You break a rule for the first time, and you’re about to discover what the punishment is.

CW: Daddy kink, butch/femme, public sex, public orgasm, orgasm control, orgasm denial, edging, overstimulation, language like slut, whore, fucktoy, plaything, fuckdoll


Chapter 1

I tell you to wear your sluttiest outfit tonight, and you dutifully obey.

My good, pretty, little sub.

You answer the door at ten o’clock wearing the all-black outfit I picked out: a tiny sheer top, braless, your hard nipples obvious through the fabric. You’re in a short A-line miniskirt that barely covers your ass. Your sleek stilettos are so thin they look like a pair of hairpins. 

I’m hardpacking and feel my clit jump to attention as if my cock is real. You’re my toy, my plaything, ready to be shown off tonight.

“Hi, Daddy,” you greet me with a shy smile.

“Hi baby,” I reply, keeping my cool. “Spin for me. I want to make sure you didn’t forget anything.”

You do, and I watch your skirt flip up, revealing your lacy black thong. Yes, tonight will be very fun. 

“Good girl,” I praise. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, Daddy,” you answer eagerly.

I give you my arm, and you step outside, closing your door and grasping my bicep. You’re lucky that it’s a warm summer night, dressed like this.

I’m wearing a white t-shirt, cuffed blue jeans, and newly polished black boots. My hair is freshly buzzed and I feel butch and confident. We’re a beautiful pair, and all eyes will be on us tonight. On you.

I open the door of the Uber for you. You step inside, and I get a view up your tiny skirt again. I swallow, controlling myself. I spend the ride teasing your bare thighs, doing nothing more. Your breath gets a little faster as I reach my hand higher and higher up your thigh. The club is 15 minutes away, just long enough and short enough for teasing. You’re squeezing your thighs together by the time I pull my hand away and thank the driver. 

We wait in line on the sidewalk as the summer breeze circles around us. My warm hand rests on your bare back and we make idle chat about our weeks at work. Three lesbians in front of us are wearing patterned button-ups and making heart eyes at each other. I wonder if they’re in a triad. 

We reach the front of the line and the handstamp tonight says “DYKE” and we laugh and smile. 

We get inside and it’s loud; generic house music pounds on the speakers. I order us drinks at the dark, sticky bar, yelling my order to the bartender. A mojito for you, a vodka redbull for me. We move through the tight crowd, sipping our drinks, shuffling our way to the open dancefloor. It feels industrial, with concrete floors and open ceilings, bare walls and scarce seating. You feel everyone’s eyes on you, on your slutty outfit and your hot body. We’re barely dancing, but I keep a greedy hand on you anyway, touching your waist or resting my hand possessively in the small of your lower back as we slowly sway to the music. We finish our drinks quickly and set them aside. 

You feel the alcohol thrum through your body, warming your veins with electricity. My hands are all over you, resting on your waist, your hips, grazing the sides of your perky tits. I lick my lips, looking down at you hungrily. My gaze makes you hot, a throbbing forming between your legs. You were hyperaware of everyone around us a minute ago, but now you’re under my spell. Everyone around us drops away, and it’s just us, just my hands on your body and the pulsing in your center. 

I spin you around and grind my hips into your tight ass. You feel me hardpacking, and I can tell by the familiar way you toss your well-coiffed head back that it makes you wet. Now that you’ve realized there’s a hard cock in my jeans, it’s all you can think about. You press your back against my chest and reach up, scratching my buzzed head with your sharp nails. It makes me groan, like you knew it would, like it always does.

I bring my hands to your beautiful breasts and squeeze softly, not caring who watches me touch you like this. Your tits are so sensitive that I have to be gentle, and you’re quickly whimpering under my touch. I barely pinch your nipples and you gasp. Your nipples are hard now, straining against the sheer, see-through fabric of your top, obvious to anyone who looks.

I run my hands down your bare stomach, your sides, gripping your hips hard and spinning you back around to face me. 

The music pounds around us, the bass thrumming through our bodies. I have to yell in your ear for you to hear me, but my words send a shiver down your spine anyway: “You little slut.”

You smile at me with a sparkle in your eyes. You do a little twirl and lean into my ear to yell back, “Yes, Daddy. Your slut.”

I grasp your bare ass under your skirt and pull you closer to me. 

My toy to play with, I think to myself. 

You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me in for a hot kiss, your cunt throbbing under your short little skirt. We lose the beat of the music, no longer dancing, just making out in a crowd of hot bodies with loud music. 

My hand on your ass reaches further, curious, stroking your lacy panties and coming away wet. 

My clit throbs under my hard cock.

“You dirty little whore,” I mutter under my breath. 

“What?” you yell at me.

“You. Dirty. Little. Whore,” I yell back in your ear. Your eyes flutter, and you bite your red-painted lower lip. If my cock wasn’t silicone it’d jump.

I pull you through the crowd, searching for a dark corner of the club. I find a spot, a small dark alcove where no one will bother us. I press you against the wall with my arm across your chest, keeping you firmly in place. You feel my hand reach up your skirt and pull your panties to the side, stroking your soaking wet pussy. You moan and it doesn’t matter because the music is so loud, but I call you a needy little toy anyway, murmuring this in your ear. 

I play with your cute little pussy, stroking your hard clit and teasing your opening with featherlight touches. 

“Please, Daddy,” you pant. “Fuck. Please.”

“Please what, baby? What do you want?”

“Please fuck me, Daddy. Please finger my pussy,” you beg. 

“Mmm,” I hum. “Good girl.” 

I tease you a little longer, grasping your breasts and circling your clit with my finger. You buck your hips toward me, desperate to be fucked. You whine.

“What’s the matter, baby? Do you need something?” I tease. 

“P-Please, Daddy,” you beg. “Please. Your fingers…” 

You feel my middle finger sink into your wet pussy and let loose a loud moan, loud enough that I move my spare hand to cover your mouth. I fuck you gentle and slow, pulling sounds from your throat with every thrust. I love the way your eyes grow wide as I fuck you a little harder and faster, until I can feel you screaming under my hand. 

“You fucking slut,” I mutter in your ear. “You’re dripping down my hand like a needy little whore. In the middle of this club, like you’re not even worried about somebody seeing you rutting on my fucking hand like this. Shameless little exhibitionist.” 

Your pussy clenches at being called a whore. You tighten around my fingers, and my mouth goes dry. My hand drops from covering your mouth. 

“Fuck,” you whine. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

I groan. “That’s a good girl. Begging for it like a good little plaything. My obedient toy.”

You clench on my fingers again, moaning desperately and rutting on my hand. 

“Daddy,” you moan. “Please, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me like a good little whore.” 

You’re whimpering.  Your thighs are tense, and I can feel the walls of you tightening around my fingers, keeping time to the music blaring around us and to my insistent strokes.

“You’re such a fucking slut,” I moan in your ear. 

“Yes, Daddy. Yes. I’m such a slut for you. Fuck me, Daddy. Mmm. Make me cum, Daddy. Fuck. Make me cum, please. Please. Please. Please.” 

“Mmm. Such a good fuckdoll, asking for it… No.”

I pull my fingers out of your wet cunt and bring them to your lips to make you suck on them. You whine, but accept the fingers and clean them up. 

My hard cock in my jeans feels real right now, I’m throbbing so hard from your little slutty display. I imagine you getting to your knees, sucking my cock with the same eager, wet mouth. The image makes my eyes flutter closed and I mutter, “Fuck.” 

I want to get you home. But I’m not done playing with you yet. I hook my fingers along the waistband of your black lacy panties, pulling them down your soft thighs and letting them drop to the floor. 

“Pick them up,” I instruct. You do. 

I hold out my hand and you give them to me. I stuff them in my pocket and think about what else I want to do with you tonight. I make my decision, and guide you to a bench in the dark corner of the club. 

I sit and spread my legs, patting my lap. You obediently straddle me, your hot wet cunt waiting right under your skirt for me. You wrap your arms around my neck and glance eagerly at my lips, begging me quietly for a kiss. I oblige. 

My hands roam your body as we explore each other’s mouths. You feel my tongue gently graze your lips and you whimper. 

I kiss down your neck, your chest, pulling up your top and revealing your perky pink nipples. I suck them into my mouth gently and part of you wants to object, wants to say that we’re in public and someone might see. But the rest of you is thrumming with pleasure and saying yes, please Daddy, more. You scratch up my neck and grip my short cropped hair, tugging hard. You look around you with embarrassment, getting wetter. 

I release your nipples and look into your brown eyes, dark with lust. My rumbly voice murmurs in your ear, “Take my dick out of my pants and cockwarm me like a good girl.”

You swallow. You flush in embarrassment, but your pussy is aching for it. You obey.

Your hands reach down to unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans, and pull the thick black silicone cock out of my underwear. You raise yourself, centering me at your entrance, and sink slowly onto me. You bury your face in my shoulder, overwhelmed with pleasure as I fill you up. When you’ve reached the hilt, you let out a loud moan and shudder around me. 

“Such a good little cockslut,” I praise. You whine. You’re desperate to move, desperate to be fucked, but too shy to do something so obviously depraved in the corner of a nightclub, too obedient to disobey my order. 

“God, Daddy… Fuck,” you moan. “Fuck, your cock is so big inside me.”

“Is it?” I ask. I grope your body, squeezing your tits and your ass, stroking your upper thighs, admiring every inch of you. 

“Please, Daddy… Please take me home and fuck me with your cock and make me cum,” you beg.

“No,” I say firmly. I bring my thumb to your mouth and make you suck on it, getting it wet with your drool. Then you feel my thumb slip under your skirt and stroke your hard, aching clit. You shudder and clench on my cock, clinging to my shoulders and gasping. 

“Oh fuck, Daddy. Please. Oh fuck.” You’re panting, trembling, trying so hard not to move. Your thighs tighten. 

“Please what, baby?” 

I rub your clit harder, mercilessly.

“Please, I’m so close. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna -” Your voice breaks, and you gasp your next inhale before burying your face in my shoulder. The noises you make are barely covered by the music; I watch in disbelief as you stutter and spasm around my cock inside you. Your orgasm shakes you hard, and you have trouble muffling your moaning. 

“Did you just –?” I ask, feeling hot and angry. 

You freeze, looking like a deer in the headlights. You just came without permission. You’ve never done that before, and you have no idea what the punishment is. But I do. I grin wickedly. 

“Bad girls get punished…”


Chapter 2

Your pussy still aches on the car ride back. You’re throwing nervous glances my way, unsure what’s going to happen when we get home.

A smirk twitches up a corner of my lip. The sadist in me is going to enjoy the week of torture and begging you have ahead of you.

Yes, week.

A week of no orgasms.

But you’ll come close, so close. Every night.

You’ll beg and plead with me. You’ll try to pout. You’ll try to negotiate. You won’t succeed.

I explain this all to you on the couch in the living room when we arrive home. I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face at your reaction – your pleading eyes, your mouth agape, your cheeks blushing.

“Please, Daddy,” you try to plead with me. “Please, I’ll do anything. I’ll be so good for you. I promise.” 

I let you plead. I relish it. You’re going to wait all week like a good girl, and no amount of begging is going to make me budge. I love torturing you too much. 

“No,” I say firmly. “Tonight your punishment is a simple spanking. You’re not allowed to touch yourself while I’m gone.”

You whimper. You want to argue but you know it will only make the spanks harder.

“Yes, Daddy,” you dutifully reply.

I lean back on the couch and pat my lap. You obediently climb into my lap and flip your skirt up, revealing your bare ass and wet pussy. Your lacy thong is still in my pocket. I think about this, and decide to stuff it in your mouth. Just the perfect amount of hot and degrading. 

You moan and it’s muffled by the panties, but just a little – after all, it was barely a whisper of lace and the suggestion of a gusset, wasn’t it? 

I warm your ass up with squeezes and rubs and gentle smacks. You’re already wet, but the anticipation is making you drip.

A hard smack comes down on your ass and you yelp, bucking back into the impact instead of flinching away. For now, anyway. I smile. 

“One,” I count in a stern voice, since you can’t right now.

I repeat myself, going slow and giving you the chance to experience the stings and tingles of every smack. I count to ten. 

“Have you learned your lesson yet, you little slut?” I ask angrily, pulling the lacy panties from your mouth. 

“No, Daddy. Not yet,” you moan, eager to be spanked again. 

I grin. 

I rain down ten more smacks on your beautiful ass, this time not giving you the chance to come up for air. When I’m done, you’re gasping and there are tears in your eyes.

“Daddy…” you beg. 

“Have you learned your lesson for cumming without permission yet, slut?” 

“Yes, Daddy, yes I have,” you promise. 

“Hmm,” I consider. “I don’t think you have.” 

I deliver four more smacks, as hard as I can. You cry out at each hit, wriggling on my lap; I press your neck into the couch with my free hand, keeping you in place. Your perky ass is turning pink under my heavy hand. 

Finally, I decide you’ve been spanked enough for tonight. I massage your aching ass. You moan at my soothing touch.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good girl. You’re going to take this punishment this week so good, aren’t you? You’re gonna be a good girl for me?”

“Yes, Daddy,” you promise.

I grin. I’m going to torture you. 

* * *

I come over to your house every night this week, arriving on your doorstep in classic white t-shirts and cologne. You answer the door naked every night, as instructed. A little trick designed to make you start aching and throbbing before I even arrive.

“Good girl,” I praise your naked form. 

The first night I edge you once. The next night, twice. And so on. By the sixth night, you told me to stop after the fifth edging, that you couldn’t take it anymore and you would definitely cum if I touched you again. It’s Friday again, the seventh night. That means tonight is the night you get to cum, if I decide you’ve been a good girl. 

But the torture isn’t quite over yet. 

I’m going to bring you to the edge seven times tonight, no matter how long it takes.

I close the door behind you and press your naked body against it. 

“Have you been a good girl and done as I asked?”

“Yes, Daddy.” 

“You haven’t touched yourself?”

“No, Daddy.” 

“Good girl,” I growl in your ear. 

I drop to my knees and lift one of your legs, spreading your thighs and watching your glistening pussy lips open for me.

“Aw, poor thing. Dripping for me already, huh? Do you want Daddy’s mouth on this needy pussy, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy,” you squeak. 

I dip my head and lick you up, slowly, enjoying the way the taste of you tangs on my tongue. I feel your engorged clit throbbing under my attention, already hard with the anticipation of tonight’s release and the torture of a week of edging. You’ve been aching to cum since we left the bar last Saturday.

But you’ve been a good girl. You haven’t touched yourself or given in to temptation at all this week, have you? Maybe you are learning your lesson.

I lick up the salty wetness leaking from your pretty pussy. You moan for me, so sweetly, gripping your hands in my hair and bucking onto my face. 

“Oh, God…” you say in a higher voice. “Fuck me, Daddy. Eat my pussy, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.” 

I go harder, flicking my tongue against your clit. You’re moaning “Oh God” over and over, and I listen and lick as your moans start to reach a fever pitch. I pull away before you get too close to the edge. You whine. 

“Please, Daddy…” 

Your eyes are big and pleading, glassy with need, and I smirk at you.

“No. You’re getting edged seven times tonight. That’s one.” I stand up and smile widely, taking your face in my hands. “This is your punishment, baby. So that you learn your lesson. Right, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy,” you reluctantly agree, your eyes dropping to the floor submissively. 

“Good girl.”

I love the way you submit to me. You’re new to all this, but learning so well. 

Chapter 3

I take you to the kitchen, where I push a pile of mail to the side and bend you over the counter. I rub your pussy, teasing your folds and stroking your painfully hard clit. 

You jump at my touch, sensitive and eager. 

“Oh, fuck, Daddy,” you cry out. “Oh fuck!” 

“Do you like that?” I ask.

“Yes, Daddy!” you moan. “Fuck, please make me cum, Daddy. Please?”

“No,” I say sternly, continuing to rub your clit, dipping my finger in your wetness and spreading it up to the hard pink nub. 

“Oh, Daddy, please… I need it.”

I laugh at your eagerness. “Aww, baby girl, you need it? Then show me.” Really, I just want to see the look of pleasure on your face. 

I spin you around and lift you onto the kitchen counter, spreading your thighs and slipping a finger inside your tight, wet cunt. I watch the way your red lips open in an “O” and your lashes flutter closed. My mouth goes dry when you clench around my middle finger and moan for me.

“How much do you need it, baby?” I ask condescendingly. 

“Oh God, Daddy – I need it so badly. Please, I need to cum. I’ve been such a good girl for you. Please, please –” 

I start rubbing your clit with my thumb as I finger fuck your tight cunt, and you gasp. 

“Oh God!”

Your legs start twitching around my waist and your moans pitch higher.

“Oh God, oh fuck – I’m so close.”

“Good,” I say sternly, and pull my finger away. I slip the finger in your mouth, making you suck. My hot cunt throbs in my jeans. 

That’s number two.

I hold your hand and lead you to the couch, sitting down and motioning for you to sit in my lap. You do, and I take a good look at you, up and down, licking my lips and enjoying the view. You blush, still unused to the openly lustful attention I give your body.

“Look at me,” I instruct.

You hesitate, but obey, meeting my eyes. 

“Good girl. Just sit there a minute and let Daddy look at their fucktoy. You’re beautiful.”

I gaze at your body, your curves and dips. The mole under your left breast. The freckles across your shoulders.

My rough hands slide over your soft skin, trailing from your breasts to your waist, your hips to your inner thighs… 

I slide my finger up your wet slit and you shudder under my touch. This time, I slip two fingers inside your waiting, aching cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, fuck… Thank you,” you say. You lean onto me, unable to hold yourself up under my strokes. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, Daddy. Fuck!” you moan.

“Yes, baby?” I say. “Use your words.” 

Then I finger you harder and faster so you can’t talk. You open your mouth and arch your back, taking it. 

“Fuck, Daddy, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” you gasp. 

“Is that the only word you know, baby?” I tease. 

You laugh and then moan. 

I grab your throat with my free hand and fuck you hard. It makes you scream. You can’t cum from fingering or penetration alone. You need clit stimulation too, and I take advantage of this, finger fucking you for a long time until you’re panting and trembling. 

“Daddy…” you whisper. 

“Yes, baby?”

“I need to cum, Daddy,” you whine. “Please, my clit is so hard. It’s throbbing…”

“Oh, you need to cum, baby?” I ask. I continue fingering you, but bring my rough, calloused thumb to your clit. 

“Oh, fuck, yes Daddy! Yes! Yes, yes, yes…”

“Tell me when you’re close,” I warn. 

“Yes, Daddy,” you pant obediently. 

I watch your hot, naked body rock on my hand. I look with awe and admiration, lust and depravity. 

“Oh, Daddy, please let me cum. Please, I’m right there, I need it so badly. I’ll do anything. Please, I’ll be so good for you. Please. I’m so close.” 

“You know how to be good for me,” I say, pulling my hand away. “That’s three.” 

I stick my wet fingers in your mouth and make you suck them clean, enjoying the way you moan with my fingers in your mouth and it vibrates up my hand. 

“God, you dirty fucktoy,” I say, controlling my breathing carefully. 

You pull my fingers from your mouth and try to guide them down to your pussy again.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m a good fucktoy for you. So so good. So good I deserve to cum? Daddy, please…” you beg pathetically. 

I snatch my hand away.

“Bad girl,” I growl. “Daddy gives the orders. You take them. And bad girls get punished, don’t they? Hmm?”

“Daddy, please…” you whine. 

“Say it.”

“Bad girls get punished…” you pout. 

“That’s right.” I smile. “Get on the bed, in position.”

You pout again, climbing off of me and walking to the bedroom. I watch your hips sway as you go. 

You are obediently on your hands and knees on the bed when I enter. I go to the closet for my bag of toys, smirking to myself. I had planned on spanking you during round six, but round four will do just fine. I’m flexible.

I get out the wrist and ankle cuffs, a paddle, and my favorite flogger, a red and black piece that feels soft and worn in my hands. I hit my hand with the flogger, and a loud smack rings out and makes you jump.

I cuff you, taking each ankle and wrist at a time, not letting you break the position. You wait silently, as you should.

“Spread eagle,” I order when the cuffs are on. 

You obey, lying flat on your belly and spreading your arms and legs wide. 

“Good girl,” I praise. I tie you to the bedposts, taking my time. You’re impatient, but you say nothing. You’re learning how to be a good little sub for me, aren’t you? 

You ache to be spanked. You love it. The anticipation. The sound. The sting. The tingles. The relief. Your soft, perky little ass is practically begging for my sadistic strikes. 

I smack you hard and you gasp. The paddle imprints a cute little heart on your ass. I imagine beating your ass until it’s bruised in hearts, and something dark unlocks itself inside of me. 

“Count them,” I order.

“One, Daddy,” you whimper.

“That’s a good girl.” 

I gently pat your bottom a few times with the paddle, then smack the other ass cheek just as hard.

You cry out, “Oh!” and then collect yourself enough to say, “Two, Daddy.”

This goes on until I deliver five hard smacks to each cheek, and your legs are starting to quiver.

I switch to the flogger, enjoying the way I can tease you with the soft tails, up and down your back, down your legs and arms, making your hair stand on end in anticipation.

“Your cute, pink ass can take a little more of a beating, don’t you think, baby?” I coo. 

“Mmm,” you whimper. You’re not sure, but you want it anyway. “Yes, Daddy.” 

My smacks are lighter now, but they still sting your burning ass. You moan after each one, calling out their numbers.

“Twelve,” you moan. “Daddy,” you quickly add. I lose myself to the hypnotic jiggle of your ass under my blows, listening as you moan out: “Sixteen, Daddy!” “Twenty, Daddy…” 

The room is hot and you’re breathing hard, your body tense. I put down the flogger and bring my hands to your thighs, reaching up to gently massage your sore, sensitive ass. 

“Mmmm,” you moan. “Daddy…” 

You want to wiggle into my touch, but you’re too restrained to move. It’s cute to watch you try. 

“Did you learn your lesson for misbehaving, girl?” I ask, trying to sound stern. 

“Yes, Daddy,” you promise eagerly. “Thank you, Daddy.” 

“Good girl. Now… Did being spanked make this little slut wet?”

You whimper into the bedsheets, hiding your face.

“Aww, is the little slut shy about what a slut she is? Isn’t that cute… Why don’t we find out how wet you are?”

I slowly, gently stroke my finger up your slit, and I almost moan along with you as your cum collects along my fingertips. 

“Fuck,” I mutter. “Jesus Christ, baby, you’re so fucking wet. Do you need it, huh? You need to get fucked?”

“Please, Daddy…” you whine. “I need to cum. Please, please, please…” you trail off into pleases

“Not yet, baby… Your punishment is seven. But I can still fuck you,” I say as I sink my finger easily into your soft, wet cunt. 

“Ohh!” you cry out, your hands clenching into fists.

“So easy,” I laugh, fucking in and out of you slowly. 

You moan helplessly. I finger fuck you teasingly, achingly, curling my finger into your soft flesh.

You want it harder, faster, and you beg for it. “More, Daddy… More.” I ignore you. I fuck you steadily until you’re panting and trembling under your restraints. 

You let out a strangled, frustrated moan. “Please, Daddy!” Tears prick your eyes. “Please fuck me, Daddy. Please let me cum. Please please please let me cum. I’ll be so good for you, Daddy. I promise. So good for you. Just let me cum…” you babble. 

“I’m not even touching your clit, baby, and you’re begging this much?” 

A high whine comes from your throat. “Daddy, please… My clit is… so hard. Please. I just, I need it,” you beg. 

“This clit?” I ask, pulling out my finger and rubbing your wetness on your hard, throbbing nub. 

You jump and gasp when I touch you. You start moaning thankfully, “Yes, Daddy, thank you Daddy, ohhh, right there, yes, yes, yes…” 

You’re so close already, I have to be careful. I touch you softly, barely brushing your aching clit. Your hips jerk and you gasp, moaning. When I feel you start to clench around my fingers, I pull away.

“Daddy, pleaaase. I need to cum, please, I’ll do anything for you, I’ll be so good for you, Daddy…” 

“You already came. Without permission. Or do you not remember?” 

“Daddy, I’m sorry!” you sob, tears spilling from your eyes. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll never do it again. Please, Daddy, I just need it so badly.”

“No,” I say sternly. “That’s number four.”

I untie your wrists and ankles and lie down on the bed, holding you close. I wipe your tears away, soothing you with long soft strokes to your bare back. “Shh, baby…” I say. “You remember what we talked about. You can do this.” 

You sniffle and nod. Your breath catches in your throat, and I feel your chest rise and fall against me as you fight to regulate your breathing. “Yes, Daddy.”

I trail my hand down your back to your ass, where I massage and smack you. 

“Lie back and relax, baby,” I tell you.

I get up and start undressing, giving you a bit of a show. I pull my white t-shirt over my head, revealing my nude binder underneath. I unbuckle my belt and watch you lick your lips. My pants come off and reveal my black boxer briefs. I reach for the leather harness and strap-on, a thick black piece that’s the tiniest bit too big for you. Your pussy aches at the sight of it. I buckle into the harness, and you get restless waiting and watching me. 

“What’s the matter, baby? Getting impatient? You want this butch cock in your pretty little pussy, hmm?”

You hold in a whimper and nod. 

I adjust my harness to fit snugly and reach for the lube, drizzling it down my strap. Your eyes glaze over as you watch me stroke my cock up and down.

“God, I can’t wait to stretch you open on this thick butch cock,” I say. You’re leaning back on the pillows, naked, still wearing the wrist and ankle cuffs. I briefly think about collaring you, for the fun of it, and my clit throbs underneath the harness. You look so good dressed up in leather. I imagine taking you to a play party in nothing but elaborate leather harnesses, naked and leashed for me, shown off as the perfect plaything. 

“Please, Daddy,” you whimper. You want to touch yourself but you know it’s not allowed. You’re so desperate: squirming, biting your lips, hands clenching and unclenching at your sides. 

“Please what, baby?” 

I like to hear you say it.

“Please fuck me with your cock, Daddy…” you moan, and it makes my dick throb with desire.

“That’s a good girl.” 

I climb onto the bed and hover over you, my cock heavy between my legs. I take my lubed up hand and tease your slit, making you whine. 

“You wanna get fucked, baby?” I ask as I slowly sink a finger into your slick, throbbing cunt. You cry out. I fuck you slow and deep, adding a second finger, then a third. You take them so easily, so ready for my cock. 

I pull out my fingers and stroke my cock again. You moan.

“Please fuck me with your big butch cock, Daddy,” you beg. I almost groan. It’s exactly what I want to hear. 

I tease your opening with the tip of my strap and you start to pant for me, “Oh fuck, yes Daddy, yes, please, yes.” 

I groan when I sink into you, my thighs and core clenching as if the silicone between my legs is flesh, real and sensitive. You open wide for me, letting me in. Your mouth drops open. You moan.

“Fuck,” I mutter. “You little slut. So eager for my cock.”

“Yes, Daddy,” you moan. “I love your cock inside me. God, please fuck me with your big butch cock, Daddy.”

I growl, fucking hard into you, enjoying the strangled gasp that escapes you. 

“You like that, baby? Just like you asked for.” 

You’re panting. Between breaths, you gasp, “Yes… Daddy…” 

I fuck you hard, apathetic to your pleasure, caring only about my own. I fuck you until I feel the familiar tightness coiling inside my core. 

You notice and start encouraging me. “Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me. Cum inside me, Daddy. Cum inside me. Make me your slut.”

At the word slut, I let go of my pleasure with a gasp, the orgasm washing over me in waves. My hips stutter and stop, and I open my eyes and smile at you sheepishly. 

“Thank you, Daddy,” you say. 

“That’s my girl,” I praise. “That’s my good slut.”

“Can I cum too, Daddy? Pleeeease,” you beg. 

“No,” I say. “But you can come close,” I add wickedly. 

I slide my strap back inside you, reaching for your engorged clit with my thumb and gently stroking. Your whole body tenses at the touch, and you tremble and grind your hips into me. 

“Do you like that, baby?” I ask.

“Oh yes, Daddy, yes I like it. Please, please…” 

You break off into gasps, the kind of gasps that tell me you’re close again already. I pull away and watch your face transform from pleasure to desperation. You whine, “Daddy…”

“That’s five,” I say sternly. 

“Daddy, please. I can’t do any more, Daddy. It’s too much.” Your eyebrows knitted together, your eyes wide, mouth open, voice trembling, body shaking… You look so needy and desperate. It’s exactly where I like to have you. 

“Your safeword is red,” I remind you. 

You fall silent, knowing that you don’t actually need your safeword – not yet, at least. 

“Wait here,” I say, leaving you strapped to the bed, as if you could go anywhere. I return from the kitchen with a glass of ice cubes. 

“What’s that?” you croak, spying the glass.

“For your poor, throbbing clit,” I answer, picking up an ice cube and squeezing it in my warm hand. The cold liquid drips down my wrist. 

I rest the ice cube on your mound, letting the ice cold water melt and run down to your clit. 

You hiss at the sensation, a mix of pain and relief. 

“That’s right,” I coo. “We’re gonna cool things down and take it nice and slow.” 

You whimper helplessly, looking at me with wide, pleading eyes. 

“Please, Daddy…” 

“Yes, baby?”

“Please, I just need to cum.”

I chuckle. “I know, baby. But you’re not going to cum yet, are you?”

You whine. 

“No, Daddy…” 

“Good girl,” I praise. “Such a good girl. You’re learning so well.”

You blush. “Thank you, Daddy…” 

Chapter 4

The ice cube melts and the sensations in your clit fade to a dull throb. You still ache, but you’re calmed down enough for the next step… Your favorite vibrator, a pink rabbit. I reach for it from the toy bag, and your eyes go wide.

I grin mischievously. 

“Are you ready for number six, baby?” 

You hesitate. 

“Oh, do you want to stop here, hmm?” I ask.

“No, Daddy!” you rush to say. “I don’t want to stop…” You take a deep breath, and for a moment your eyes close and your teeth grit against some inner struggle. When you relax and look back up at me again, you look… defeated. Desperate. “Please… please edge me again.” 

I grin at your submission to me.

That’s a good girl.” 

The buzzing starts. You flinch, your legs twitching. You’re breathing hard, tensing your body in anticipation. 

I start with your thighs, running the toy up your right thigh and then back down your left, skipping over the spot you so desperately want touched. I reach closer and closer and your whimpering is sweet music to my ears. 

“Please, Daddy…”

“Please what?” I ask.

“Please… Touch me, Daddy…” 

“I am touching you…” I answer wryly. I rub your sensitive inner thighs with the vibrator, and you buck your hips into thin air, desperate for friction. 

“Please touch my pussy with the vibrator, Daddy,” you gasp. 

I nudge the toy closer to your dripping cunt, pressing the thick part of the rabbit against your hole. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, please Daddy, yes, fuck me with it,” you beg. You’re so needy and desperate, eager to be edged, knowing that you’ll be denied pleasure but begging for it anyway. I have you exactly where I want you. 

I slowly ease the vibe inside your cunt, enjoying the way your moans grow louder and louder as I fill you up. When I fill you to the hilt and the rabbit attachment hits your clit, you squeal in pleasure, hands turning white from gripping the sheets. 

I quickly pull the toy out, the clit attachment no longer touching you. You whine. 

“God, that felt so good, Daddy. Fuck me. Please. Fuck me…”

I fuck you like this, in and out completely, barely letting the rabbit touch your clit before pulling it away again and again. 

“Oh God, Daddy. I wanna cum, Daddy. I wanna cum. Please let me cum, Daddy… Please.”

“No,” I say. “Are you close?”

“Not yet, but almost…”

“Tell me when to stop,” I order.

“Yes, Daddy.” 

I fuck you again, slowly this time, once, twice, three times. 

“Okay, okay,” you say. “I’m too close.” 

“Good girl,” I praise, turning the vibrator off. I lean over to kiss your forehead, pulling you into a cuddle. “Now… How do you want to be edged for the last time?”

You’re quiet, considering. 

“Will you… eat my pussy?”

“Will I eat your pussy, what?”

“Please. Daddy. Will you eat my pussy, please, Daddy?” you beg. 

“Good girl.” I wink. 

I can’t help but steal a long, sensual kiss from you, pouring my love and desire into it. You whimper into the kiss, eager, sloppy, delirious from the torture of being brought back from the edge so many times. I hum, kissing you slowly. 

When I finally pull away, you’re panting and your eyes are heavy with lust. 

I kiss down your body, taking my sweet time, exploring every nook and crevice of you. You squirm and whine, eager, surging up into my touch wherever you can get it. 

I chuckle. My mouth comes to your inner thigh and I kiss and lick, sucking hard and biting down a little bit. I pull back, satisfied with the mark I’ve left on your soft flesh. I make a matching mark on your other leg, pulling gasps and groans from your throat. 

“You’re so wet, baby… Could you possibly want something?”

You whine deliciously. 

“Beg for it again,” I order.

You moan at the command. “Please, Daddy… Please eat my pussy.” 

“No, not like that… ‘Please, Daddy, please edge me. Please deny me. I don’t deserve to cum.’”

You pause, reluctant, but you know that you have no choice but to say these words if you ever want to cum in the end. You grit your teeth and clench your hands into fists, finally begging: “…Please, Daddy. Please edge me. Please deny me. I don’t… deserve to cum.”

Your cheeks are flushed with humiliation and you meet my eyes for only a second before you glance away, embarrassed. I smile.

That’s a good girl.” 

I bring my mouth to your pussy and look up at you, your mouth wide open in anticipation. Maintaining eye contact, I slowly lick up your wet slit, tasting your salty sweetness. I flatten my tongue and rub at your clit, making you moan and mewl, crying out about how good it feels. You squirm and jerk your hips and start to beg, “Please, Daddy, please, Daddy, please, please, please…” and I pull away and say sternly, “No.” But I dip my head back down and keep licking at your clit, pulling gasp after gasp from you until you’re begging me to stop. “Please, Daddy, stop, I don’t deserve to cum.” 

“Good fucking girl,” I praise you. “You finally learned your lesson. And you don’t deserve to cum, but I’m going to let you cum anyway, because I’m so generous,” I hiss in your ear with a grin.

“Thank you, Daddy,” you whimper, face relaxing in relief. I try not to laugh. You have no idea what you’re in for. 

I leave you on the bed, and you crane your neck to see what I’m doing. I’m grabbing rope and the magic wand, plugging it into the wall and setting up the tripod for my phone. I tie down your wrists and ankles first, and then I strap the magic wand to your thigh, snug firmly against your clit. I call myself on facetime and then turn the vibe on low and I give you a thorough, sloppy kiss. You moan into it, desperate, pulling on your restraints.

“You’re gonna stay here, baby, and take it. You’re gonna cum for me, and cum for me, and cum for me, until I’m satisfied. Your safeword is red. If you need me to check on you, yellow. You could be here for hours, baby. I just want you to feel good.” 

You whimper. The edge of my mouth curves upward in a smirk. 

“How’s that baby? Is that good? Or you want it higher?” 

“That’s good, Daddy, thank you,” you whine. 

“Mmm, good fuckdoll. Enjoy.” I wink and leave you on the bed, tied down and tortured with pleasure. 

Your first orgasm doesn’t even take 30 seconds. You’re screaming and pulling tight on your rope bonds, crying out for Daddy like a good little fucktoy. I watch you on the camera, shaking in your bonds, screaming for me. Your next orgasm takes a couple of minutes, and then they’re slower and slower, and your moans get quieter and more pained. You’re grunting, sweating, squirming to get away from the vibrator and failing. 

You last so long for me. Daddy is proud. 

“Yellow, Daddy,” you eventually pant for me. 

I rush to your side.

“Good girl,” I say. “What do you need?” 

“I just need a break, Daddy. I can keep going, I just… need a break.” 

“Yeah, baby? Oh, sweet thing…” I turn the vibrator off, but don’t move it. “How’s that?”

You nod, breathing hard. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re doing so good for me, baby girl… How many times do you think you’ve cum already?”

“I don’t know, Daddy,” you laugh. “I’ve lost count.” I believe it. You’re slick with the sheen of sweat (and, between your thighs and all over these freshly laundered bedsheets, cum).

“Oh, my cute little cum-brained slut,” I coo. “How cute. You can’t remember. By my count, it’s at least eight. But it’s probably more, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” you agree. “Probably twelve or more…” You tug a shuddering breath from the air and then lock eyes with me. “God, Daddy. I don’t know how much more I can take.” 

“My poor baby. Do you want to stop here?” 

“No! No. I want to keep cumming, Daddy.”

“Oh, my sweet little cumslut… So desperate that you still want more. God, you filthy whore. I’ll give you what you want, baby.” 

I turn the vibe back on, higher this time, and grind the toy into your clit. You scream, jerking your hips and giving into the pleasure of it. You cum hard, crying out for me again. 

“You like that, baby? You like that, you little plaything?” I ask you. 

“Yeah, Daddy. Yeah, I like that. God, I like that. Make me cum, Daddy. Fuck. Fuck.”

“You like cumming for the camera, baby? Huh? You like putting on a slut show for Daddy?”

“Yeah,” you moan. “Yeah, Daddy, I do…” 

“How many more times can you cum, baby?”

“Um… Two more times, Daddy.”

“Okay, baby girl. That’s what we’ll do.”

I slip two fingers inside your cunt and your scream could wake the neighbors. 

“Baby,” I chuckle. “You’re such a good fuckdoll for me.” 

It’s not long before you’re pulsing around my fingers and cumming another time. You pant hard as you come down, and I brush your hair with my free hand. 

“Good girl,” I praise you. “One more?”

You nod eagerly. 

“Beg for it, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy. Please, Daddy. Please let me cum one more time for you. I’m such a needy fucking slut for you and I need to cum again because I’m so fucking greedy.”

Good fucking girl. You can cum for me, love.” 

I watch you grind desperately on the magic wand, seeking out that pleasure that you love so much. 

“Please, please, please,” you whimper, almost to yourself this time. “Please, Daddy, please, Daddy, I wanna cum, I wanna cum for you Daddy, please, please– oh, God, oh fuck, oh I’m gonna cum – I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck, yes, yes, yessss, yes, yes! Yes! Yes!” 

“Ohh,” I groan. “My good girl. Fuck. You’re so fucking hot. Yes. Let go and cum for me. Cum all over my fingers. Fuck.” 

You clench and pulse and make a wet mess of my hand. 

“God, Daddy. Fuck. Thank you. Thank you, Daddy.” 

“You’re welcome, girl. You were so good for me.” 

I turn off the vibrator and untie you, curling up with you in bed and running my rough hands all over the soft skin of your body. 

You hum and nuzzle backwards into me, and I run my lips across your neck. You turn back around and kiss me, and we lose ourselves in each other. The endorphin haze we’re both wrapped in blurs the edges of the room, the edges of our bodies, the edges of my thought.

We curl up together and you’re safe in my arms tonight, punished, satisfied.

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