Snowed In

Max and Charlie hook up one night, and wake in the morning to record snowfall. Stuck inside together for days, will Charlie’s secret feelings for Max stay under the surface?

CW: Sir kink, mild Daddy kink, camera kink, oral sex, fingering, strap-ons, bondage, blindfolds, impact play with flogger on thighs and crop on genitals, L bombs, dykery, switching, mostly Charlie as a sub bottom but also ft. Charlie as a sub top


“Max… Max…”  Charlie moans their name as Max buries their face further in Charlie’s bush, tongue working up Charlie’s clit with gentle but persistent determination. “Don’t fucking stop, Max. I’m gonna cum. Please – Max! Max! Max!” Charlie cries out, grasping the bedsheets into knots as she falls apart on Max’s handsome face. She rides out her orgasm and they drink up her cum, gripping her hips with strong hands.

“Max, oh my God, Max, if you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum again,” Charlie warns, begs.

Max hums in response, eyes lighting up mischievously as they suck and lick at Charlie’s swollen clit, provoking her next orgasm with practiced ease.

Max and Charlie have been fucking like bunnies since the camping trip in November. It’s mid-January, a couple weeks since the New Year’s Eve kink party and Charlie’s realization that her childish little crush on Max is growing into something bigger than schoolyard teasing and heart doodles in notebooks.

The realization, of course, did not mean action.

Sure, action was happening in some ways, like the action of Max’s flat tongue stroking up and down that has Charlie trembling underneath their mouth and gasping for air.

But action like conversation? Confessing feelings? Asking for more? Certainly not. And Charlie would like it to stay that way for a good long while, until…

Well, until Max says something first, or she –

“Max!” Charlie screams again, shaking with orgasmic pleasure and grasping her hands in Max’s thick, curly black hair as she rides the waves.

Max cleans her up with slow, long strokes of their tongue. She sighs deeply, catching her breath from her multiple orgasms and looking down at Max in between her legs, their bright green eyes dark with desire as they look back up at her.

She never wants this to end. She wants to keep fucking Max, yeah, but she also wants to keep texting them pictures of her cats while they text back pictures of their Aussie Shepard, Joey. She wants to lounge on the couch with them watching trashy reality TV and eating popcorn. She wants to fall asleep in their arms so they can fuck again in the morning and then make breakfast together, dancing in her tiny Toronto apartment kitchen while the eggs fry in a pan.

God, she’s like a lovesick puppy.

Max pushes themself up on their arms and hovers over Charlie, eyes traveling down her naked body with hunger and lust. They press their body against hers and bring their lips to her ear, murmuring, “Did you like that, boytoy?”

“Yes, Sir, I liked it… I loved it, I love –” Charlie pauses, stopping herself before she almost slips and says I love you. “I love how you fuck me,” she quickly adds.

“I love how you take it like a filthy slut,” Max responds with a grin, kissing Charlie with a warm mouth, the taste of herself on their tongue.

They tangle up in each other, kissing and groping until Charlie shivers from the cold and Max pulls up the covers over them and spoons her to warm her up. They stay like this for a long time, cuddled tight, Charlie’s cats Pepper and George curled at the foot of the bed, until Charlie and Max fall asleep by accident, breathing softly in each other’s arms.

Charlie wakes in the morning to cool, white light pouring in through the small windows. Max is still holding her, snoring softly in her ear. Pepper has become her little spoon, curled up by her belly and purring.

She could stay in this moment forever, her heart beating hard in her chest as she realizes Max stayed over. She stays still, not wanting to move and wake up Max or Pepper. She lets herself close her eyes and breathe deeply, falling back asleep in the early January morning…

“Oh shit,” Charlie hears through the fog of sleep. Her back is cold and absent of weight – she turns around and sees Max looking out the small window in her bedroom.

“What?” Charlie asks groggily.

“There’s, like, half a meter of snow on the ground.”

“Oh,” she says.

“I didn’t even wear my snow boots, fuck. I wore my fucking Docs,” Max says, mostly to themself.

Charlie pulls up the weather app on her phone to a blizzard warning with heavy snowfall.

“Record-breaking 40 centimeters of snowfall. Toronto residents encouraged to stay home,’” Charlie reads aloud.

“Shit,” Max says again.

“You can stay here ‘til the snow clears, dude. It’s no big deal,” Charlie offers.

Max turns away from the window, worry written on their furrowed eyebrows. “Are you sure, dude?”

“Yeah,” Charlie laughs. “It’s not like you can go anywhere anyway.”

Max’s lips quirk up in a smile. “Yeah, okay. Thanks, man.” They crawl back into bed with Charlie, snuggling up and warming Charlie against the chill of the winter morning.

Charlie sighs into the comfort of Max’s arms. She’s ready to fall back asleep, ignoring the demands of the day in favor of this perfect moment of warmth and intimacy with Max.

Max has other ideas, kissing up Charlie’s neck until they reach her pulse and nibble and suck on her soft, sensitive skin.

“Ohh. Max. Please.”

“Please what, Charlie?” Max teases, a smile in their voice.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish, Max.”

“Oh, I can finish you off, baby, don’t you worry,” Max retorts. Being called ‘baby’ sets off butterflies in Charlie’s stomach. Max nibbles her shoulder and adjusts their grip around Charlie so that their hands are positioned over her tits, massaging softly while their tongue strokes her neck. She squirms, whimpers.

“What’s a matter, boytoy?” Max asks.

“Sir…” Charlie groans.

Max growls in response to the title. They reach their other hand down Charlie’s side, playing with the soft skin of her thighs.

“Oh, Max…” Charlie croaks.

“Hmm,” Max replies. “What do you want, baby?”

There’s that ‘baby’ again. It drives Charlie wild and makes her wet instantly. It also floods an ache into her heart, and she bites her lip.

“I want you to fuck my pussy, Sir,” she blurts.

“Good fucking boy,” Max approves. They readjust and shove Charlie onto her back, dipping their head and sucking gently on her sensitive brown nipples as their hands trail up and down her soft skin, spreading her thighs and making her throb.

“Please –” Charlie gasps.

Max runs a finger up her slit, drawing her wetness up to her hard clit and rubbing gentle circles.

“Ohh, Max, please, please fuck me, I need your finger inside me, Sir…”

Max switches their attention to Charlie’s other nipple, slipping their middle finger inside her and relishing in the hot, desperate sound she gives to them. They let go of her nipple and lick up her neck, asking, “Do you like that, you fucking slut?”

Charlie’s pussy clenches as they fuck her and she gasps, “Yes! Yes, I like it, Sir. I like it. Fuck me. Fuck me…”

“Mmm, God, Charlie, you’re so fucking wet, you’re dripping all over my hand. Christ.”

“Sirrr… You made me wet.”

“Good. Fucking take it, you little whore.”

“Yes! Yesss. Thank you. Thank you, Sir. Fuck me…”

“Mmm, good boy. But no,” Max says, pulling their hand from her. She whines from the loss of pleasure and sensation.

They shove their wet finger into Charlie’s pouting mouth, and she moans around it, tasting herself and licking it clean.

“You’re going to wait there and I’m going to put on your favorite dick, and you’re not going to touch yourself.”

Charlie whines again, pitiful and pathetic. Max laughs at her, reaching for their backpack with their harness, red silicone dildo, and wand vibrator. They strap up and lube up while Charlie watches in desperation, her cunt and clit throbbing for attention.


Max raises themself above Charlie, rubbing her clit with the tip of their strap.

“Please what, boyslut? Beg for it.”

“Ohh, Sir, please, fuck, please fuck me. Please fuck me with your butch cock. I’m a filthy, desperate slut for it and I need to be fucked…”

Max chuckles and slides inside Charlie slowly. Her body arches as she grips the bedsheets and gasps.

“Oh, thank you Sir, thank you, thank you!”

“That’s fucking right, boytoy. Thank your Sir for it. Tell me how good it feels. Tell me how much you love my cock.”

“Oh, Sir, oh it feels so good inside me. Your cock is so big and it feels sooo good. I love it. I love your cock.”

“That’s right, you filthy little dyke. Take my butch cock and beg for more.”

“Oh! Sir… Fuck. I’m your filthy little dyke. Use my pussy, Sir, fuck me with your cock and use my pussy ‘til you cum inside me.”

Max groans and fucks Charlie harder, feeling the base of the strap rub against their clit in an electric, familiar way.

“Fuck. Grab the vibrator and put it on your clit right now, you filthy little toy,” Max demands.

Charlie obeys, fumbling for the button on the wand and holding it to her swollen, throbbing clit. She cries out the moment it touches her, so close already.

Max is grunting while they fuck her, harder and faster, in the way they do when they’re getting desperate to cum.

“Fuck!” Max shouts.

“Oh, Sir,” Charlie gasps. “Please cum inside me. Please breed my pussy, Sir. I want you to cum inside me while I cum. Please, Sir, fuck!”

“Oh, Charlie, you filthy… fucking… slut…” Max groans. “Fuck, you’re such a dirty little whore, Charlie. Look at you. Desperate for my cock, desperate to cum, such a filthy, greedy, little slut…”

“Sir, oh fuck, I’m so close – I’m gonna cum, Sir, please cum inside me first, Sir. Please…”

“Charlie!” Max yells, hips thrusting and stuttering with the waves of their orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

“Oh, Sir, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I’m gonna cum for you so fucking hard – oh my God – Sir, please, tell me to cum.”

“Cum for me right now, you filthy fucking dyke,” Max commands.

Charlie does. She obeys like a good little toy. “Max! Max! Maaax…” she cries out, throat tight, body taut, knuckles pale from gripping the sheets and the vibe as she shakes from pleasure flooding her body.

“Good fucking boy,” Max growls in her ear as she’s still cumming. She announces the next wave of her orgasm with a cry, trembling with the pulses of electricity and sighing as they begin to fade out. She turns off the vibe, tossing it aside. Her hand buzzes with numbness from gripping the toy. She flexes and stretches her hand.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Max pants. “That was amazing. You’re amazing.”

Charlie blushes and stutters. “Th-thank you. Sir.”

Max pulls out slowly, watching Charlie’s face transform from twisted pleasure to ache to relief. Charlie gasps at the sensation and blushes under Max’s attention. They pull off the harness and flop down onto the bed next to Charlie, smooching her cheek and sighing. Charlie pants and glances over at Max shyly. They lie like this for a while, catching their breath in the morning afterglow.

In the silence, Charlie’s stomach growls loudly, and they both laugh.

“Let’s make breakfast,” Max says.

They shower and get dressed – Charlie in sweatpants and a hoodie, Max in their outfit from yesterday: jeans, t-shirt, flannel. Bumping around the tiny kitchen, they manage to crack a few eggs and dice up the veggies in the fridge. Charlie’s never been able to make an omelet – just scrambled eggs – but Max knows how, expertly cooking up two zucchini and tomato omelets topped with cheese and served with salsa and toast on the side.

Charlie’s starving and downs her omelet with a tall glass of orange juice in a matter of minutes. When she finishes, Max is smirking at her.

“What?” she asks.

“Nothing,” Max says, smirk growing wider.

“No, really. What?”

Max laughs a little. “It’s just – it’s cute. How you worked up an appetite getting fucked.”

Charlie blushes and scowls at Max.

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, you can only fuck me if you beg for it, Charlie,” they say with a wink.

Charlie’s blush deepens as her blood rushes to all parts of her body. She hasn’t fucked Max since the camping trip but she’s thought about the way they moaned her name when they came for her in that camping tent probably every night since November.

“Do you… want me to beg for it, Max?” Charlie challenges, her heartbeat in her throat as she speaks.

A smirk grows across Max’s handsome, freckled brown face. With a glint in their eye, they pick up a bite of their omelet, not answering.

“Because I’ll beg for you, if you want,” she says, feeling bold enough to continue.

Max swallows their bite, glancing up at Charlie and locking eyes.

“Yeah, Charlie? What do you want to beg for?”

Charlie’s breaths come heavy and slow. She feels frozen in her seat, staring back at Max.

“I want to beg to please you, to fuck you, to make you cum and scream my name again, Max,” Charlie says.

“Jesus Christ, Charlie.”

“Do you want that?”

The wooden dining chair is loud as it scrapes across the floor when Max stands up. They abandon their breakfast and reach for Charlie’s jaw, leaning in for her lips as Charlie stands. The two of them kiss frantically on their way back to the bedroom, and they stumble onto the bed, pulling at each other’s clothes.

Charlie tugs off Max’s flannel and goes to lift up their t-shirt, when Max says, “Ah, ah, ah. Ask permission.”

“Please, can I take your shirt off, Sir?”

Max’s pupils grow wide with lust.

“Good boy, Charlie. Take my shirt off and lick my scars.”

Charlie’s throat tightens with lust at the order. She does; her hands tremble as she lifts up the shirt and her soft tongue slides along the raised pink scar tissue.

Max swallows a moan.

“God, Charlie. You’re such a fucking slut. Such a fucking sub.”

“Mm,” she whimpers, licking the other scar. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Good boy.” Max pulls out their phone from their pocket. “How do you feel about a video for the group chat?”

Charlie’s jaw drops open and she gulps involuntarily. Max has such a camera kink; they’ve been playing with it these past few months and Charlie’s exhibitionism has been loving it.

“Oh my God, yes, Max. Sir.”

“Good,” Max says, a smirk drawing across their face. They hold up their phone and order, “Strip.”

“…Yes, Sir.”

Charlie pulls off her hoodie, her sweatpants – not her sexiest outfit for a strip tease, so she focuses on speed instead of artistry. Taking off her t-shirt and dropping her underwear, she looks up at the camera with wide, dark eyes, ready for her next order.

“Good boy. Take off my jeans and boxers. Eat my butch cunt for Sir and your friends.”

Charlie focuses on eye contact with the camera while she dutifully obeys, whimpering “Yes, Sir” as she gets to her task undressing them. She closes her eyes and kisses up Max’s naked thighs, her short nails scratching up to their hips, where she grips them and looks back up at the camera, spreading their lips and licking slowly and gently up Max’s slit. They taste musky and salty and Charlie’s tongue makes its way to Max’s swollen, big clit where it licks in soft, delicate strokes and circles.

“Come on, boy, eat me like you mean it. We don’t have all day.”

“Yes, Sir,” she rushes to say.

Charlie quickly licks in wide, strong strokes up the length of Max’s cunt and they groan, their film production losing quality as they start grinding their hips into Charlie’s wet, eager mouth. She returns her focus to Max’s clit, sucking, licking, and moaning for the camera and for Sir.

“That’s a good fucking boytoy, Charlie. Pretty, pathetic little toy top. Do you like that? You like eating my cunt for the camera like a little exhibitionist slut?”

“Mmhmm,” Charlie eagerly whimpers into Max’s bush.

“Good fucking boy.”

Max ends the video and sends it to the group chat, tossing their phone aside and gripping Charlie’s hair, hard. She squeals and groans, not stopping her ministrations.

“God, Charlie, that’s fucking good. Don’t you dare stop. I’m going to cum on your face until I’m satisfied.”

“Mmhmm,” Charlie whimpers with a nod, rubbing her tongue up and down.

“Oh, God, fuck. God dammit. Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Slip a finger inside me, now.”

Charlie obeys instantly, bringing her middle finger to Max’s entrance and slowly entering them as she sucks hard on Max’s clit.

“Ohhh! Fuck! Charlie. You fucking slut. Fuck. Finger me. Curl your finger and lick my clit in firm strokes until I give you permission to stop.”

“Yes, Sir,” Charlie agrees and curls her finger into Max, matching her tongue and finger strokes at the same pace until Max is falling apart, desperately grabbing at Charlie’s hair, grinding their hips, moaning and gasping and demanding, “Fuck me, Charlie. Fuck me just like that. You filthy little fucktoy. Such a good fucking boy, so eager to please. Do you like that? Do you like pleasing your Sir? You’re so fucking good, Charlie… Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck me!”

Max’s androgynous voice grows deeper with each stuttered sentence. Charlie’s jaw is beginning to hurt from the repetitive motions, but she works through the pain.

“More. More. More! Another finger, Charlie, now. Good boy. Good fucking boy. Just like that. Just like that – fuck! Fuuuuck meeeee, fuck me, keep fucking me just like that, you filthy little toy. I’m gonna cum for you, boytoy. Keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t stop – don’t… stop…” Charlie imoans nto Max’s cunt and they jerk their hips, gasping. “Filthy fucking boytoy, enjoying this so much. Such a good mouth for me. Such a… good… fucktoy… Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum – I’m gonna – ohhhh, fuck! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!”

Charlie groans at the taste of Max’s cum in her mouth as she cleans up their cunt. She watches in awe as they grind their hips into her tongue, riding out the last of their pleasure.

“Charlie…” they say, deep and slow, squeezing their grip in Charlie’s hair a little. “Fucking Christ Charlie.”

She smiles sheepishly. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Good boy. You’re very welcome.”

“Is there anything else I can do to please you, Sir?” Charlie asks eagerly.

Max tilts their head and considers. “No. Not right now. Just c’mere.”

They kiss, naked and breathing hard, blushes tinting their cheeks as they come down from their highs.

“You’re a very good boy, Charlie,” Max praises.

She ducks her head and blushes. “Thank you, Sir.”

After a cozy mid-day nap, Charlie and Max drag themselves out of the warm, comfortable bed and hide under a pile of blankets on the couch, watching the snow pile up outside. Pepper and George sleep next to the window, cuddled together on their small cat tree.

“This is nice,” Charlie says, leaning in closer to Max under the blankets. “It’s so quiet.” Charlie lives on a busy street in Toronto and she’s grown used to the ambient sounds of honks and sirens at any time of day and night. But the roads are shut down and the snowstorm outside is heavy but silent.

“Yeah,” Max agrees, wrapping an arm around Charlie’s shoulder. “This is nice.”

Charlie realizes that if there were ever a perfect moment to confess her feelings, this is it. Her heart beats wildly in her chest, so loud in her ears that she’s sure Max must be able to hear it too.

She starts to open her mouth when she realizes – they’re stuck inside together for who knows how long. And if Max doesn’t feel the same way, they’re still going to be hanging around her apartment for a matter of hours or possibly days.

She closes her mouth.

“So…” Max starts, rubbing the back of their neck. “I have a question for you.”

Charlie’s heart hasn’t slowed its panicked rhythm.

“Yeah?” she says, trying to keep her voice steady.

“What do you think of Zeke and Lou?”

Relief trickles through the anxiety and Charlie smiles, tilting her head. “They’re really cute. I’m happy for them.”

“Me too,” Max says. “I never thought we’d have a romance in the friend group.”

“Yeah?” Charlie asks, her nerves returning. “Why’s that?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Max says slowly, looking up at the ceiling in thought. “I didn’t think we’d be fucking either,” they say with a laugh. “I guess I thought we’d just be bros.” Charlie nods, thoughts racing. Does Max… only want to be bros? “Don’t get me wrong, I love that we ended up here. It’s just surprising, that’s all.”

Charlie’s heart continues to pound as she replies, “Yeah, I guess it was.” She giggles nervously, thinking of the first time the gang had sex. “Remember the poker game?”

Max grins. “How could I forget?” Max nudges and winks at her. “Daddy.”

Charlie blushes at her nickname, earned from her blurting out “Daddy” by accident while cumming on Cal’s cock.

“Shuddup,” she says, shoving Max back playfully.

“You like it,” they tease. Charlie’s blush deepens to a rosy red and she struggles for words, coming up empty-handed. “Oh my god, you do like it, don’t you?” Max says, eyes widening as realization dawns on them. “You like to be called Daddy.”

Charlie’s blood is rushing to her face and to… other places. She gulps and stammers. “I – I –”

“Charlie,” Max says, voice deepening with desire. “Why didn’t you say something? I would have… Damn, Charlie, I would have just screamed that for you while you fucked me.”

“Max,” Charlie says weakly, almost as a whimper.

“Jesus, you’re so hot,” Max says, their hand shifting to the back of Charlie’s neck to grip firmly. Her mouth drops open and fire swirls in her belly. “You just keep getting hotter. Fuck. Daddy.

Charlie reaches to grip Max by the t-shirt. “Say that again.”


Charlie tugs Max in by the shirt for a fierce, hot kiss. They fall backwards onto the couch, tangled up, pressed flush against each other and desperate to get closer. They make out like this until the seconds stretch into languid minutes, which add up to two hours, Charlie realizes, when her phone reads 5:12pm.

“We’ve been making out for over two hours,” Charlie says, dazed, lips swollen and chapped.

“Christ, it’s dark outside,” Max replies, rubbing their eyes and blinking at the white snow glowing golden in the streetlight. “I hate winter. Where is my sunset at 9:00pm?”

“It’s in June, babe,” Charlie says, adding the ‘babe’ without thinking. She freezes afterwards, not knowing how Max will respond to being called babe, even though they throw the pet name around so casually for Charlie.

Max seems to miss it. They pout. “I miss June. Best month of the year. It’s summer, it’s Pride, everyone’s happy.”

“It’s also Gemini season,” Charlie points out. “You hate Geminis.”

“Only because she’s the worst manager ever, and she won’t shut up about her ‘Gemini energy,’” Max fumes. They take a deep breath and calm down. “And you know astrology is bullshit, Charlie.”

Charlie laughs. “Yeah, I know, but it’s fun to fuck with you.”

“If you’re not careful, I’ll get back at you,” Max warns.

Charlie ignores them. “Speaking of astrology-type bullshit, do you want to do some tarot?”

Max rolls their eyes. “You’re so cute. You wanna read my cards? Sure, babe.” They relax into the couch casually. Charlie’s heart flutters. Cute? Babe? She’s blushing as she extricates herself from the warmth of the blankets and gets her tarot deck, ‘The Dyke Tarot.’ She sits back down on the couch, under the blanket, facing Max.

“Okay, shuffle the deck until you’re satisfied and draw one card.”

Max shuffles the large cards awkwardly until they feel it’s enough, and they cut the deck, picking the top card. It’s The Sun, upright.

Charlie is a newbie at tarot and reads directly from the book while she learns the cards. “The Sun. Represents ‘positivity, warmth, radiance, abundance. The Sun tarot card is associated with good health, positive energy, radiance, and happiness. It brings warmth and joy, illuminating dark times and instilling confidence. The card signifies a boost in health and vitality, while also brightening the mood of other cards pulled with it.’”


“A favorable sign for the day,” Charlie says. “Does it mean anything to you?”

“Just that I’m happy to be stuck inside with you, Charlie,” Max says with a goofy, lopsided smile. The butterflies in Charlie’s stomach flutter wildly.

“Thanks, Max. Me too,” Charlie replies at a murmur, breaking eye contact before the heat simmering between them can burst into flame.

She quickly grabs the deck, shuffling for herself and feeling her cheeks burn in embarrassment. She draws her own card, flushing a deeper red when she sees what it is.

She puts down the card as her ears and chest turn red too.

“The Lovers,” she murmurs quietly, reaching for her guidebook and flipping back to the major arcana with trembling hands, avoiding Max’s eyes. In a shaky, slow voice, she reads, “‘Represents love, desire, and making choices. The Lovers card advises you to follow your heart, whether in an existing or upcoming relationship, romantic or platonic. This card encourages you to make a choice and consider your true feelings. Remember that queer relationships offer unique experiences and often carry an evolved acceptance of each other’s bodies, identities and desires. Don’t be afraid of speaking your truth aloud.’” Her voice catches on the last sentence, and she winces to herself.

Silence hangs heavy between them when Charlie finishes, unable to make eye contact with Max, staring at the card and pretending to study its art of two dykes connected by the carabiners on their belt loops.

“How ‘bout you, Charlie? Does it mean anything to you?” Max breaks the silence.

Everything is moving in slow motion for Charlie. Her heartbeat feels like a hummingbird’s wings on a nature documentary, rapid but slowed down for dramatic effect. Her throat feels like she’s been in a desert without water and she swallows. Words fail her as nothing comes to mind.

“It, um…” she starts, glancing up from the tarot card into Max’s curious, green eyes. “I think it, um, means… Well, it says, um, to follow my heart… and make a choice…”

Max smiles at Charlie, tilting their head. “You’re blushing, Charlie.”

Charlie feels her face grow hotter. “Shuddup, Max.”

“Sorry. Go on, go on,” Max prompts.

Charlie takes a deep breath and says in a rush, “It says to speak my truth and the truth is I really like you. Like, more than like you. I have feelings for you and I want more than just friendship and fucking, if you want that too.”

Charlie takes another deep breath as she finishes and looks at Max with anticipation and fear.

“Charlie…” Max starts, and Charlie thinks, oh no, they’re rejecting me. This is all over and now we’re stuck in this apartment together until the snow clears. “Do you know how fucking gay it is to confess your feelings over a tarot card?” Max teases, grinning at her.

“Shut the fuck up and tell me if you like me too, you asshole,” Charlie says with a playful shove.

Max’s expression turns serious and they grab the sides of Charlie’s face, staring into her brown eyes, and answer her. “I like you too, Charlie. I like you a lot. I want more with you too.”

They stroke their thumb along Charlie’s soft cheek and glance down at her lips. She watches Max’s gaze flick between her lips and her eyes and she reaches her hand into Max’s curly black hair, leaning in for a gentle kiss that slowly becomes heated and passionate.

Charlie ends up underneath Max on the couch, her heart beating hard and need growing between her legs. She pulls away from the kiss, panting.

“Max,” she breathes. Her heart feels so full she could cry. She blinks away the urge and focuses on Max’s face. “You’re so handsome… Fuck.”

“Thanks, hottie,” Max says. “As much as I’d love to keep making out, I’m starving. We haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“That’s fair…” Charlie says begrudgingly, already missing the warmth of Max’s body as they push off of Charlie and stand up.

“What do you wanna eat, babe?”

Charlie’s heart flutters. Babe. For real this time.

“I dunno, babe,” she replies, sitting up and wrapping the blanket around herself as she trudges to the kitchen behind Max.

“It’s your kitchen. What do you have?”

“Hmm…” Charlie ponders, opening cabinets and her fridge. “I have tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, ramen, instant miso… I have Kraft Dinner… Oh, I have the ingredients for risotto! But that’ll take an hour. Hmm. We can make miso soup from scratch if you want?”

Charlie turns around and Max is smirking at her.

“What?” she asks.

“Nothing,” Max says. “It’s just… You’re cute, wrapped in your blanket, stooping around your kitchen.” Charlie pouts at them. “See? That makes you even cuter. C’mere.”

Max holds their arms out and Charlie wraps herself – blanket and all – around their warm body. She relaxes into their embrace, feeling safe and held.

“So are we, like, boyfriends now?” Charlie asks, mumbling into their neck.

Max squeezes Charlie tighter.

“Yeah. We’re, like, boyfriends now,” Max says, a dopey grin on their face.

“That’s pretty cool,” Charlie whispers.

They stand in the tiny kitchen, embracing, until Max’s stomach grumbles and they laugh.

“Okay, seriously, what are we eating for dinner?” Max asks.

After they eat a pot of Kraft Dinner and laze on the sofa for a couple hours watching Are You The One? Season 8, Charlie and Max turn to each other, yawning.

“What time is it?” Max asks sleepily.

Charlie checks her phone. “It’s 7:40.”

“What the fuck? It’s so early but I’m so tired and it’s been dark for hours.”

“Do you wanna go to bed early? I don’t mind.”

Max tilts their head and smiles. “Thanks, babe. Do you wanna come cuddle with me?”

Charlie’s never been asked that before. Her boyfriend just asked her to cuddle.

Her eyes get damp and she quickly leans in to kiss Max, blinking away her tears.

“Yeah,” she says with a nod. “Let’s cuddle.”

Max and Charlie wake in the morning to still air with no snowfall, but 30 centimeters of snow still on the ground.

“So we’ll be stuck inside for another two or three days while the snow clears,” Charlie says, reading off the weather app on her phone.

Max is cuddled up on her, kissing her neck softly and playing with her short hair.

“Yeah? What do you wanna get up to?” Max asks.

“Hmmm,” Charlie hums in a pleased way, closing her eyes to the sensation of gentle lips on her neck. “That… More of that, please…”

“Mmm, you like that, boytoy?” Max teases, running a hand along Charlie’s body and reaching into her sweatpants to grope her.

“Oh!” she gasps.

“I asked you a question,” they growl in her ear.

“Yesss, Sir,” Charlie says. “I like it.”

“Beg for what you want, boy.”

“Oh, God,” she whines. “You know what I want.”

Max chuckles. “You know by now that that’s not good enough. I want to hear your desperate, filthy, slutty begging.”

Charlie’s throat closes involuntarily and she feels heat rush to her embarrassed face.

“Sir… Please, Sir. I want – you – I want you. I want you to tie me up and tease me until I’m screaming for your cock, until I’m a fucked out, slutty mess. Til all I can think about is getting fucked and used. Edge me until I’m crying for it. And when you finally give in and let me cum, don’t stop. Make me cum over and over until I can’t take it anymore. Use me, Sir. I’m your toy. I’m yours.”

“You’re mine,” Max growls, tugging at Charlie’s hair and getting on top of her, pinning her down with their body weight and grabbing her wrists to pin above her head.

Charlie arches into their touch, trying to reach for a kiss, for contact of any kind. Max pulls away, just out of reach.


“Pitiful whine, prettyboy. I like it. I want to hear more of it. Keep making your pathetic little noises and I just might give you some pleasure… We’ll see,” Max says.

“Sirrr… Please. Please, I want you to… kiss me. Please.”

“Nope,” Max denies her. “You’re going to take your clothes off and lie there naked while I tie you up like the pretty little fucktoy you are, quiet and pliant and oh so handsome.”

A whimper escapes Charlie’s throat.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispers. Max stands up, getting off the bed and retrieving the rope and leather cuffs from the closet. They put on a random “sensual” playlist and start tying the ropes to the posts of the bed, while Charlie strips and lies back down, waiting patiently.

“Good boy,” Max praises, picking up the leather cuffs and approaching Charlie on the bed. “Stay there and look pretty. You’re good at that.”

“Th-thank you, Sir,” she says shyly.

“You’re welcome, handsome. You deserve it.”

Max gets to work fitting the cuffs to Charlie’s ankles and wrists, tying loops with the ropes and making sure they are secure but not too tight. Charlie can wiggle around a little, but she’s not going anywhere. Good.

“Good fucking boytoy, Charlie,” Max says, voice deep and raspy with lust. “Exactly where I want you. Do you want a picture, my handsome little slut?”

“Oh” escapes Charlie before she can help it. “Yeah. Yes, Sir.”

Max’s phone is out of their pocket in a flash, camera on and snapping photos of the sexiest butch they’ve ever seen.

“You’re so fucking hot, Charlie,” they say. “In fact…” they add, sounding mischievous. “What do you think about filming a full video this time?”

“Oh my God,” Charlie moans. “Oh my God. Sir.”

“That’s not an answer, Charlie. What’s your color?”

“Green! Green, green. Please.”

Max grins. “Good fucking boy.” They grab the tripod and set it up, hitting record.

Max really enters into Dom space when the camera is recording. They approach Charlie on the bed with a blindfold, dangling it on their fingers with a glint in their eyes, which are dark with lust.

“Would you like to be blindfolded, boytoy?”

Charlie gulps.

“Yes, Sir,” she answers, a shiver running through her body.

“That’s a good boy.”

Darkness envelopes her and she can’t see a thing, the silk blindfold pulled tight as Max ties a knot behind her head.

“What are you gonna do to me, Sir?” Charlie asks, throat tight with anticipation and arousal.

“Hm,” Max chuckles. “That’s for me to know and you to find out, boytoy.”

She whines.

“Mm, very cute, prettyboy. I like it when you whine and squirm for me, all tied up with nowhere to go.”


“Yes, boytoy?”

“Sir… Please… Please touch me.”

“Nice begging. I like it. But no.”

Charlie hears ruffling as Max gets off the bed and unzips the sex toy bag in Charlie’s closet. More rustling and jingling as Max digs through the bag.

“I like this little cock gag of yours, Charlie,” Max muses. “Very slutty. Very ‘needy butch bottom’ of you.”

Charlie whines and fidgets but says nothing.

“No response, huh? That’s okay. You won’t be able to say anything in a minute anyway.” Max chuckles.

“Sir, please…”

“Please what?” Max replies, sharp.

“Please! I want that… I want you to gag me… and fuck me…”

“Who said anything about fucking you?”

Charlie makes a confused noise and feels Max’s weight on the bed and then on her body as they straddle her, slipping the small silicone black cock in her mouth and buckling the gag around her head. She whines and whimpers as Max laughs at her. It makes her wet.

Max leans down to her ear, their warm breath on her neck as they whisper, “I’m going to ruin you.”

“Ohhh,” Charlie moans through the gag, muffled.

“So pathetic. I love your cute little noises, keep making them.”

Max is off the bed and back to the toy bag, retrieving something and snapping it in the air as a threat – a flogger. Charlie’s body blushes with anticipation. The soft leather tails trace down her thighs, her legs, back up to her sides, her tits, her arms. Max teases her whole body with it, the promise of pain to follow. When the flogger traces down to her cunt and she makes a small noise of pleasure, Max vindictively snaps the flogger hard against her thigh.

“Oh!” she cries out into the gag, jerking her body in response.

Max returns to their gentle brushes of the flogger against her sensitive skin that’s now prickling into goosebumps. Up and down, back and forth, slowly and teasingly.

“Mm,” she whines into the gag. Snap. The flogger smacks her other thigh harshly, surely leaving a red mark. She gasps.

So this is the game. Charlie makes a noise, and Max punishes her. The thing is, she likes the punishment, and the game is rigged anyway.

So she moans.

The two strikes come in quick succession, and she squeals behind the gag, pulling at her wrist restraints.

“Do you like that, you fucking painslut?” Max demands. “Huh?” Breathing hard, Charlie makes no noise. “Answer me, you fucktoy. I know you’re gagged. Do it anyway.”

“Yeth – Thur –” Charlie says through her gag, a sad attempt at ‘Yes, Sir’ that makes Max laugh meanly.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Max punctuates their mocking with two more flogger strikes. “Pathetic. Dumb little toy can’t even answer me.”

A pitiful whine escapes Charlie’s throat before she can stop it.

“Are you wet from this, boytoy?” (Charlie moans.) “God, I can see you dripping from here. Do you want me to touch your pretty little pussy, boytoy? Huh?” Charlie nods eagerly, muffled affirmative noises coming from behind the cock gag. “I don’t think so. In fact, I think you deserve to be beaten for even asking.”

Charlie makes a frustrated, desperate noise as Max leaves the bed again, returning to the toy bag and retrieving something else. Charlie makes small, needy noises as she waits. Max wasn’t wrong. She is wet. And throbbing. Aching.

“I’m going to beat this pretty, pathetic cunt because you’re a painslut and you deserve it.”

Max rubs a leather crop on her dripping cunt, spreading the wetness up to her throbbing clit and rubbing gently. The pleasure shoots up Charlie’s spine and she arches into the touch.

“Ah, ah, ah –” Max warns. “Don’t get too eager.”

With that as a warning, Max slaps the crop against Charlie’s aching cunt and she screams. It hurts… It hurts so good. Max taps her cunt softly a few more times before slapping her hard again, drawing more screeches and grunts from her. The rush of blood and sensation is dizzying and Charlie is whining and moaning and straining to get away, straining for more.

“Filthy fucking painslut. Enjoying this so much.”

Charlie makes an affirmative noise, her cunt aching for touch, for pleasure, for a finger trailing up her dripping slit to her hard clit, touching, teasing, stroking flames of pleasure through her body.

Instead she gets another painful slap to her cunt and she screams behind her gag.

“Good fucking boy, Charlie. Taking that so well. Look at your red, aching, dripping cunt,” Max says, their hands trailing up her hot, pink thighs and massaging at her inner thigh.

Whimpers and pathetic whines escape Charlie’s gag.

“Pleathe –” she tries.

Max laughs at her.

“Aww, what? Please what, boytoy? You can ask for whatever you want.”

“Pleathe – fuh – me –” Charlie tries to ask.

Max’s grip on her thighs tightens and they groan. “God, Charlie, you sound so fucking pathetic and needy right now. Is that all you want? You want me to fuck you, baby?”

A desperate noise travels through Charlie’s whole body. She stretches and arches as the sound escapes her throat, tugging on her restraints to no avail. Max’s warm hands travel from Charlie’s thighs to her stomach and chest, playing with her beautiful soft tits, twisting and teasing her nipples.

“Oh, prettyboy… You look so good like this. I could play with you here forever. My sweet, pretty little fucktoy. Oh, those pathetic noises are so good, Charlie. Don’t stop.”

Charlie’s whimpers and whines grow louder, ever the obedient boytoy. She tries to squeeze her bound legs together and fails, making a frustrated noise and drawing Max’s attention.

“Oh, Charlie. Are you so desperate for it that you can’t even wait? You just… need someone to… trail their hand down to your cunt…” Max’s hand follows the direction of their voice. “To stroke your wet entrance… Yeah, moan for me, baby… And play with your stiff clit. You like that, baby? You like my fingers teasing your pretty little pussy? You’re so fucking wet, Christ. Listen to you! You’re so loud, even with a gag… God. You want a finger, baby? You want me to fuck you like this?”

Charlie eagerly nods and makes muffled noises in affirmation, unable to see or speak but very able to communicate her desire to be fucked. Max slowly slips their middle finger into Charlie’s tight cunt and they groan at her shrieks of pleasure behind the cock gag.

“God, you sound so fucking needy and pathetic with that cock in your mouth. Do you like it? Do you wish you had a cock in this pretty hole, too?” Max asks, punctuating their question with a curl of their finger. “Yeah? I’m pretty sure you do, but just to check…”

Max continues fingerfucking Charlie and reaches up with their spare hand to unbuckle the gag. They pull it out of her mouth and let the spit spill over onto her swollen lips.

Oh,” Charlie says. “Sir.”

“Answer my question, boytoy. Do you want a cock in this filthy little hole of yours?”

“Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, please… Fuck my slutty little cunt open for your cock…”

Charlie fists her hands, tugs on her wrist restraints, bucks on Max’s finger.

“Yeah? You want another finger in this wet hole, baby? Let’s hear it. Let’s see it. Show me how badly you need it, baby.”

Max pulls off the silk blindfold and looks into Charlie’s brown eyes, dark with lust and wide with desperation.

“I need it, Sir, I need it so badly. I need you.”

Charlie gulps, not able to take back what she just said, and also not wanting to.

“Say that again.”

“I need you.”


“I need you, Max. Please.”

“Good fucking boy, Charlie.” Max slips a second finger inside Charlie, groaning at the way she arches and screams from bliss. “Tell me how you need me.”

“I need –” she gasps. “I need all of you, Max. You’re all I can think about. You’re all I want. Max, please. I want your cock in me.”

Max growls. “God, you filthy little whore. You desperate, pathetic butch slut. It’s all you can think about, isn’t it? Getting fucked by a hot butch Sir until you’re cumming on their cock?”

“Yes, Sir! It’s all I want.”

“Then it’s what you’ll get, prettyboy,” Max promises, slipping their fingers from Charlie’s dripping cunt into her eager, waiting mouth, groaning as she sucks them clean. “Filthy slut.”

Max makes quick work of the ropes, untying them and releasing Charlie’s bonds. They leave the cuffs on her ankles and wrists and reach for the harness and strap-on, hurriedly slipping into the harness and lubing up the silicone dick. They grab a vibrator and set it on the bed for easy reach for later.

Charlie waits with bated breath, panting, hands gripping the sheets as she tries to contain her urge to finger herself while she waits.

Max stands at the end of the bed, lubed cock in hand, staring at Charlie with dark eyes and depravity.

“What do you want, Charlie?”


“Say it again.”

“I want you, Max.”

“Again,” they demand, lustful, crawling onto the bed on top of Charlie.

“I want you, Max.”

“Why?” they ask, rubbing the tip of their strap against Charlie’s swollen clit. “Why do you want me, Charlie?”

“Because…” Normally the answer would take a predictable turn here, something like ‘Because I’m a slut, Sir,’ but Charlie has a feeling that’s not the answer Max is looking to hear right now. Not anymore. “Because I –” Charlie pauses, closes her eyes. Focuses on gathering her courage.

Max nudges at her entrance. “Say it,” Max says, insistent but gentle.

“Because I…” Charlie opens her eyes. “I love you.”

Max keeps eye contact while they slide inside her. Charlie searches Max’s face for a response, gasping as they fill her.

“Good boy. Good fucking boy. I love you, Charlie,” Max says, breathing hard, thrusting their hips and gazing into Charlie’s wide eyes.

“Fuck!” Charlie groans, reaching up to cling to Max’s back as they fuck into her, harder and faster, both of them falling apart into moans and grunts.

They kiss, sloppy and rough, as Max pounds her pussy, and Charlie scratches her short nails into Max’s back.

They pull apart and Max pants, “I wanna see you ride my cock, baby boy. Let’s see how you take it on top.”

“Yesss, Sirrr…” Charlie agrees.

They pull out and flop onto their back and Charlie climbs on top eagerly, sinking onto Max’s cock with ease.


Charlie rocks her hips and lets Max’s cock fill her up before lifting up and relaxing back down onto the strap-on.

“Jesus Christ, Charlie. You filthy little slut. Look at you. Taking my cock so well. So eager. Fuck.”

Max grips her hips and glances over at the phone on the tripod. Charlie almost forgot. She flushes hot and rides their cock faster, harder, moaning louder with every stroke.

“Fuck! Sir. Fuuuck. Your cock – feels – so good… Oh my God…”

“Tell me you love it.”

“Yes, Sir! I love it. I love your cock. I love how you fuck me. I love it. I love you, Max.”

Max growls and flips Charlie onto her back, fucking into her with abandon, knowing she can take it, eager to hear her cries, her gasps, her begging.

Fuck. I love you, Charlie. God, you look so fucking good. So fucking handsome. You take my cock so well, prettyboy. You deserve it. My sweet, slutty little fucktoy. What do you want, boy?”

“I want you, Max. However you want me. However you want to use me. I’m yours. Fuck, I’m yours, Max.”

Mine,” Max snarls, fucking harder into Charlie and drawing a scream from her.

“Ohh! Yours.”

“You’re mine, prettyboy. All mine.”

Max rolls their hips into Charlie’s and she gasps, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“God, I’ve been in love with you for months,” Max mutters, almost to themself.

“Wh-what?” Charlie stutters.

“Oh God,” Max says, blushing, embarrassed.

“What did you say?” Charlie presses.

“I’ve been in love with you since before the poker game,” Max admits, their hips slowing but not stopping. Charlie whines from the denial.

“Before?” she croaks.

“Yeah – I, um, I’ve been crushing on you since we met. And, uh, when you showed up for me after the uh, you know, the bad thing –” At this point, Max’s hips have stalled entirely. “– I just, uh, I fell for you. And when I bent you over the table and fingered you at the poker game, I was just fucking hopeless. These last few months it’s been torture keeping it to myself, but I didn’t want to be a big ol’ dyke and say it too early.”

Max,” Charlie says, eyes glistening. She reaches for their hair and pushes their curls out of their eyes, scanning them for truth, connection, love. “Max. I fucking love you. Thank you. For telling me. I’m always here for you. I’m yours.”

Max leans in for a kiss, pouring their heart and soul and vulnerability and love into it. Their hips begin to slowly move again and Charlie moans into the kiss, desperate, aching. She pulls away from the kiss to gasp, “Please.”

“Please what, Charlie?”

“Please fuck me. Please let me cum on your cock.”

“Mmm, boytoy. Yes and no. Yes, I’ll fuck you, and no, you can’t cum. But you can edge yourself for me like a good little fucktoy, and I’ll think about letting you cum eventually.”

“Sirrr… Thank you, Sir.”

Max grabs the wand vibrator from the edge of the bed and turns it on low.

“Be a good boy, Charlie,” they warn.

“Yes, Sir.”

Charlie gasps and her whole body twitches when the vibrations touch her swollen clit.

“Ohh, God…”

“That ain’t my fuckin’ name,” Max says, voice deep and raspy in Charlie’s ear.

“Oh, yes, Sir, yes, Sir… It feels so good, Sir. Your cock feels so good. I love it. I love it. Oh God. I want to cum, Sir, please, Sir, fuck!”


Charlie loves being denied like this. It gets her even closer to the edge.

“Please! I’ll do anything!”

Anything?” Max asks, sounding pleased.

“Anything, Sir.”

“Then fucking wait for it, you stupid little toy. Turn the vibe off.”

Charlie’s whine is high pitched and pathetic, but she obeys. Max keeps fucking her wet pussy, grunting.

“Sir, please…”


The sound of frustration from Charlie’s throat makes Max hard underneath the strap-on. Max groans, grinding in such a way that it hits their big clit and sends sparks flying through their taut body.

“Can I give you a hickey, baby?” Max asks, kissing and licking her pulse point on her neck.

The question comes out of nowhere, and Charlie has to force herself not to laugh in bewilderment.

“We’re stuck inside for three more days, it’s not like you can go to work anyway. It’ll fade by the time we’re back in the real world.”

“You wanna mark me up, baby?” Charlie asks, sounding pleased. “Yeah. You can do that, love.”

It’s her first time calling Max love. They groan in response, biting and sucking hard on her neck, continuing to fuck her.

“Fuck!” she gasps. “God, that feels… so… good…”

Max sucks until the spot bruises and draws little dots of blood to the surface of Charlie’s skin.

“Put the vibe back on your clit. I want to edge you again.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” Charlie agrees breathlessly.

Charlie reaches for the vibrator and fumbles for the buttons eagerly. She turns it on low again and bucks her hips into the toy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” Charlie curses.

“You like that, boytoy? Tell me how good it feels. Tell me how good I feel.”

They fuck into her hard to punctuate their point.

“Ohhh, yes, I like it, Sir. I love it. You feel so good inside me. I love your cock. I – um – actually –”

“What, prettyboy?”

“Um, can we get – the bigger cock, Sir?”

“Fuck,” Max curses at this, fucking Charlie harder and then pulling out, scrambling for the sex toy bag and the bigger dick, this time a smooth blue piece.

“You filthy little slut,” they curse. “Turn off the vibe. You can wait for one minute while I change out this dick if you’re so desperate for a bigger one.”

“Yes, Sir…” Charlie whines, tossing the vibe aside.

Max returns with the bigger cock, lubed and ready for Charlie’s pretty pussy.

“Actually – wait,” Max pauses.

Charlie freezes. “What?”

Max reaches for the smaller dick, still wet from Charlie’s cum. They hand it to her, standing back from the bed.

“Put on a little show for Sir. Let’s see you fuck yourself for the camera, boytoy,” Max orders as they remove the phone from the tripod and bring it close up to Charlie’s naked body.

“Oh God,” Charlie says with a furious blush. The angles of the camera make her feel so slutty, so objectified. She’s desperate for Max to fuck her, though, and if her only choice is to fuck herself first, she will happily do it.

Moaning and performing for the camera, Charlie slides the toy in and out of her wet cunt and asks, “Can I – use the vibe? Please?”

“Yes, boytoy, you may use the vibe. But don’t cum.”

“Yes, Sir,” she rushes to agree.

With the toy on her clit and the toy in her cunt, her noises are as loud as ever, surely audible to the neighbors through the thin walls of this old apartment complex. She doesn’t care. She’s more turned on than she’s been in her life, soaking wet for Max and the camera as it scans her body, zooming in on her pussy getting fucked, on her face gasping “Oh!”, on her tits bouncing as she fucks herself.

The buzz of the vibrator gets to be too much, and she pulls it off her clit, again.

“Aw, baby boy, close again? Too bad… Oh, I love your pathetic little whines, keep doing that.”

“Please, Max,” she says, looking at them.

“Ah, ah, ah – ask the camera, and ask Sir,” Max orders.

Charlie adjusts her gaze to the camera lens and repeats herself. “Please, Sir… Please fuck me. Please let me cum on your cock. I want it. I need it.”

“So pathetic… Good boy.”

Max returns the phone to the tripod and drizzles more lube on their bigger blue cock.

“You wanna cum on this cock? Get on your hands and knees and show me,” Max orders.

“Yes, Sir,” Charlie says obediently. She flips over and lifts her hips into the air, wiggling her ass and reaching up to her dripping wet slit and swiping a finger along it, letting out little noises of pleasure as she plays with herself.

“Filthy little slut. So eager for it. Fucking take it, then.”

Max gets on the bed, guiding their cock into Charlie’s waiting cunt. The muffled moans that the neighbors hear are a mix of both of theirs now, as Max is just as close as Charlie, and the angle of fucking her from behind like this is going to tip them over the edge in no time at all.

“Ohh, Max. Cum inside me, Sir,” Charlie begs, hearing in their voice how close they are. “Please. Breed my pussy, Sir. I want it, I want you to cum inside me with your big butch cock.”

Max fucks into her in fast, erratic movements. They are desperate and out of control now, grunting and groaning and fucking into Charlie at the pace their clit is aching for. They’re so close – so close –

“Charlie… Charlie… Charlie! Charlie! Fuuuuck! Charlie…” Max yells as they cum inside her, just like she wanted.

“Sir… Fuck. Fuck. Oh, Sir, yesss…”

Max takes a second to recover, then tells Charlie to flip on her back. They want to see her face when she cums.

“Vibe, now.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The vibe touches her clit and Charlie is right at the edge, ready and waiting for permission.

“Oh, Sir, fuck me, please fuck me. Yes! Just like that. Just… like… that… You fuck me so good, Sir, fuck. I’m so close. Please. Please can I cum? Please can I cum on your cock, Sir?”

“Yes, you fucking slut. Cum for me. Cum for me now and scream my fucking name for all your neighbors to hear. I want them to know whose cock you’re cumming on. Who fucked you this good all weekend. Cum for me, Charlie. Scream. My. Name.”

“Max… Max… Max! Max! MAX!” Charlie obeys, yelling at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hits her like a riptide, pulling her under and slamming her with pent up pleasure. “Max…” she sighs dreamily.

“Don’t you dare pull that vibe off yet. You’re not done cumming until I say so.”

“Yes, Sir…” Charlie whimpers. “Yessss, Sirrr…” The vibe on her clit brings her close to the edge again, and she cries out. “Please! Max! Max! Maaaaax!”

“Good boy. Good fucking boy, Charlie. Cum for me. You’re mine. All mine.”

“Yours. Yours. Yours,” Charlie pants as she comes down from her second orgasm. She keeps the vibe on her clit and adjusts the angle, jumping and twitching from the sharp pleasure.

“God, you filthy little whore. I love it. I love fucking you. Keep cumming for me, baby. Keep that toy on your clit until you can’t take it anymore.”

Max slowly rolls their hips into Charlie’s and she cries out as her third orgasm overtakes her and sends her legs trembling. Voice shaking, she screams, “Ohhhh, Max!”

“Charlie. Charlie. Charlie,” Max groans with the final thrusts of their hips.

“Max…” Charlie sighs. “Can I take the vibe off?”

“Yeah, baby. Good boy. Good fucking boy. You did so good for me, baby. So good.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re so fucking handsome when you take butch cock and cum for me, baby. I love fucking you. I love watching you take it. I love you.”

“Ohh. I love you, Max. God. Fuck. That was amazing. I think those were the best orgasms I’ve ever had.”

“Happy to deliver for a slut like you,” Max says with an arrogant wink.

Charlie playfully shoves them. “Fuck you.”

“Oh, only if you beg for it, Charlie.”

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  1. This is all so beautiful, thank you for making this and sharing it. These stories have made you one of my favorite authors of all time (I’m a librarian, I read obsessively, so that’s saying something) and I’m so incredibly grateful.

  2. I love dykes thank you for this! Sometimes I read Charlie’s dialogue aloud and it’s…. It’s so hot. Really gets me if you know what I mean.

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