Road Trip

A country boy and a city boy take a road trip together, and the city boy misbehaves.

Warnings: Daddy kink, public sex (roadside), camera sex, secret phone sex (person on the phone is unaware), orgasm denial, language like slut and whore


We drive down I-25 to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It’s a three-hour drive from Santa Fe and it’s dark. Some friends are hosting a party at the hot springs tomorrow night. We decided to take my white 2018 BMW M4 because it has less miles on it than Sawyer’s red pickup truck. It’s my car, but I pouted so that I wouldn’t have to drive. It worked. Sawyer is in the driver’s seat, looking sexy as always in cowboy boots, jeans, a big belt buckle, and a denim Western shirt. I tease him for wearing a Canadian tuxedo, because I know he likes to be teased and he knows I like his outfit. His thick muscles look good underneath the denim, and I lick my lips while gazing at him up and down.

“What?” he asks, glancing over at me, then pulling his eyes back to the road. 

“Nothing,” I say. I settle into my seat and ponder what I want to do on the drive. 

My car is new, a gift from my parents for college graduation. Yes, I know I’m spoiled. It has all the features: Bluetooth; GPS; steering wheel and seat warming and cooling; backup camera; and, of course, the front, back, and internal dash cams for security. They weirded me out at first, but once I started doing DoorDash to pick up extra cash when I was in between jobs, I appreciated the extra sense of safety.

Sawyer calls me a city boy for my car, and I call him a country boy in return. 

We met my senior year when I worked as a barista on campus. He ordered a black coffee. I wrote my number on his cup, and he railed me that weekend. The rest is history.

The radio plays “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars, and we sing along together to the lyric “And if you’re hungry, girl, I got filets”—one of our favorites. We laugh.

The song is about getting laid, and my mind drifts off. I lick my lips and look at Sawyer’s crotch, where I know he’s hard packing. I decide to reach over and put my hand on his thigh, close to his packer but not touching. 

“Cole,” he deadpans. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I say again. I keep my hand there, gently rubbing his thigh.

“Right,” he says with a swallow. 

I pull out my phone with my other hand and pull up porn. It’s an old butch4butch video of a sub getting fucked in the ass by a leather daddy who calls them a good boy. It’s a favorite that we’ve watched together before. 

“Cole,” Sawyer says again, his voice deeper and gravelly, tinged with his Southern accent. “What are you doing?” 

“Nothing,” I chirp, turning the volume up a little as moaning starts. 

“Jesus fuck,” Sawyer says to himself. His knuckles turn white on the steering wheel. 

The video is about eight minutes long, and when it’s over, I’m wet. Fuck. I put my hand between my legs and grind a little bit. Sawyer glances over and sees. 

“God dammit, Cole,” he says warningly. 

“What?” I say, playing innocent. 

“We’re supposed to get there in three hours. Don’t try anything.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I say. I rub my cunt through my jeans provocatively and fake a dramatic moan. He scoffs.

Feeling horny and bored, I debate what to do. Pull up more porn? Touch myself? Suck his dick? 

I decide to take my shirt off and start playing with my nipples. Sawyer looks out of the corner of his eye and grits his teeth. “Fuck, Cole!” 

“Yes, Daddy?” I ask politely, knowing the title makes him hot. 

“Stop distracting me,” he orders. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I say, unbuttoning my pants and rubbing myself through my underwear. I moan for real this time. 

“Fuck,” Sawyer curses. He swallows. The right blinker clicks and he looks over his shoulder to change lanes, and I look around us to see what he’s doing. I think he’s looking for the next exit. 

I pull my boxers and pants halfway down my legs and start playing with my wet pussy and moaning louder, saying things like “Daddy,” and “Fuck, I’m so wet.” 

He pulls over to the next exit and slows down in an empty dirt rest area.

“You little brat,” he says with anger in his voice, turning to me once he’s put the car in park. 

I’m still fingering myself, one hand playing with my nipples. “What?” I fake innocence again. “Did I do something wrong?”

He gets out of the car and walks over to the passenger side, opening the door and dragging me out to the hood of the car. “Brats get punished,” he says severely. 

A thrill runs through my body, setting me on fire. I hope so, I think. “Please, Daddy,” I say instead. 

“You’re gonna beg me to spank you,” he says, bending me over the hood and pulling my jeans down to my ankles. My cunt is throbbing at the instruction and exposure. 

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree. 

“Beg,” he orders. 

“Please spank me, Daddy!”

“Why?” he asks.

“Because I’ve been a bad boy,” I say.  

He does, and I cry out in pain and shock, and pleasure. 

I look up at my windshield and remember the cameras. My whole body flushes red. “Oh fuck,” I sputter.

He spanks me again. “Beg for it,” he says. 

“Please, Daddy! Please spank me.” 

He does, again and again, until I plead, “Please Daddy, I can’t take anymore,” and he presses my full body against the car and rubs my ass. 

“You’re gonna take this cock out here in the open. I’m not worried if anyone sees you. You’re gonna take it until I cum, do you understand?” 

I whimper and nod. 

“Good,” he says. He pulls his packer out of his jeans and teases my slit with it, telling me to beg for his cock. 

“Please fuck me with your big butch cock, Daddy,” I say, looking straight at the camera. 

He slides into me slowly and I moan, clenching when he’s filled me up. My hands are splayed on the hood of the car, nothing to grip onto, just braced for more. 

“Do you like that, baby?” he asks me, while sliding in and out of me. “Do you like getting fucked out in public like a dirty little slut?” 

“Uh,” I say. “Um— Ah—” 

“Is that all you can say, baby? Are you such a pathetic little slut that you’re speechless on my cock?”

“Fuck,” I pant, trying to say something. 

“That’s right, baby,” he says, fucking me harder. “Take it. You’re a good little slut.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I desperately agree. “Your slut. Ah—”

“You like my cock in you, baby?” he asks.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moan. He leans down to play with my clit and I cry out, my arms trembling. I can’t hold myself up any longer. I fall to my elbows, the cold, hard metal underneath me. I look back up to the camera and moan. “Fuck me, Daddy,” I beg.

“Fuck, Cole,” he grunts. “You’re so wet.” 

“You made me,” I mumble. 

“What was that?” he asks sternly.

“You made me wet,” I say louder. 

“Like what?”

“Like a slut.” 

“Are you a good slut for me?”

“Yes,” I moan. 

“Are you a good slut for those cameras?”

Heat rushes through me at the reminder. He’s thinking about it, too. I look into the dash cam again and say, “Yes. Yes, Daddy, I’m a good slut for the cameras.”

“Good boy,” he praises. He spanks my sore ass and I cry out. 

“Daddy, please! Please, my ass hurts so much.”

“Your ass hurts because you’re a bad boy,” he warns. 

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree, because it’s the right thing to say. 

He rubs my sore ass while continuing to fuck me, and I whimper, reaching for my clit. He slaps my hand away and spanks me again. “Bad boy.” 

“Please,” I whine. 

“Please what?” he mocks.

“My clit,” I whimper. “Please touch my clit again.” 

“Why?” he scoffs. “Do you want to cum or something?”

“Yes, Daddy. Please.” 

He laughs and reaches around to rub my clit in soft circles and I say “Yes, Daddy! Thank you! Ohh.” 

He brings me close to the edge, the pleasure thrumming through my clit in a slow, teasing way. Then he stops. “You don’t get to cum, dirty boy,” he says, pulling his cock out of me. “You’ve been bad, and you get to suffer for the rest of the drive.” 

He tells me to take the pants and underwear off all the way, that I have to ride the next two and half hours naked. And I can’t touch myself. Fuck.

It makes me so wet. I’m squeezing my thighs and clenching my hands the whole drive. I’m well aware that I’m still on camera, and it’s turning me on. I’m dripping on my nice black leather seat, and I realize that ruining my leather is part of my punishment too. 

“Please, Daddy,” I try, slinking my hand over to his thigh again. He slaps my hand away, tells me to behave. I pout. 

The two and a half hours feels like fifty. We listen to music for the drive, and my phone games and Instagram fail to do anything to pass the time. I throb and ache and try not to rub my thighs together. 

I think about the trucks driving by us, wondering if anyone can look over and see me naked in the passenger seat. A cop drives past us, and my heart thuds in my chest. Sawyer looks over at me and licks his lips, saying what a cute little boy toy I am.

I start to think about our arrival. We’re staying at our friend’s place, on their couches, helping them prep for the party in the morning. Hardly a good place for me to cum when we arrive. Fuck. Am I gonna be straight up orgasm-denied tonight?

Sawyer tells me to get dressed when we’re ten minutes away from our friend’s house. I obey, shuffling awkwardly back into my clothes in the passenger seat. 

“You’ve been a bad boy,” he announces. 

I swallow, nervous for what might come next. 

“I don’t know if you get to cum tonight.”

Oh no. “Please, Daddy, I’ll do anything. I’ll be such a good boy for you.” 

“I don’t think you’ve earned it, boy,” he tells me in his Southern cowboy drawl. “I think you deserve to suffer. Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll sneak off somewhere tomorrow night, and I’ll let you cum on my cock.”

“Tomorrow night?” I squeak. 

He doesn’t answer me. He pulls into the driveway of our friend’s house and starts carrying our duffel bags inside. Fuck. 

We say hi to Blake and Riley at the door and settle into the couches for the night. It’s late, and we all go to bed. 

When Sawyer’s been asleep for ten minutes or so, I reach down into my pants to feel my swollen clit, still throbbing after all this time. I rub back and forth quickly in the way that makes my breath catch. I’m already so close to cumming, and it feels so good, fuck—

Sawyer’s hand grasps mine roughly and he towers over the couch, leaning down to murmur quietly in my ear, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I swallow. 

“Nothing, Daddy,” I stammer.

“Don’t lie to me,” he threatens. 

“Please, I’m sorry,” I beg. 

“Where do I even begin to deal with a brat like you?” he asks. 

“I’ll be good,” I lie.

He rolls his eyes. He glances up at the front door, then to the ceiling where our friends are sleeping upstairs. “We’re sneaking out,” he whispers.

He pulls me by the hand down the hallway and we quietly open the front door and close it, leaving it unlocked for us to come back. He’s breathing heavily as he drives us to the hot springs, stealing glances at me from the steering wheel. 

“Daddy?” I ask.

“Yes, baby?” he says.

“Are you going to punish me?”


My knees quiver. I know I’m in for another spanking, sore ass be damned, but what else? 

We arrive at the hot springs and park facing a tree and a pool of water. He orders me to get naked and on my knees, in front of the headlights and the dash cam. I don’t dare disobey. 

He pulls out his strap, which he’s swapped out for a bigger-than-usual piece. Shit. Maybe that’s my punishment. I have to take his huge cock if I want to cum. 

He tells me to suck it, and I obey. I lick and rub my tongue over the tip of the cock, doing the easy part. The hard part is trying to fit the monster in my mouth. I do, I try my best, but it’s the thickest cock he owns, and it doesn’t fit very far. 

He mocks me. “What’s the matter? Can’t fit my cock in your mouth? How are you ever gonna fit it in your pussy?” 

I’m dripping down my thighs as I rest on my knees in the dirt, taking his cock in my mouth as far as it will go. The headlights are blinding, and I close my eyes. 

He grabs a hand in my hair, pulling me off his cock and then shoving it back into my mouth, fucking my mouth with his strap. It feels so dirty and degrading, and I think about how we’re gonna watch these dash cam videos later while he calls me a slut. 

“That’s a good little cocksucker,” he praises. I’m drooling on his cock as he slides in and out of my mouth. “Your mouth was made for sucking my cock.”

My swollen clit is throbbing painfully from denial. I don’t dare stop to ask for attention. I’ll be lucky if I get to cum on his cowboy boots at this point. I continue sucking his strap like the good cocksucker he called me, opening my throat to take him deeper, my moaning muffled by silicone. 

My knees are sore and dirty, and I’m naked except for my black Docs. He called me a city-boy bitch for buying them. I didn’t have a good comeback. 

Sawyer is grunting in the way that he does when a blowjob starts to feel good. It turns me on, makes me go harder for him. I groan and grab the base of the thick cock to hold it steady and rub it against him just right. 

“Fuck, baby, just like that,” he grunts, fucking my face. His grip on my hair grows tighter. He’s close. I squeeze my thighs together. I moan for him. I go still and let him grind into my face at just the pace he needs until he’s stuttering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck—” and trembling underneath my hands. 

He grunts through the aftershocks, then pulls my mouth off his cock. I gasp and catch my breath.

“Good boy,” he says gruffly, pulling me up by my hair to make me stand. I wince, but I manage not to cry out. I’m naked and aching before him, his strap hanging out of his pants, still slick with my spit. 

“Now you’re gonna take this cock and you’re gonna thank Daddy for it,” he says commandingly. 

I nod, whimpering. “Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.” He rubs his fingers on my hard clit and I cry out, desperate for the sensation. 

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he comments. “You filthy little slut.” 

It makes my knees weak to be called a slut by him. I moan, rutting my hips to get more stimulation. 

“God, you’re desperate for it,” he mocks. 

“Please, Daddy,” I ask.


“Please,” I say weakly. “Please fuck me.” 

He slips three fingers into me easily and I let out a strangled moan. He fingerfucks me hard, mercilessly. I’m so wet for him. His grip on my hair hasn’t lessened, and the pain heightens the pleasure. 

“You dirty whore,” he murmurs. “Teasing me. Breaking the rules. You deserve to be punished, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I agree eagerly. 

“You’re lucky I’m even fucking you right now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy.” He adds a fourth finger. I moan louder. He bends me over the hood of the car and continues fingerfucking me, deeper and harder, getting me ready for his huge cock. 

“Fuck,” I pant, on my elbows, my face flushed while I look up at the car’s dash cam recording everything. I feel the tip of his cock at my opening and my eyes flutter closed.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moan. “Fuck me with your big butch cock.”

He groans, entering me so, so slowly. I ache and throb, but he doesn’t go too fast, letting me adjust to every centimeter of him. I stare at the camera while he enters me, letting the pleasure wash over my face, feeling on fire under its gaze. 

I breathe hard, adjusting to a fullness I rarely experience. But tonight I’m horny enough that I can take his oversized cock, and fuck, does it feel good. He fills me up and slowly, barely fucks in and out of me, pulling out an inch and sinking back into me, then more, then more, until I’m taking his whole cock like a good boy. I moan the loudest that I have yet, yelling, “Yes, Daddy! Fuck! Fuck me!” 

It feels so good, but my throbbing, aching clit still feels neglected. “Please, Daddy,” I ask. “Please touch my clit!” 

“No,” he says. I’m still being punished. “You can wait.” 

He slows down, fucking me softly and teasingly, when his phone rings.

“Shit,” he says. “It’s Riley.” He answers and puts it on speaker. I gulp, his cock still inside me.

“Hey, Riley, what’s up?” he says casually. He pulls out of me and sinks back in, and I contain my gasp.

“Hey, uh, where are you guys?” Riley asks. 

“Oh, sorry to worry you, man. We just went to the hot springs to check it out early,” Sawyer says. He starts playing with my clit. “Right, Cole?”

“Yeah,” I squeak. My legs are like jelly, and the pleasure is building inside me while Sawyer fucks me and rubs my clit. It makes me so hot that my friend is on the other line, completely oblivious to me getting fucked. 

“Oh, gotcha…” Riley trails off. I muffle my moans and gasps, holding my breath. I’m close now, trying to hold it back. 

“Yeah, we’re just chilling,” Sawyer says. He rubs my clit harder, back and forth in the way he knows I like. My legs shake and I’m breathing hard, doing everything I can to contain any sounds. “This place’ll be great for the party tomorrow night.” 

I realize that this is my punishment. He’s not trying to wrap up the phone call; he’s prolonging it. He’s going to make me cum while Riley is on the phone so I have to be silent. I feel a thrill run through me, the excitement of almost getting caught.

“The water is so relaxin’,” he adds in his Southern drawl. “Right, Cole?” What a fucking asshole. 

“Yeah,” I grit out. “It’s great.” I’m closer now, so close that I can’t stop it—it’s coming. Oh fuck, oh fuck.

“That’s great, dude,” Riley says. “I’m excited.” 

I cum silently, holding my breath, my mouth opening into an “oh” as my body shakes from the pleasure. I try not to gasp like I want to, try to take only the most controlled breaths, trembling. The waves of pleasure crest and crash through me, powerful and strong after the hours of denial. I let out the tiniest whimper, my body going limp. 

“Yeah, man, it’s gonna be great,” Sawyer says. “Anyway, I’ll let you go. We’ll be home soon.”

“Sounds good, dude. Bye.” Riley hangs up. 

Sawyer pounds hard into my aching pussy, pulling a strangled moan from my throat. “You dirty, disgusting little boy,” he says, gripping my hips and gritting his teeth. “Did you like that? Did you like getting fucked on the phone, while your friend had no idea what a dirty little slut you are?”

I moan loudly, saying “Yes!” over and over, relieved to be able to be my noisy self again, to be able to yell and scream my pleasure into the dark night. 

His thick cock fills me up and pounds pleasure into my body. I could probably cum again. I want to. Fuck. 

He tells me to look at the cameras and call myself a slut, and it makes me wetter instantly. “Yes, Daddy,” I say obediently, looking right at the dashboard. “I’m such a slut for you. Such a slut for your big butch cock in my pussy. Thank you, Daddy.” 

“Good boy,” he praises me. 

He asks me if I want to cum for him like a pathetic little slut, and it brings me right to the edge again, and I say, “Yes, Daddy, your slut, yours, yours, yours…” until he suddenly stops fucking me and pulls out. 

“What?” I ask, bewildered. 

He grabs my face roughly. “You’re still being punished, dirty boy. You’re lucky you got to cum once tonight. Twice is too many for a bad boy like you. Maybe tomorrow night.”

I whimper and squeeze my legs together. “Please, Daddy. Please. I’ll do anything?”

He grins. “Anything?”

“Yes,” I plead.

“Then wait.”


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