ass through their underwear. Scarlet looks over her shoulder and spots Astrid in the crowd, and she smirks at them.

Heat strikes through Astrid like lightning, straight to their core. They feel lightheaded.

Astrid returns to her scene and spanks the butch bottom with her own hands. Again, the demo top gives a demonstration, helping her flick her wrist and let her hand bounce gently at the end of the slap.

Astrid counts ten slaps to each ass cheek. All they’re thinking about is Scarlet’s hands on their own ass.

The bottom steps down from the St. Andrew’s cross and smiles at Scarlet, thanking her and opening their arms for a hug. Astrid feels a weird tinge of jealousy and looks away, not wanting to stare at Scarlet.

They pretend to shop again in the sex shop, browsing a second time at the gags, chokers, restraints, paddles, floggers, and harnesses. They pretend to be surprised when Scarlet taps them on the shoulder.

“Scarlet,” Astrid says with a warm smile.

“I never caught your name,” Scarlet says, finally challenging them a little.

“I’m Astrid,” they say. “You had a great scene.” Astrid glances back at the St. Andrew’s cross, where a femme in a flipped up skirt is now getting spanked by the androgynous demo top.

“Thank you,” Scarlet smiles. “I enjoyed myself.”

“I enjoyed watching,” Astrid replies. “Would you… like to talk more about that scene?”

She motions to an empty seat nearby, a cushioned wide couch with a high back, in a royal purple. The two of them sit on the soft velvet, and Scarlet’s knees sit a little high, thanks to the stilettos.

Astrid relaxes on the couch with her, crossing their ankle over their knee and resting their hand on their boot. Dressed in a simple black button-down, bulldog harness, jeans, and boots, they feel confident and butch as hell tonight. They need to channel that confidence right now, because watching that scene still has them weak at the knees and starting to sweat.

“So, uh, Scarlet…” Astrid says. “I… really enjoyed that scene.”

Scarlet straightens her shoulders and smiles.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Astrid. In fact, I’m really hoping you enjoyed it enough that you’ll reconsider what we talked about earlier,” Scarlet says.

Astrid says nothing, biting the inside of their lip, waiting for Scarlet to continue.

“I’d like to do that again… to you. If you’re interested,” Scarlet explains.

Astrid feels hot, the blood rushing hard in their veins.

“I’m not really looking to sub tonight anymore,” Scarlet rushes to go on, like she has to explain further. “I’d like to Dom you.”

Hearing those exact words strikes a thrill through Astrid’s body. They feel intimidated but so painfully, undeniably turned on, not knowing what to expect but wanting so badly to find out.

Astrid swallows and licks their lips. “Yeah,” they say in a low voice, trying to keep their cool. “I’d like that.”

Scarlet smiles from beneath her mask, reaching out to tug a little on Astrid’s bulldog harness. It makes Astrid flush red from head to toe.

“Would you like to… get a room with me?” Scarlet asks demurely.

Astrid nods silently, dumbstruck.

“I’m gonna need a verbal answer,” she says, stroking a sharp red nail across their jaw. They shiver and gulp.

“…Yes, Scarlet,” Astrid answers slowly.

“That’ll be a ‘Yes, Mistress.’”

“Yes, Mistress,” comes much more eagerly out of Astrid’s mouth.

Scarlet smirks and stands up, pulling on Astrid’s harness, and they eagerly stand too, following her to one of the private rooms down the hallway. They both pause to grab Astrid’s toy bag from the coat check.

The private room has a large ottoman in the middle of the room, and two chairs off in each corner. The walls are painted black and there’s low lighting. Scarlet closes the door and orders, “Sit.”

Astrid eagerly obeys, spreading their legs on the ottoman. Scarlet lifts her foot and puts her sharp stiletto heel in between Astrid’s legs.

Astrid stares at Scarlet’s sharp black stiletto, their gaze traveling upward to her calf, her thigh, her garter belt and panties, her corset, her nipples sticking out so obviously in that sheer bra…

“My eyes are up here,” Scarlet says, amused.

Astrid clears their throat, looking up at Scarlet obediently. Her piercing brown eyes stare back at them from behind the mask.

“Tell me what you want, boy,” Scarlet instructs. “And don’t forget to call me Mistress.”

Astrid swallows, looking back down at the sharp stiletto so close to their crotch.

“I, um…” they start to say. “I want you to spank me, Mistress.”

Scarlet smiles wickedly. She raises the stiletto, trailing the sharp heel up Astrid’s chest and pressing her foot down, pushing them down to their back. They relax and obey, captivated, breathing hard at the hot dominant persona that Scarlet is now wearing. Slowly, their hands rise and stroke the back of Scarlet’s calf, and she swats their hands away and sternly says, “No touching.”

Astrid clenches their fists at their sides. They’re not used to being on this end of the domination, but it’s turning them on and making them so goddamn wet.

Scarlet brings her stiletto to their lips, gently prying them open, telling them to “Suck it.” It reminds Astrid of the times they’ve had a desperate little sub at their feet, rubbing their cunt on their boots and being made to lick it up. Scarlet is so opposite from everything Astrid has experienced.

Astrid obediently sucks the sharp heel into their mouth, feeling turned on and submissive, willing to do anything that Scarlet asks of them right now.

Scarlet feels powerful, watching this butch Dom top suck her stiletto like an obedient good boy. She decides to reward them by saying this out loud.

“Good boy,” Scarlet praises. Astrid locks eyes with her and almost moans with the shoe in their mouth. They’ve never been called a good boy before, always Daddy and Sir. They had no idea it would make them so hot.

Scarlet pulls the shoe from Astrid’s mouth and stands up straight. Astrid breathes hard.

Scarlet struts over to the toy bag – hips swinging, the gentle curves of her waist and ass and thighs, the lace barely covering her – God Astrid, focus , they think to themself. Scarlet pulls out the BUTCH and DADDY paddles from their black shopping bag. She smirks.

“Did you buy these just for me, boy?” Scarlet asks, slapping her hand with the DADDY paddle. She puts it down, wanting to save it for last. She pulls out a black flogger, a red flogger, a flogger made of thin metal chains, a bullwhip, and a crop. She doesn’t know how to use the whip, so she puts it aside and starts with the crop.

The sight of Scarlet clad head to toe in her mask, lingerie, stilettos, and holding a riding crop is the hottest thing Astrid has ever seen.

Scarlet begins to trail the crop up and down Astrid’s chest, teasing and tickling. She brings it to Astrid’s face and strokes their cheek.

“Do you like to be hit, boy?” Scarlet asks. “Do you want me to spank you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Astrid obediently says.

Scarlet slaps their cheek with the crop, making them flinch a little and throb in their jeans. Scarlet smirks.

“Take off your pants, boy,” she orders.

They obey, licking their lips while they unlatch their belt, maintaining eye contact. They pull the belt all the way off, setting it down next to them on the ottoman. They slowly unbutton and unzip their jeans, watching Scarlet carefully. As they pull their jeans and boxers down, Scarlet sees a tattoo in black cursive of the word Daddy on their thigh.

“Daddy?” Scarlet grins playfully. She slaps the tattoo with her crop. “I’ve changed my mind. You’re going to call me Daddy tonight, boy.”

Astrid is panting, practically drooling at this role reversal. They hate the high-pitched, almost whiny tone that comes out of their desperate throat: “Yes, Daddy.”

“Now get on your knees so I can spank you, good boy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid agrees, in a clearer, deeper voice this time, getting to their knees and leaning their chest on the ottoman.

“Hands behind you,” Scarlet orders.

Astrid obeys.

Scarlet brings a pair of leather cuffs from the toy bag over and wraps them around Astrid’s wrists, the leather cool on their skin.

She takes the riding crop and draws it slowly over Astrid’s bare ass, smacking softly, and then giving it a hard thwack.

Astrid makes a small noise, trying to contain it.

“What’s that, boy?”

They think for a second, then answer: “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good boy.”

She wacks Astrid’s ass repeatedly, enjoying the little sounds that come from their mouth.

Scarlet switches to the red flogger. She likes the color. She trails the soft leather back and forth on Astrid’s bare ass. Astrid wiggles their ass and smiles at Scarlet, feeling eager.

“You want it bad, don’t you boy?” Scarlet teases. “Beg for it.”

Astrid pants, feeling their heart beating a mile a minute. “Please, Daddy… Please spank me, Daddy.”

“You’re a needy little slut for it, aren’t you?” Scarlet grins. “Say it.”

“Oh, fuck. I’m a needy little slut for it… Daddy.”

The smack of the flogger comes down hard on Astrid’s ass, making them cry out in surprise.

“Did you like that, slut?” Scarlet demands.

“Um,” Astrid says. “Yes. Yes, Daddy.”

“Now,” Scarlet says, leaning down to Astrid’s ear and grabbing their jaw. “You’re gonna take this beating like a good boy, and you’re gonna tell me yellow if I need to slow down and red if I need to stop. Got it?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid agrees, already so wet.


The flogging starts in quick succession and the response from Astrid is instant.

“Oh, oh, ohhh…” they moan. “Oh, God. Oh, fuck. Oh.”

Scarlet watches with delight as Astrid’s ass grows redder and redder under her strikes.

“Do you like that, you dirty little boy?” Scarlet asks.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Yes.” Astrid trembles under the strikes, holding tight to the edges of the ottoman.

“What’s your color, Astrid?”

“Green,” they answer eagerly.

“Good,” Scarlet replies. She stops flogging them, and picks up the paddle that says DADDY next. She brings it to Astrid’s face, showing it to them.

“Who do you belong to, boytoy?” Scarlet asks in a low purr.

“You, Daddy,” Astrid whimpers. They’ve never felt so submissive, so owned and taken over by another.

“Good boy,” Scarlet praises. “I’m going to beat the word ‘Daddy’ into your ass so that you remember who this ass belongs to.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The smack is loud and painful, and it makes them moan. The imprint of the word DADDY shows on Astrid’s skin, and Scarlet smiles.

“Such a perfect marking on a perfect little ass…” Scarlet praises. “Makes me want to take a picture.”

“You can, if you want to,” Astrid offers.

“I don’t have my phone.”

“You can use mine.” Astrid pulls their phone from their jeans, offering it on their knees with their eyes downcast.

“What a good boy…” Scarlet says, in awe of their submission. She takes the phone and snaps a picture of Astrid’s bare red ass with the word DADDY slapped into it.

“Can I text this to myself?” she asks.

“Yes,” Astrid agrees.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Astrid blushes.

Scarlet texts herself the photo and smiles, putting the phone away and bringing the paddle back into her hand.

“We’re not done with you yet, boy.” She slaps the paddle against her hand. Astrid swallows, thighs wobbly, ass hot and red, cunt aching.

Scarlet beats Astrid’s ass with the paddle again and again, telling them to count every strike. They obey, saying, “One, Daddy. Two, Daddy. Three, Daddy.” The shape of the word DADDY imprints on their ass repeatedly, overlapping and bruising them.

When they’ve counted to thirty and they’re gasping their words, Scarlet relents. She puts the paddle down and drags her long red fingernails up and down Astrid’s red ass.

“Ohhh, fuck, Mistress– Daddy,” Astrid moans.

“Aw, poor boy can’t keep their head straight,” Scarlet mocks. She lightly slaps Astrid’s ass and makes them yelp.

“Have you hit your limit, boytoy?” Scarlet asks, rubbing their ass.

“I – I think I have, Daddy,” Astrid admits.

“That’s a good boy. You took a good beating for Daddy. As a reward, I’ll allow you to touch yourself.”

Astrid almost whimpers, but contains the sound. They’re so wet from being spanked. Their cunt is throbbing and dripping and ready to be fucked, and they want desperately to be topped by Scarlet, but they’ll take whatever they can get.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

“Show me how you like to touch yourself, boy.”

Astrid stands up from kneeling, sitting back down on the ottoman and spreading their legs, still half dressed in their button-down, their jeans and boxers at their knees.

Scarlet observes demurely from one of the chairs. She sits with her legs crossed at the ankles. Astrid wonders if her cunt is throbbing too, underneath her sheer lacy panties. Their mouth is as hot and dry as a desert when they watch Scarlet squeeze her thighs together.

Astrid slowly starts to unbutton their shirt, pulling it open to reveal their bare chest. With one hand, they play with their nipples, bringing their other hand down to their wet cunt. They dip a fingertip in their wetness and groan as they slide their finger up to their clit, rubbing in slow circles, repeating this, gasping at the touch already.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy,” Scarlet praises.

“God, ugh, thank you, Daddy” Astrid grunts, focused on rubbing their clit and finding the right pattern of sensation. They find it, and then they slip a finger inside themself with their other hand.

“You’re welcome, boytoy,” she replies.

“Ohh!” Astrid cries out, feeling their finger brush the perfect spot that lights them up. “Oh fuck, Daddy. Oh fuck, Daddy.”

When Astrid is close to cumming, Scarlet stands up and walks over to them, tugging on their hair to pull their head back and look at their desperate, needy face. She steps her leg up, digging her stiletto heel into Astrid’s Daddy tattoo, telling them, “Be a good boy and cum for me.”

“Oh God, Daddy,” Astrid replies, their eyes fluttering closed as a wave of heat passes through their body. “God, I want to cum for you so bad. Fuck. Please.” They rub their clit furiously, making louder and louder noises as the pleasure builds.

“Be a good boy and cum for me like Daddy’s little slut.”

The dirty talk is enough to tip Astrid over the edge, and they cum with a gasping, stuttering breath, making a mess of their fingers. They look up at Scarlet, who is still gripping their hair rather forcefully, and say, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good boy,” she praises. “Now clean up your fingers.”

Astrid obeys, feeling hot. They lick up and down their dripping fingers, tasting their salty sweetness while making eye contact with Scarlet. It’s hard to read her face behind the mask, but a smile dances on her lips and there’s a glint in her eyes.

Astrid gets dressed, pulling up their pants and buttoning their black shirt. They stand up, still not as tall as Scarlet in her high heels, and look up curiously into her deep brown eyes.

“Please, Daddy… Can I see your face?” Astrid asks.

“Not tonight, boy… You have to earn it. You have my number now. Do something with it.”

Scarlet struts out of the private room, her hips swaying.

Astrid is left to reflect on how they, a Dom top, were just dommed by a hot femme and made to beg to fuck themself and call her Daddy and take the beating of their life. They go out to explore the party after collecting themself and buttoning back up, but the rest of the night pales in comparison to the scene with Scarlet.

Chapter 2 of 3

Warnings: bondage, secretive sex

The next day, Astrid texts Scarlet. The text comes after the picture of Astrid’s ass with BUTCH imprinted on it.

10:56 AM “You were amazing last night, Scarlet. I’d love to see you again.”

Scarlet gets the text at work and a thrill runs through her body at the memories of last night. She doesn’t have time to respond. It’s 5 minutes before her next therapy client and she has to prepare. But she thinks about the text all day, and it distracts her.

Astrid agonizes for hours at the record studio where they have a job producing music, waiting for a response, and fearing she won’t get one. Every notification makes them jump, which makes their bruised ass hurt.

Finally, Scarlet texts back in the evening after work.

6:09 PM “So were you, Astrid. What are you doing next weekend?”

They make plans for Friday night at Scarlet’s place. Scarlet’s soon-to-be-ex-husband Richard will be out on Friday night with his drinking buddies after work, and she’ll have until at least midnight to entertain a guest.

Scarlet gets home from work on Friday evening and tidies the kitchen, then hops in the shower to get ready. She’s out of the shower and halfway through her skincare routine when the doorbell rings. Astrid is… she checks her phone… right on time. She must have lost track of time in the shower, thinking about the night ahead of her.

“Shit! Shit shit shit,” Scarlet mutters, flustered. She has no choice but to answer the door in a towel. She decides to feign confidence.

“Hi Astrid,” Scarlet smiles, her curly hair damp and smelling of lavender.

“Hello,” Astrid replies, taking in the sight of Scarlet in nothing but a towel. They gulp.

“Sorry about the towel, I totally lost track of time. Come in, come in!” Scarlet ushers her inside.

“Don’t be sorry,” Astrid mumbles.

Scarlet closes the front door behind her and the towel starts to slip, and she grabs it. Astrid is outright staring, she can’t help it. The thought of Scarlet naked underneath that one piece of fabric is driving her out of her mind. She stares at her face, too. Her beautiful face, with high cheekbones and warm lips and brown eyes, bare and vulnerable to the world, no longer hiding behind a mask.

Scarlet blushes. “What?”

“Nothing,” Astrid shakes her head. “You’re beautiful.”

Scarlet’s blush deepens. “Thank you, Astrid. Can I get you anything?” She gestures to the kitchen with one hand, the other holding up her towel.

“No, I’m fine,” Astrid replies. She steps closer to Scarlet. “All I want is you.”

“Oh,” Scarlet says with surprise. She looks down at herself. “Oh.”

“Can I touch you, Scarlet?”

This is all very vulnerable and submissive for Scarlet. How does she turn this around to her being dominant again?

“No,” Scarlet answers. She lets the towel drop. “But you can look at me.”

“Jesus Christ,” Astrid blurts at the sight of a naked Scarlet. Her warm olive skin, her breasts laying flat, a cute freckle that sits near her bellybutton, covered by the corset last night. Her bundle of curly hair that sits at the apex of her legs. The smooth curves down her hips and thighs. Her hard pink nipples that Astrid would die to have in her mouth right now.

Scarlet giggles. “Do you like what you see?”

Astrid nods eagerly.

“Come with me. Take your shoes off. Bring them with you, and the towel,” Scarlet orders. Astrid fumbles to obey, grabbing her shoes and picking the towel up off the floor and following Scarlet’s beautiful naked backside upstairs. She’s practically drooling.

“Get on the bed and take off your shirt,” Scarlet says.

Astrid sits, unbuttoning her navy floral patterned button-up, the one she saves for first dates. They’re lucky enough to be flat chested and they’re wearing nothing underneath.

Scarlet licks her lips at the sight of her bare chest.

“Lie down and put your hands above your head.”

Astrid’s heart is pounding. They’re trying to breathe. They lie down obediently and watch as a beautiful, naked Scarlet bends over, showing off her pussy, looking for something in a black bag. She pulls out a loop of black rope.

Astrid swallows and licks her lips. They watch, mesmerized, as Scarlet loops the rope in figure eights around their wrists, tying their wrists to the bedposts.

Oh God, Astrid thinks. Fuck.

“Good boy,” Scarlet whispers in Astrid’s ear. Her naked body on top of their bound one is driving them crazy.

Astrid whimpers.

“What’s that, boy? Speak up.”

“I, uh,” Astrid stammers. “I like it.”

“You like what?”

“I like when you call me a good boy.”

Scarlet smiles, pleased.

“Well, good boy… You’re going to watch me tease myself… and touch myself… and fuck myself on your strap. All while you can’t touch me. How do you feel about that?”

Astrid whimpers again. “Please…”

“Please what?”

“Please, Daddy. Fuck, I want that so bad, but I want to touch you.”

“Too bad. No touching.”

Scarlet drags her ruby red fingernails down Astrid’s chest and stomach, teasing at their jeans, rubbing their crotch, watching how they moan at it. She brings her hands to her own body, touching her thighs, her stomach, her tits, playing with them, twisting her nipples and gasping. She brings a hand to her neck, choking herself a little while her other hand drags back down to the nest of curls between her legs.

“Do you want to watch me touch myself, boy?” Scarlet asks.

“Yes, fuck yes,” Astrid says eagerly. “Daddy,” they add.

Scarlet groans when her fingers reach her hard, pounding clit. She rubs up and down, grinding on her fingers on top of Astrid. She spreads her wetness around, rubbing harder, beginning to gasp and moan.

“Fuck, Scarlet,” Astrid moans. “You’re so hot. Fuck me.”

“Oh, that comes later,” Scarlet winks. Then she slips a finger inside her wet pussy and her mouth opens wide in a moan. “Fuck,” Scarlet whimpers, fucking herself harder and harder on her finger, then adding a second one.

“Jesus Christ,” Astrid says. She tugs on her restraints, wanting so badly to touch her. “This is torture.”

“That’s the idea, baby,” Scarlet smiles, and her grin turns into a moan as she fingers herself and rubs her clit at the same time, getting carried away with how good it feels. She tries to focus, tries to remember her plan to take off Astrid’s pants and put a strap-on on her.

She stops fucking herself, and brings her messy wet fingers to Astrid’s lips, letting her lick them desperately. They moan around her fingers, cleaning them up.

“Fuck, Daddy,” Astrid whimpers. “You taste so good. Fuck, please let me taste you.”

“Not yet,” Scarlet says sternly, grinning wickedly. She unbuttons Astrid’s jeans, tugging them down her legs along with her tight black boxers. She reaches for the toy bag again, pulling out a leather harness and small purple strap-on.

She puts the harness on Astrid and attaches the purple cock, and she bends down to get it wet with her mouth, licking up and down. The sight of Scarlet sucking their cock makes Astrid feel hard, as if the silicone was real.

“Fuck,” Astrid mutters.

Scarlet lets the cock go from her mouth with a pop. It glistens with her spit.

“I’m going to cum on your cock while you can’t touch me,” Scarlet says teasingly. She hovers over the cock, letting it rub against her clit and push against her wet opening. She sinks onto the strap, moaning loudly. She reaches out for something to grip and grabs Astrid’s tits, squeezing and playing with them while she rides her cock.

Astrid moans, begging, “Please, please, please.”

“Such a good little boy, with your perfect hard cock here for me to fuck myself with whenever I feel like it,” Scarlet says.

“Fuck, Daddy,” Astrid groans. “Fuck, you’re so hot. Jesus Christ.” She bucks her hips up into Scarlet, making her moan.

“Ohh, fuck. That’s cheating,” Scarlet says, as Astrid fucks her hips up harder and faster, pulling louder sounds from Scarlet’s throat. “Oh, God, fuck. Oh fuck,” she says.

Then she hears the garage door open.

“Oh, fuck,” she curses. “Oh fuck!” she says, panicked now.

“What?” Astrid asks.

“That’s Richard,” Scarlet says, sounding frantic. She’s hurriedly untying Astrid’s bonds.

“Who’s Richard?” Astrid asks.

“My husband.”

“Your husband?” Astrid croaks.

“My soon-to-be-ex-husband,” Scarlet adds hurriedly. “I didn’t think he’d be home until midnight or later. You have to go, I’m so sorry. I’ll wait ‘til he’s asleep and we’ll sneak you out the front door.”

The rope is untied now, and Astrid rubs her wrists. They put their hands on Scarlet’s hips and without warning, flip her over onto the bed and push their cock into her, pulling a strangled gasp from her mouth.

“It sounds like… you just need to be quiet while I fuck that orgasm out of you,” Astrid says. “Do you want that, Scarlet?”

Scarlet’s eyes glaze over in pleasure. She nods slowly, captivated. Astrid puts her hand over her mouth, slowly thrusting her cock into her, feeling the vibrations of her muffled moans under her hand.

Astrid fucks her hard and Scarlet wants to scream, wants to cry out, but she muffles her noises and manages to let out only little whimpers, whimpers that drive Astrid crazy and spur her on.

Astrid brings her spare hand down to Scarlet’s clit, where she teases slowly, enjoying the way Scarlet’s eyes roll into the back of her head. The friction on Astrid’s clit is building too, in an intoxicating way.

“You’re going to cum for me like a good girl,” Astrid whispers in Scarlet’s ear. The role reversal, the thrill of almost getting caught – it’s all too much – and suddenly Scarlet is cumming with a trembling body and a muffled scream. Watching Scarlet cum brings Astrid over the edge too, and their hips stutter with their orgasm that they keep silent.

They pant into each other’s shoulders, desperately trying to catch their breaths.

“Bloody hell,” Astrid says.

“Fuck,” Scarlet whispers.

“You were amazing,” Astrid whispers back.

“You, though,” Scarlet says with a dizzy smile.

Astrid looks down at Scarlet’s naked body, distracted.

“Fuck, can I taste you?” Astrid asks.

Scarlet smirks at her. “Only if you beg for it, boy,” she replies.

“Please, Daddy, please can I eat your pussy?” Astrid murmurs in her ear.

“God, it’s so hard for me to be quiet,” Scarlet mutters.

“You can do it, Daddy,” Astrid whispers with a wink.

Then their hot mouth is on Scarlet’s wet, needy pussy, licking her up and teasing her clit. Scarlet clamps her hands over her mouth, moaning into them. She jerks her hips to grind on Astrid’s face, leaning back into the pillows of her queen bed.

Astrid presses Scarlet’s hips down, going harder. Whimpers escape from Scarlet again, but Astrid doesn’t care that much about them getting caught.

Just as the thought occurs to Astrid, a figure stands in the doorway and knocks.

“Scarlet? I’m home early. Had a headache. How are you?”

Astrid doesn’t stop her movements, forcing Scarlet to swallow down her pleasure to answer.

“I’m fine,” she says, voice sounding strained. “Just… went to bed early. Goodnight!”

Then she clamps her hands down on her mouth again, holding her breath, as her second orgasm overtakes her and spreads through her body with delicious warmth and electricity. She shakes and twitches, her eyes wide and desperate. Astrid watches her, mesmerized by the way she comes undone.

“Okay…” Richard says, sounding unsure. “Goodnight…”

Astrid grins wickedly up at Scarlet from between her legs, feeling smug. Scarlet sighs and rolls her eyes, but she can’t help the smile that creeps onto her face.

Chapter 3 of 3

Warnings: public sex, spanking, flogging, fucking machine, overstimulation

The next time they see each other, it’s at PRIDE: A Queer Kink Party. Scarlet wears the cat mask again, a new set of red lacy lingerie, and the same black stilettos. She’s at the party first this time, browsing at the sex shop for a toy for the evening. She chooses a black and red leather flogger. She pays for it and turns around, walking right into Astrid. They’re dressed in a white t-shirt, black jeans, a black leather chest harness, and a black leather mask.

Astrid explained that they’re trying to establish a reputation in the LA kink community as a Dom top, and they don’t want to submit in public without a mask. Scarlet understood completely, given her own need for a mask.

“Hey there, boy,” Scarlet says with a grin.

“Hi, Daddy.” Astrid smiles back. She looks down to the flogger in Scarlet’s hands. “Whatcha got there?”

“Just a little gift for my favorite boy’s ass,” she answers.

Being called her ‘favorite boy’ makes Astrid’s whole body blush from head to toe.

“Is that so?” Astrid says, playing it cool.

“Would you like to negotiate a scene with me, Astrid?” Scarlet asks, getting to the point.

“Yes I would, Scarlet.” Astrid grins.

They sit down and talk it out, negotiating what will and won’t happen in front of the crowd. When they’ve agreed, they shake hands and walk to the punishment bench, the kind that has a spot for arms, torso, and ankles.

Scarlet ties Astrid down to the bench, strapping her into the leather cuffs. She reaches underneath Astrid to unbutton their jeans and pull them down their legs, along with their black boxers.

The cold air hits Astrid’s already wet pussy. She’s ready to be spanked.

The leather flogger hits their ass hard and they cry out.


“Did you like that, boy?” Scarlet asks.

A small crowd has started to form, just three separate people quietly watching.

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid replies obediently, like they agreed.

“Do you want me to hit you again?” Scarlet asks.

“Yes please, Daddy.”

The smack is hard and quick. Astrid yelps, and turns to see that a couple has joined the crowd. She feels hot under her mask, thrilling in the exposure and anonymity of what they’re doing.

“Did you like that, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid whimpers.

“Do you want me to hit you again?” Scarlet asks.

“Yes please, Daddy. Please keep hitting me,” Astrid begs.

“Good boy,” Scarlet praises. She repeatedly whacks the flogger against their ass, beating it red. Astrid cries out, moaning and begging, yelling “Please, Daddy” and “More, Daddy” to an ever-growing crowd.

Scarlet sets down the flogger and scratches her nails down Astrid’s stinging ass. She bends down over Astrid, and they can feel her lacy lingerie rub against their bare ass. Scarlet whispers in her ear, “Are you wet? Do you want it?”

“I’m so wet Daddy, but not yet. Please keep spanking me.”

“Good boy,” Scarlet says.

Scarlet chooses a paddle that says SLUT in black letters on red leather.

“Are you a slut, boy?” Scarlet asks loudly for the crowd. At least a dozen voyeurs are watching.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m a dirty little slut and I need you to punish me.”

“That’s a good slut,” Scarlet says. “Good sluts know they deserve to be punished.”

She whacks them hard with the paddle, imprinting the word slut on their ass.

“Fuck!” Astrid cries.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, slut?” Scarlet asks.

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid whimpers.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, Daddy! Please.”

Scarlet hits their other cheek with the paddle, pulling a moan from Astrid’s mouth.

“Oh, you liked that, you little slut,” Scarlet mutters.

She hits her hard, over and over, not relenting until Astrid is panting “Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck, yellow.”

Scarlet immediately stops and bends down to check on Astrid.

“Are you okay? What do you need?”

“I’m fine, I just needed a break.”

“Are you ready for it?”

Astrid thinks for a moment and a smile begins to grow across their face.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Scarlet goes to the storage room and brings back a fucking machine, setting it up on the table behind Astrid and lubing up the cock.

The audience is growing faster now, whispers passing through the crowd about the machine.

“Do you want to get fucked like a desperate little slut?” Scarlet asks loudly, making eye contact with members of the crowd.

Astrid swallows and speaks loudly. “Yes, Daddy. Please.”

Scarlet lubes up her fingers and slips them into Astrid’s wet cunt, fucking her open and getting her ready to take a big cock.

“Jesus, you’re so fucking wet,” Scarlet says. “Did getting spanked make you wet, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Astrid obediently whispers.

“You want to get fucked, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says louder.

Scarlet adjusts the fucking machine until the cock is halfway inside Astrid. They moan. Scarlet turns the machine on slow and Astrid moans louder, tugging on her restraints.

The crowd is at least two dozen people now, and Astrid feels on fire under their gaze.

“Oh God, ohhh,” Astrid moans.

“Do you like this little toy I got you, boy?” Scarlet asks.

“Oh fuck yes, Daddy. Yes. God,” Astrid replies.

“Do you want to thank me for it?”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

“Do you want to suck my femme cock in front of all these people like a needy little cockslut?”

“Oh God. Yes, Daddy.”

Scarlet puts on a black leather harness on top of her red lingerie. She attaches a sleek black silicone strap-on to the harness, feeling hot with a cock heavy between her legs.

She brings the toy to Astrid’s lips, watching them open up for her, taking the toy further into their mouth and then their throat.

Scarlet could moan at the sight, but she controls herself.

Scarlet gently fucks her face while Astrid grunts and moans from the fucking machine in her cunt.

“That’s a good little cockslut,” Scarlet praises. Her clit feels hard and aching under the strap-on. She’s high on the power and pleasure of domination, turned on by the sight of Astrid being fucked by the machine.

Astrid feels so full of cock, submitting to the pleasure of being fucked by two toys, submitting to Scarlet’s delicious fantasy.

Astrid moans on Scarlet’s femme cock, unable to help it if she wanted to.

Scarlet pulls her cock from Astrid’s mouth, wet with drool.

“Do you want to cum on this toy, baby?” Scarlet asks in a sultry voice.

Astrid is moaning from being fucked hard by the toy, and she nods eagerly. Scarlet grabs a wand massager and turns it on, bringing the powerful vibrations directly to Astrid’s clit. She screams in pleasure, trembling on the bench, her arms tensing at the wrist restraints.

“Oh God, Daddy. Fuck. Please. Fuck. Please make me cum,” Astrid begs.

“Good boy,” Scarlet purrs.

The crowd has grown large and people are peering over shoulders to get a glimpse. Astrid glances over their shoulder to see how many people are watching. When she sees the size of the crowd, her body flushes with heat.

“Oh fuck,” Astrid moans. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me boy,” Scarlet orders. “Cum for me like a dirty, needy little slut.”

Astrid’s orgasm hits them hard, making them scream out. She trembles on the bench as she falls apart on the vibrator and fucking machine. The audience watches with rapt attention. The orgasm shakes through her, pulling moan after moan from her mouth until she’s cumming again, from the relentless stimulation of the two toys.

All in all, she has four orgasms before she starts to say, “Okay, that’s all, no more, oh God.”

Scarlet ignores her and increases in the vibration on the wand massager, pushing Astrid into one more orgasm – one more past her limit, like they’d negotiated. Astrid cries out in a throaty scream. Her arms strain against the leather cuffs of the bench and she’s panting.  Scarlet removes the vibrator and turns off the fucking machine.

There are some whoops and hollers and scattered applause from the crowd, which slowly disperses.

Scarlet strokes Astrid’s short brown hair, cooing at her. “You did so good, my boy. My favorite boy. Such a good slut.”

Astrid pants and moans in response, unable to speak.

“Oh, such a fucked out little slut that you can’t speak. What a good boy.”

Astrid whimpers.

Scarlet gently unbuckles the leather straps keeping Astrid strapped to the punishment bench. She helps them down on their wobbly legs. Astrid pulls her pants up and buckles her belt, smoothing down her shirt.

Scarlet brings her hands to cup Astrid’s face and kisses her softly. Astrid melts into the kiss, sparks lighting up their chest and setting their heart on fire. They kiss for a long time, pressed together, losing themselves in each other.

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  1. Okay um. This is rly good ashdgdh. I’m definitely not into spanking or the daddy kink however Scarlet is so fucking hot and I rly wanna fuck her… u did a great job writing this. Also the term baby butch… gonna have 2 do more research into tht term cuz it reminds me of myself

  2. You have a talent for writing some kinky stuff. I found your stories on Literotica first and really appreciated the diverse representation. I also appreciate the kink representation because while the love stories on that site are good…sometimes you just want to read about good, hard fucking. Keep up the great writing. I can’t wait to read more!

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